Rainn, Rainn everywhere

  • A few OT readers wrote in about Rainn Wilson’s appearance on the ESPYs last night. Lauren wrote, “Rainn Wilson had a fairly big role on the ESPY awards tonight as Lance Armstrong’s ‘assistant’.” Barry wrote, “He did a pretty long schtick with Lance Armstrong, acting as his PA, even painting his nails. It even had Rainn taking his shirt off and dancing. Talk about a sight for sore eyes.” If you guys have a video link, let me know!
  • LJ Office also reports that Rainn appears in a short 1-800-TBS Funny spot for ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ — watch it here. (Sorry, PCs only.)
  • Finally, don’t forget that Rainn appears on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ tonight! See the calendar for a full list of events.


  1. Oh God, I think I played the “exactement” part at least 20 times. Same with the part where Lance punches Rainn.

  2. For those who missed it (including me), the Espy Awards will also be re-aired at midnight tonight and on Sunday, July 23rd at 3:00am EST.

    Set the DVRs!

  3. No the bald guy was Larry Miller, (10 Things I Hate About You, The Nutty Professor, about a million other movies).

  4. Rainn is funny and great and really really funny. I didn’t play it 20 times (yet), but that “exactement” was classic.

  5. I’m sorry, I have to gush about these ESPY clips a little more. I just love the way Rainn shrivels and falls to the floor when Lance gives him a good whack in the stomach. Note the right hand, how it goes into a dinosaur paw position. Pure pure gold.

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