The Office: Goodbye, Michael, 7.22

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The Office: Goodbye, Michael

Writer: Greg Daniels, Director: Paul Feig

Summary (NBC): Michael, about to leave for Colorado, wants a day without drama to say his goodbyes to each co-worker. Deangelo and Andy scramble to keep Michael’s biggest clients. Supersized to 53 minutes. Guest stars: Will Ferrell, Amy Ryan.

The Office Goodbye Michael extras

  • Video: Promos
  • Photos: Promos
  • Michael’s last Dunder Mifflin newsletter
  • Michael’s goodbye emails to the staff
  • The royal wedding’s frowning flower girl responds
  • Paul Lieberstein’s real-life brother Warren plays Toby’s brother Rory Flenderson.
  • An extended producer’s cut of this episode aired May 26, 2011.
  • From New York Magazine‘s interview with Jenna Fischer, regarding filming the last scenes at the airport with Steve Carell: “That was really emotional. They said, “You know what, Jenna? Just say whatever you would want to say to Steve. Just say goodbye and we’ll tape it and when you’re finished, just give each other a hug and go your separate ways.” And it was actually a challenge because every time I got down there I would start to cry right away, and I had to try to hold that in a little bit. We did so many takes of that goodbye and I cried every single time. I even got choked up just telling the story right now.”

The Office Goodbye Michael rating

In a poll conducted April 28-May 2, 2011, Tallyheads rated this episode: 9.01/10

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The Office Goodbye Michael quotes

Quotes manually transcribed by tanster. :)

Michael: Just up here getting used to the altitude.

Dwight: They’re bull testicles! I cut them off fresh this morning!

Dwight: After what you did, you expect to be buttled?

Dwight: Where did you hear that? Obvious XM Radio?

Michael: Maybe I should keep a salami in my pocket in order to feed the bears.
Dwight: Great idea, especially if you think that life would be better without legs.

Dwight: So if you were thinking about outrunning them on a horse, I would try a cheetah.

Dwight: You, in tight pants, Michael, are a salami, to a black bear. You’re like a giant walking salami.
Michael: Okay, so no salami in the pants. How about a pepperoni?

Deangelo: Can I have this little truck?

Michael: Take my favorite truck, sure.

Deangelo: Dead man walking.

Michael: I don’t leave until tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be a wreck.

Gabe: I’ve seen some horrible things, I own over 200 horror movies.

Jim: You guys are filming people when they go to the bathroom now?

Angela: The Dream Team. And Meredith.

Michael: What do you like, Pam?
Pam: What?
Michael: What kind of topping would you like?
Pam: Hot fudge?
Michael: Sounds good. Fudge it up.

Michael: I still need something to drink out of, though.

Phyllis: I thought he knew about the baby I gave away.

Phyllis: It’s almost done, but you can’t get them wet, and they can’t be dry cleaned either. You have to hand wash without water, wring dry gently, and use a hair dryer on cool.

Michael: May you never lose the fun-loving quality in life.
Stanley: Where’s the rest of it, it’s got no balls.

Michael: You’re the best salesman on the inside.
Phyllis: What does that even mean.

Michael: You sold us all on Andy, a product that nobody wanted.

Michael: Just do your best. I have faith in you.

Dwight: I’ve given up expecting Michael to do the right thing. Or the decent thing. Or even the comprehensible thing.

Deangelo: Once you’ve conquered obesity, everything else is easy.

Deangelo: I’m not saying I’m Superman, but let me just put it this way. If I were shot in the head, I’m pretty sure everything would be fine. I almost welcome it.

Michael: Don’t be a caricature, Kevin. Never be a caricature.

Michael: You will be thin. You won’t drool over pizza like an animal anymore.

Michael: You should never settle for who you are.

Michael: Oscar, you are very smart, and you have a gigantic education. And I think of you as my scarecrow. Because you gave me a brain.

Michael: It looks like it was made by a two-year-old monkey. On a farm!

Michael: He has the lowest opinion of me of anybody!

Michael: Was it just me or did you think we were going to have sex at some point?

Angela: Oh that’s Thomas. Robert’s aide.

Deangelo: Let’s rip it up, homes.

Gabe: Walk away, bitch.

Wallace: Colorado’s one big REI store.

Michael: I can’t do it this. All the channels are going to be different there. I’m not going to be able to find my shows. I am not going to start improv at level one. I don’t think my credits are going to transfer. And you know what? I just figured out where I was supposed to go to vote.

Holly: My mom’s looking at me like she has no sense of humor.

Michael: Yeah, so I know I told everybody that tomorrow is my last day, but I’m gonna be leaving tonight. I head to the airport at 4.

Toby: I have a brother in Boulder. Rory Flenderson. You should look him up.

Michael: If I just went away right now, would that be the best gift that I could give you?
Kelly: Yes, please, please go away and stop using that weird slow voice.

Michael (looking at St. Pauli Beer sign): She was once my girl and she is your girl now.
Ryan: Wow.
Michael: Yeah.
Ryan: This is totally unnecessary.
Michael: You’re not prone to seizures?
Ryan: No.

Michael: Truthfully? I just didn’t want to pack it.

Angela: You can’t let a stray dog into the house.

Meredith: Over here, the only opportunity they have is to be erotic bakers. Lucky us.

Pam: Okay, don’t turn this into some feminist issue.

Phyllis: As a person who buys a lot of erotic cakes, it just feels good to be represented on one.

Kelly: I am one of the few people who looks hot eating a cupcake.

Gabe: Someday, you are going to tell our grandchildren about how their grandfather won you back in a women’s room.

Rory: Does he like jams? My shelves are overflowing with preserves.

Darryl: Everybody likes the guy who offers them a stick of gum.

Michael: Darryl, I have one last wish. I would like to use the baler.

Michael: Catch you on the flippity flip!

Deangelo: Let’s get psyched! Is there an animal shelter on the way?

Deangelo: Ani-ani-shelto.

Michael: You don’t need a mom, because you have my number and you can call me at any time.

Michael: From now until 4, your priority is knitting.

Dwight (reading Michael’s letter of recommendation): “The dictionary defines ‘superlative’ as ‘of the highest kind, quality, or order, surpassing all else or others; supreme.’ I define it as Dwight Schute. As a sales executive, as a leader, as a man, and as a friend, he is of the highest kind, quality, and order; supreme.” Lots more like that. Really repetitive.

Dwight (reading card): “2:45, behind the building, paintball.”

Deangelo: You ever play Russian Roulette? Time to spin the chamber, Boris.

Ryan: I just feel that cake is so Norman Rockwell.

Meredith: What if I told you you could have a cake that is delicious, and also sexy as hell?
Darryl: I’m listening.
Angela: No smut cakes!

Michael: Whether you’re scared of dying, or dying alone, or dying drunk in a ditch, don’t be. It’s going to be okay.

Michael: There’s not enough time in the day to have a special moment with everybody.

Michael: A little cover up on your Adam’s apple will make it appear smaller, which will make you look less like a transvestite.

Michael: Power through the arthritis, Phyllis, you can do it.

Michael: Hi, everybody! It’s Ping!

Jim: It’s just that sometimes, goodbyes are a bitch.

Michael: T-shirt idea: goodbyes stink.

Jim: And then tomorrow, I can tell you what a great boss you turned out to be. Best boss I ever had.

Creed: See ya tomorrow, boss.
Michael: Later, guys.

Michael: Holly’s my family now. She’s my family. And the babies that I make with her will be my children. The people that you work with are just, when you get down to it, your very best friends. They say on your deathbed, you never wish you spent more time at the office. But I will. Got to be a lot better than a deathbed. I actually don’t understand deathbeds. I mean, who would buy that?

Michael: Hey, will you guys let me know if this ever airs?

Michael: This is going to feel so good getting this thing off my chest… (inaudible) that’s what she said.

Oscar: Michael once asked me if gay guys squeeze each other’s boobs. I’ll never forget that.

Deangelo: I don’t even want it. I had cake for lunch. No, I’ve been good, I deserve this. What am I doing?

Michael’s gifts to the staff

  • Phyllis: chattering teeth
  • Stanley: mini pool table, no balls
  • Andy: ten most important clients
  • Kevin: a ripped up drawing of a Kevin pig caricature eating pizza
  • Oscar: a scarecrow doll that “looks like it was made by a two-year-old monkey on a farm”
  • Kelly: going away
  • Ryan: St. Pauli Girl sign
  • Darryl: “Somehow I Manage” draft
  • Dwight: letter of recommendation

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  1. noooooooooo, literally this is the saddest thing to happen on television. In the words of Liz lemon on 30 rock “Steve Carell owns that line, he OWNS it”

  2. Michael Scott from “Beach Games”: What happens to a company if somebody takes their boss away? I will answer your question with a question. It’s like, what happens to a chicken when you take its head away? It dies. Unless you find a new head.I need to see which one of these people have the skills to be a chicken head.”

