1. Cool. I didn’t know Rainn was on Letterman. I just clicked on the link and watched the preview clip. Hilarious! And Rainn’s dad is there! Can’t wait!

  2. Decaf next time Rainn! I cracked up when Dave said “okay, you’re getting just a little too intense for me.”

  3. When’s Rainn on? I didn’t catch that… great interview with Kate though. Can’t wait for John to make the late-night rounds…

  4. Ahhh Rainn…I loved his recovery after the ‘Dad’ incident, including when he told Dave that he trained his son to call Dave Grandpa!

  5. Loved the interview with Kate. Felt sorry for Rainn – Dave acted totally bored.

  6. I have so much respect for Kate and Rainn, especially after hearing their stories of struggles before landing The Office. Great interviews!

  7. Hahah I loved it when he called Dave dad!! that was really funny!! and when he said he told his son to call david grandpa. hahaha!

  8. I love that Rainn managed to work both Harry Potter and Lord of the RIngs into his interview. I guess Dwight isn’t the only fan!

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