1. Cool!

    I will never be able to stay awake for that, but I can’t wait to watch it on youtube later. I hope someone is able to upload it.

    She seems really cool.

  2. I’ll be sure to record it and get it up on YouTube just like I did with Angela’s last night.

  3. aieee i cant wait. i gotta see it on youtube cause i live down in australia without cable tv *sigh*

  4. I thought she did a really good job. It was cool to see that sneak peek at the Christmas special (I haven’t watched any online previews because I’m trying to avoid spoilers this season). Thanks for the heads up, Tanster!! :)

  5. Rashida was charming and fun. One of 7 kids? Did not expect that. So which Office woman is on Conan tomorrow?

  6. The video is up here!

    Denise rocks!

    And Rashida was funny and wonderful. Neither she nor Ed Helms are allowed to leave “The Office.” Says me.

  7. Peggy Lipton had two girls, Rashida and Kidada. The other five are from her father’s multiple marriages/relationships. I wonder if she’s close to all of them. Had to be an interesting life.

  8. wow, now i see why she and john dated. shes so freakin’ cute! kiiinda want to be her best friend.

  9. Like everybody’s been saying, Rashida WAS so cute! But I was sorta getting distracted by Rob Lowe during the times that they showed him!! Was he lookin’ good or what?!

  10. She didn’t do much for me. She is just like she is on the show and what was up with that dress?

    Rob Lowe, however, he’s still got it.

  11. OMG!!! she is so amazing. Beautiful, Intelligent, and Funny
    John needs to get back with her ASAP

  12. I realllllly don’t want to like her, but i reallllly can’t help it. You can’t deny how cute she is! God, i wish she wasn’t in the middle of everything!!

  13. Hmmm..she is very pretty and reputedly talented in many areas but she showed no depth or wit. The stories she told were kind of dull. Is she trying to overcompensate for her ivy-league education?

  14. if you look up the word “ADORABLE” in the dictionary, it should have a picture of Rashida Jones …

  15. I’m all for Karen getting out of the way of Jim and Pam (Team Pam FTW!), but god people are so bitter. Rashida seems really sweet and funny, and some of you just need to lighten up.

  16. i agree chelsea, you may not like karen, but you dont have to take it out on rashida, the person

  17. That was a nice interview, enjoyable i must say. Rashida’s a cool chick.

    Yeah Rob Lowe did look GOOD. I never really found him attractive, but he is quite adorable. I love his reaction when Rashida made him sound really old.

  18. Wow, somehow I had no idea she was the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton (The Mod Squad in the 1970s). Talk about having excellent heritage! :-)

  19. love rashida.
    hate karen.


    so yeah, rashida is SO funny… the joke that her next sister is gonna be named nuygnlock (haha that was my english version) was hysterical.

  20. I was very excited to see the interview because I haven’t been quite sure of how I feel about her. After seeing the interview I can’t help but like her. She’s a sweet girl. My husband has been trying to decide who he finds more attractive, Rashida or Jenna. :)

  21. Veronica, you are best off posting a (web based) email address when you ask that question. Because if someone just posts a link to a copy of the video that will get removed as well.

  22. I wasn’t able to go on my comp these past few days and this is the interview I was most looking-forward to as well and now I can’t see it. Anybody have a different link?

  23. I just saw that Ricky Gervais is going to be a guest on Conan Tuesday, December 12th. I guess this counts as another Office person on Conan-lol

  24. for those who havent seen it, it would be helpful to leave and email, bc like DrunkBiking pointed out, if its easy to find, they will have to take it down as well

  25. I think people missed why the Rob Lowe anecdote was so hilarious. Rob Lowe got into a bit of trouble in 1988 when he videotaped himself having sex with two women, one of whom was 16. I was still a kid, but I remember this being a pretty big deal.

    My take was that this was the uncomfortable subtext which led Lowe to pull the trigger of the finger gun he’d stuck in his mouth.

  26. Would be greatful if anyone can send me a possible link to the interview also.. jjeng951 at gmail.com I would really appreciate it, thanks!

  27. thanks Eric – that makes more sense. I thought he pulled the gun move, because Rashida was making him sound old. it sucks they took that clip down.

  28. does anyone know why all of the videos of the interview are taken down? is it just copyright stuff? well, i cant find any, does anyone have a link to it? my e-mail’s [email protected] thanks a lot! ive heard its really good.

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