Score one for the average guy

The OfficeMen’s Health Magazine talks to John Krasinski:

“John Krasinski plays average-guy Jim on The Office, but his approach to life is designed to reap extraordinary results.”

Nice little video clip, too!

Oh, and if you missed the scans of the printed article from the Weekend Tally a few weeks back, you can find them here.

Score one for the average guy
Video only

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  1. John is just all-round very cool. I loved when he touched on George Clooney beating him at basketball, but then refused to talk about it. Great stuff, that Krasinski.

  2. ok its official I’m in love with John Krasinski haha, seriously though, why aren’t there more guys out there like him!

  3. These little video clips of the cast really makes me fall in love with the Office all over again. I just love the cast! On and off the show!
    And John Krasinski is amazing! Cute and funny!

  4. Would it be completely awkward if I were to steal this magazine from my dad? …thought so…

  5. He’s so great. He comes off as effortlessly friendly, intelligent, and sincere in every interview.

  6. I know we’re not supposed to make childish remarks and drool over certain people, but dear God; that man is beautiful.

  7. if only there were more guys like him… *le sigh*

    I’m just so impressed at how down to earth he is- I admire that.

  8. Mikey Likey!

    That man does not need to hide behind any clothes. I love the expressions that he makes when he talks or when he’s posing for those pictures.

  9. weird that Leatherheads trailer has not been seen yet – wasn’t that movie suppose to come out soon?

  10. just when i thought the article/pics were too much, there is a video.

    what a charmer. sighhh…

  11. Dear God. Everyone elso looks so ugly and flawed to me after watching that video.

    Why is he so beautiful?!

  12. -30- Jesse, I love you for that comment. ;)

    And John…(Sigh). I have no words. Just sighs. Lots of girly sighs.

  13. It almost hurts to watch. He has the cutest smile I’ve ever seen. It is the all-around package with John Krasinski and it is clear that he is not only super hot but has a great personality.
    It is like when he kissed Pam at the end of Casino Night. Every woman wants to be kissed like that.

  14. I was going to say that I simply love this man, but everyone else has expressed my feelings better than I ever could. He’s adorable and I can hardly stand it.

  15. What is it about that man that can make a 23 year old woman revert back to a swooning 13-year-old girl in a matter of seconds? Seriously, where is the flaw? Everyone has one but I have yet to find one on him!

  16. John Krasinski? He does nothing for me. I just don’t see it. ;) Thanks for posting the video, Tanster. It made my otherwise dreary morning a little brighter.

  17. For the love of Krasinski, should it be legal for one man to be that hot and cute? We should reconsider our legal system.

  18. “If you want to know about the cool kids in my high school, that’s where they we-eere!”

    Hahah, he just seems like the coolest guy ever.

  19. You know what I think is so funny? He’s always referred to as “the average guy” or “the everyman,” but just reading these comments (all of which I completely agree with) cleary suggests he’s far from “average” haha.

  20. Ahhhhh…abso-fruitly lovely.

    Whoever that nameless girl from seventh grade was, boy was she lucky!

  21. Oh man, he said band was the coolest place to be. I’m an orchestra nerd, but I will take that. I really want to know what he played now. He is way too awesome. How can he be so perfect? Not many guys can live up to this standard…

  22. As a male, I totally sympathize with the John in that I know that I have pulled a “Jim” countless times.

    And I also think I am starting to feel the way Michael felt about Ryan in regards to John. haha. jk… i’m not gay.

  23. I have to agree with everyone on here. I have not been this in love with someone I’ll never meet, ever! John is the most awesome man all the way through. I wish I could meet him. Doesn’t hurt that he’s absolutely approachably gorgeous.

    PS-in middle school, that’s considered a date still, I asked my students about it.

  24. It was awesome when I met John this year, not only do I have a picture with him, that he took himself with my camera but he wrote the cutest message on my copy of the book “Brief Interview with Hideous Men”

  25. I am so willing to put up with the strange looks I’ll be getting at the bookstore when I pick this up. Yowza!

  26. Wait are there two different covers? The first scan I saw on justjared was different. Of course I’ll buy both covers :)

  27. I don’t know if You guys have put this up there yet, but John has been doing modeling for GAP!!!!!!
    I cannot walk by the store in my hometown because the whole window is a picture of him! It’s hard not to just stop and stare!!

  28. Something to add to this weekend’s tally . . .

    John was an audience member at the live SNL performance Saturday at the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC and stuck around to be the guest monologist for the 9:30 performance of ASSSCAT 3000 the following night (the article is actually about the live 30 Rock show, but it mentions JKras’ participation in ASSSCAT toward the bottom where the author laments his absence on Monday night.

  29. Whoa. He has nice arms. Sorry, middle school girl moment. But seriously. Would it look weird that a 27 year old successful woman like me to buy 20 copies of Mens Health magazine? I think not.

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