Rewind: NPR interviews Jenna and Rainn

Yesterday, NPR re-ran interviews with The Office’s Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson, originally aired in June and July of this year.

Even if you’ve heard them already, they’re worth a second listen.

  • Jenna’s interview: This is one of the best interviews Jenna’s ever done! She talks with poignancy about The Office’s director Ken Kwapis and director of photography Randall Einhorn. Brought a tear to my eye. Listen now
  • Rainn’s interview: The interview is insightful, thoughtful, and in one part, so funny it actually makes Terry Gross snort. Like a full-volume snort. Awesome. Listen now

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  1. Wow. REALLY good interview with Jenna. I’m too tired to listen to Rainn’s right now but I’m sure I will be delighted tomorrow. :p

  2. That was excellent. I remember those interviews from July. Jenna is so great at helping us experience what it was like to be an aspiring actress. Rainn was hilarious as usual! One thing that makes me love The Office so much is that I feel like I could be close friends with all of the actors on the show. They are wonderful people!

  3. That Jenna Fischer interview was awesome. Great stories about Randall Einhorn, her audition with John Krasinski, and her first gigs in LA…as a sex-education actress and an unwitting call-girl, respectively!

  4. How did I miss this the first time? Jenna’s interview is awesome – how often do you get to hear her speak for almost 40 minutes?! Awesome, thanks. :)

  5. How wonderful is Jenna?

    I’ve heard the working with John Krasinski audition story but loved hearing about Randall and (especially) Ken. By the way, Jenna’s expresion at the end of Season 4 was worthy of an Emmy. She was robbed that year.

    Jenna is such a class act.

  6. Oh, it was so good to hear that Jenna interview again. Sometimes talk show interviews turn into “how many funny anecdotes can we fit into 10 minutes?” This was really refreshing.

  7. Thanks for the posting, Tanster. Brought back memories of summer and sitting in the Kroger parking lot on a warm evening, listening to Rainn’s interview in full before I could even THINK of going in and buying my groceries.

    I just sat laughing in my car as shoppers went in and came out, giving me strange looks as I blew Diet Coke through my nose all over the steering wheel at one point.

  8. Gotta love Rainn, the man seriously cracks me up. I feel his portrayal of Dwight in Season 5 is his best work yet.

  9. i listen to these interviews every once in awhile b/c they’re quite lovely. i also love steve carell and ricky gervais’s interviews with terry gross, as well as the one with greg daniels and mindy kaling before “diwali” aired… sigh. much NPR love. (and if you want to check them all out, i think you can search officetally for them, tanster obviously does a great job tracking all of them.)

  10. I teared up when Jenna described hearing the news about her back in the hospital with Angela.

  11. These were awesome interviews! When Jenna was describing the moment that Jim asked her out on a date and she teared up because the director teared up…. I TEARED UP !!! LOL now I am tearing up just thinking about it. :)

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