1. That’s hilarious. Rainn is my new hero. I love the image of him sitting on that tiny, red jeep.

  2. Great video – Rainn is so hilarious. Of course all The Office men are sexy in their own ways, really! ;)

  3. Yes! I saw John too. he was like second to last. (swoon). how can you not? And yes, Rainn looked quite fetching in that Tonka truck. (double swoon). hehe Thanks for posting.

  4. John’s my favorite, but I have to admit all The Office men are quite sexy in their own way. People’s Sexiest should have the “Men of The Office” page!

  5. Haha, I love his answer to when he feels the sexiest. LOL I keep replaying it.

    Rainn wearing those sun glasses was pretty hott. (That’s hott with two T’s)

  6. That was too funny. Congrats to John and Rainn for jumping into the same ranks as Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. I never really thought of Rainn as being sexy, but I was swooning over him with his suit and sunglasses. Good looking men with a sense of humor….that’s why I ‘heart’ the show!!!

  7. Wow… that was sexy hot.

    I love those pictures! I hope they print the one where he is jumping on the pool

  8. oooh, diana (#9), i love that idea!

    there is some sexiness to each of the amazing men… they should put them all in!

    i love men who aren’t obviously sexy, like rainn, but who grow on you… then you know they arent just ‘pretty boys’ but have real humor and intelligence as well… yum.

  9. “We like to keep it in the double reed family”

    Ah, yet another reason to love, love, LOVE Rainn Wilson. Makes me proud to be a former “band geek”.

  10. Oh Lord, I stopped breathing (due to laughter) when I saw Rainn coming out of the pool… The slow motion and his eyes closed were hilarious! Did you guys feel like he was treating the whole photo shoot as a joke? Hahaha I especially liked the part where he caressed his stomach while sitting atop the truck…

    I love you, Rainn!!! =)

  11. BA HA HA. Rainn Wilson is so sexy… in an I’m-a-huge-nerd-and-I-know-it sort of way. lol.

  12. I watched that 100 sexy men in 1 minute and John Krasinski is right at the end .. i think he is the last one … go john!!!!!

  13. #22, I saw that too! I was so crushed at first because I didn’t see John anywhere else on the site, but they saved the best for last!

    I have to say, what’s-his-face from Entourage isn’t to hard to look at either ;)

  14. I’ll take Rainn Wilson over Matt Damon any day. I’m not sure what that says about me, but it’s true.
    (no offense to Matt Damon, who’s very cute)

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