The Office Crossword Puzzle Contest

UPDATE: I’ve selected the winners! Congratulations to Christina (151), MonkeyProblems (94), and kreidy (141) — you have each won a prize pack including Target goodies and The Office 2010 Mini Wall Calendar! I’ll email you guys in the next day or so, watch your inbox.

Thanks to everyone for playing! Hope it was a good distraction while waiting for new episodes. :)

Did you guys enjoy this? Should I ask Allie if she’ll create another one for us?

P.S. Here are the crossword puzzle answers.

The puzzle

Five clues each weekday. A chance to win The Office 2010 calendar. Play now!

Clues now posted: 78 of 78


How to enter the contest

  • Five clues will be posted here each weekday from December 31, 2009, through January 21, 2010.
  • Copy and paste the entry form into a comment and fill in the answers.
  • If an answer has multiple words, don’t put spaces between the words.
  • Your entry form should contain only answers, not the clues.
  • Include a valid email address.
  • Enter only once or you will be disqualified.
  • U.S. only, please.
  • You’ll see [from tanster: received] in your comment when your entry is officially received. Please allow up to 24 hours for this to happen.
  • Submit your entry by Sunday, January 24, 11pm PT.


Three qualified entries will be randomly selected to win a prize pack including Target goodies and The Office 2010 Mini Wall Calendar!



Created by Allie S, based on the episode Secret Santa. Thank you, Allie! :)


Now that the contest is over, here are the answers.


  1. Clues

    1. What Kevin has to do to a lot of stuff … a lot of stuff
    6. Andy sometimes talks like one
    10. Intl. oil group
    14. Carol’s code name
    15. Cabinet dept.
    16. “I’ll do your laundry for a month! For a year!” for example
    17. Phrase seen on a Christmas banner
    20. It’s rude to drop it
    21. Like Ram
    22. Client Kenny’s wife who wears a lot of makeup
    23. Annoy, such as by putting one’s stapler in jello
    25. Draws out
    26. Dwight’s Christmas gift isn’t one
    31. “Going by the Nard Dog curve, _ _ _ _ _ we nailed it”
    32. Novelist Kingsley
    33. Degree shared by Ryan and David Wallace
    36. Captain Jack was once part of it
    37. “We don’t work out of a log _ _ _ _ _. We trade on the New York Stock Exchange. Ever heard of it?”
    39. Bad thing to rain from the ceiling
    40. Diamond authority
    41. Holier-than-_ _ _ _ (like a note left on an unclean microwave)
    42. Without even your head to comfort you, say
    43. What Jesus can do, besides fly
    46. “Scranton Area Paper Company, Dunder Mifflin, Apologizes to _ _ _ _ _ _ Client: Some Companies Still Know How Business Is Done”
    49. Critters Dwight sees in Michael’s condo
    50. Line spoken by 58-Down on Casino Night
    51. First, for example (which for Angela is kissing her forehead)
    53. Jim’s type, jokingly
    57. Dunder-Mifflin doesn’t have one, idiot
    60. One word, two syllables: demarcation
    61. _ _ _ _ fissures (condition that … someone … in the office has)
    62. Emulated Prison Mike, perhaps
    63. It’s a delicacy and an aphrodisiac
    64. _ _ _ _ Wearhouse (Michael’s former employer)
    65. Singer Lavigne whom Kelly parodies when she sings “Hey, hey, you, you, I don’t like your boyfriend”

    1. Formerly, formerly
    2. Where seven out of ten attacks come from
    3. “I _ _ _ _ longer your boss, Lady Fortune is your boss”
    4. Nobody likes to work on it
    5. Prefix meaning one quintillion
    6. Bushiest _ _ _ _ _ _
    7. Up the _ _ _ _ (raise the stakes, as with eighty-three dollars during a sales contest)
    8. “_ _ _ _ me!” (phrase that gets a laugh like a quarter of the time)
    9. Michael has worked at Dunder Mifflin for over fifteen of them: Abbr.
    10. Get personal, as during a grief counseling session
    11. Getting married on the Maid of the Mist, for Jim
    12. Spooky, unlike a paper warehouse
    13. They’re cracked, not solved
    18. Greeting for Oscar, perhaps
    19. Triumphant cries
    24. League of which Cornell (not pronounced “kernel”) is the highest rank
    25. She might cause a little bit of blood to rush into one’s penis
    26. Japanese aborigine
    27. _ _ _ _ Sandler and jelly sandwich
    28. Nobody returns theirs to Andy
    29. Afghanistanani capital
    30. Like “Don’t go there,” but less lame
    33. Othello, for one
    34. Durable type of paper sold at Dunder Mifflin
    35. What apricots are made of, to Michael
    37. Reporter Light from the Scranton Times (known for “The Lighter Side of Life” and obituaries)
    38. “You’ve got mail” co.
    39. Michael wishes one for Phyllis at the Steamtown Mall
    41. Michael’s are soft
    42. Final step in Michael’s second rule of business
    43. “That One Night” singer
    44. Studio stands
    45. First-floor apartment, perhaps
    46. Covered with 24-Down
    47. “There is _ _ _ _ _ embedded in the memo”
    48. Coffee size (if it’s a medium, I send it back)
    51. Grief _ _ _ _ (sad place to be punched)
    52. Kelly’s neighbor, who thinks freedom fries are edgy
    54. “_ _ _ _ off?” (question from a bespectacled one before having an I.D. photo taken)
    55. Mid-12th century date
    56. Poet Silverstein whom Michael plagiarized
    58. The office mattress, to Angela
    59. Cape Town’s home: Abbr.

