E!’s Kristin talks to Rainn Wilson

In a video clip from last week’s upfronts, Kristin Veitch speaks to Rainn Wilson about lingerie, mind control, and the future of Dwangela. And yes, Kristin is a shameless hussy.

Find the video clip here; find the transcript here.

Thanks to GMMR for the tip!

Note: the video and transcript are no longer available.


  1. Although I really enjoy watching these interviews (especially the ones she did last week with John and Jenna) because it’s hilarious how funny they all are in real life, she is such a shameless flirt. Ugh…

    Where’s the professionalism?

  2. hehe becky, it’s not there cause she’s not a professional. that woman, i love her scoops, but i hate so much about the things she chooses to be.

    michael is awesome.

  3. hehe.

    is there any chance of getting a run down on what he said? the site is telling me the video has been removed. meh.

  4. the video still isn’t working for me, and i can’t believe i missed the transcript link! woops.

  5. I know, Becky!

    The Office cast is so witty and charming and gracious during interviews, and that’s why we watch.

  6. Andi, the video is up — just checked it again. You can get the transcript from the second link in the post. :)

  7. I just wish she could be a champion of the show and NOT be annoying. Is that really too much to ask? This is the same woman who asked Jenna if Jam is “the next Ross and Rachel.” Jenna answered with great poise, as we would expect, but that is such an annoying question.

    I hope it’s just part of her shtick and not how she is every minute of every day.

  8. Okay, yeah. See, when I saw her interview with John, I was so annoyed with her overt flirtation. But then I figured I was just jealous because I wished I was the one flirting with John! But now, I see her flirting AGAIN with Rainn, and realized that this is just how she is. And it is annoying as hell. Loved Rainn tho! :) And I do appreciate her love for the Office.

  9. Andy, click “Launch Player” button. You may need to turn off your popup blocker. You also need the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player. Google is your friend.

    I don’t know how anyone that has been championing “The Office” could not like that reporter… she has been the biggest supporter in the media of the show…

  10. I have to say that the only reason I started my own blog is because I really wanted to be Kristin Veitch. Although I can’t say for sure that I wouldn’t be all over J. Kras given the chance, I would hope that I would have a little more professionalism. I normally adore Kristin but it’s been a little bit all about her lately.

  11. thanks matthew…i haven’t any trouble playing them before, but it might of been my connection last night, cause it was working fine this morning. weird! it probably just decided my internet was too slow and it wasn’t going to co-operate with me.

  12. I for one found the reporter very charming. I think she conducted a very witty interview. Maybe she is a flirt, but there is nothing wrong with a little harmless banter. This is E! entertainment after all.

  13. I didn’t watch the video, I went straight to the transcript. If you hated the flirtation in the Rainn interview, check out the John Stamos interview. It was nauseating!!!

  14. The thing is, if Kristin “got” the Jam relationship (or “The Office”) at ALL, then she WOULDN’T be asking inane questions like “Are you gonna be the new Ross and Rachel?” It’s like asking Proust if he’s the new Shakespeare – you just don’t do it unless you’re a friggin’ fool. So, as much as I appreciate Ms. Veitch pimping “The Office,” I’d prefer someone who actually “gets” it doing the pimp work.

    I’m not against harmless flirting, but it does get annoying when it just so happens to be the ONLY TRICK up her sleeve. There ARE other ways to start an interview, Wrongda.

  15. It’s like asking Proust if he’s the new Shakespeare – you just don’t do it unless you’re a friggin’ fool.


  16. tanster,

    Kristin’s spoiler/TV section used to be called “Watch With Wanda” until she gave out so many false spoilers that people started calling her “Wrongda.”

    So she decided to use her real name. Because, you know, THAT’s the issue at hand.

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