    Regarding Steve Carell, I don’t think there’s any one that has the skills to be his “chicken head”. He is the heart and soul of The Office. This episode will mark a very sad turning point in the history of this great show.

    Goodbye Steve! Thanks for everything!

  3. This is going to be sad. At the same time, I am really excited to see this. I am thinking we might actually see Michael go out happy, satisfied, and a little more grounded, which would be the some what opposite of his character since the beginning of the show!

  4. I really hope we get a brief, but sentimental one on one moment between Michael/Dwight, Michael/Jim and Michael/Pam. I want it to be honest. It doesn’t have to last long. Just a few words to sum up those unique relationships.

  5. Will be interesting to see the different styles between Greg and Mindy as they send Michael off into the Great Wide Open.

    While part of me is sad that Michael is leaving the Office, I think it is best he does. This year I find him to be more buffonish than funny this year. In addition, it seems the writers are making a concerted effort to bring all of the characters into each episode, as opposed to earlier years where some of the characters were more “filler”.

    Steve Carell, with an assist from Ricky Gervais, has created a wonderful and memorable character in the name of Michael Scott. Let’s hope Mindy and Paul do the character justice as they send him off.

    Goodbye Michael…and thank you, Steve Carell for the years of laughter.

  6. I’m dreading this day :(

    Even if The Office is able to limp on after Steve’s exit, it won’t ever be the same. The subtleties that he brings to his performance are unparalleled. He’s quite simply a master of his craft and no one will be able to fill those shoes.

    I believe this ep. is being shot this week. I can only imagine how nostalgic the cast and crew will be feeling watching this little bit of history in the making.

    Thank you for 7 years Steve!

  7. Michael Scott. A legend. Master of awkwardness. So politically incorrect, yet all he wanted was to have friends.

    Michael was the character who made the Office, and without him, it might just very well die.

    He deserves the greatest send-off in TV history, and perhaps to find that special person.

    “Goodbye Michael! It’s been nice! Hope you find your paradise!”

    Michael, “You always left me satisfied and smiling. That’s What She Said!” Farewell Michael!

  8. When Ricky Gervais replaces Steve, the network is probably going to see not as high ratings as there used to be. So their choice would be either cancel or bring back Steve

  9. Michael Gary Scott will go down infamously.
    We are all so grateful for him. It’s uncalculacable.

  10. You took the words right outta my mouth Christy. Well said, well said :)

  11. My Birthday is on April 28th. This is so twisted, this may very well ruin my birthday. ;( I will be crying.

  12. I thought this was the episode Mike Judge was supposed to direct. I heard that Mike Judge was supposed to direct an episode with Greg Daniels…

  13. Oh my gosh Brian, my birthday is april 28 as well. We shall have to pout together at this horrible loss :(

  14. My 21st birthday is on part 1 of his final episode. My emotions are going to be haywire!

  15. Aww, so sad. :-( But, I’m super stoked to see Greg Daniels and Paul Feig attached to this one.

  16. I’ll be watching this one in the hospital, 2 days after a c-section. My hormones will have me bawling from the very beginning, I’m sure!

  17. A day without drama to say goodbye to each co-worker? YES this is just what i was hoping for. I’m sure it won’t be totally drama free, but i want those heartfelt goodbyes more than anything. With Greg and Paul at the reins, it’ll be amazing.

  18. Could the guest stars be the members of Here Comes Treble?

    James Spader = Broccoli Rob
    Ray Romano = Jingle Jangle
    Will Arnett = Doobie

  19. We’d better get a “Michael’s Wedding” episode some time in the future. I can’t imagine Michael getting married and not having the whole office there. I’m sure Steve would agree to do a two-part wedding episode.

  20. It’s just like the episode of Friends where Rachael said goodbye to everybody… or is it? I have a feeling this one may have less tears and more awkward moments, at least from the characters, but not from ME!

  21. I’m so happy this will be supersized. Much better than split in 2 parts. Like someone else mentioned, i want to get all my (major)tears out in one night.

  22. Who is replacing the Michael Character after Steve Carell leaves the show? Is it Ricky Gervais? I haven’t heard that it will be him.

  23. If they can make his exit half as good as his proposal, this episode should be one of the most memorable of all time.

    I am especially looking forward to his goodbye with Pam. She seems like the character that has the strongest friendship with him in the office. I’m thinking this scene with Steve and Jenna will be the kicker of the night. His goodbye to Ryan should also be pretty great.

    All in all, the rest of this season is looking fantastic. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out and how it starts next year.

    Farewell Steve! Thanks for the years of laughter!

  24. If that 4.35 men show ex-star can be considered to return to his show, can’t NBC move production next to Steve’s house so he can do the show, be with family and make movies? Just a thought.

  25. Although I am very sad to see Steve Carell leave The Office, I am looking forward to this episode, because we finally get to see what Michael Scott really thinks of each employee individually. I’m especially looking forward to when he gets to Toby. Will he be a jerk to him like usual (and then hilarity ensues) or will he actually be nice to him and apologize for the way he’s treated him? I’m actually hoping he makes amends with Toby. But of course I can never get enough of the Michael-Toby rivalry!

  26. I want Michael to continue hating Toby right till the end. That absolutely can’t change. Maybe he can give him some minor compliment. But then as he goes to leave, he’s gotta turn around and just be like, “nope, can’t do it, you’re still an evil little snail.”

  27. the best way to end it would be for michael to say something to toby. not too hurtful and not too nice. then he goes on to the rest of the office. throughout the episode toby is shown thinking about something. in his final scene michael is shown (very sad) leaving the office and getting in his car. toby runs downstairs and yells for michael. when he looks over, toby moons michael with the whole office watching from the window. michael drives away laughing hysterically.

  28. He can’t be too nice to Toby without devaluing seven years of the show. Craftily, you say? No, won’t work.

    Michael is tempered with Toby, and has a sentimental moment with Pam before exiting, who he reveals as always “being his favorite in some weird way” that only he can put it.

  29. Glad to see Greg Daniels back for this one! Stockpile your tissues now folks!

  30. After seeing that promo, all i can say is i currently do not have enough tissues in my house. Jim’s tears, those words, followed by Michael’s tears? This will probably be my favorite episode of the season. I’m going to cry till my eyes are red and puffy, no shame here.

  31. This is going to be a very emotional episode for sure, but I can’t help but look forward to Michael saying goodbye to Toby…how is he going to do it…?

  32. I only realized just now that the title of this episode parallels season 4’s “Goodbye, Toby”! (Yeah, I’m slow.)

    Also, I thought the same thing as Brigette (#24) – it reminds me of Friends in a weird way. And I bet Michael plays on that.

  33. Let the record show that I’m calling it right now: We will find out this episode that Holly is pregnant.

    We know Amy Ryan has some part to play in this episode, and what better way for Michael to leave his office family than by creating the one thing he’s always wanted: a family of his own.

  34. I agree with #39. Having Holly revealed to be pregnant would be the icing on the cake. Michael then gets what he always wanted; a wife AND babies (having only the wife makes his goodbye seem half-baked)

  35. Yeah. I bet Holly’s going to be revealed to be pregnant. I’m not sure if im looking foward to this tonight or dreading it. Better grab the tissues to play it safe.

  36. This is gonna be a great farewell episode for Michael Scott. I hope I’m not sad about seeing him leave.

  37. This episode is definitely in my top 3 of all time!!! It was so good!!! It was perfect! :’)

  38. I absolutely cried. Cried. Cried. Oh, Steve Carell, We’ll miss you!

    Thank you for the memories. :) You always left me satisfied and happy. That’s what Steve (michael) Said.

  39. This was a good way to send Michael off. I was apprehensive because I thought it would be very sad. I would have lost it if they had a montage of all the crazy stunts Michael has pulled. It was simple. Yet, the fact that Michael was leaving was still palpable. I did cry when Pam found him in the airport. Overall, I liked the episode because it wasn’t too sappy. I miss Michael already:(

  40. Here is one to stir the pot. Phyllis is Erin’s mother. Phyllis gave away a baby 20 years ago and Erin has been saying how she has never met her biological mother. Also, Phyllis and Erin are about 20 years apart

  41. I was fine until Dwight began to read Michael’s recommendation letter then I lost it. Loved Gabe’s “walk away bitch” line. Michael and Pam’s private no audio moment reminded me of “Lost in Translation” when Bill Murray whispered something in Scarlett Johannson’s ear and the audience never got to find out what was said. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.

  42. What a great and sad episode. I am going to miss Michael. The 2 moments that clinched it for me were the letter to Dwight. It was one of those moments that hit you in the gut, I was bawling like a little baby. It was good to see the dynamic duo (Michael and Dwight) together again.

    The scenes with Jim and Pam were equally emotional. Cheers to Michael Scott, good luck in Colorado.

  43. I don’t normally post on here but I have to say that this episode was for the most part all I expected and then some. There were so many call backs to previous episodes that I absolutely loved. It was just so much. I wish Michael would have given everyone a proper goodbye.

