The Weekend Tally

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  1. How cool would it be to see the premier 2 weeks in advance?! If only I lived in Indiana. *sigh*

  2. Dang it!! I live in Indiana, but I don’t have Bright House. The first time something good happens here, and I can’t even partake.

  3. Okay, first, I love that picture of John, it’s so adorable, second, I’m moving to Indiana in the next week, just so I can see the premiere, hehe, and third, does anyone know if we’d be able to get a hold of that DVD? I’d love to have it in french….

    ARGH! I can’t wait three more agonizing weeks…and the Emmys better bring some extra cheer! ;)

  4. I have always wanted to live in Indiana, for some unexplained reason. This must be it!

  5. It sounds to me like the premiere isn’t coming two weeks early, just some like a special promo(s).

  6. you can’t see the premiere, its just extra clips, which is still awesome, but no new episodes! everyone take a deep breathe…(sigh) hehe

  7. Ugh! I live in Indiana but like the others… I don’t have Bright House. Oh and trust me when I say you don’t want to live in Indiana lol.

  8. @5

    I’m sure you could buy the french dvd online but keep in mind that it will be a Region 2 disc and if your DVD player only plays region 1 (USA) discs then you will be out of luck.

    I’m not sure of the availability of region free dvd players in the USA, either. Here in Australia they are probably more common than region locked ones but I don’t think that is the case over there.

  9. Forgive me for being a little better but the French have a boxed set and the British are still waiting for the ever-delayed Season 2 to be released on DVD? That sucks. And, from checking out the Amazon description of what we’re getting we have no commentaries or behind the scenes bonuses, just like with our Season 1 DVD. I don’t get it – why do we keep getting such a raw deal when it comes to The Office? I don’t even know if any channels over here have picked up Season 3. I live in the wrong country…

  10. Um and ‘better’ should have been ‘bitter’. My bad. I am no better than anyone else. Especially the French.

  11. Thistle, maybe the marketeers think you Brits are snobs who all consider the American “Office” to be vastly inferior to the original UK version. Glad there’s at least one of you who likes Michael Scott.

  12. Unfortunately…I do live in Indiana, and am maybe one of ten BrightHouse customers…their service area is pretty small, which might be why they wanted to set that arrangement up! I’ve got my big conference for work next week, but that doesn’t start until Tuesday…guess what I’m doing Monday night?! I’m actually pretty excited about this; not just because of the Office, of course, but because I’m a huge Scrubs fan as well, and I’ve been interested in seeing the new show Chuck. I’m not much of a You Tuber (technology ain’t quite my thang), though…but you know I’ll be watching again on the 27th when I can TiVo the episode!!!

  13. Thistle – I can relate. Up here in Canada we can at least get Season 3 but aren’t able to get the special editions as in the U.S. This is on top of not being able to access any of the deleted scenes on the NBC Web site.

    We did, however, get Office re-runs every Monday this past summer (Season 2 and 3) on Global, so at least there’s that.

  14. TobyFan – Yup, not getting the NBC extras sucks something shocking as well. Have we done something to offend them?! I understand the politics behind it but…mneh.

    LazyScranton – There is a lot of Office prejudice over here but every time I’ve wrestled a friend to the couch to watch an episode of the American version they’ve all loved it – pretty much without exception. I do always start them on Season 2 though. NBC need to be not afraid to push with publicity for the show over here. And even to the naysayers – Merchant and Gervais are still executive producers and it’s unlikely they would let anything through which would be sufficiently awful to tarnish their reputations. It deserves a slot on the BBC and not to be hidden away on a third rate digital channel that half the country doesn’t get and broadcast in the dead hours of night. Even a show with dedicated fans is going to suffer with ratings under those circumstances. If someone just gives it a fighting chance I’m sure they’d profit they just have to be brave enough to say ‘This version’s damn good too!’

    Rant over. For now.

  15. If the season premiere airs two weeks early on that digital system in Indiana, then I predict it will be up and running on YouTube before 9/27. And if it is, NBC better not pull it off the site. If they’re going to allow a small digital system to air the shows early, then they better expect plenty of internet leaks. Maybe they don’t care?

  16. Thistle, if it’s any consolation we don’t get Ricky Gervais’ standup discs over here.

    Has anyone ordered and received the calendar yet? Because I saw one at Borders this weekend and it was a “2008 Motivational Calendar” and I’m curious if this is a separate item or a replacement.

  17. phyllis’ farm – Believe me, you’re not missing much with the stand-up, Gervais’ strong suit is definitely his scripted TV work. And, obviously, his skills as a pop music pro. I appreciate the sentiment though.

    I hate how NBC won’t really mail, well, anything overseas. I really want a 2008 Office calendar but I’ll have to wait and see if any of my friends go over to the US and pass by somewhere they can get one. Sigh.

    I am quite the grouch today. Apologies.

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