  2. Entry Form



  3. Oooh–already some really great clues! Thanks for the diversion–this looks too fun. I love the NYT crossword, but an Office themed one is even better!

  4. Yeah, I agree with Kristen. Tanster, will you do the thing where you say “entry received”?

  5. great idea. my only question is are all of these clues from the office? “japanese aborigine” for example… i don’t remember that from any episode. maybe i’m wrong though.

  6. Are you sure that all of these clues are from The Office? If so, I’m about 100% sure they aren’t all from ‘Secret Santa’ — loving this contest, though!

  7. 10 | shoe la laa,

    Not all of these are from the office. “Japanese aborigine” is kind of a traditional crossword clue/answer. It’s a bit of crosswordese for us addicts.

  8. Number 1 Across. I just watched the episode and I know the answer. But it doesn’t fit..?

  9. I’m having some difficulty with 1 across too. Faith is it a synonym for the word I think it is? Or should I just rewatch the ep?

  10. i think it’s the synonym. Works for me. We’ll see as time goes on and they show us 1 across, 2 across, 3 and 4 across if it fits or not. It may have been an error, same with 37 Down. “Reporter Light.” His last name is actually Ligh.

  11. #20 – Daniel. The reporter’s name is Light (or, according to the subtitles on the DVD, “Lite”–but that’s gotta be a typo), as in “LIGHTer Side of Life”.

  12. mic914: I believe it’s Email Surveillance. I’m making a note of the eps I need to rewatch tonight to verify.

    Faith, am I correct on that?

  13. Sorry about that….I thought you were talking about the Reporter Lite/Light/Ligh clue.

    Yes…Email Surveillance is the one were Kevin has to * a lot stuff.

  14. I am painfully close to solving this. I am missing only 6 squares including my conjectures. Some of it is a little iffy but a lot of it I am certain of.

    Tanster, do you have a certain time of day that you are consistently adding the clues?

    [from tanster: well if i told you that, that would take all the excitement out of it. :) ]

  15. yeah for 1 across the right word doesn’t fit… is it a synonym like everybody else said?

  16. fancynewbeesly, you are thinking of the wrong word. It isn’t a synonym. It’s exactly what he said. Rewatch the episode.

  17. Har. I’ve managed to fill out the whole thing, but it required a few obscure words. That’s the nature of crosswords, though. :)

  18. Thanks guys! That helped a lot! I had a totally different word in there that coulda made sense but it woulda ruined 1-4 down, lol. :)

  19. You probably have 42 down wrong then. I always thought he was saying a different word. If you can’t tell from rewatching the episode, then check the quotes tanster posted for the episode in the episode thread. It’s definitely right there.

  20. I have the right answers to 43 across and 42 down (42 does not work). This is really tough. Also 25 across doesn’t match up with 11 down.

  21. Mindy(mindysfavshow),

    You don’t have the right word for 42 down or 25 across. Check the OfficeTally quotes for the episode for 42. 25 is not a commonly used word (for me anyway…) nor was it ever used on the show.

  22. I’m having so much fun with this crossword puzzle. My family thinks I’m a little obsessed. It’s especially fun to start getting some of the answers before we’ve been given the clues. I’ve got quite a few but have no idea how “Continuity Error” managed to get it all done days ago – wow!

  23. Lolo: I just loaded it in Photoshop and made a layer for certain answers and a layer for guesses. Worked my way until I got all 6 of the long ones (17a, 26a, 43a, 57,a 4d, 39d) and the rest fell into place. A few of my guesses were wrong! I’m down to 9 uncertain letters though. :)

  24. imnotasecuritythreat: The wording of the clue for 46 down doesn’t seem to make much sense. It would be clearer to say that 24 down is a specific type of 46 down. 46 down is also plural.

