1. (Sorry for the double comment)
    I just wandered over to the spoilers and got my answer for the lady is. Why do I torture myself?

  2. Hmm Ms. Ryan, perhaps new blood for Mr. Scott’s floundering “love life”?

  3. Michael’s new love?
    I’m sad Toby is leaving…hopefully not for good. I will definitely miss the Toby-Pam weirdness and the Toby-Michael dynamic.

  4. Awww! I hope that Toby doesn’t really leave. Even if Paul Lieberstein still writes for the show, I’ll miss that ‘chemistry’ between Michael and Toby.

  5. Amy Ryan was fantastic on The Wire. It’ll be fantastic to see her try some comedy.

  6. Am I losing my mind or does Pam’s wardrobe now consist of that pinky-purple sweater? Just me? Ok then.

  7. Well, the season finale title kind of gives everything away, huh? At least, that’s my guess.

  8. I kind of hope Amy Ryan plays Toby’s ex. It would be comedic gold for Michael to hit on her. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

  9. I’m still not convinced Toby is the one leaving…a little to obvious…twisty finale will reveal it all.

  10. Bummer. I love Toby. His interactions with Michael are hilarious. I don’t think his crush on Pam merits leaving. Don’t leave Toby.

  11. I have a feeling Michael will hate the new HR rep too, and for no reason! She’s the new Toby!

  12. Looking forward to the season finale. The Office has the best season finales. If there is one kind of episode this show knows how to produce are season finales (the other being Christmas episodes). There’s always some kind of twist. I wonder what it is. Toby leaving is too obvious. If they can make an outstanding finale, I have no doubt that they can get back to form and make everyone happy again.

  13. Tobt can’t leave! One of the best parts of the show are Toby And Michael! Don’t Go Toby I still love you like a friend.

  14. Re Casey

    I hope he hates the new HR rep, too! I mean the reason he hates Toby so much is because Toby plays by the rules and doesn’t fall under Michael’s authority. Combine that with an attractive woman who would spurn Michael’s advances (she is an HR rep after all ) and Michael could hate this one twice as much.

  15. Toby is exactly what an HR person is like and the perfect foil to Michael’s antics. We love Toby!! Please don’t leave!!

  16. I REALLY hope it isn’t Toby that’s leaving. The title is just way to obvious for an Office episode. “Goodbye Toby”? Are you kidding me? There’s definitely something else there. Tanster is just grinning from ear to ear hearing all this speculation… SINCE SHE SAW IT BEING FILMED!! lol

    [from tanster: not ear to ear. more like ear to chin.]

  17. NO TOBY!! Toby leaving breaks my heart, but I’m pretty sure it’s true. Not just because of the episode title, but also hasn’t Paul Lieberstein mentioned he doesn’t like acting?

    Oh, and Angela is so adorable strategically positioned behind that door.

  18. Could Ryan’s coke addiction and the failure of Dunder Mifflin Infinity be a set up for him losing the job that position does seem to be cursed, doesn’t it? And Amy Ryan’s character taking over? A new possible love interest for Michael? Even if I’m wrong Pam likes her.

  19. wow Amy Ryan is really pretty. Just a thought: What if she was brought in to be the spurn in Jam’s side? God that would suck. Long live Jam!

  20. I’m so excited for a new character! I’m gonna miss Toby like crazy but I’m psyched to see how this new HR woman is gonna stir things up!! Do we know her character’s name yet?

  21. I have a feeling the twist has to do with toby putting his hand on pam’s knee. maybe pam likes toby a little bit too and then jim confronts pam and pam can’t tell jim what he wants to hear, and then jim is the one that leaves… again

  22. Finally! Toby stands for everything that is wrong with this world!

    That being said…

    I really love you, Toby, and will miss you if you go!

  23. Yay Amy Ryan is coming to The Office! That’s so exciting! :) I’m really sad to see Toby go though. I’m gonna miss him.

  24. I don’t want Toby to go!! I really want to see good things happen for him!

  25. Not TOBY! He is one of my favorite characters! Some of the greatest quotes are shared between him and michael.
    “I hate so much about the things you choose to be”
    “Toby works in HR, so he is not really part of our family and he is divorced so he is not really part of his family either”
    “this is an environment of welcoming and you should just get the hell outa here”

  26. I’m expecting Amy Ryan’s to likely be a one-shot guest spot or a multi-episode arc at most. I mean she just got nominated for an oscar and already has two high profile movies coming out from Clint Eastwood and Paul Greengrass. It just seems like an odd time to commit to being a series regular on a TV show.

