1. I wonder if Rainn will mention the earthquake that hit L.A. yesterday. It would be interesting to get a picture of where they were (in the middle of scene?) during the big shake up. An earthquake is dangerous to begin with, but enduring one in a TV studio can be perilous with all that equipment and heavy lights above your head. I hope all on The Office cast and crew are alright.

  2. I wondered about the cast and crew yesterday during the quake as well. Hope they’re all well!

  3. This is far far far into the future but I wonder (if they were filming during the quake) if it’ll be in the outakes of the Season 5 DVD?

  4. Rainn’s imitation of his scottish taxi driver made me spit out my drink. He is so hilarious. GOD I can’t wait till September 25th!

  5. Scottish people are just that, Scottish. I know for a fact they HATE it if you call them Scotch. For shame, Jay.

  6. Wow, I want to be paid to go through drummer boot camp and be able to play like that!!! I think that is awesome that he had to actually learn how to play the drums for the movie. Rainn rocks my world!

  7. Never figured he would actually have to learn the drums! That shows you how dedicated Rainn is to the parts he plays. Now if only he could perform with the drums and the recorder…

  8. The earthquake occurred the day before Rainn was on . My sons and I were doing an NBC studio tour when it started . They directed us outside next to where Jay parks his cars . That day it was a 69 Ferrari . The following day when Rainn was on the show I was fortunate enough to get called on the stage by Jay before the show started . I got his autograph and a picture with him . He made fun of me for being dressed like a tourist haha

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