1. Ok, I know that is Jenna and John, but it’s really really hard not to see Pam and Jim. They are gorgeous!

  2. he’s totally crushing on her. any doubt i had before has been completely replaced with major squee-age.

  3. I loved the other pics of Jenna getting ready as well. I think her make-up looked awesome!

  4. Tanster, you had the right, nay the duty, to devote special space to this. It currently serves as my desktop background. (Until I photoshop my face onto Jenna’s and have it blown up to poster size for above my bed.) :)

  5. Wow, whoever took that photo has great photography skills. Wow, just wow, what a breath taker. That moment was captured just perfectly and they looks so gorgeous together!! Thank you for sharing that pic!

  6. loves it…and sadly i looked first and though it was Jim and Pam and not Jenna and John, oh how fictional life takes over reality

  7. I think I’m the only one who sees this as Jenna and John. I had to stare at it a bit to see Jim and Pam. I see it now, and it is a beautiful photo of them.

  8. Beautiful!

    I think it was someone over at LiveJournal who said this picture and the ones of Jenna getting her makeup done looked wedding-ish. They REALLY would if her dress was white. We wish.

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous picture! Jenna looks beautiful and John looks very handsome! They look so great in this picture! Yes, it was a must that this have its own post.

  10. The way he’s looking at her is just PURE ADORATION. Or something along those lines. It’s lovely to behold, but it’s also making it hard for me not to ask questions.

  11. can anyone think of a reason why i get an “Error No such entry” message when i try to follow the link to this great picture?

  12. I have to comment again because I think this photo is soooo gorgeous. The lighting, the moment…ahhh, look at them!! Everywhere I look on the net with Office related issues, this photo is up! :) So thanks for posting it up here too!!

  13. Yeah this photo is adorable and they’re both gorgous and everything-but does John’s hair look silly to anyone else? I’m not sure i love the whole parted/short/prince charming ‘do on him. Ya know? You kinda gotta miss that cute messy look with the wings and all!

  14. based on my women’s intuition, all the interviews i’ve seen/read and the commentaries on the dvd, this pic just confirms what i’ve believed all along: john can play jim so well because he’s actually in love with jenna! so that’s why he got rashida to come on to the show, cuz she really *is* his karen. hehehe.. i love to cause trouble.. now james gunn’s gonna wanna kill me.

    btw, i would *pay* to have john look at me like that.

  15. So I saw this photo a while ago for the first time on a different website. The caption underneath that photo was “The Office shoots Jim and Pam’s wedding.” Needless to say, I have was very confused and have had a fair amount of JAM sexual tension ruined for me in the newer episodes, since I fully believed that their wedding had already been filmed, there was no, “Are they or aren’t they?” guessing for me. Curse you, evil, misinforming website!

    As for John crushing on Jenna… I think my believing for several months that that look was him looking at her on their wedding day is enough proof to make the fangirl in me squee.

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