  44. Simply perfect. I think this also proves that more Greg Daniels involvement makes for a higher-quality episode. There’s no denying it.

  45. Love my show, but didn’t love this. Left me disappointed. The only scene I really loved with Jim and Michael. You could tell they weren’t acting. This was definitely Steve’s show, but I have concerns as to where Jim and Pam are going. I predict some troubles in their future – and I’ll be more than disappointed if I’m right.

  46. Amazing. As Pam watched that airplane take off, I lost it. That moment right there was the pivotal point in their relationship and it was the greatest point in the series. Absolutely the best way for Michael to go.

  47. Everything I thought it would be. I can admit I had to choke back a few on a couple different occasions. Specifically, when Dwight was reading the letter, when Michael and Jim talked in his office, when Michael was walking out of the office, and of course when Michael was walking away from Pam to his plane.. but the last one really got me.

    When Michael was walking away from Pam to his plane, it really hit me what was happening. This show isn’t gonna be the same no matter what anyone says or thinks. It’s just not. However, I can say the next 3 episodes look pretty good based on the preview at the end, and that will be important. We’ll see how it goes. I realize that the next 3 episodes being good would not equal a successful post-Michael Scott Office, but it’d be a good start.

    Speaking of the Holly pregnancy reveal.. I feel like we could see that in a cameo appearance next season?

  48. This episode was everything I thought it would be. It was perfect, far beyond perfect. I don’t know how else to describe it. My only wish was that the Jim and Michael scene was longer. But Jim tearing up? Man, that killed me, as did the silent goodbye to Pam. I’m still battling tears now! Possibly one of the best episodes of television I’ll ever watch. The promo for the upcoming episodes intrigues me a lot.

  49. Loved loved loved the ending with Pam. Their relationship is so special, and I’m really glad that was highlighted tonight.

    Best line, “Let me know if this ever airs.”

    Tears. Hugs to all my Tallyheads.

  50. The actual episode wasn’t sad in my opinion. I didn’t cry during it, but as soon as it was over and I was in the middle of cleaning my kitchen, it kind of hit me like a brick and I started to tear up just thinking that I’ll never hear another “that’s what she said” joke or will never get to see Michael embarrass himself (except for in reruns of course). The whole situation is very sad. Steve was the glue that held the show together. I don’t know what it will be like from now on.

    I’m thankful for reruns so I can relive my favorite Office moments anytime I want.

    Just an FYI- I was expecting a great “that’s what she said” joke in tonight’s episode, but there wasn’t one…I’m pretty disappointed about that.

    I’m also surprised that the Dwight/Michael goodbye wasn’t more heartfelt since Dwight was Michael’s right hand man for the last 6 years.

  51. There is now a void that can never be filled. I love the office but the heart is gone. I will still watch but it won’t be as good. Seriously, how can it be? Everything else is a cheap substitute.
    Goodbye Michael

  52. Fantastic episode. The very last scene with Michael at the airport and then Pam arriving to give him one last hug – that had me in tears.

  53. In my top 5 episodes of the Office ever. TWSS was great and I loved the line “Would somebody let me know if this thing ever airs?” Very sad episode but was also very funny, imo.

  54. Ryan U – That would make a good story, I’d be on board with it! I’d love to see the reactions the cast would have from it.

    There WAS no David Wallace, it was said he’d be there and he’s not. :(

  55. Wonderful episode. I had a few tears in my eyes a few times, but once Dwight began to read the letter from Michael – I started crying and didn’t stop. No one will ever be able to replace that brilliant man.

    Jim and Michael’s part together really had me sobbing. Beautiful moment there.

    Miss you already Michael/Steve.

  56. Greg Daniels really needs to write for this show more often. It help out a great deal for the less optimistic viewers.

  57. Well played, Office writers. Well played, indeed.

    I was fully expecting to sob through the whole episode, since these types of episodes tend to be ridiculously sappy, but was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t. I should’ve known better. I’ve been watching this show for 7 seasons. The Office writers are better than that! It was a good mix of hysterical laughter (Andy’s pants), cringeworthy moments (the animal shelter scene), and of course tears (the letter to Dwight, the Jim/Michael non-goodbye, Pam somehow managing to rush past airport security to hug Michael). Lovely. Truly lovely, Office writers.

  58. I loved all the callbacks: paintball, knitted ‘gloves’, Creed in the ladies room.

    Dwight’s “oh no” when Deangelo starts screaming at the cake.

    I think my favorite was when Michael started freaking out and then calmed down when he heard Holly’s voice.

    10/10 for me. (sniff, sniff)

  59. I have been so apprehensive all season and when Michael announced he was moving in “Garage Sale”, it finally hit me that he was leaving. I shed more than a few tears tonight (especially at Michael’s last TWSS), but it wasn’t too sappy. I spent much of the episode trying to hold back the waterworks and made a face similar to Michael in season 3 when he thought the Scranton Branch was closing. I finally lost it when Jim had his goodbye to Michael. And don’t get me started on the airport scene. Steve Carell, bravo for somehow making me get so attached to a fictional character. You will be sorely missed. In the words of Oscar “And just like that, as mysteriously as he arrived, he was gone.”

  60. Best episode in Office history! I laughed and cried. The next episodes look very good. Perfect ending. The episode was one of the headlines in the Tulsa World. No David?

  61. #56 Ryan U – WOW, no kidding. Great catch Ryan U!!

    Greg Daniels in the Entertainment Weekly interview “A tiny mystery story — which I’m not sure anyone’s going to catch and will come out a few episodes from now — is being set up here … “

  62. Great, great, great episode. that last “that’s what she said,” and then the goodbye with Pam…they could not have sent Michael Scott off in a better way. If Michael never comes back for a guest appearance…or at least for the series finale I will be truly disappointed. And on another note, this is the first episode where I genuinely enjoyed Deangelo.

  63. Who else was starting to get mad at Pam? :P I’m glad she got to say goodbye to Michael. I was also kind of disappointed with this episode but it’s all good. Maybe it was the guest star thing that ruined ending for me.

    @ #56. Ryan U – Woah, you just blew my mind!

  64. Danielle said
    “Just an FYI- I was expecting a great “that’s what she said” joke in tonight’s episode, but there wasn’t one…I’m pretty disappointed about that.”

    Ummm . . .

  65. What a great episode. I popped open a bottle of bubbly in honor of Mr. Scott tonight!

    I loved the subtle call backs to previous episodes. The adjusting of the Dundie, the mittens as a call back to Phyllis’s oven mitt at the Christmas party, and so many others. I loved the way he was a father figure to Erin, so sweet.

    The moments where I had to pull the tissues out were when Dwight read his recommendation letter and especially when Jim and Michael were tearing up during their goodbye. They were NOT acting there. You could tell that they have a history there that will be missed.

    One more, maybe the best, was when Michael was leaving, and said “let me know if this ever airs” that was so cool! This is his legacy, and he knows it. Anyone else think that Michael and Pam’s goodbye sans microphone was a GREAT parallel to Tim and Dawn’s silent important speech from the British Office? Such a great touch.

    Anyway, A great episode, the Office will not be the same without Michael Scott!

  66. I lost it at the Jim and Michael scene in his office. And I knew Pam had to make it to the airport.

    I LOVED Michael taking off the mike.

    Best of luck, Michael Scott. I hope you and Holly will have a wonderful life together!

  67. So, some people are saying there was a TWSS joke, others are saying there wasn’t. There definitely was NO TWSS in the episode I saw, the US version on NBC. Was the joke only in the Canadian version or something? Can somebody please post the joke here?

  68. wow, i guess i’m in the minority, because i thought that was one of the worst episodes ever. will ferrell is painfully unfunny. what was up with pam skipping out and seeing a movie? she’s changed so much, and not in a good way. i think i laughed once, when creed came out of the ladies’ room stall.

    and what the heck was up with andy’s pants?!

  69. @Wilkins TWSS was literally the last describable piece of dialogue Michael Scott said on the Office, although not literally the last thing said/heard. He takes off his mic, says “That feels so good to get off my chest.” and then says, without audio “That’s what she said.” and I believe he then says, “Thank you.”

  70. God, I hope he does a cameo next season. Just not going to be the same without him.

    Not sure what to think about Ryan U (56.), but would be an interesting plot twist. Honestly, just hating the whole Gabe, Erin, Andy storyline.

  71. Michael did say TWSS after he took the mike off. Couldn’t hear it but could read his lips say it.

  72. before taking off the mic, Michael said “It feels so good to finally get this off my chest.” Then he took off the mic and said “that’s what she said.” You didn’t hear it because he didn’t have the mic anymore, but you could see him mouth it.

