‘Office Night’ at UCB Theatre

“Featured cast members from ‘The Office’ perform an evening of stand-up to benefit The Actors Fund.”

Last night, December 18th, 10:30pm, UCB Theatre, Los Angeles. Tickets $10.

Tallyheads, please report back if you attended!

Reports: LA Weekly | jenny     Photos: liezl NEW

Link: Office Night

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  1. I am so jealous of all you L.A. fans! :) I hope some Tallyheads are able to catch the show and report back to us. My guess is that Ed Helms could likely be part of this since he’s part of a lot of UCB shows. BJ Novak and Craig Robinson do stand up too, right?

  2. You know, I told myself to keep an eye on the UCB schedule and I didn’t do it. Oh well, I doubt I would have caught it in time anyway. I’m sure it sold out in like two minutes.

  3. that sounds incredible!
    AND my finals finish that day, so maybe I’ll take a little road trip down there!

    … a little 2000 kilometer road trip.


  4. I’m so glad I wasn’t working yesterday and was surfing the ‘net at the right moment. Got tickets for The Husband and I, but I think it sold out in about half an hour. Insane! Not sure if they’ll allow pictures but I will report something hopefully.

    [from tanster: yay jenny! yes, please do.]

  5. I check the UCB site about a million times a day and I missed it. It must have sold out in literally a few minutes.

  6. Hey folks, I’m a UCB regular & the tickets for this sold out in about 5 minutes.
    Things like this normally sell out quicker, but this is the first time they used the Paypal system for tickets, so it took us a while to register what was going on.

    Capacity for UCB is about 100 to 150 typically (although one guy once said 260.. Ive never seen it that full though).

    if you’re going to do standby, get there EARLY.. for this show, I’d venture to suggest about 2 hours to get first dibs on standby since it’s first come first serve.

    good luck and see you there. I’ll see you there. by the way. Ed Helms will be doing a show Saturday Night at UCB for those interested in some Office Alumni.

  7. oh yes, and please, if you do bring a camera, NO FLASH…

    I always bring my camera (or rather, the office camera) to all the shows I attend.. so in case I forget to come back to this site, you’ll be able to find the pictures from the night here

    (you’ll find a picture of oscar nunez in my collection participating in Match Game last month.)

  8. I contacted UCB a few times in the last few days. The box office said that they were trying to decide whether or not to do a waitlist. This afternoon, I was told by the box office that they were not going to do a waitlist for this show, unfortunately. I’m not sure if “waitlist” differs from Lizel’s (#14)”standby”. Perhaps “standby” is actually physically going to wait in line in case any Advance Reservations are not used. In any case, good luck everyone!

  9. good times. it was a full house. the show started at 11p and went on until 1am.. I’m sure some of the bigger fans will recap it better than I ever will, but I’ll post my pictures of the night on my flickr tomorrow afternoon.

    The cast members were Ed Helms, BJ Novak, and Mindy Kaling. A couple writers also showcased their stand-up material: Mike Schur, Lee Eisenberg, and Brent Forrester as the host of the evening.. actually, there was another writer who went up, but I forget his name.

    really loved how greg was called up on stage for Q&A, then promptly made his “quiet” escape out of a side door, back to his seat in the audience.

    .. and yes, the waitlist is the same thing as standby.

  10. I posted my experience from tonight on the MTT Web site. Great show with Anthony Farrell, Ed Helms, Mike Schur, Mindy Kaling, and BJ Novak doing stand-up bits with Brent Forrester acting as MC, plus a bit of a Q&A at the end. Lots of other writers were there as well — I think half the audience was probably comp tickets for our favorite writers! What a huge supportive group — even Greg showed up! None of the actors were there except the actor/writers. But overall, an awesome night and I hope they do it again.

  11. Sounds like it was a great evening! Can’t wait to see photos.

    I hope the strike ends soon so everyone can enjoy our Office actors and writers, not just a lucky few…

  12. Ed Helms + unshaven-ness = hott.

    Thanks for the reviews and the pics! Good to see them all having fun. :)

  13. Amen to the unshaven hottness that is Ed Helms. ;)

    As Michael would say, “Mikey likey.”

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