Reminder: The Office starts on TBS tonight!

Just a reminder that The Office debuts on TBS tonight, starting with Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot.

This is the perfect opportunity to get those older episodes on your DVR, or to convert a newbie to the show. (It’s also fun to see Michael Scott’s old slick-backed ‘do.)

TBS airs The Office every Tuesday night at 10pm.

Link: The Office Upcoming Episodes on TBS


  1. I take credit for converting 4 people into Office freaks since season one,and I know of 3 people they have converted…..imagine what I have done for this fandom! Haha-just kidding.

    But really-there’s no better people than us to get others watching.

    “Thank you, sir! You are a gentleman and a scholar!”

  2. I guess I’m fairly lucky. When i first watched The Office the episode was drug testing, and I had NO chance at remembering to watch the episodes on tv. So i went online and downloaded season one and two. Now, its my favorite show, and its easy for me to show others the show too. I just burn a dvd for them and off they are! I do buy the dvds though, i just like to have them on my computer.

    I’ve so far converted 3 people, and my parents have recommended it to people at work, and hooked about 2 i think. But i’ll tell people about this for sure.


  3. Does anyone happen to know why they’re airing them out of order? I mean to put “Hot Girl” in the middle of season 1 would just confuse people.

  4. Awesome news. I can’t wait. I wonder why they are only doing one episode each week. Maybe they don’t have enough seasons under their belt to do more than that.

  5. I have converted 4 people to The Office, including my old roommate. She originally would watch ABC’s lineup and tape The Office. Now her obsession has progressed to the point that she only remembers sometimes to tape ABC and ALWAYS watches The Office.

    I like to think of all of us as Office missionaries, spreading the good word to others…

  6. I was able to convert a friend to The Office after he was able to watch it online at Netflix. He was one of the “oh-it’s-not-going-to-be-as-good-at-the-original” kind of people but then he got hooked on Pam.

  7. I remember when I saw the pilot and got turned off because I was a hardcore BBC loyalist and all I thought was that they were gonna just completely rip off that version. But then my friend told me to watch the other episodes and then I was hooked.

    I’ll try to get my mom to convert tonight, though she keeps telling me that she’s “too stupid to get it”- pshh. My generalization is that it’s mostly college kids and grads that watch this show, but I could be wrong.

  8. Haha yeah I’ve converted four of my friends. It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? I sometimes feel like I should get a medal made out of a yogurt lid…sadly, no one will make me one.

  9. To date, I have converted (count them) FIFTEEN people to Office addicts like myself. It’s like a spreading disease… I call it “The Office-itis.” lol.

  10. I’m working on converting my room-mate right now. We’ll finish Season One tonight. My goal is to have him caught up by the premier. I think we can do it.

  11. I told a friend of mine to start watching the show and he told me I should buy him the dvds. Instead I bought them for myself :)

    Of course I let him watch though.

  12. Count me as someone that will be watch all the TBS episodes even though I own all the dvds. :)

    I’ve converted all of my friends but I only got 1 of them to be addicted like I am. We will randomly send each other text messages every day with quotes from The Office to see who will crack first. I was on my way home one day when he sent me one and I lost it on the ferry. I was in tears from laughing with everyone looking at me. haha

  13. I converted my sister and dad to this show. they aren’t quite as hooked on the show as i am but my sister has started a TWSS craze in her high school. lol. Gotta love it.

    btw… i too am watching the reruns on TBS and own all the seasons on DVD. hehe

  14. So far, I have converted my mom and my friend. Then my friend converted her family. Funny thing is, it was my sister who converted me. I guess it all comes full circle.

  15. Re #15, Voltaire:

    I admire your spirit. I remember trying to fit in time with my roommate so she could watch every episode from the pilot up to the middle of season 3, during the hiatus between Benihana Christmas and Back from Vacation. I thought THAT was daunting, especially since she’d walk in on me watching season 3 episodes and wanted to know why Jim was in a different office.

    Good luck to you!

  16. Did anyone else notice that the ad-breaks were different on the Pilot episode than normal? I haven’t gotten to check out how exactly it goes again on the DVD, but it stuck out to me as I watched it on TBS!

  17. I love to see how all the characters have changed and evolved! And I’ve converted several people at work. Bwahaha. *evil cackle*

  18. I’m pretty sure I converted my whole dorm wing.
    No one had heard of the Office when it was on during season 1, but I took my Ipod with Season 2 episodes around like a little Office “evangelist” and spread the good news far and wide! By the end of the third season, there were nearly 15-20 guys crammed into one room watching an episode together, and we weren’t the only room doing it.

  19. I started a new job about 2 months ago and one of my new coworkers is a fan of The Office, but not an addict like me. Anywho, I emailed her last night and told her that TBS was running The Office (she had never seen the 1st season and probably some of the 2nd); so I come in this morning and find a small binder clip suspended in some Jell-o. I was dying! Obviously, she got me email and saw the pilot.

    Just thought I’d share. =)

  20. I converted two more people with the pilot and diversity day, which is my favorite from that season. They even started coming to this site.

    The Office is truly an epidemic!

  21. Even though I own season 1 & have watched it probably a billion times, I still DVRed the shows & watched it before any of my other recorded shows. Lame?

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