  27. Amy Ryan! That’s awesome! She blew me away with her performance in Gone Baby Gone and now she is on my favorite show (I am thinking just as a one time guest star, though and not a story arc or a series regular).

    I can see how she has the easy connection to the show. She was in Dan in Real Life with Steve Carell and probably talked with him then about wanting to be a guest star. :) I think Amy totally has the talent for comedic chops!! Can’t wait!

  28. I find that picture of Angela wildly amusing. I absolutely love the ways they’re hiding her pregnancy belly :D It’s adorable.

  29. Finally.
    I’m so sick of Toby. No offense, but the man is booorrriiinnggg. ALmost as boring as Karen. Almost.

  30. Jim left but eventually drifted back. Dwight left and was taken back. please Toby, if you are leaving, find your way back somehow. you’ve been with us far too long. TOBYYYYYYYYY!

  31. Toby’s really leaving!? No, he can’t. Some of my favorite Office lines were Michael’s pure hatred towards Toby.

    What’s interesting though is the new lady they have to replace him. This will obviously stir something and I can already see Michael developing a crush on her. Maybe another office romance is in the future??

  32. Amy Ryan was fabulous in “Gone Baby Gone”. I am so thrilled to see she’s joining the cast for the finale. I don’t want to see Toby leave, though. He may be a skeevy perv, but I’m used to him being around.

  33. Can’t wait until Toby leaves for good. Never liked the creepy perv. It is quite ironic that the HR guy ends up being the creep who gropes a female co-worker. Michael Scott never did that.

  34. Amy Ryan is cute but she is 40 years old. I really don’t see Jim halpert going for her over Pam. I thought she might be there for steve. Here’s a thought, maybe just maybe she’s there to play a character and not somebody’s love interest. What would be wrong with that. Why does everybody assume that any new female is instantly there to break up Jam?

  35. If Toby is really leaving, then wouldn’t that mean Amy Ryan would be staying on the show into season 5? Even though I would absofruitly LOVE to see Amy Ryan stay on the show, I’m still a little suspicious about Toby leaving for good.
    And it looks like Michael and Amy Ryan’s character are getting along well. Has he found his future baby’s mom? Hmm…

  36. How long will Amy Ryan’s character be in the office before Michael say something inappropriate or hits on her?

  37. oh no. oh no. 1) she better not mess up jam. 2)toby’s a perv, but he’s still a part of the office. it just messes it up.

  38. My guess is that Michael will become smitten with Holly. That would be the ultimate gag: It would show that Michael could have overlooked the fact that Toby was in HR if he didn’t hate Toby as a person so much. I REALLY hope that Michael finds the “Cindy Crawford-ness” he needs in Holly, the new HR woman. Hopefully she’s saner than Jan, more accepting than Carol, and she wants kids. That would make her perfect for Michael Scott.

  39. Terrarium a woman would have to have the patience of a saint to handle all of Michael’s quirks.

  40. Terrarium maybe I chose my words poorly, I was agreeing with you essentially. I meant it would take a special kind of woman to put up with all of Michael’s personality quirks.

  41. Hmm..MicHolly??? Michael begins hitting on her the moment she arrives lol. Kevin too.

  42. Amy Ryan was on The Wire. It’s funny how Mindy mentioned everyone’s love of The Wire and the reference in last week’s episode, and now Amy Ryan is on the show!

  43. AMY RYAN IS TOBY’S EX-WIFE!!!!!! I bet she gets hired at Dunder Mifflin and Toby leaves. That’d be interesting.

  44. Hey, did anybody else notice that Meredith is wearing jeans in the background of the pic with Michael and Amy Ryan’s character…? Wonder why that is.

    I thought maybe it had something to do with casual Friday’s but everyone else is normal.


  45. Pam, you might actually have something there. Remember in Back from Vacation didn’t Toby say his ex-wife also worked for Dunder Mifflin. Besides, wouldn’t it be comically ironic if Michael’s new love interest is the ex-wife of the man he hates the most?

  46. How about Karen and Toby as a couple? An engaged couple at that… How terribly pathetic and awkwardly awesome would that be? Each getting engaged for their own reasons to stick it to Jim and Pam… And Toby to Michael as well. That should be the next office wedding writers!

  47. Toby’s Ex makes more money than he does, or so says Michael so I don’t think that is Toby’s ex.

  48. Maybe Toby is leaving for vacation and this new HR person is there as a temporary replacement.

    I’m sure Michael will say something inappropriate to her immediately. Remember what he said to Karen when he met her?

