‘The Office’ makes TIME’s Top Ten Lists of 2009

‘The Office’ has been named in two of TIME Magazine’s Top Ten Lists of 2009:

  • Best TV Series: The Office (#10, tied with ‘Parks and Recreation’)
    “While it has wavered a bit postnuptials, on a good week [‘The Office’ is] as sharp and deep as TV comedy gets.”
  • Best TV Episode: Stress Relief (#1)
    ” … few comic scenes this year could compete with the chaos in the pre-credits sequence of this brilliant episode, in which Dwight fakes a fire to test Dunder-Mifflin’s safety readiness and unleashes mayhem worthy of 2012.”


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  1. Yay! Good for The Office! “As sharp and deep as TV comedy gets”– couldn’t have said it better myself!

  2. That’s cool for The Office, but I’ve got to disagree on the best episode selection! There are dozens of episodes better than Stress Relief.

  3. #2, I think this countdown is based soley on 2009, and I agree that there are many office episodes better overall, but not from the last year.

  4. Where is ‘Niagara’ on this list? I think it was the best episode on “The Office” of all time.

  5. #3 (Jaimee) – Even still, I think Stress Relief was the worst episode of the series, 2009 or not. It had a few chuckles, but overall I think there are far better episodes from the last year.

  6. Yay! I love it when “my” show is recognized, in any way. ‘Stress Relief’ even came in at number one! I couldn’t agree more; I’m in the camp who absolutely loves that episode. It might be my favorite of last season – if not, it’s certainly in my top three.

  7. Wow…I must respectfully disagree. I found “Stress Relief” to be over the top and just too much. Not at all like the subtle bits of “The Office” that I love. Of course, it was on after the Superbowl so it had to grab the attention of as many people as possible. Still, [/sigh].

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