  73. Thanks everyone for explaining the TWSS joke. I’m a terrible lip reader, so I missed it completely!

  74. And that’s how the series should have ended. That last scene with Michael and Pam had me borderline sobbing.

    Other quick thoughts: Jim crying in Michael’s office rang untrue to his character. Will Ferrell had no place in this episode. It was nice to see Andy’s confidence boost though. Loved Dwight reading his recommendation letter and the paintball scene.

    We’ll miss you, Steve!

  75. Why the hell was Pam skipping work to see a movie all by herself….that seemed so totally out of place… set up for a nice final scene but still?

  76. what can I say? thank you Mr Scott, thank you for all since 2005!

    you will be missed!

  77. Also, did anybody catch the trophy shot that mimicked the one from the opening intro? SO COOL! Was that shot never shown in a previous episode? I know all of the other shots from the original intro were.

  78. Well done Office writers! Loved every second. Obviously Michael’s moments with Jim and Pam were the toughest to handle, but I thought Michael’s reaction to the gift he gave Oscar was the best! I think I laughed as hard as he did!

    Here’s hoping this isn’t the last time we EVER see Michael Scott. If you’re paying attention Office writers, give us a Michael/Holly wedding in Season 8 please!

  79. While there were wonderful moments, particularly the airport scene, I was disappointed by the episode. The whole DeAngelo-Andy storyline was annoying and a waste of time in a climactic episode like this. And where was the funny? I understand Michael’s depressed about leaving but his natural instinct is to be a showman and an entertainer, and I was hopeful he would spend the day trying to cheer up the office, a final hurrah or encore if you will. I found the whole thing too muted. And the Jim moment felt too contrived. Maybe a second viewing will change my mind but I felt the energy that makes The Office what it is absent. Removing the mic and offering up a final TWSS was a classic moment, however.

  80. @99 Sarakaya Komzin

    Google images of Warren Lieberstein; it has to be him! Loved Michael’s face when he talked to Toby.

  81. @#98 Alan – I agree! Does anyone else have any idea what that was all about? (Pam seeing a movie, that is.) It really seemed totally out of place!

  82. @99 : It looked like they slightly CGI-ed Paul Lieberstein to me

    Also, I thought the Michael-Toby moment was really well done – you could still see Michael’s deep dislike of Toby but he’s matured enough that he didn’t say anything stupid or rude. I think it was about as sentimental as a goodbye with Toby could have been.

  83. Just want to say thanks to all the office tally posters tonight. I really enjoy checking the site for episode comments and insights. There are always postings that make me think and helpful tidbits that make the 2nd viewing of the night’s episode even better than the 1st.

  84. This was a great sendoff for Michael, and I still have tears in my eyes.

    Thanks for making me laugh so much over the past seven years, Michael Scott. You’re my favorite tv character … Ever.

  85. Loved the episode…but I have to ask, what the heck was up with Andy’s pants??

  86. I’m not going to try and describe how that was for me, because I can’t. All I’ll say is I loved it, and not get into it any more than that.

    Also can anyone confirm: Pam bought a plane ticket so she could make it through the gate to say goodbye to Michael?

    If so, then that is the never-to-be-topped, single most sweet thing anyone has ever done. Ever.

    Goodbye, Michael Scott. It’s been nice. It seems you’ve found your paradise.

  87. Excellent episode!!!!! We’re all gonna miss you, Michael. I loved the scene when you and Pam hugged each other for the last time. Good luck with Holly.

  88. it really hit me when michael was walking away from pam to his plane at the end of the episode.. he’s really gone. and this show will not be the same. :( i can’t even imagine what it’s gonna be like.

    great episode though. i thought everything was perfect. i had to choke back a few when dwight read the letter and when jim and michael were in the office. next 3 episodes look good though.

  89. TWSS was right after he took off the mic at the airport.
    Rewatch it, i have 3 times and get chills everytime.


  90. Perfect in every single way. All the little call backs to past episodes was fantastic. There were some truly hilarious lines, but the heart was overwhelming. Jim/Michael, Dwight/Michael and Pam/Michael were the shining moments. Incredible acting. Incredible emotion. John does those unshed tears like nobody else. I loved the direction and the very present feel of the camera crew.

    I wanted his last line to be “that’s what she said”, i’m so happy that came to be.

    My heart hurts. And i still have tears in my eyes. But this was a perfect hour of TV. One of the best ever. I love this cast. I love Greg and Paul for this gift. And i love Michael Scott. The show goes on.. and i look forward to it.

  91. Along with being the most poignant episode of The Office, this was the absolute best one. It just hit right on target. This is now (in my opinion) the best episode of The Office.

  92. Majorly anti-climactic! It felt like there was more coming and then it was just over :'(

    Last week’s final dundies was much more emotionally relevant IMO.

  93. I thought the episode was perfect in every way, as NBC promoted it. I don’t remember exactly where I read it, but one of the producers said there would be clue in this episode that would foreshadow a storyline for the rest of the season or next season. Someone on tvline thought maybe Phyllis is Erin’s birth mother. Interesting?

  94. I know some were disappointed in Holly’s “appearance” in this epi, but I think it was a great decision not to have her gum up the goodbye. If only the same could be said for Deangelo (but I understand the idea of using him to keep the rest of the show rolling).

    Unbelievable callbacks. Tears flowing, especially when Jim said his goodbyes. A huge show of respect towards a person none of them respected for quite a bit.

    This is a very sad night. Thanks Steve, Michael, Ping, et al for a great run. Hope to see you again soon.

  95. I loved it, loved it so much. The tears started with Dwight’s letter, i was nearly sobbing when Jim said his goodbye. And my vision was blurry when he hugged Pam. I find it completely believable that Jim would tear up. Him and Pam have always looked out for Michael, played the sort of parents to an overgrown child. Now he’s “grown up” and moving away. They’ve never hated him. They’ve looked out for him a lot. And they’re not made of stone. That non-goodbye was perfect.

    The whole thing felt classic. Michael’s high pitched laughter was hysterical. Holy crazy stalkerish Gabe. Pam and the movie was random. But her running to the airport was the best thing ever. My emotions are indescribable right now.

  96. Bravo – a proper sendoff!
    Loved Jim’s scene with Michael but the best was when Michael took off the mike and was greeted by Pam – a lovely moment.

    Tanster – would love to know what Steve said to Jenna during that scene. I am sure it was amazing.

    It was also sweet to hear Holly’s voice calm Michael’s nerves about the move.

    Thank you, Steve…you will be missed in Scranton.

  97. I find choosing a favorite episode of The Office to be a literally impossible task. I just can’t. But this one? It stands beside Casino Night, Niagara and Weight Loss as perfection. Although the Deangelo/Andy subplot was strange. I did not expect to get so emotional during his moment with Jim. That was very touching. But Pam finished it in the most amazing way. IMO it was just the right amount of emotion from all of them.

    The mystery plot has me so intrigued. Is it Phyllis and Erin? Or something to do with Deangelo. Why wasn’t Pam in the tag for Michael’s goodbye party? That was the next day was it not?

  98. @99 Sarakaya Komzin
    Yes, that was Paul Lieberstein’s brother, Warren. He’s a producer on the show.

    @103 Alan
    I don’t believe the shot of Michael and his Dundie in the intro was ever in an episode; it might have been in a deleted scene, however.

    @110 Jayme
    According to my wife, Andy’s pants were from J. Crew.

    @111 Dirk
    I thought Pam had a plane ticket in her hand when first watching the episode. Upon second viewing, she has her coat over one arm and her shoes in her other hand. However, she could have put her ticket in her coat pocket after getting through the first wave of security.

  99. It hits even harder when you realize that this could be the beginning of the end of The Office.

  100. @107- I think that Pam just went and saw the movie because it was out. Probably just because she hadn’t seen it and needed to. I thought it was funny.

    The whole episode was great! I wept twice…let it loose once. God the episode was great! All the nods to former episodes! And I just knew his last line would be “That’s What She Said”, and I’m glad I was right!

    The Gabe lines were hilarious tonight! “Walk away…bitch.”

  101. That was the single best hour in television history and a perfect farewell to the best t.v character in history. I cried the whole second half and when dwight and jim cried it made me cry even harder. Wow i am still crying

    Also i am a man

  102. I hate to say it, but I agree with Sprinkles. “Anti-climatic” would be a good way to describe what I was feeling. I know the office said their “thank yous” during the Dundies, but it was so weird to have him walk away with no one knowing, no big group “goodbye”.

    On the other hand, it’s definitely reminiscent of the melancholy that was present in the first couple of seasons, which I’d been missing. Also, that last TWSS joke he slipped in just killed me. I was expecting tears and I definitely was not disappointed.

  103. Aww man. Usually I just lurk around and read others’ comments, but for this – I just HAD to. Throughout these seven seasons, I’ve cried a couple times for moments like in the end of Season 2, and some Michael moments. Really, I don’t care what anybody else says, but I’ll stick with The Office for as long as it’s still airing. Anyway, this is probably the most I’ve cried throughout the whole series. And that’s a real tough thing to say for a guy like me. All I’m saying is that I’d love to thank everybody who’s been involved with the show, because this episode sums up the magic they can work. It was perfect.

