Steve Carell on cover of Emmy Magazine

Emmy Magazine’s got a front page story on Steve Carell:


He plays with the kids, walks the dog, works like a demon and never complains. Could the star of NBC’s The Office — and a slew of new movies — be Hollywood’s new normal?

Here’s a link to the magazine cover picture. Very snazzy!

(Who knew there was an Emmy magazine?!)

Thanks to Jill for the tip!


  1. I think the fact that everyone on the show is so nice and normal and genuinely excited about everything makes me love them even more. Somehow it’s always so satisfying to find out that your favorite actors are actually great people, too.

  2. Cheryl, did you see the Premiere on newsstands or do you subscribe? Because at my newsstand, the Tom Cruise issue is still the one they are selling…

  3. “(Who knew there was an Emmy magazine?!)”
    That was my first thought!

    Wow – he looks dashing.

    Also: “could he be Hollywood’s new normal?”
    Wouldn’t that be nice!

  4. Okay, this just clinched it. I officially have a “thing” for Steve Carell.

    Thanks for posting this. I had no idea there was an Emmy magazine, either.

  5. That is a fun picture! Does that magazine really publish year round? If so, what’s the point of that when it’s not award season?

  6. I saw this magazine at my local Barnes and Noble the other day, but that’s the only store I’ve seen it in so far.

  7. Okay, Lori, I agree. He looks good in that picture. It’s an absolutely wonderful picture of him. Wow.

  8. Thank you for the info, Cheryl! It says on the site it is coming out tomorrow on newsstands so I shall be on the lookout.

    I’m happy to see people are coming on the Steve Carell bandwagon. He was one of my funny TV/movie boyfriends for many years, and people were always like, “Really?” Ah yes, really.

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