  25. The clue for 46 down makes sense if you use the past tense (not plural) and it works with 63 across even though we don’t have that clue yet.

  26. Lisa: That’s true. That is actually much more likely than the word I ended up with for 63 across. :)

  27. Haha. I just got 21 across. I had it as a very common word before the clue, but the clue messed that possibility up. The answer came to me while I was taking a shower and made me laugh. Good one. :)

  28. I only have 5 more spots to fill!!! I’m soooo close =) =)

    20 across is just really stumping me. And I need 12 and 13 down or 10 and 16 across.

  29. I love it when I can’t quite get one, then the light bulb comes on! Haha. This crossword was a great idea! :)

    [from tanster: glad you guys are having fun! :) ]

  30. Well I’ve filled out mine, but I’m sure I’ll have to make some changes once some more clues are posted.

  31. I stumbled upon this contest looking for The Office online, and now I’m obsessed. So curious to see what some of these answers are.

    [from tanster: awesome, welcome!]

  32. Hey Tanster if I take a stab at it and I’m wrong can I still enter again? Because I think I’ve got them all! But just in case I want to make sure I don’t eliminate myself… LOL

  33. PamPamThankYouMaam: The rules state a few things that make this a bad idea. You can only enter after all the clues are posted. You can only enter once. And finally, the winner is chosen by a random draw of the correct answers. There is no advantage to entering early. :x

    [from tanster: thank you, CE. i hereby anoint you Assistant (to the) Crossword Manager. ;) ]

  34. Hooray. Now I just need to punch you in the stomach twice so I can get rid of the (to the)! :D

    [from tanster: lolol]

  35. Question.

    CE, for 15 across, did you get an abbreviated version of a word? A yes or no answer will do.

  36. ASFan: Yes. A good rule of thumb is that an abbreviation in the clue means an abbreviation in the answer. This is also a standard clue for crosswords that crops up again and again.

  37. Thanks for the update, CE! You definitely should be Assistant (to the) Crossword Manager.

    That also takes a lot of pressure off!! Whew =) I can sit back now and check my answers.

  38. Thanks for the fun crossword, Tanster! It’s giving me something to do while I’m on bed rest.

  39. Whoa. I’ve been trying to figure out 26 across for forever. I finally got it. And that was very tricky. That was the hardest clue of all of them!

  40. I am TERRIBLE at crosswords, but I love the Office, so I’m giving it a shot. My brain hurts.

    [from tanster: i’m not very good at them either. in fact, i couldn’t actually finish it myself! good luck. :) ]

  41. This is so exciting! I have the diagram all filled out, but will wait until all the clues are posted just to be sure.

    This crossword is the most dawesome idea ever!

  42. Argh! I’m totally stuck on the lower right corner. I can’t for the life of me figure out 52 down or 62 across.

  43. i feel like i should know 28 down, since it is an office clue, but i’m drawing a blank.

  44. I’m seeing some ‘received’ notices….I thought we couldn’t submit the answers until all clues had been posted.

  45. This is a great contest! I love having new clues everyday so I can take a break at work. (Who are we kidding, most days I just sit and wait for the break)

  46. I agree with Pidealano… I thought we had to wait until after clues are posted tomorrow?

    I’m all done but I wanted to make sure I followed the rules lol

  47. Thanks for the fun diversion, Tanster! My husband and I looked forward to sitting down every night and trying to figure out five more pieces of the puzzle. And we learned some new vocabulary words, so bonus!

    [from tanster: you’re welcome! glad it was fun. :) ]

  48. I fill out crossword puzzles in ALL that’s how I’m sending it to you.

    This was super fun!

    [from tanster: received]

  49. There was one word that I wasn’t sure about, mainly because it’s not a word. Arg. haha. But, for me that’s pretty good, and this was very fun.

    [from tanster: received]

  50. [from tanster: received]

    This was so much fun. Thanks for doing this. I hope you do another one.

  51. This was absolute great fun!!! Definitely look forward to more in the future.

    [from tanster: received]

  52. Since this is Office Thursday, I am temporarily closing this to new contest entries for TODAY ONLY.

    You’ll be able to enter the contest again starting tomorrow, please check back then. Thanks for your patience!

  53. thanks so much for doing this tanster. it was a lot of fun!

    [from tanster: received]

  54. Yay! Thank you! This was really a fun contest, and I do hope there’s more to come!

  55. How many people have to comment before we get another puzzle? 1? 2? 3? 4?


    5? 6? 7? 8? . . . .

    LOL! Keep the puzzles comin’!

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