1. As a Southerner from Texas (Kathy Bates is from Memphis and majored in theatre at SMU in Dallas) I really hope her character isn’t too stereotypical. NBC (and the Law & Order franchises in particular) hasn’t always portrayed Southern characters too well, in my opinion.

  2. I was thinking the same thing about Kevin…at the water cooler with his eco-friendly water bottle. He’s looking slimmer! Cool stuff.

  3. Ladies and gentlemen of Office Tally, I give you a living screen legend!

    Keep her away from the hammer!

  4. I agree that Kathy Bates looks good in pink and that Kevin looks a little slimmer. Hooray for new episodes!

  5. Kathy Bates is fabulous! I can’t wait for this new episode! :)

    Does anyone else notice Jim’s office looks a tad emptier? hmm

  6. Absolutely I do agree with all of you fellow Tallyheads – Kathy Bates’ color is definitely pink, Kevin looks MUCH slimmer (yay waterbottle) and Jim’s office is looking emptier – maybe to prep for paternal leave coming soon??? That would totally make my year!

    Also, I totally give a lot of credit to Jenna Fischer, as seen in the shape magazine and in recent red carpet pictures, she is one fit and healthy lady, but in these show pictures she looks a lot sleepier and looks like she’s gained a little weight. I wonder how they pull off that sort of transformation from Jenna to Pam? Anyways, she still looks incredible and go Kevin!

  7. It looks like they are making Kathy Bates a sort of tough Paula Deen.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  8. Gracious, that’s some big hair on Kathy Bates! The Aqua Net company is sure to love that :)

    Yay for new episodes! I can’t wait to see this one.

  9. Jim’s office has always looked empty.

    Kathy Bates reminds me of a few people that I know in those pictures.

  10. I agree with everyone else that Kathy can rock the pink. Definitely a great color on her. Can’t wait until next Thursday!

  11. For some reason the Kathy Bates character shots remind me of Mom of MomCorp from Futurama.

    I think it’s the hair.

  12. I agree with some of the posts…she does remind me a lot of Paula from food network LOL!!

  13. Ungrateful Beeyotch, i hope so, too! I’m also from texas.

    i am loving that big hair… i used to go to church with a woman who has even bigger hair than that, if you can imagine… all flipped out on the sides. haw.

    i’m really not loving those jumpers that pam’s been wearing

  14. I love the Paula Deen connection, too! I hope Jo ends up being a likeable character, but I’m wondering if she might be a sort of Professor Umbridge (from Harry Potter, if you’re not a fan), in that she acts very sweet (and wears a lot of pink), but then lays down the law with an iron fist. Can’t wait for Thursday!

  15. Kathy Bates is such a terrific actress and I’m SO excited to see her on the show. But oh my, her big, larger than life hair–it’s like gray meringue!

  16. Okay, I had to comment again because I agree with 21. (FlonkertonChamp) What is with those jumpers Pam is wearing? They’re really unflattering. I would just get her a maternity skirt and a nice, loosely fitted shirt. And maybe get rid of the blazers, they’re too professional for our dear old receptionist!

  17. @darth scranton haha yeah that would be funny and I was just thinking of that
    she does seem like she might be kind of an annoying character, but we’ll see.

  18. Jim is lingering near Pam’s desk! Woo! There’s gotta be a little JAM in there somewhere :)

    And I totally agree with the Paula Deen comparison! I hope this episode is great. I need some good Office in my life right now.

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