Starpulse interviews Creed Bratton

Starpulse has a nice interview with Creed Bratton, including a video clip from his Grass Root days:

You have to love any story that contains the line, “Cut to a night of drinking ouzo. The next morning I wake up and it looked like a bomb went off in the place and my tongue is bigger than my head.” Now, is it that surprising this was spoken by Creed from “The Office”? Well, not Creed on “The Office,” but the real life Creed Bratton who plays Creed on “The Office.”

Other than that story which reveals why he changed his name to Creed, he talks about his time with The Grass Roots in the 60s and his long, kind of amazing, journey that led to playing the fan favorite character — or possibly playing a version himself …

Link: Creed Bratton Talks ‘The Office’ And His Amazing Journey

P.S. Creed appears in the Grass Roots video starting around 1:30.


  1. This interview is amazing! What a life that man has had – and continues to have. Truly a fascinating, funny, sweet person. I hope to see more interviews with Creed in the future!

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