Rainn Wilson visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

Ryans’ Hobbit: Will you be available for the commentary for The Office DVD’s?
Rainn Wilson: i love doing the office dvds
Rainn Wilson: i feel like those commentaires will be around for a LONG time
Rainn Wilson: it’s a great way to make an ass out of yourself for eternity
loriandcurtis: I think the DVD commentaries are the best. It adds quite a lot to the show, and gives hard core fans a lot to talk about.

Rainn Wilson: i have to go pee
tanster: go pee
tanster: we’ll wait
i_heart_toby: dont cut your penis on the lid
Goldenface: hahaha
tanster: rainn, let us know when you’re back
allie83: lmao
Ryans’ Hobbit: I think he’s lying – prolly wanted a break so he could Tweet
silharder: stalk twitter!
Rainn Wilson: i’m going to kill you hobbit
jade8128876: haha
Rainn Wilson: i cut my penis
Goldenface: lol :)
jade8128876: ouchie

jims_penguin: do you ever get nervous in front of the camera or in front of people?
Rainn Wilson: i get nervous still in certain situations
Rainn Wilson: talk shows
Rainn Wilson: are pretty nerve racking
Rainn Wilson: not really in front of the camera
Rainn Wilson: got nervous playing a song at this benefit in LA the other night
Jess: were you nervous to do the wrestler and sing at the spirit awards
Kenna: Were you nervous in front of Oprah?
Rainn Wilson: i wasn’t nervous for oprah
Merissina: but yet, Oprah will not follow you on Twitter!
Rainn Wilson: a little for the wrestler sketch
Rainn Wilson: for making such an ass of myself in front of so many people

Ryans’ Hobbit: We can’t tell, you always seem so confident on those chat shows. Will you be doing Ellen again anytime soon?
limonada: Yes, have a dance-off on Ellen again
Rainn Wilson: i don’t like talk shows
Rainn Wilson: i only do them when i really have to
Merissina: thats what she said
Rainn Wilson: it’s this weirdly aritificial circumstance with live audience and a band
Rainn Wilson: really pumped up and yet it’s for camera
Rainn Wilson: it’s mostly pre-planned and yet needs to be spontaneous

Lauren: Have you had any weird experiences with fans coming up to you on the street?
Rainn Wilson: yes
Rainn Wilson: it can get a little weird…
Rainn Wilson: been quasi stalked before
tonilovesyoux3: whats quasi stalked?
justjesser: weird. that can get scary.
Lauren: what do you do in those situations? To get out of them?
Rainn Wilson: run
allie83: I hope people leave you alone when you’re with your family :(
Rainn Wilson: mostly fans are really nice and respectful
Rainn Wilson: i don’t like surreptitious filming of me though
Rainn Wilson: icky


  1. I can’t believe I always miss these things!!! Looking forward to the transcript… : D

  2. Rainn was awesome! Sorry you had to moderate so many of my crappy questions tanster! I’ll try to be more conservative next time :)

  3. I was so excited to be there for it. Rainn’s AWESOME! Thanks Rainn and Tanster! (and yes, some of the text should be put into the quote randomizer)

  4. Missed another one!! NO!!

    and with Rainn Wilson nonetheless.

    I am thoroughly disappointed in myself for not refreshing officetally this evening…

    lesson learned.

  5. The one night I don’t check my Twitter obsessively *shakes head in disappointment* I can’t believed I missed another chat. Oh well, can’t wait to read the transcript- I heard it was awesome :). By the way, I had fun chatting with you all after Rainn had left haha.

  6. No! No! NNNOOOOOO!!!!!! I can’t believe I missed that!!!

    I can’t wait until the transcript gets posted. I have a feeling that I would need that after today.

  7. I logged in and hung back quietly to read the questions and Rainn’s answers. That was fun! Great questions from the OT fans and Rainn was a hoot. Thanks for doing this, Tanster! And Rainn…you rocked the house.

  8. Dangg. I totally missed it! I usually check this site like 20 times a day and the one night I’m gone and don’t have internet access Rainn is in the chat. ohh wells. Can’t wait for the transcript tanster! :)

  9. How ’bout putting this up a few days before he actually visits so that we can actually ask him questions.

    [from tanster: sorry about that! i’m not able to pre-announce chats.]

  10. #13, Cara – read Rainn’s Twitter updates and you’ll find out all about it. ;) (they’re also on nbc.com if you’re not on Twitter)

    [from tanster: you can follow Rainn’s Twitter feed here — he has half a million followers!]

  11. ahhhh, I made the transcript…yay!! This was the first time I was present for a chat with one of the cast and it was so cool. Thanks again Tanster, you also rock!

  12. #16, pamelajnewell – FTW means “For The Win”.

    This chat was hilarious. Rainn is a genuinely funny person and I appreciate that. I hope he does go to Broadway some day… I think that could suit him well.

  13. Thanks to Rainn and Tanster for a great chat last night. Loved it! Rainn was as hilarious as always, and I was so happy to see that I got a couple of questions answered.

  14. Radiohead is my favorite band of all time. Rainn just confirmed my eternal love for him. Goodness.

  15. Wow, thank you so much for letting a few of my comments go through, it is the strangest feeling to know you have ‘chatted’ with Rainn Wilson.

    #11 Steve – the chat room was swamped! There is no way these things can be announced in advance – the internet would probably collapse :)

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