Reminder: B.J. and Friends tonight

Lest this event slips through the cracks today, a reminder that B.J. Novak and Friends will perform at Largo, Los Angeles tonight.

You know who B.J. is — he’s a cast member of that Emmy award-winning show, The Office. (Man, that felt good to say.)

Please report back if you attend the show! (Wonder if any Office-mates will make surprise appearances?)

P.S. Note from B.J.: Sold out. Some standing room (at the bar) available if you get there early.


  1. We really enjoyed our evening at Largo. Mindy and B.J. performed as well as 4 other non-Office comedians.

    Mindy was very funny; opened with a bit about her Emmy dress slip…(was hoping she would!) Turns out is was all planned ;) …a Carol Burnett style non-verbal shout-out to her “Nana”. She was surprised at all the web press about a little family gesture. She was topical with her other material, but no Office stuff. I found her charming. But even after seeing her in 40 Yr Old Virgin it is still a little disconcerting hearing Kelly dropping F bombs.

    This was the first time B.J. headlined a show at Largo, he said, though he’s been there many times. He rocked. No Office stuff from him either. But topical and funny observations about iPods and iTunes and naming terrorist groups. His stand-up presence is excellent. He could have gone on for another half hour as far as I’m concerned. And we did get a trademark Ryan eye slow roll (yesss!)…only one though.

    Craig (Darryl) was a no-show…no comment from anyone why. The other 4 comedians varied on the laugh meter…2 quite good, one so-so and one I would have used a hook for if there was one nearby.

    No cameras allowed (damn!). We left pretty quickly after not seeing B.J. or Mindy hanging around, so I don’t think they did, which would have been the perfect ending. But frankly I was glad that they even showed after their assuredly late Emmy partying the night before.

  2. Yeah, tanster, I looked around for you or James on the off-chance that you had made the 5 (6?) hour drive or hopped a plane…

    As I said, the only thing missing was a chance to embarass myself by trying to be cool but invariably gushing all over them afterwards. I should probably look at it as a good thing.

  3. GT, I’m jealous! Sounds like a great time. We don’t get many well-known (or even little-known) celebrities at comedy clubs here in the red states, so I’d have to make a road trip if I wanted to see them. Thanks for the report!

  4. Thanks for the review GT. Try as I might, I can’t picture Kelly letting loose with the potty mouth. I’ve been complaining around here for a while that BJ’s show never made it east of Calgary all summer. It’s not like NY’s off the beaten path for comedy, sheesh.

  5. Oh man, everyone is so lucky if they got to attend this event! I would have so gotten tickets but I live in Ohio…so that doesn’t work. Thanks for posting up a review, garbagethrower!!

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