1. LMAO. Thanks for this. I love Rainn and Angela actually quoting lines from that awful Rosie O’Donnell tv movie from a few years back.

  2. Oh. Em. Gee.

    The profanity-laced ditty at the end was too great. Plus, I love that Rainn is wearing that ugly purple coat thing. It just makes me love him more for his poor fashion choices.

  3. Rangela seems a lot more different than Dwangela.

    Funny interview. Will this be on the season 3 DVD? Just kidding. Still ticked that I still haven’t gotten my copy of the deluxe edition. The Target in my area is a pain.

  4. That was awesome! I am a huge fan of “Ghostbusters,” so I almost started squealing when he mentioned it (even though I’m pretty sure he was making fun of it). Great interview!!

  5. I think I liked Rangela a whole lot better than Dwangela. They were half way flirty in between their funniness…at least I can imagine they were! Very funny and totally awesome!

  6. Angela is sooo freakin’ cute when she smiles!! Such a difference from her character. ADORable.

  7. Something about the way Angela says “Yes” and then shakes her head when Rainn asks her if she has seen the Season 3 DVD yet made me giggle and snort. And I watched it work. And got funny looks from people.

  8. They are awesome! You can see the great dynamic between the two of them! So cute, I just love them!!

  9. I know Rainn was joking, but he seemed a little harsh to me…which I also noticed on the DVD commentaries. I hope he’s kidding around and not really as mean as he seems.

  10. Ya, Jenny, I’m kind of with you. At the very end Angela call him a collosal ______. Is that just joking too? Or did she feel the way I did about what he was saying? (I’m not always good at reading insults/jokes.)

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