New Office promos

A new promo aired during ‘Conan’ tonight. This time, it’s all about The Office. :)Tipster: Jules

The older SNL-aired promo is here.

A new promo of NBC’s Thursday night lineup aired tonight during ‘Saturday Night Live.’

While I’m not sure if The Office footage is new post-strike stuff, it was exciting to see Steve, Rainn, John, and Jenna hugging and laughing behind the scenes again!

And you might recognize some faces we don’t normally see in front of the camera — namely The Office’s co-executive producer Kent Zbornak and the Director of Photography Randall Einhorn. (Kent is standing to the left of Steve; Randall’s on the right. Go Kent and Randall!)

Update: I’ve been told by a show insider — “Yes, it is all brand new footage — on our first day back, NBC had several camera crews shooting all over the place … in the background, you can also see production assistant Dan Beals, script supervisor Veda, props assistant Marjorie, camera assistant Chris Workman, and camera operator Matt Sohn …”


  1. I am so effing excited.

    We need some sort of countdown timer to count how many days we have until April 17.

    [from tanster: the show comes back april 10th]

  2. has a real time countdown to the first episode, down to the seconds. It’s awesome.

  3. I was just watching SNL this morning, fast-forwarding through the commercials–when I thought I saw a flash of Steve. Had to go back and investigate, of course. Needless to say, I nearly peed myself to see that commercial…and then I watched it again…and again. So cute. I’m hoping it’s post-strike footage, because they all looked so happy.

  4. So excited! Can’t wait to see Dinner Party (or Parking) !!!!!!!!! I think that might be “behind the scenes” stuff though. From earlier this season. I recognize Pam’s top, from Local Ad, maybe?

  5. I saw this on TV last night, and was so excited, but my brother starting yelling so I didn’t get to pay attention. Thank you for posting it.

    It makes me so happy to see everyone together again. April 10th couldn’t come soon enough.

  6. I caught that commercial last night; I smiled like an idiot through the whole thing. So nice to see them at work and enjoying it!

  7. It was so nice to see the behind the scenes footage. I love when John breaks and does the crinkly thing wit his nose when he laughs. Also, Jenna is adorable when she breaks!

  8. When this commercial aired I couldn’t help smiling like a dumb idiot! I came here straight away hoping that you would have it and sure enough, officetally did not let me down. This makes me so happy about life, I need to keep rewatching!

  9. I felt so silly when I started laughing at everyone else laughing in the promo. they seemed like they were having so much fun. It was infectious! Thanks for the clip!

  10. i hope the footage of dwight playing his recorder is new…i want more recorder!

  11. I think Roy pretty much summed it up.

    “You know that Cinderella song?
    ‘Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s Gone’?
    That pretty much says it better than I know how to say it in words.”

    I’m SO glad they’re back.

  12. I just started smiling like an idiot. I feel all warm and squishy inside.

  13. There are two others that I’ve seen on TV, but I can’t seem to find them on YouTube…

  14. YAY, Kent! Love him! How great to see him in this ad! (oh, and Randall too. ;) )

    This made me freakishly happy; I giggled like a twelve-year-old. Come on, April 10th!

  15. So adorable. Aw show, it’s so nice to have you back!

    I couldn’t help but be a little mad at the voice over, though. “NBC welcomes back…” Could’ve had them back sooner. I’m sorry. I don’t know how long it’ll take me to get over it.

  16. I could watch a half hour straight of the Office actors laughing at/with each other–esp. John and Steve together. I swear…that would be a hit show all by itself. I have watched their breaks/crack-ups on the DVD bloopers countless times and they never ceases to make me smile/laugh too. This promo had a similar effect–thanks for posting! And I hope the blooper segment on the next DVD is LONG!

  17. Knowing that it’s all new footage makes it even better. I hope we get to see some more extended footage from this somewhere. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall their first day back at work!

  18. Cool. It really felt like new material and seeing John and Rainn hug and the laughing, it made me feel all bubbly inside and how I can’t wait for April 10th to come here!

  19. Thanks for posting as I’m no longer making the mistake of watching or TiNo’ing Saturday Night Live!

  20. Aww. I love seeing Steve and Jenna laugh. The way they throw their heads back is just too adorable.

  21. The whole video made me smile like an idiot but the part with John and Rainn hugging was really sweet and made me smile even more. And I love Jenna laughing in the end as well. This cast is amazing. There are no words to describe them. Now I really, *really* can’t wait until April 10th.

  22. I agree… knowing it’s new footage makes my heart even happier. Not least of all because apparently Dwight’s recorder will be in use very soon. And that is always amazing.

