1. Happy New Year, Tanster! Thanks for a wonderful Web site that keeps my Office hunger satisfied. Hope 2009 brings peace and good things to you and all the Officionados out there.

  2. I’m already starting 2009 off right by checking out OfficeTally on the very first day of the new year. Here’s to more great posts about our beloved “Office.”

  3. tanster, thanks for a great year of OfficeTally goodness and here’s to an equally if not more awesome 2009!

  4. Happy New Year Tanster and OfficeTally readers! May it be filled with great Office episodes, wonderful JAM moments, and awesome Dwangeldy fun!!!

  5. 12 inch Powerbook!

    [from tanster: i know! can you believe i do all my officetally work on that thing? here’s what it’s like: scroll, scroll, scroll …]

  6. That is the BEST lol cat…… hahaha

    [from tanster: thanks joanna! that is what cleo does when she wants to be fed … NOW.]

  7. Happy New Year, everybody! Wishing you all the best in 2009!

    Tanster, I love the lolcat! I have a very similar picture on my cell phone of my dog staring at me over my laptop screen. You can almost read his mind: “Can’t you stop refreshing OfficeTally for just five minutes and play with me?!” ;)

    [from tanster: omigosh, that was the other caption i was playing with! — “Stop reading OfficeTally and FEED ME.” ;) ]

  8. I know this website must be a lot of work to constantly maintain, but it is very much appreciated.

    Thank you tanster

  9. Happy New Year, Tanster!!!

    I don´t know what I would do if I didn´t have Office Tally giving me my dose of The Office on the weeks that there is no Office. I am working abroad and basically cut off from NBC.. LOL… this is the best fansite EVER!!!

  10. Tanster, I hope you have a very Happy New Year! Thank you for OfficeTally and your kitty is adorable!

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