1. I just voted for all these things right before coming here! Plus, you can vote multiple times – refresh, Tallyheads!

  2. I love The Office, but Ben moving the Island on LOST and Desmond and Penny’s phone call deserve to be ahead of The Office moments

  3. Normally I would go all out for the office on things like this, but if anyone keeps up with lost, you would have to be crazy to believe the office beats it in the 2 categories lost it currently leading in. I seriously shouted WHAT THE F$%@ when the island was moved and I cried when desmond called penny. I love the Office, and will vote for them in every other section, but I have to go with lost on those other 2.

  4. I’ll vote for The Office in the OMG moment, because I am still confused about Ben moving the island, but I screamed when Phyllis walked in on them (so that wins). “The Constant” was my favorite episode of Lost ever, so that trumps Jim and Pam’s engagement.

  5. There is just no way I could vote against Desmond and Penny’s Xmas Eve phonecall. That just made me feel like the biggest wuss ever for how teary-eyed I got during the whole phone call.

  6. I actually agree with the current standings of these. I like the office better than lost but the Penny/Desmond phone call and the moving of the island were way way better than the office moments. There aren’t even close. That said the Jack/Kate proposal was lame.

  7. Sorry, but I agree with most that the OMG moment is when Ben moves the island. And although i’m more of a Jim/Pam fan, the Desmond/Penny phone call was one of the most heartfelt moments of television ever in my opinion.

  8. Just reinforcing what everyone is saying: The Desmond-Penny call on Lost was one of my favorite TV moments of all time, and moving the island was a move much more substantial than Phyllis walking in.

    Jim/Pam vs Jack/Kate, no comparison. Jack’s proposal was weak, and the relationship fell apart in a snap anyway

  9. Yep … I voted for The Office for everything, but I had to pause on the OMG moment and the heartfelt moment. Those were some truly amazing scenes from the last season of Lost. But as much as I love that show, The Office is the only show that I care about enough to even participate in something like this, so it got all my votes. :)

  10. Moving the island in lost didn’t get me as much…but I totally agree with…

    “Desmond and Penny’s phone call deserve to be ahead of The Office moments.”

  11. Ok, of course I am in love with Jim and Pam…and I was so incredibly happy when they got engaged. I was shocked (in a good way) and jumped up and down and cried. It was such an amazing moment for The Office.

    But Desmond and Penny’s phone call? I was literally bawling (I might have had a few too many, as well :p). It was so, so good. That moment on Lost definitely deserves to win, in my opinion. =) As does Ben moving the island. But everything else, OFFICE!!!

  12. Just like the other Losties here I agree that ben moving the island and the desmond/penny moment top the office moments. I love the office but if it came down to it, my heart belongs to Lost. But I totally voted for the Office for all the other categories :)

  13. Sorry, had to go with Pushing Daisies on this one The Office just wasn’t there this year. Jim and Pam’s engagement would have won if it happened under the fireworks.

  14. I love “The Office”, but lately I haven’t been enjoying it as much. I had to vote honestly, and go with “30 Rock”. Both are hilarious shows, but I find myself laughing harder at “30 rock”.

  15. yeah, it is hard to argue with the desmond penny moment. i was sobbing hysterically. and i hate to admit it but i came this close to voting for chuck and blair (i went with jim and pam in the end). i just love me some gossip girl!

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