Rainn Wilson on ‘Letterman’ tonight

The Office’s Rainn Wilson appeared on ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ tonight.

Rainn tweets: “I’m on Letterman tonight plugging my new cooking show, ‘Toaster Chef!’ Thanks to @burberry for making me look like Clooney.” (Follow Rainn’s Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/rainnwilson.)


  1. I was thinking that Dave and Rainn do look a like, then the joke came. My buddy corey also looks like these two guys. Really funny stuff!!

  2. He’s such a great comedian! Loved that Garrison Keillor (sp?) was he and Dave’s mash up. His stories were hilarious. Letterman really can’t be the easiest person to sit down and chat with, but Rainn just took over and handled it so well.

  3. He had to call an outside source to take care of the snake? Dwight Schrute would not be proud ;)

  4. I can see next summer’s blockbuster already:

    Rainn Wilson is “Jeremiah Johnson: Snake Deputy.”

  5. You are so right #6 dealio.

    Letterman frequently gives off this vibe, (body language etc.) that he is totally disinterested in what his guests are saying – Rainn had him eating out of the palm of his hand!

  6. “don’t use the pillow cases from anthropologie they’re really expensive”
    hahahahaha i love that he said that

  7. Excellent interview. I suspect Deputy Sheriff Jeremiah Johnson gave the rattlesnake the Sprinkles’ treatment though. Plus: origin of the name- HIPPIE!

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