Holy frak …

Are we back up?

Looks like my web host’s main hard drive had a complete failure yesterday morning and OfficeTally was down for most of the day. OT is now restored, but only from a backup from Sunday. Which means we lost posts and comments from the past two days (mainly Monday).

If you were tearing your hair out yesterday, imagine how I was feeling. :)

I will attempt to manually restore what we lost, but please be patient. Thanks!

I missed you guys … it’s good to be back.

P.S. In the future, remember to check my MySpace page for updates about OfficeTally. (Not that we’ll ever have problems again, right?)


  1. Since you have it set to private, checking your myspace page is only helpful if the person is on your myspace friendslist. A bunch of us tried asking in the LJ theoffice_us community, but the mods were like, “we dunno.”

  2. Welcome back, I’d become addicted to this site.

    And yeah as someone without a myspace page myself, I can’t see anything on your myspace page, it’s set to private.

  3. Hey guys, on my MySpace page, click the “Add to Friends” button. Once I “accept” the friend request, you should be able to see my page. Thanks! :)

  4. Welcome back!!! SO glad we can hang at OT today. And my eyes teared up a bit with the vague BSG reference in your title.


    A day without OfficeTally was like a day without…um…oxygen. Sorry you guys had troubles and we’re sooooooo glad you’re back!

  6. Uh, looking at my last comment, it may not read as funny as it sounded in my head (I was quoting a Jim deleted scene). I bet hundreds of people rely on ya! But yay, all the same!

  7. In the theme of my quote from your thanksgiving contest. I felt homeless yesterday lol.

    Welcome back and lets hope things stay up and working.

  8. ugh. Totally unintentional, but, I’ll go ahead and save myself the humilitation of my last comment.

    I’ll TWSS myself and get it over with. hah.

    Keep up the great work Tanster!

  9. Ok, after yesterday I realized how addicted I am to OfficeTally. Glad you’re back up and running :)

  10. Yay! I’m so glad you’re back. Hopefully you don’t have too many more grey hairs over the ordeal.

  11. Yayyy finally officetally is back… i refreshed and refreshed all day, but then I saw the myspace blog, and I understood… but glad to see it’s all back up and running! I really am an officetally addict.

  12. Haha yesterday definitely made me realize that I’m addicted to OfficeTally.

    During work I’d click “Refresh” and I’d hope for a server response…and I remember getting one for a good 5 minutes and being so excited! :-P

  13. oh officetally, how I missed thee. Yeah it’s good to know I’m not the only one who sat there and refreshed all day long. Glad to have you back

  14. So glad things are working…when OT is down, I feel so lost! You are awesome and thanks for all that you do! :)

  15. I hope you weren’t too stressed out yesterday tanster. I’m so happy things are back to normal now!
    And Jim you seriously made me laugh.

  16. wow, my window said it was blocked.. i got really confused and spend an hour playing with my firewall!

  17. omg, i was going crazy yesterday.
    i thought it was only my computer.
    but now i know.
    (i thought i was the only one who said “holy frak”. hahaha)

  18. oh good thing you’re up and running…yesterday i had like a nervous breakdown because the stupid search engine would come up when i tried to go to OT!

  19. OMG!! Ouch!! I read the title Holy Frak and I shot coffee through my nose…Nice BG reference!!! LOL

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