1. Lol, out of pure curiosity i sent a ‘friend request’ on xbox to ‘jkrazysoxfan’ but it said the ‘gamertag’ was invalid…. even if it was real, there’s no telling how he might’ve spelled it.

    COD4 rocks.

  2. 4. Jason- nice. i thought of trying it myself after Rainn read it, just to see what would happen, but i got too scared.

    COD4 does rock.

    it would be hilarious to play with Will Arnett. everytime he’d get picked off by a sniper or waited too long to throw back a grenade, he’d yell “COME ON!” into his little headset.

  3. Did anyone else think it was surreal to watch the preview clip (which rocked, btw) with Jay’s audience laughing in the background? It was like…laugh track…our worst nightmare come true! LOL.

  4. Rainn is always so great in interviews. It’s such a relief after seeing celebrity after celebrity just sit there and do nothing.

    LOVED the clip that he brought! With each 10-second snippet I get of the big episode, I get exponentially more excited. I think I may end up breaking into NBC studios just so I can see it before Sunday night.

  5. Yay! I was wondering when he’d start talking about Monsters Vs. Aliens! My boyfriend worked on it and says that everyone at DreamWorks thought Rainn was one of the best people they’ve ever had come to record! Said he was so humble and always willing to do take after take and stay later than he had planned to get it right. Which is evidently really rare. :)

    Hopefully Rainn will stop by the wrap party and jam with the crew!

  6. Great interview by Rainn Wilson.
    #4: Too bad the friend request didn’t work out.
    #5: I agree about Will Arnett. Is it possible to do the chicken dance om Xbox because I can totally see Arnot27 doing that if someone was too afraid to shoot.

  7. is it just me or is jay leno not very funny.
    or at least he isn’t when he is interviewing and he doesn’t really laugh at rainn’s jokes. =/
    i think conan is way better

  8. Apparently, only the jcrazysoxfan one is real. I doubt it would actually be John Krasinski’s because it sounds pretty common.

  9. No way! Rainn is a Cardinals fan? Boo. At least he knows the Steelers are going to win!

    Haha great interview.

  10. Rainn rocks my world, gawd I could listen to him talk about Italy all day!

    Also, poor Jay. I have had that awful choke thing happen, when I was stuck on a packed train. Each time I would inhale it just irritated my throat even more :(

  11. #10 – how did you spell it? i tried 2 other variations after i posted here with no luck.

    ‘jcrazysoxfan’ did not work for me either.

    #5 – hah, true about will arnett, if i ever heard someone say that i’d be like “Will?” lol.

  12. LOL. Rainn was funny as always. But, on Conan, I think that Conan is more funny than Jay. He was pretty funny doing that Italian stuff and the Scottish thing from last year. Good interview, can’t wait to see Jenna’s appearance on Thursday.

    Go Cardinals.

  13. I was able to friend Jcrazysoxfan on Xbox and he (if that really is him) was playing call of duty today.

  14. I agree about Jay not being funny… I was in LA in December and went and watched them film 2 eps of his show and I was bored both times…

    As for Rainn… even though I’m a huge huge Office fan, I think without the glasses, if he walked past me in the street I don’t think I’d recognise him!!! He just looks so different!!!

  15. I’m sorry but I have to disagree with y’all. I thought that Rainn was trying a little too hard (he tends to do that in interviews) and that made the whole thing a little awkward and unfunny. I almost felt sorry for him as he was hamming it up so bad.

  16. “jcrazysoxfan” has his Friends list full, so I couldn’t add him.

    I’m pretty sure it’s not him, given as how it would make more sense to be “jkrazysoxfan” (an invalid gamertag), and anyone who watched the show could’ve gone on and created the tag right afterwards to make people believe he/she was Jim from The Office.

    Is there a way for those of you who are his friends to see how long he’s used the gamertag? Also, if you could play with him, you could hear his voice.

  17. Yeah i’m not sure if it’s really him, all I know is that he responded to me after I added him. I invited him to a party and he replied “No mic, how do I know you again?” We talked for a little while but then the messages stopped. If it really was him that would of been pretty neat, all his info is private BTW.

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