Talking Head Contest winners!

With over 2,100 votes cast, here are your OfficeTally Talking Head Contest prize winners:

  • Adam Lauver — Michael
    “I’m a huge fan of The Office and of Steve Carell … so the Michael Scott talking heads were the obvious choice for me. They’re just so funny, and I had a lot of fun filming them … by myself … in my dorm room … despite the horrible acoustics …!”
  • Torrey Speer — Pam
    After rifling through every episode of The Office, I found (in the VERY LAST episode) the magical Pam scene. I studied it for a good couple hours becoming a lil more Pam with each try, it was freaky awesome! I had a blast, feeling like I could be on the show for that night.
  • harveypekar — Kelly
    “My girlfriend, Cheryl, is an avid reader of OT. She let me know that the contest was going on and really encouraged me to enter. I had Cheryl gather the props (her clothes and mascara) and meet me at my own office after work on that Friday. We skulked about until everyone else had left and then scampered into a meeting room. We filmed several, a few Dwights for fun, and then the Kelly scene.”
  • Alex S. (PGP) — Michael
    “While I was filming a take, the idea struck me to actually wear a woman’s suit, so I grabbed the most horrid thing I could find in my grandma’s closet and voila! She’s probably never going to wear that again now.”
  • Donna — Jim
    “Matt is a ham … since he is only 4, I … picked [a talking head] I thought he could memorize w/o too much trouble. I dressed him in a dress shirt and the tie he wore at Christmas and sat him in front of our dining room window. I think we did four takes before he got bored and wanted to go outside and play Tonka trucks with his big brother.”

Thanks to Kent and company for judging the entries and providing the prizes, congratulations to the prize winners, and thanks to ALL who participated! Hope you had as much fun making these vids as we’ve had watching them. :)

Aside from those that won, here are some of my favorite vids.


  1. Wow! Congratulations to the five! The winners really deserved it. I loved that last Kevin one (Her facial expressions were hilarious) and amelia’s entry had me laughing nonstop immediately.

  2. Yeah, I LOVE the Kevin by Juliet…she was so great! Also, the winning Pam was great too. Enjoyed watching them :)

  3. Yay for KTKooper! Totally deserved…and I totally have a crush on you after seeing that TH.

  4. Aw, thanks Tanster. Massive props for holding this contest — I love the way it brought Office fans together to appreciate each other’s impressions!

  5. Congrats to the winners! but I gotta say, if that “double fudge….Angela…” Kevin entry had been in the runnings, totally would have voted for it! haha

  6. Congratulations everybody! All 5 wins were TOTALLY deserved!!!

    Thank you Tanster!!! It means SOOO much to me to make your top picks!!!!
    You’re the best for hosting this HUGE contest for us! Thanks a million!

    oh and CONGRATULATIONS TO #4 (or Torrey Speer as shes known around my condo), my BFF (ugh, i hate that abreviation, only 4 u torrey) and partner in crime! A truely amazing friend and actress!

  7. What an awesome contest. Many congrats to all of you You all deserve to be memorialized in Office Tally history. I am glad that the Michael (which is at the very least bi-sexual)was one of the big winners. I loved that video

  8. This is so exciting! Thanks tanster for the amazing contest and thanks everyone who voted! Congrats to the other winners :).

  9. Nice work everyone. I’m a little sad I didn’t get my own autographed DVD, but these five are all fantastic. Good work everyone. Thanks tanster, Kent, and crew for putting this on! I was bashworth236 – Andy. I’m just glad everyone could see how crazy I am about The Office. Can’t wait for Sept 27th!

  10. Wow.. that Kevin by Juliet was… fantastic. just, wow. kinda sorry i didn’t get in, but that’s ok.. when i saw i didn’t make finalists i took my vids down in a hurry! now i kinda wish i’d left them up.. anyways, congrats to the winners!!!

  11. Waahhh! I’m mourning over the loss of the coveted autographed DVD. Although it was obviously beyond my grasp with the talented competition. Congrats to all on your accomplishments. I was really disappointed that “Oompa loompa Andy” wasn’t in the top 5 (which was not me). It seems gimmicks are a little overappreciated. It was super fun while it lasted! Thanks Tanster! (Loved your favs)

  12. Congratulations Torrey Brooke Speer! I am so proud of you for accomplishing this. Wonderful job! Congratulations too, to everyone who submitted a video – putting in the work and creative know-how so very apparent in all of these videos.

  13. I’m very happy to see the top two (in my opinion, for what it’s worth) won. (Torrey and Alex S.). Congratulations!

  14. Everyone was great, but I thought it just had to be you and the camera. Torrey sat in front of a window with someone working on the computer in the background. I thought stuff like that wasn’t allowed. I think next time the rules should be more clear…

  15. Congrats to all the winners! And thanks so much, Tanster, for posting this list of videos =)!! What an honor to be on it! It has made my day. Thanks also to the people leaving such nice comments. =)

    This was a great contest. We’re VERY lucky office fans!! HUGE THANKS to everyone who made it happen.

  16. OMG, how did that last Kevin video not win?

    Some kind of consolation prize should be considered.

    I love that video

  17. ahaha thanks for the props tanster!
    i was beaming when i read the part about kelly’s sister.

    and congratulations to all the winners!

  18. I love the Karen one with the Jim faces! Maybe she could be his sister (Larissa-or is that his mom?).

    Also, the Kevin one is fantabulous-and I just watched that episode, so it’s still quite fresh–she nailed it! Spot on!!

  19. I wasn’t in the top 5, so as a consolation prize my family bought me Season 3 of The Office. My husband, mom, sister, 6 year old son, 5 year old daughter, 22 month old son, and 8 week old son (with no help at all-he’s a genius)autographed it for me. I thought that was the coolest freakin thing ever! Office marathon, here we come!!!

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