    Just, Goodbye, Steve.

  104. @Kurn Why do you sense trouble for JAM?

    Greg Daniels needs to be involved in every episode. Michael asking the cameras to let him know if this thing ever airs was the best line of the night. I always love when the documentary is mentioned in any way. Everything at the airport was marvelous. That final TWSS made my tears spill over. It was all i had hoped for. Like others have said, the Jim, Pam and Dwight moments were amazing. It felt so right. But goodbyes are indeed a bitch.

    Deangelo has almost reached a Jan level of craziness. They should meet. Who knew he’d suck so bad as a salesman?

  105. So perfect to end Michael’s last episode with a hug from Pam. She truly is the heart of the show.

    I loved it.

  106. I was just about to wonder if anyone else thought that maybe Phyllis was Erin’s birth mother! The ages are about right…
    And I loved the Creed reference to Season 3.

  107. Very funny, for sure one of best episodes ever. The pam movie was to keep it raw and real if your boss was leaving the next day and you had the chance to see a great movie you would do it. remember pam and michael aren’t really close friends away from the office. Wish dwight would have said the final goodbye even though jim and pam are the heart of the show. The manager job better come down to jim and dwight.

  108. Goodbyes do stink. Loved all the little callbacks, Michael calming down after his talk with Holly, the paintball scene, Ryan getting the neon beer sign & of course 1 last TWSS. I tried to hold in the tears, but once Dwight started reading the letter, I was an emotional mess, esp his farewells to Erin, Jim, & Pam & when he took off his mic. I really hope this isn’t the last we’ll see of Steve on this show.

    I’m so sad right now, I don’t know what else to say, so I guess excuse me while I go mop the remaining tears on the floor.

  109. That look between Dwight and Jim at the end was hilarious they both sense the branch is in deep trouble.

  110. Awesome episode!
    Loved all of it.
    It let Michael finally give up the concept that the work place was his family,

    “The people you work with are… jus really your best friends”

    Will miss you, but am excited for some new possibilities for the show.

    Good luck writers

  111. Think about it… it makes sense that Michael wouldn’t have known that Phyllis was pregnant in high school, because we learn in season 6 (“Niagara”) that Erin was born four months premature. Many pregnant women don’t show distinctly until late in the second trimester. We know now that Phyllis has diabetes, although we don’t know when she developed diabetes, but diabetes in the mother can be a cause for premature delivery. In certain cases, a premature child of a diabetic mother can be prone to seizures, and we learn from the medical bracelet that Kelly made Erin give her when she tried to repair Pam’s painting that Erin has seizures…

  112. Pam: How about cupcakes
    Angela: Ugh.
    Pam: What’s wrong with cupcakes?
    Angela: Everything.

  113. It struck me that Dwight has become “colder” over the years. He doesn’t seek Michael’s approval as much as he used to, nor does he get as emotional as he once did. I remember him fully sobbing when Michael made him ass. regional manager. Now, after 7 seasons he finally got the biggest compliment from Michael he could ask for. And though he didn’t cry, i saw it hit him in profound way. Likewise, Jim and Pam have become more open in showing emotion. So for Michael to evoke those responses out of them, something he always tried to get, must have been so wonderful. He finally learned your co-workers don’t have to be your family, just co-workers. Or in some cases, your friends, and that’s good enough.

    I loved the final scene between Jim and Dwight. Sharing that look. That’s right boys, you two are essential the leads now.

  114. “I lost Michael Scott. And it feels like somebody took my heart and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears. And at the same time, somebody else is hitting my soul in the crotch with a frozen sledgehammer. And then a third guy walks in and starts punching me in the grief bone”.

    I can’t stop crying. Goodbye, Michael. And remember to call…

  115. I absolutely loved everything about this episode! It had a great blend of humor, tears and looking forward to the future. And one final, perfect, TWSS! Goodbye, Michael Scott….you will be missed!

  116. I have to agree with some of you, it did feel a little bit anticlimactic, but in a way that made it more real. I too would have a loved a big group goodbye. Maybe on second watching I’ll enjoy it more: I expected to be crying the whole way through but it only got me near the end.

    and RE: Pam, I figured that she did go and check prices of shredders, but as she said she’d be gone for a few hours she figured she might as well catch a much-hyped movie?

  117. Such a great episode! I hope we see more of this side of Gabe…hysterical! “Walk away bitch”. So great! Loved the end with the look between Dwight and Jim..priceless. I hope that we see Michael again. It would be too sad for him to get married and the office NOT being there. Maybe next season???

  118. Michael did say “that’s what she said!” as he took off the microphone and said “this is going to feel so good to take off my chest” :’)

  119. I was fine until Michael’s last “That’s what she said” joke, then I started crying. Such a great goodbye to the character! It was a brilliant episode!

    I’m sure the writers know what to do next, but it is a huge loss.

  120. Greg Daniels, thank you! You are a genius.

    I laughed. I cried.

    “So, you’re filming us going to the bathroom now?”

    “Let me know when this airs.”

  121. Wonderful. All of it was perfect.

    The finality of Michael taking off his microphone was a wonderful touch, very nicely done guys. Still weepy now just thinking about it :(

  122. Michael looking back before leaving and seeing business as usual going on was what really got me. I never shed a tear at The Office till last night and that’s the part that really got me.

  123. I’m glad to see that Michael got the quiet, but happy exit Steve Carell wanted. I loved the subtle little moments. The way that Andy saved the account Deangelo nearly ruined at the end showed that he has learned some skills and gained the confidence Michael wanted him to gain. The touch with Michael taking off his microphone at the end was inspired as was Pam’s quiet goodbye. Loved his letter to Dwight as well as the moments with Jim and Erin. Gabe has gone pre-anger management level Andy psycho. Hopefully Andy and Erin will get back together soon, they are right for each other just as Michael and Holly are. And it is entirely possible that Phyllis is Erin’s birth mother considering that this is the first time Erin mentioned she doesn’t know who her birth mother is and it’s also the first time Phyllis mentioned she gave up a baby. Coincidence? maybe maybe not.

  124. I’ve never before wrote anything on this site nor on any other Office-related site for that matter, but this just demands it. I am a 20 year old guy, I have never cried at any movie or series before this, but in the last couple of episodes of the Office I just about cried my guts out. Michael’s proposal and the group song got me teary-eyed, but the last fifteen minutes of Michael Scott in the Office got me crying like a baby. I repeated some of the most beautiful parts after it (Erin/Jim/Dwight’s goodbye mostly) and was crying for about thirty minutes afterwards. This will stay between you anonymous readers and me, mr anonymous, but a show that can do this to a guy like me has done an amazing job. I will miss you Michael G. Scott, the Office and tv will never be the same without you.

  125. Michael’s character arc is now complete. Instead of demanding his employees to lavish him in praise, he does the exact opposite and does something sweet for each of them. Instead of trying to make a big deal out of everything, like his 15-year anniversary or his grilled foot, he leaves discreetly. There is no party, or song, or lavish event. He’s been stripped of his narcissism.

    I found that to be the sweetest thing about the episode.

  126. #118, I totally agree. The whole episode felt like it was leading up to something big, then nothing happened. Definitely not a great episode, imo. I expected his sendoff to be better. Especially since last week’s episode was amazing!

    And what the heck was up with Andy’s pants?! lol

    Oh, and I didn’t even put the Erin/Phyllis thing together. I thought it was odd to include the Phyllis line since it’s a comedy, but now it makes sense.

  127. Best episode of the season. I had cried at the Dwight, Jim and Pam scenes. It’s going to be really hard without Michael. That’s What She Said.

  128. I was extremely underwhelmed by this episode. I was expecting to cry non-stop, and I didn’t even tear up. It just felt like they were building and building up to something, and then…… nothing.

  129. Wow. This was one of the most Office-like episodes in quite some time. Very heart-felt and realistic goodbyes between Michael and his workers that were not sentimental, which I was somewhat afraid of given the writers’ tendency this season to be sitcommy and pandering. Instead, we get Michael trying very hard to be appropriate (but coming up short in his usual misguided way), his employees mostly rolling their eyes and groaning (the reactions to Michael’s gifts and later Ping were classic). Then of course there were the sweet goodbyes that Michael had with Dwight, Erin, Jim and Pam. All were believable, and yes–I do think Jim honestly thought Michael was the best boss (think about the pivotal moments of booze cruise).

    My one gripe with the episode, and the reason I couldn’t give 10/10 was Deangelo. Making him crazy seems like heavy-handed, sloppy writing in an otherwise pitch-perfect episode. I love Will Ferrell, but he’s too big of name for a show like The Office… I just keep thinking “oh, that’s Will Ferrell” and the Deangelo character is not believable in the least… we’ll see if the writers can salvage things…

  130. Did anyone catch the line “Michael doesn’t like JAM”? That does not refer to Jim and Pam, right?

  131. Definitely a more sentimental episode than funny. And that’s fine with me. Some of my favorite Office moments touched my heart more than my funny bone. When Michael called Holly…that was a very powerful scene, as was the moment he removed his mike and said his last TWSS for us. Amazing. Also loved the silence of his last moment with Pam.