  23. oh my gosh! Not only is The Offive back but 30 Rock, Scrubs, and My Name is Earl! Dang all mighty I missed all those shows. I missed The Office the most.

  24. Having seen this videos countless times, I just have say that I’m pretty excited to see 30 Rock come back. The last episode was really funny so yeah… Thursday nights seems seem worthwhile again!

  25. Thank you OfficeTally! What would I do without your careful watch for signs of Office life? I would miss all the promos and interviews! Thanks again!

  26. Haha, if I am this excited over a promo… I can’t even imagine how I am going to be on April 10th :)

  27. Oh that was good. Really really good. Like chicken soup for the Office fan’s soul.

  28. It says the new video (that aired on Conan) is no longer available. Why do they hurt us this way?! Is it April 10th yet?

  29. Ok, the new promo made me all kinds of teary-eyed. I think I’m as happy for them being back together as I am for me getting my show back.

  30. I watched this at work with the volumn down (there people working around me)and I have no idea but all the hugging was all too sweet. 3 more weeks!!!

  31. The only, ONLY, good thing about this strike is there is nothing that beats the excitement of new episodes of the Office coming back. It is like a dethawing of a long winter.

  32. oh man…that was amazing. that just made my horrible week 10,000 times better! :-) CANNOT WAIT!!

  33. That last one totally made me tear up. Beautiful!! It’s so amazing to see the cast AND crew together again.

    “And Thursdays are right again.” Truer words were never spoken.

  34. Yes… my Thursday’s will be complete again. That clip also reminds me that the Blooper Reel on the DVD needs to be much much longer.

    [from tanster: much, MUCH longer. TWICE as long even. that’s what she said.]

  35. Awesome!!!

    All is right in the world again (well just a little bit now)

  36. “Everyone’s back at their desk, and Thursday’s are right again.”

    The truest thing EVER said!

  37. The newest promo just made me smile so much! April 10 cannot get here soon enough.

    And I agree, they need to put more Blooper and Behind the Scenes stuff on the DVDs!

  38. Happy days are here again! Let’s all have a “return of the office” party; jello, margaritas, and grilled cheese for everyone!

  39. I love the Office, and I’m so glad it’s nearly back, but why does NBC put the lamest music on their promos? I mean it sounded like an after school special! Come on its the Office! It’s not Days of Our Lives. That said, the part where it looks like Rainn is playing along on his recorder is excellent.

  40. I know my obsessive ‘fan-girl’ is coming out but I just had to point out that I love the bit of John taking off his jacket. He’s got a very smoldering look on. I will say that I got a little bit teary eyed in the end. I’m just so excited that it’s back and that we’ll be getting new episodes soon.

  41. I got the flutters when I saw this! When John and Steve are standing near a desk chair laughing… made me want to be their friend! :) (Non-creepily…)

  42. that made my week.

    i missed them so much. I felt chills of happiness (if that makes any sense) when I saw that….especially with everyone laughing and hugging.

  43. i am trying not to cry right now. what a choice of music. how pathetic am i!! i love this show too much

  44. How wonderful! Seeing everyone hugging and smiling just made my day and I think I even got a little tear in my eye! I am so excited the show will be back soon–I can’t believe how much we’ve all missed it! Normally my interest in a TV show would definitely wane after all this time, after all I’ve got plenty of other stuff going on. But surprisingly, my love of the Office just keeps growing!

  45. “and Thursdays are right again.”

    darn straight….

    oh and all you “that brought a tear to my eye” stop lying… you know you were full out crying like I was :P

  46. The first time I watched it and got misty, I didn’t feel too pathetic. 10 hours (and 10 more views later) I’m starting to worry about myself :-) I mean, I have a pretty decent life. Fulfilling career, cool friends, fab boyfriend. But the fact that I’m 32 and am counting the days until April 10th so I can analyze whether Jim Halpert’s hairstyle is more or less disheveled that it was in November? Scary…


    Yes. Yes they are.


    I don’t care how cheesy it is. I’m so happy to see them all again.

  48. true thursdays are right again, but i thought i was watching a in memoriam video! the office isn’t dead, it is back from the dead! muahahaha! bring back kotter!

  49. I completely love seeing the whole cast again! Well, actually not the whole cast. Where’s Craig, Angela, B.J., and Melora???? All I know is, I can’t wait ’til April 10th!

  50. They so nailed the ‘coming back to see old friends’ vibe in The Office-specific promo. Welcome back, Scranton Branch!!!

  51. *sniff* I’m all misty eyed too. It feels so good to see them all back together again.

  52. For some reason I get chills when I see the all Office one. I really can’t wait!!!!

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