Rainn Wilson visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

bryangoodwin: has your ba’hai faith influenced how you portray dwight at all?
Rainn Wilson: no relation really
Rainn Wilson: my Faith encourages me to be excellent at my art
Rainn Wilson: and i’ve worked hard for almost 20 years of acting
bryangoodwin: because art is like praryer
Rainn Wilson: lots of training and theater and whatnot
allie83: well you are excellent and it shows.
Rainn Wilson: but mostly i try and be a good person
tanster: that’s why rainn is here :)
Jess: you rock rainn.
tonilovesyoux3: Yay Rainn!
whatthebbq: :)

silharder: what was your 1st paying gig?
Rainn Wilson: i did shakespeare in the park and understudied fisher stevens as aguecheek
Rainn Wilson: then i did titus andronicus in the park
Rainn Wilson: then toured with THE ACTING COMPANY for 2 and a half years
Merissina: This is better than the actor’s studio, Rainn. Thank you!
Rainn Wilson: i moved to LA after only doing theatre up til then in 1999
Rainn Wilson: with my weird comedy group, the NEW BOZENA
Rainn Wilson: ended up doing a terrible pilot for NBC called the expendables
Rainn Wilson: then did galaxy quest and almost famous right after…

justjesser: is there any particular actor that you really want to work with sometime in the future?
Rainn Wilson: i would love to work with jim carrey, russell crowe, phil hoffman and seth rogan
Rainn Wilson: not in that order
Rainn Wilson: i like all good actors
hewittness: do you need an intern?

limonada: How is Bonzai Shadowhands coming along? Did you guys film that yet?
Rainn Wilson: i need to do more re-writes on BONZAI
Rainn Wilson: this summer
Rainn Wilson: Jason Reitman really wants to do it but he’s like the busiest director in Hollywood these days

loriandcurtis: What is your favorite music?
Rainn Wilson: my favorite music? wilco and radiohead
hewittness: did you go to lollapalooza last year then?
jobethlynn: Wow, those are two great bands!
Kenna: Wilco FTW!
silharder: Woohoo! Radiohead!!!

allie83: would you ever like to be on broadway or in the west end?
Rainn Wilson: i’ve told my wife i want to go to do a broadway show the second i’m done with the office
Rainn Wilson: i started in the theatre adn i really want to go back someday
Michael (OM): the office must never end…
supporttherabid: that would be excellent
Kenna: I’d make a special trip to NYC just to see you on Broadway
Rainn Wilson: cool!

Rainn Wilson: i need to get going now, ma nerdz
tanster: ah, thank you rainn for stopping by and chatting with us!
Ryans’ Hobbit: Thanks for being so generous with your time RDub, much appreciated
Jess: bye rainn! go seahawks in sept.!
tonilovesyoux3: Bye Rainn! nice talking to you :)
jims_penguin: thank you for taking the time to talk to us!!! (spread the word its the cool thing to do ;)
Tare_Bear: Thanks :)
Rainn Wilson: Love you guys!
tanster: I’ll have a full transcript up sometime tonight
Rainn Wilson: we love the fans so much
tanster: You’re the best, Rainn! Thank you!
Rainn Wilson: you guys kept us on the air in the early years
Ryans’ Hobbit: *giggle* love you more Rainn
jobethlynn: thank you!!!
Rainn Wilson: and people like Jennie tanster
mindysfavshow: love ya too….thanks
Merissina: You ROCK!
allie83: mwah rainn. you = awesomecakes
Rainn Wilson: and Itunes
forsalebypwner: see you later!
Tacky_Sharks: Shello people
Rainn Wilson: etc…. awesomesauce
limonada: I promise I won’t stalk you anymore… ;)
tinarog: thanks for chatting rainn!! :)
Rainn Wilson: wait til you see the next couple eps!
Rainn Wilson: they’re going to blow your collective minds!
tanster: yes yes yes
Rainn Wilson: stalk away!
green22: Can’t wait.
hewittness: i’m skipping class to see them
Rainn Wilson: see you guys later
Rainn Wilson: this was fun!
Rainn Wilson: bye


  1. I can’t believe I always miss these things!!! Looking forward to the transcript… : D

  2. Rainn was awesome! Sorry you had to moderate so many of my crappy questions tanster! I’ll try to be more conservative next time :)

  3. I was so excited to be there for it. Rainn’s AWESOME! Thanks Rainn and Tanster! (and yes, some of the text should be put into the quote randomizer)

  4. Missed another one!! NO!!

    and with Rainn Wilson nonetheless.

    I am thoroughly disappointed in myself for not refreshing officetally this evening…

    lesson learned.

  5. The one night I don’t check my Twitter obsessively *shakes head in disappointment* I can’t believed I missed another chat. Oh well, can’t wait to read the transcript- I heard it was awesome :). By the way, I had fun chatting with you all after Rainn had left haha.

  6. No! No! NNNOOOOOO!!!!!! I can’t believe I missed that!!!

    I can’t wait until the transcript gets posted. I have a feeling that I would need that after today.

  7. I logged in and hung back quietly to read the questions and Rainn’s answers. That was fun! Great questions from the OT fans and Rainn was a hoot. Thanks for doing this, Tanster! And Rainn…you rocked the house.

  8. Dangg. I totally missed it! I usually check this site like 20 times a day and the one night I’m gone and don’t have internet access Rainn is in the chat. ohh wells. Can’t wait for the transcript tanster! :)

  9. How ’bout putting this up a few days before he actually visits so that we can actually ask him questions.

    [from tanster: sorry about that! i’m not able to pre-announce chats.]

  10. #13, Cara – read Rainn’s Twitter updates and you’ll find out all about it. ;) (they’re also on nbc.com if you’re not on Twitter)

    [from tanster: you can follow Rainn’s Twitter feed here — he has half a million followers!]

  11. ahhhh, I made the transcript…yay!! This was the first time I was present for a chat with one of the cast and it was so cool. Thanks again Tanster, you also rock!

  12. #16, pamelajnewell – FTW means “For The Win”.

    This chat was hilarious. Rainn is a genuinely funny person and I appreciate that. I hope he does go to Broadway some day… I think that could suit him well.

  13. Thanks to Rainn and Tanster for a great chat last night. Loved it! Rainn was as hilarious as always, and I was so happy to see that I got a couple of questions answered.

  14. Radiohead is my favorite band of all time. Rainn just confirmed my eternal love for him. Goodness.

  15. Wow, thank you so much for letting a few of my comments go through, it is the strangest feeling to know you have ‘chatted’ with Rainn Wilson.

    #11 Steve – the chat room was swamped! There is no way these things can be announced in advance – the internet would probably collapse :)

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