    Well done.

  132. I absolutely loved this episode!

    But I am very upset they let stupid stupid Deangelo Vickers take away time that could have been used for the scenes with David Wallace…I mean really?!

  133. While rewatching, I caught another TWSS joke. When Michael gives Stanley the bare pool table toy, he asks “Where’s the rest of it, it’s got no balls” and Michael gives a look like, “TWSS!”

    I absolutely loved Michael talking about the thing he gave Oscar. I already miss him so, so much.

  134. I miss him already. The scene between Michaal & Pam reminded me of the scene between Dawn & Tim right before Dawn left…in the BBC’s Office. It was a good sendoff.

  135. I’ve always said that this show is a drama cleverly diguised as a sitcom and this is the gold-plated Exhibit A to that fact. Hands down THE BEST episode of the series, and it’s not even close. And until the the series finale, I don’t think anything will even approach it.

  136. My favorite part of the episode was the shot of him adjusting the Dundie on his desk…such a small thing, but we’ve seen that exact shot of younger Steve in every episode of the series so it was a nice call back.

    I also laughed out loud at Andy’s pants!

    I loved (in a sad way) this episode, but I REALLY am loathing Will Ferrell’s character. Is it confirmed that next week is his last episode? I thought I read he only signed on for 4 eps and then in the previews for next week it talks about who is going to take over when Deangelo cannot fulfill his duties…I hope that’s it for him because he is awful!

  137. Well, for starters, really liked the episode. The humble way he left was the exact oposite I expected. Which made it great!

    But I really hope Michael Scott does not return. Not that I didn’t love him or anything, but I think the small “That’s what she said…. good bye” was perfect. Shouldn’t be tampered with such an great ending.

  138. I loved the episode. I started crying when Dwight started reading the letter of recommendation so sweet. He finally played paintball with him i loved that.

  139. What a great show. What a great character. One of the best of all time. Last night’s episode was one of the best of all time. So sad and so real. Some of those goodbyes felt so real to me. It was Michael Scott at his best funny and sensitive all rolled into one big ball. I was hoping that Deangelo got hit by a car though. Awful awful awful.

  140. The emotion in this episode was VERY subdued, and somewhat subtle. The moment where he presented his trophy to the camera and then repositioned it on his desk is when it began to hit me: Michael Scott is actually leaving. This, and the dialogue between himself and Jim at the end, caused me to tear up inside. That particular scene was brilliant. Pure brilliance. I loved this episode.

    I look forward to the day where Deangelo Vickers is off’d. Shortly after he was introduced, I knew that I would dislike him. Immensely. This was further supported during this episode when he asked if he could have Michael’s toy truck, and then proceeded to explain that Michael had no job lined up, so wouldn’t need the toys. I literally wanted to punch the screen.

  141. When the advertisement for Michael Scott’s last episode declared it to be perfect, I was expecting a huge letdown. But they pulled it off. Well done, guys. Well done.

  142. Michael’s last episode was just perfect. I hope they have a wedding special for him and Holly.

  143. Just watched this episode. This was truly one of the greatest episodes of the series. The moment with Pam at the airport was the BEST moment I have seen in TV history. Overall, this deserves a big 10. Steve Carell deserves an emmy for this episode and so does Greg Daniels.

  144. Please forgive me if this has already been said, but I believe Pam left because as Michael stated “goodbyes stink”…Sometimes when the mood is heavy, you gotta get some air.And also, knowing his last moment with her was coming, she was putting off the inevitable. That’s my theory.

  145. I hate to say it but I have to agree that I’m a little disappointed with will ferrell’s character but otherwise, I cried like a baby last night. Michael Scott is one in a million.

  146. Loved all the doc. crew references, but no Hank-:( )! It would be awesome if the doc. crew left in the series finale, then they released an acutal documentary into theaters with everything from the show! As for tonight… perfect (Emmy for Steve!)

  147. Re: Pam going to the movies… When Michael left before seeing her, I figured the whole idea was that despite how much Michael was scared to say his goodbyes, Pam knew it would really be so hard that she tried to hide from the Office all afternoon to avoid it.

    But then when she chased Michael down to say goodbye, I figured that probably wasn’t right. Though it’s possible she changed her mind at the last minute.

  148. Did anyone notice right after Michael’s scene with Erin, we see a closeup of Erin on the phone and then it zooms out to Phyllis in the exact same position on the phone in front of her?

    The shots of the two are almost identical…

  149. Loved the Jim/Michael, Pam/Michael, and Dwight/Michael scenes… Greg Daniels is pretty amazing when it comes to writing stuff for these characters. Thanks Michael Scott/Steve Carell. Lovely…

  150. Can’t see if anyone mentioned this yet, but I just rewatched the episode.

    The scene after Michael talks to Erin and she says she doesn’t know her birth mother, it starts out with Erin holding the phone to her ear, then zooms out show Phyllis doing the exact same. Hmm, interesting stuff!

    So mimicking behaviour most definitely sets up Phyllis as her birth mother!

  151. Giving the draft of “Somehow I Manage” to Darryl is foreshadowing into the future if you ask me. I see Darryl as the new branch manager sometime next season. For some reason it just fits.

  152. I’ve never posted on here before, but I feel like I have to for Michael’s last episode! So unbelievably perfect. I know people were talking about callbacks, did anyone catch the mint chocolate chip ice cream cake callback from ‘The Alliance’ in season 1?

  153. I actually had not read too much into the Erin / Phyllis moments prior to reading a few of the comments being made here. If there is indeed a direct connection between those two…

    … wow. I would have never seen that coming.

  154. If you are hating the Deangelo character (as am I) then, I think the writers have accomplished what they intended. Hate for Deangelo = more love for Michael.

  155. Gosh, I’m almost crying at work just reading all your posts.

    Loved the episode. The silent “that’s what she said” was one of the most brilliant things I’ve seen on TV in a long time. I like that they saved the audio-less conversation for Pam & Michael instead of Pam and Jim (like they did in the UK “Office”). I do agree Will Ferrell had no place in this episode. His Talking Head about being obese was totally out of nowhere. I kinda thought I had hallucinated it after the TH ended.

    Fantastic episode. So well executed. See ya, Michael. Thanks for picking the city 30 minutes north of me to live. We’ll meet up soon.

  156. It truly hit home for me during this episode that this would be the last we saw of Michael Scott (save hopefully for an appearance or two before the eventual end of the series, please!). It was funny and sweet, and of course sad. But it felt right.

    Like you all I’ll be interested to see where the show goes from here. It will be difficult without Steve Carell. But I’m glad its going on. I’m not ready to say goodbye to it yet.

  157. what a wonderful way to finish. can’t thank the writers enough for this season, they’ve done everything a fan of The Office could’ve wanted for Michael.

    Deangelo is awful yes, but the goodbyes and the mood of the episode was perfect. It felt like a real office for the first time in a while (not that recent episodes have been bad) and reactions were honest. When a tv series can inspire hope (and a lot of tears!) you know it’s doing something right.

  158. good episode. great ending. one of my favorite moments was the subtle way michael left… he turned to take one last look at the office: at his playground, at his family members, inhaled & exhaled and there was that near silence where all you heard was the sound of a busy office (phone ringing, keyboards typing, etc.) then michael looked at jim who gave him a look that seemed to say “you did good, kid. now get outta here.” and that was it. like someone said earlier: my favorite show lost its heart.

  159. I would have thought this episode was completely brilliant, except they just want to ruin Gabe. He was an awesome character, now he’s horrible. I really liked him.

    Also, I liked Michael and Toby’s mild discussion, pretty awesome.

    Michael and Phyllis is actually I pretty important relationship on the show, and I’m glad it got sufficiently wrapped up.

  160. What’s with all the talk about Andy’s pants? It’s not the first time he’s worn them.

  161. Oh, on the Phyllis/Erin thing; Phyllis has said before how she wished her mother were there to give advice and Erin said something very similar with the reveal about her not knowing her birth mother.

    If this storyline doesn’t turn out to be true it’s a brilliant red herring!

  162. If we think Deangelo is awful, then Will Ferrell is doing his job. We’re not supposed to like him. Just like we weren’t supposed to like Charles Miner. I can’t thank Will Ferrell enough for signing up to play Deangelo – I think it was very brave and cool of him.

    P.S. I don’t think they’re ruining Gabe – actually, he cracked me up more than anyone last night – he was brilliant! As an Office fan, I’ve always enjoyed a good meltdown. Don’t worry, he’ll be redeemed eventually.

  163. I’ll have to agree with Flonkerton. This episode didn’t really work for me either. Michael was TOO nice, it just wasn’t HIM to want a dramaless day.

