Rainn Wilson’s new project

A message from Rainn Wilson:

Hey Tallyheads!

I wanted to direct y’all to a website my dad and I started. It’s a little side business in fine arts. It’s called “Wilson and Son Fine Art” at rrwilsonart.com.

I know what with the strike, we all have a lot more free time on our hands, so I thought you’d enjoy perusing our new website during the time when you would normally be chatting about JAM or Dwangela.

Boy, we are all really sad to not be shooting right now. What a colossal bummer. We miss the interaction with the greatest fans in the world, too.

Have an utterly fantastic Holiday Season and thanks for checking out the site!


Thanks, Rainn! I’m partial to the contemporary stuff myself …


  1. hehe am i the only one who expected the site to be about art from rainn and *his* son, with hand-shaped smears of paint all over the walls, and on their faces?

  2. Rainn running a site about art? He keeps giving me more and more reasons to love him. This is epic.

  3. Well, that is simply an amazing collection of art. I begin to understand why Rainn always seems so complex! I mean, there always seems to be a deeper layer there.

    And what a lovely letter to us Tallyheads. Truly keeps us going during these trying times!

  4. Wow! This is very cool and there are some beautiful paintings for sale. You know, just when I think I can’t love this cast anymore, one of them goes and does something great. We miss you too Rainn! I hope everyone can get back to work soon!

  5. I love art and painting. I’m so glad Rainn has made this website. Of course, here at work they’ve blocked half the links. God forbid we look at art here on the job. Boooo corporate fiends!

  6. How incredibly cool is that! What an neat, artistic family. And I agree, that Matisse is beautiful in a simple way.

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