Rainn Wilson on NPR’s Fresh Air

Rainn Wilson talks to Fresh Air’s Terry Gross about ‘The Rocker,’ ‘The Office, ‘Six Feet Under,’ his childhood, and his faith.

The interview is insightful, thoughtful, and in one part, so funny it actually makes Terry Gross snort. Like a full-volume snort. Awesome.

Link: Rainn Wilson, From ‘Office’ Drone To ‘Rocker’ Star

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  1. That was so interesting, especially the part where he explains his religion.

  2. That was an amazing interview. Kudos Rainn!

    Thanks for posting and the link tanster!

  3. I actually got out of work earlier so I could listen to this on the way home. Rainn gives the best interviews!

  4. i heard it live woot!!!! my mom told me about it since she listens to it at work

  5. awesome! i caught his parting words…and that’s it :( so i am glad to hear the rest!

  6. Thanks for linking this! That was a great interview. He’s so articulate, genuinely funny and very thoughtful. He keeps revealing himself to be such an amazing person!

  7. When I first heard there was going to be a US version of the Office I was sure it would be a pale imitation of the UK series…then I heard Rainn Wilson was going to be a principle and I couldn’t wait to watch. Arthur Martin on SFU was iconic and captivating. I had been searching for him since he written off SFU.

    Great interview Rainn. Articulate and interesting!

  8. That was the best “Fresh Air” “Office” interview I’ve heard.

  9. This cast is so awesomely intelligent! I could listen to their interviews all day. Great interview!

  10. I am looking forward to listening to this at an appropriate time. But I have to point out that Terry Gross is an inherently snorty person.

  11. This interview is definitely worth the 32 minutes of time it takes to listen to. Hilarious biographical details about all the different kinds of nerd he was growing up. Also, interesting history about his original auditions for the part of Michael (!) and then Dwight on “The Office.”

    Awesome interview, Terry and Rainn! Thanks for posting it, Tanster!

  12. I didn’t realize Rainn was going to be on, so I was totally giddy when I heard he was the guest (yes, I listen to NPR…I guess I could be considered a nerd too). I know it took him a while to break into Hollywood, but as a fan, it was worth the wait for him to have so many memorable roles (I forgot how creepy Arthur was…)!

  13. Whenever a cast member is on Fresh Air, I know it’s going to be a fascinating and insightful interview. This one was no different. Thanks for posting – Rainn is an extraordinary individual.

  14. I left to go grocery shopping and sat in the Kroger parking lot for the entirety of the interview. Mr. Wilson is such a doll…you can tell that Terry is a fan. The best pre-Rocker interview yet.

    Made my shopping trip sooo much better. I picked the best Imaginary Celebrity Boyfriend EVER. Even my husband approves!

  15. Really good interview. I love these types of interviews b/c they’re so much more in-depth than talk show ones.

    I liked him explaining all the different aspects of his nerdiness (kinda makes me feel better about myself…) and it was so interesting to hear about his faith.

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