    I got some smiles, but no major laughs. I think this show is gone, which is a shame because they have a lot of great characters that could carry the show forward.

  164. @194: Yes, he wore them in “Job Fair” I believe

    And I kinda think psycho Gabe could be really funny.

  165. Just wanted to thank the show for a wonderful sendoff to a much beloved character. Good luck Steve and don’t forget us when you are famous. :)

  166. Tanster, can you help me with what the show was that Pam was going to see?

  167. After rewatching the episode for the third time, does anyone else think what Pam tells the cameraman is not what Michael actually said to her…?

    Unrelated note, what if the mystery story isn’t the one everyone’s pointing out? (Erin/Phyllis connection)

  168. @196 Tobyfan-
    I agree we’re not supposed to like Deangelo and Ferrell is doing an excellent job of making us hate him. I agree about Psycho Gabe, besides it has been awhile since we’ve had a good old fashioned office meltdown.

  169. @201. CarpenterThatMakesStairs

    I haven’t watched it back to be sure, but I thought it was “The King’s Speech” on the marquee for the movie theater.

  170. Anyone notice the poster for “Bridesmaids” when Pam went to the movies??

    Thought it was an interesting nod to Ellie Kemper AND director Paul Feig :) coincidence?

  171. I’ve watched this episode a few times now, and I cry each time Jim’s scene comes on.

    I wonder what Pam and Michael really said… I too believe that Pam lied to the camera…

  172. @203 recyclopes — those were his last words (just unmiked after he took it off at the airport)

  173. I thought this was exceptionally well done since SC is leaving. I would not want my last memories of MS to act obnoxiously. I thought they may build in some clips so I appreciate the fact this was all new.

    I like JK’s approach where he is saying TO is like a spin-off now. Obviously, the show will not be the same; but hopefully different will still be good.

  174. Perfect, just perfect.

    Jim/Michael had me on the verge of tears, but Pam/Michael was the one that got me. Never actually cried watching the office before, but that was just beautiful.

    Everything related to Michael leaving was so brilliant, that it made up for DeAngelo. Makes us appreciate Michael just that little bit more.

    10/10, best ep of the season, and top 5 overall in the series

  175. I wish someone could keep a transcript of the TWSS Podcast chat page…I totally called Michael’s final line towards the beginning of the episode. This would have been a fabulous episode for the entire series to go out on. Now I’m dreading what will be left of the series.

  176. As much as I LOVED the episode (which I absolutely did), I definitely want to ask the writers/directors a few questions and nit-pick a few details:

    1.) Logistically, wouldn’t Michael have had to remove his mic BEFORE going through security? So why put it back on, just to have to take it back off?

    2.) Did Pam buy a plane ticket just so she could get through security?

    3.) Will we ever get any explanation of why Michael decided to leave a day earlier than his announced date?

  177. This was a great episode. Emotionally magnificent, indeed. Everyone in the cast turned in a great performance, but the moment that stood out to me was Dwight’s reading his recommendation letter from Michael. The way he transitioned from being sarcastic and bitter at the beginning to moved and appreciative at the end was perfect. It was one of those quiet and subtle moments that makes The Office great. Rainn did an excellent job.

    As much as I would have liked to see Michael Scott for a few more episodes, I am glad we’ll have a new episode next week instead of having to wait all summer. It will be good not to dwell on the sadness of Michael’s departure for too long. I’m excited to see where they go from here. Onward and upward!

  178. That image of Michael walking away at the airport is kind of iconic now. This goodbye happened so fast, but it was so well-written and so well-acted. I was sad to see Michael leave, but I’m also more comfortable with the idea now. There’s still an entire cast left of characters with stories. If they can get one more season in on the rest of the office adjusting to “regular” office life with a decent boss, then I’ll be happy.

  179. This episode will wind up being the only one that makes me tear up upon every viewing.

    The more i watch it, the more the scene with Jim and Michael really stands out to me as the highlight of the whole thing. And my personal favorite. That scene is easily in my top 5 moments ever, and that’s hard to do.

    @Chris K I think Pam was honest. Nothing in her mannerisms or tone led me to believe she was lying. Michael already had his freak out, i think he was confident at that point.

  180. Great episode. I was weeping through some of the same moments that made everyone cry. But the weird thing for me was when Michael handed back his mic. I totally lost it there. Tears, tears, tears. That mic was Michael’s confession tool. It allowed us to enter his world. Turning in that mic was not just a goodbye to Dunder Mifflin and Scranton, it was a final so-long to us – the audience.

  181. I’m so sorry for the immediate additional post, but something also came to mind. I was a bit sorry that Michael didn’t say “goodbye” to the crew. It may have been awkward – but just a handshake off camera, or a quick word would have been kind of cool. I always felt the crew we never see is an important, silent cast member.

  182. …. I don’t even know what to say. My heart is full. I have never loved a show so bad in my life. And it’s been such a big part of my life so thank you The Office writers and actors. Tanks ‘)

    As for Mr. Steve Carell: I’ll never, never, ever stop loving you.

  183. @203 THEY WERE!!!!!!!
    The very last thing he said when the mic was off was “That’s What She Said.”
    Yeah I caught it. I also cried.

  184. HIS VERY LAST WORDS WERE THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just in case no one knew.
    @223 Yes, you were right :)

  185. Loved the interaction between Dwight and Jim at the very end of the episode, as Deangelo was swiping at the cake with his hands and then ultimately making a dive for it face-first. It was absolutely priceless.

  186. One of the most hilarious scenes for me was Angela showing pictures of her, her boyfriend, and his boyfriend to Michael and Oscar’s reactions that was priceless.

  187. Michael Scott is the heart and soul of this show–obviously he will not be replaced. That said, Darryl is the perfect boss to continue this show without people being in the doldrums about Michael. He’s the anti-sap, he’s detached from many of the other characters, and he’s hilarious. Do the right thing, writers. The show needs to promote one of its own and move forward in a positive manner. I think there’s a chance it comes back in a big way for season 8 if Darryl gets the gig.

  188. The dictionary defines “superlative” as “of the highest kind, quality or order, surpassing all else or others; supreme”. I define it as this episode. As a farewell to Michael, as the summation of the character’s growth over the years, as the fruition of his relationships with the pseudo-family that are his co-workers, and as a capping-off of Steve Carell’s tenure on “The Office”, this episode is of the highest kind, quality, and order; supreme. Lots more like that. Really repetitive.

  189. Don’t you just love event television?

    Everything has pretty much been said in the 229+ comments so far. But I had to add my two cents for such an important occasion.

    Steve’s performance here was just magical. He nailed every single scene. If he submits this episode, he may finally win his emmy.

    All of Michael’s goodbyes were spot on. It was a neat twist to have Michael say goodbye in secret, and avoid the generic sitcom route.

    I thought Gabe was hilarious. I’m so glad they are continuing the ‘State Senator’ storyline. It’s always so funny. Excellent work by Will Ferrell tonight too. Some people think that the character of Deangelo is only there to make people like Michael more, but I see a deeper lesson. I think that over seven years, Michael has proven that you should always tolerate and respect people even though they may do callous, insensitive, stupid, or insane things. If we were to have Deangelo as the boss for the next seven years (not gonna happen, I know) then we could possibly grow more affectionate towards him as we got to know him.

    Thanks for everything, Steve.

  190. Perfect chapter.
    One of the best. I guess I was expecting some recognition to Dwight from Michael, but when Dwight read the last lines of the letter I was almost crying.

    Jim and Michael know each other very well ever since they shared co-manager position and maybe even before then.

    Erin/Michael: like a foster father Erin respects and looks up to.

    The State senator photos and Angela, hilarious.

    The gifts, the advices that Michael gave everyone were great altogether.

    If this is the last episode of the entire series, I’d have no regrets or sorrow.

    they’ve all worked on the series long and hard (that’s what she said)

  191. I loved the Jim and Pam moments with Michael, but the one that really got to me was when Michael was just standing there near reception and just watching them work then seeing Creed say “See ya tomorrow, Boss”. At that point it all hit me that this was it, Michael Scott was really gone.

  192. This was the saddest tv episode I have ever seen! I was so shocked when he said he was leaving early. I wish he wouldn’t have left without anybody knowing it was his last day. I really wanted to see every single character’s reaction to him leaving. I first started to cry when Oscar asked Michael where he should send his last paycheck to. I started crying a lot harder when Michael was breaking down in his office and called Holly. I loved how quickly Michael calmed down when he heard Holly’s voice. I especially loved his scenes with Erin, Dwight, Jim, and Pam. I couldn’t stop crying once Michael began his Ping impression. His goodbye with Jim just had me sobbing and I didn’t stop until the show was over. I loved what he said about coworkers being more like best friends rather than family. I’m so glad his last line was twss. I was afraid he wasn’t going to say it. I was so relieved when Pam reached him. Seeing his plane fly away was the worst. I don’t know if I can continue watching The Office now that Michael is gone:(.