  49. Amy Ryan’s career is really hot right now. Judging from her credits on IMDB I doubt she’d be able to join a series. Could be a short arc like Amy Adams had.

  50. Oh, and also, I think it would be hilarious if Michael fell in love/started dating (with) the new HR. Such a contrast with the ‘strong emotions’ he felt towards Toby (i.e. “I hate so much about the things that you choose to be”, “What I think you should do…is roll the memo up real tight-” “So whomever’s name is Toby why don’t you take a letter opener and shove it in your skull”).

  51. just a thought. it would be really funny if she hit on dwight and angela gets jealous…. i can’t take much more of no dwangela…i just need something to stir it up.

  52. i’m very scared of the lack of Jim photos after tonight’s episode….

  53. There’s also no photos of Creed, Meredith, or Kelly, but that doesn’t mean they’re leaving either.

    Also – remember when Dwight quit? He was back the next week. We’ll see where it goes…also, Amy Ryan’s character = Jan 2.0?

  54. hi. been bothering me since like season 3… when did pam get her necklace. i know this is kind of random and all, but i saw it in the pic. and wondered.

  55. People, calm down about Jim! Just because he’s not in any pictures doesn’t mean he’s been fired or broke up with Pam or anything. Kevin, Kelly, Creed, etc. etc. aren’t in them either that doesn’t mean they’ve been fired or left either.

  56. Guys… calm down! Jim will not be leaving, I’m pretty sure. He wasn’t in any of the pics from the last episode, either! And like so many before me reminded you, there’s a lot of people who aren’t in those pictures.

    As for Amy Ryan’s character, who thinks her and Michael are going to hook up? She’s like a Jan replicate! Let me know what you think. Also… Jam proposal? Anyone?

  57. For every season finale it’s always something about Jim and Pam so obviously mum’s the word on those two for this episode. I totally can’t wait though!!

  58. Are people SERIOUSLY afraid that Jim is leaving?

    The writers aren’t stupid. Getting rid of Jim is getting rid of half the reason so many people rabidly watch the show. I’m honestly surprised so many people think that’s a possibility.

  59. People, if you look, Jim’s rarely in these pictures anyway. Trust me, Jim isn’t leaving. That would just ruin the fandom, and Nbc knows that. It would definitely lose female viewers ranging from 8 year olds to the forty year olds… xD

  60. I’m betting on it being Ed Helms thats leaving because of the rumors of him in the spinoff..

  61. I hope it is Andy that is in the spinoff! He is a great character. Lots of backstory.

    “Cornell, ever heard of it?”


    I predict a Dwight and Angela plot twist tonight!

  62. I think that Angela and Dwight got back together after last week in the office by themselves and someone is having a baby, Angela or Phyllis? And what happened to Jan, my husband is very confused that she might have left the show, but no one says she’s gone?

  63. I think it’s very possible that the spin-off could be featuring Jim and Pam living in New York. Jenna and John are becoming stars, and it makes sense for them because they could carry their own show. Steve Carell will still hold court over the scranton office with a couple of new characters to really mix it up, with occasional visits from Jim (as he will be Michael’s new boss). Just a thought – I would LOVE to see JAM have their own show in the style of the office, but in a more vibrant ny setting.

  64. Hi everyone, I guess I know where we will all be tonight. I am kinda sad that this is the last show of the season but I bet this will be a real treasure for us. Amee #74, I believe that older women love Jim too. I am 57 and I adore him and everyone on the show. But what woman out there doesn’t love him? There is none!

  65. Jim and Pam spin-off will be like a Joanie Loves Chachi sorta thing, great concept but terrible in the practical world.

  66. I want to be surprised for tonight, so I’ll stick with Krasinski’s fantasy “spoiler” and pretend that the spinoff will be about Jim in a space bubble, with his monkey assistant, feeding him sandwiches while living in Japan a-la “Lost in Translation”.

    My nerves are frayed. Why am I so anxious about this season finale? The build up is too much. This better be good.

  67. I am sure that it will be Andy in the spin off. He and Angela will get in a fight and he will leave after seeing her run back to Dwight, Pam and Jim get engaged (I like the idea of her proposing to him-she is tired of these fake proposals and just lays it out there for him), and Jan will announce that she is pregnant.

  68. This was my favorite episode of the season!! So much information and surprises, I actually had a headache after watching the show! I loved all the writer cameos…and hooray for Phyllis! I’m still running on adrenaline…I’m never going to sleep tonight. =)

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