Should ‘The Office’ Be Used In HR Training?

From NPR:

The Office, a comedy about a jumble of oddball workers trying to get along in a claustrophobic environment, is a phenomenon of our times, a period when the American workforce is more diverse than it has ever been.

But what does the fictional office tell us about the national workplace?

… Though the show is clearly a caricature, there are grains of truth in the dysfunctional conflicts that drive its humor …

Link: Should ‘The Office’ Be Used In HR Training?

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  1. I used to use stuff from the show for HR manuals that I had to create for my Industrial Organizations class. I got A’s every time.

  2. I know that I would be more enthusiastic about HR training if The Office was featured. I’d probably get more out of it, too!

  3. We watch The Office all the time in our Sociology class. They use as examples about how people react or why they react that way. Always a great day when I see The Office dvds on my teacher’s desk when I come in.

  4. I’m with #2, myredstapler – I WISH my company would use The Office in HR training. Instead, the videos all look like the one Michael and the warehouse guys watched in ‘Sexual Harassment’ – horribly acted and 20 years out of date.

  5. hey, that’s me!!!! i did it… i contributed!!! (well, and also the marietta party last summer…i’m a.k.a. WiseWithWorms).

  6. lol the office should totally be used in teaching! we watched a clip from the office when jim did the altoids prank on dwight in psychology class to learn about Pavlov’s Theory. it was fun and we definitely learned something then

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