1. this is the first deleted scene i think should have been added to the episode (at least the first 45 seconds anyway). it adds to the continuity of the storyline by mentioning jim’s parking space & showing dwight conning andy.

  2. but it wasn’t necessary. it was quite easy to infer that he’d announced those as prizes. if you’re going to have to cut something out of an episode, why not cut out redundancy? I think it was a good choice.

  3. Hmm… I think that third one should have been left in. I think it was important to the episode, to see that Jim did try to defend himself at least, and isn’t just being walked all over and made to look defeated and defenseless. And Kevin eating cake with a scissor is hilarious!

  4. “Do I wanna tip you for being involved in some weird thing? No, I don’t.”

    LOL forever. The entire thing was hilarious. I wish they would have cut more from the Scott’s Tots storyline to include this, it’s probably my favorite scene from this episode.

  5. I wish Jim had just given the award to the third place instead of calling the whole thing off… or went back into his office to make his own decision about it instead of reading that chart. To his defense though, this is probably how I would’ve acted in the same situation. The audience had the knowledge that Dwight was sabotaging the award. Jim didn’t. And we’ve all done it; you always look back on these types of things and realize you weren’t thinking straight because you were stressed out.

  6. I’m tired of Jim being a doormat. He needs to grow a pair and I miss Pam. We are losing interest here and fast.

  7. My favorite part is the end of clip 1, when Jim’s doing a Jim face, and Kelly’s like, “I’m gonna have some cake.”

  8. “I really did double my sales”. LOL, poor Pam. And kudos to Dwight, after all his failures, he actually got Jim this time.

  9. The delivery guy was played by none other than Charlie Sanders! He’s an Upright Citizens Brigade regular. I was going to take sketch writing with him, but schedules got screwed. I was at UCB in NYC the last night he was there before making the trek out to LA. Le sigh…lost another one to the west coast. Glad to see The Office gave him a cameo.

  10. These have been the best deleted scenes as a whole…usually one really stands out per episode…but geez…I really like these


  11. Alright, while the whole Dwight subplot was lame, they should have left in the Meredith impersonation.

  12. They should have left the fourth deleted scene in. The MEredith impersonation was comedy gold!

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