1. Ricky is so great. Can’t wait for the RG Show! Conan and Ricky together are always great!

  2. I really wish The Office folks could all get up on a mountain and shout their love for Conan….but they would be censured, and I don’t want that :) I bet they are a pretty ticked-off bunch considering how many of them worked for Conan; Greg D. has known Coco since college!

    Anyway, Ricky was hilarious as ever and the GG will be classic :)

  3. Ricky is just such a funny man! His laugh is one of my top favorite sounds in the world!

    I’ll be on vacation during the Globes this weekend…don’t know if I’ll be able to watch them where I’ll be. But I’ll be taping them.

    [from tanster: totally. love his laugh!]

  4. Ricky Gervais was so unbelievably funny last night. I really think he and Conan bring out the best in each other in interviews.

    Also, since I’m betting a majority of “The Office” is behind Conan, so am I. :-)

  5. I always loved Ricky on Conan’s show. As much as I like The Office, I am done with NBC forever. I’m not watching anything they broadcast anymore, the company is a total joke.

    Conan forever.

  6. I laughed out loud no less than 5 times. This is just an interview… What they’re doing to Conan is a travesty. At least he’s going out with a bang.

  7. I love Ricky so much, and I cannot wait for The Ricky Gervais Show. The podcasts are hysterical. I’m also very much looking forward to watching him host the Golden Globes!

    And, of course – Conan forever!!

  8. I love you Coco! (love how that nickname has stuck–who was it that gave him that again?)

    And you too Ricky!!

  9. I think CoCo came from a Twitter Tracker segment, and then Tom Hanks got the audience to do a CoCo cheer.

  10. Ricky’s laugh is so contagious! I’ve listened to all his podcasts and everytime he laughs and claims that he’s “about to burst” after Karl says something ridiculous, I crack up. I’m so excited for him to host the Globes and for his show on HBO (which premieres 2 days after my birthday, so a late present to me!).

    So mad at NBC for the way they’re treating Conan. We love you CoCo!

  11. Conan’s interviews with Gervais were always hilarious, they obviously had a great rapport.

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