Jenna Fischer at the All-Star Game

UPDATE: The game airs on ESPN on Monday, July 13, 7pm PT.

Jenna Fischer

Video credit: Kim

The Office’s Jenna Fischer played in the All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game today in St. Louis.

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  1. is there a time when she doesn’t look great, haha…go national league!

  2. I was watching the game on and I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t seen it but I think Andy Richter’s bank account just became much larger thanks to Jenna.

  3. I was at that game! She was seriously awesome! She stayed and signed autographs for quite awhile afterward. :)

  4. btw, the game is playing on ESPN tonight at 9 pm/CT. I love watching this game because it’s about having fun, and not the money.

  5. I was there! Didn’t get to stay to the end (my friend was sick), so sad to hear I missed out on autographs, but I got some good pictures! Click my name to go to my blog and see!

  6. How do you make Cardinals gear look attractive to a Cubs fan? Put Jenna Fischer in it.

  7. Just a note on those planning to watch or DVR tonight: The Home Run Derby (the live preceding show that starts two hours prior) regularly goes long. I think last year it lasted around three hours which meant the softball game didn’t air until an hour later than scheduled. So just be sure to set the DVR longer than what the schedule says.

    [from tanster: good tip. thanks, justin!]

  8. That’s mighty good for a gal that had a bad back injury a couple of years ago! Go, Jenna!

  9. good game jenna! not too shabby with those 2 base hits and too funny with andy richter…it was fun to watch!

  10. Thank you Jenna Fischer for finally making me pay attention to a baseball game.

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