Welcome back, Dunder Mifflinites!

the office staff picture

According to Jenna’s latest TV Guide blog, the Office cast and crew are back at work shooting Season 3 today.

On behalf of Office fanatics everywhere, we’d like to say:


P.S. This fantastic illustration is a re-post courtesy of psmonkey at LiveJournal. Click the graphic to display the larger version.


  1. happy birthday katie! I’m so excited that they are back to work again cuz we are so much closer to season 3 to start. Yes!! I wonder if everyone is there cuz I know that a lot of them are still filming movies or starting one.

  2. Thought the same thing sabrina, which brings up all kinds of issues about what the first show will be like — who will be there and who won’t. If Jenna is filming a movie now, what kind of role does Pam have for example? This could get interesting.

  3. In celebration, a friend of mine from work is coming over this afternoon and we’re having an ‘Office’ marathon. She’s missed quite a few episodes so I’ve got to catch her up!

  4. I have never been so happy to see people back at work. Can’t wait to read their on-set myspace blogs again!

  5. For some reason the folks at tvguide.com (or Jenna herself) decided not to copy the part from Jenna’s myspace blog where she named the playwright and dropped an f-bomb and a “kiss my ass”…

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