  193. Simply cannot get over how perfect this truly was. Pure quality. Every second concerning Michael felt like the summation of 7 years accumulating in the most genuine goodbye an Office fan could hope for. Better than any other episode this season by a long shot, and yes there were some great ones. I still want to cry, but i’d rather smile at the memories, and this payoff. And the knowledge that we still have a another whole season ahead of us, and hopefully more than that.

  194. “her boyfriend, and his boyfriend to Michael”

    It was slightly sad that even Michael seemed to get it, from the pictures, but she didn’t.

    I suddenly wonder if maybe she’s going to get like a weird “karma.” (Not that I believe in karma) She was engaged to a guy, but slept with another guy on the side. Now she’s going to be the one to deal with a lover who has a guy on the side. (Although it certainly seems he’s simply using her as a cover. The analogy would work better if he was bi or really did see her as a “kindred spirit” and not just a “beard.”)

  195. I guess I’ll never feel satisfied with Michael’s exit. I’ll always miss the Michael of seasons past, and never needed this sudden self-awareness arc. I hate that he had to leave everything he cherished to be with Holly, pinning his future exclusively on her and her unseen and apparently humorless family. The whole thing is just so much sadder than just his leaving Dunder Mifflin, and Michael himself seemed sadder than I’ve ever seen him.

  196. Wouldn’t it have been funny if it were Jan at the airport and not Pam :)

    A large part of the charm of the Office for me are those private moments. In “Goodbye Michael, we have; 1) Holly comforting Michael 2) Jim saying goodbye and 3) Pam at the airport.

    It is moments like these that make the Office so special.

    Emmy for Carell in 2012…pass it on

  197. Never have I cried so hard watching a TV show. I was bawling at the end. Such a bittersweet episode. I really hope Michael comes back to visit every once in a while just like Amy Poehler comes back to do the weekend update with Seth Meyers on SNL. Holly was always meant for Michael and I know how happy they’ll be together.

    I had a ton of favorite parts, but for some reason I think my absolute favorite part of the episode was when Michael said he wouldn’t be able to do it and called Holly to tell her, but ended up saying, “I just needed to hear your voice.” I think that defines love right there.

    Words cannot describe how much I loved this episode!

  198. Steve Carell absolutely deserves an Emmy for his performance. He amazingly blended both comedy and drama into one perfect performance. The show will never be the same without him, and he shall always be missed.

    Goodbye, Michael

  199. Oh man! I didn’t watch it until today, avoiding reading anything on this site, or posts on FB. I …I got tears in my eyes.
    Damn! what an ending! a final “That’s what she said!”. I’m sure going to miss Michael Scott

  200. That was truly emotionally magnificent. Also, Steve Carell had better win the Emmy for his tour-de-force performance in this episode. Indeed; it might be his best performance ever on this show.

    The episode itself was everything it ought to be, and it showed how much Michael has grown since season one. Kudos to Daniels, Feig and especially Carell. They couldn’t have done it better.

  201. @Robert Adams
    I figured the new manager would come from within the office but I thought it would be down to Jim, Dwight, or Darryl. But an out of left field choice like Pam could be interesting.

  202. I just want to give everyone a standing ovation. For the powerful yet subtle performances they all gave. For not only reaching this milestone, but for accomplishing it with the utmost sincerity and such affecting emotion. This episode was a showcase of their brilliance not soon to be forgotten. Bravo everybody.

  203. I have never cried so hard watching an episode of TV. Honestly, this was pure perfection. Just a question though, why was Pam going into the movie theater? Was there something I missed?

  204. Why is the Deangelo/Andy subplot getting hated on so much?

    Obviously it’s nothing compared to the amazing A-story for this episode, but as far as B-plots go, this was definitely a standout. I mean, Ferrell’s “Russian roulette” line got a huge laugh out of me! And I also thought it was really sweet when Michael gave Andy his top 10 clients. It feels like it’s setting Andy up for the manager position, maybe?

    On another note, I was hoping for maaybe a bit funnier of a goodbye between Michael and Toby. I mean, I felt there was a lot the writers could have done with that plot. But I did feel really sad during Michael’s goodbye to Kelly ):

    Finally, who else was just screaming TWSS when Stanley said “Where’s the rest of it? It’s got no balls!” :D

    Anyways, Goodbye, Michael. Catch you on the flippety-flip (:

  205. I know everyone’s mentioned everything about this episode, but I think I will always feel a “void” watching the Office from now on :( I am really gonna miss Steve/Michael. I loved all the references to past episodes (Phyllis mits-Christmas Party, Ping-Dundies,Andy/Deangelo sales pitch-Traveling Salesman, and Basketball). Hope the Office somehow fills Michael’s void. I have cried like a baby for Michael’s final 3 episodes!

  206. Best episode of the season, in my opinion. I loved all the callbacks from the previous seasons. Michael trying to shoot a basketball, Michael wanting to use the baler, Creed in the ladies bathroom, mint chocolate chip ice cream cake for Michael’s planned party. I was really geeking out about these callbacks.

  207. The only thing that makes me feel less sad about Michael leaving is the hope that we’ll see him and Holly drop by with a new baby.

  208. If we’re gonna find David Wallace in this episode, I’m pretty sure we’ll do in a deleted scene, if not in, well, of course on Season 7 DVD.

  209. I know David is in it because I saw the photos of the episode on

  210. just realized something… where was david wallace? wasn’t he supposed to be in this episode?

    [from tanster: click the photo links at the top of this page. andy buckley appears in a few of them]

  211. @245. Michelle – just a guess, but the Office has a thing for embracing winners, like the episode when they debated whether or not Hilary Swank (an Oscar winner) is hot or not. I think it was a nod to the King’s Speech(the movie Pam went to see) winning best picture this year.

  212. Maybe this was addressed already, but at the end when Michael asks the camera man to let him know if this will be broadcast (or published, not sure exact wording), do you think he was referring to the entire “show” thus far? If so, smart writing, because we forget that these characters are just working with cameras in their office; they don’t see the “show”.

  213. I’ve loved this show from the beginning, and I still love The Office. I know it’s just a show, but there are so few out there worth watching. This is classic, quality work.

    I won’t lie, I cried. Your fans will miss you Steve!

  214. Why hasn’t this man won an Emmy yet??? Or has he, and I missed it . . .

  215. Finally just watched the episode. What a great sendoff! It couldn’t have been more perfect. It was very sentimental and cleverly written. Thanks for everything Steve Carell. You’ve brought much joy to so many people. In the top 5 best television characters of all time (as well as the show). You will be greatly missed!

  216. I’m surprised there’s only been two comments about Michael’s reaction to Oscar accepting his gift. Just thinking about it cracks me up; Steve did that absolutely perfectly. And just when I thought I’d gotten it all out of my system comes “He has the lowest opinion of me of anyone!” and I freakin’ lost it.

  217. I think Pam went to the movies because the writers needed her to be away for most of the day so Michael wouldn’t be able to say good-bye as he had planned and they also needed her to be somewhere where Jim and Michael could not reach her by phone (her phone would be off inside a movie theater). Andy wearing those “clown” pants was so appropriate now that he has become Deangelo’s buffoon.

  218. I’ve got one that nobody has mentioned yet.

    Stanley storms out of the final conference room meeting, as though he is trying to avoid Michael. However, who is at the door of the conference room during the party the next day, watching anxiously to see if Michael is going to show up? Stanley!

    There’s only one conclusion: He stormed out of the meeting because he really does care about Michael, and perhaps can’t deal with his leaving.

    Next time you watch this episode, watch Stanley’s mannerisms in that tag scene. He looks devastated. Excellent subtle reveal by Master Daniels!

  219. Hey, so I know everybody is going on about the secret plotline thing. i saw something yesterday when i watched the episode again that points towards the erin being phyllis’ daughter. after michael says goodbye to erin outside the office building, the next scene, where phyllis is on the phone, and mike hangs up to get his mittens, they showed erin first, and zoomed out to show them both. Both of them were cradling their phones with their shoulders simultaneously! it was a small thing, but they looked so similar doing it. it may be something :O

  220. It’s too bad, this should be the highest rated episode of the season. I think it’s much more meaningful than Garage Sale.

  221. I’m from Chile. They’re broadcasting the Season 7 of The Office on FX (from Latin America). And today they’re gonna transmit Michael’s final episode in two parts, and it’s obviously the producer’s cut, and I’m pretty sure I’ll find David Wallace there (if not today, tomorrow).

  222. Yeeeeesssss!!!!! I did it!!!!! I finally saw David Wallace in Michael’s final episode on TV. I always knew I would find him there, even if he gives a grotesque opinion about Colorado to Michael, as he’s talking him out of leaving Dunder Mifflin/Sabre and Scranton forever. And of course the episode would be broadcasted in two halves this week. I knew it all along.

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