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We are so excited that The Office’s own Jenna Fischer is kicking off our iPod Giveaway with this challenge for fans:

Create a new office character. Name, occupation, and personality.

You have until approximately June 27 at 12:15am Pacific Time to add a comment, 200 WORD LIMIT. Click the iPod Giveaway badge for the complete rules.

Thank you, Jenna! Can’t wait to see what the fans come up with …

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  1. Oh, that’s difficult! I guess I’d name my character Harold. His position would be Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager. He’d be very anti-social, more so than Dwight, and suspicious that everyone in the office is plotting against him. I’d have him bring really weird lunches to work that he’d hide inside a padlocked box and eat out in his car rather than in the lunchroom. The best part would be that even Dwight would think he’s crazy. Michael would want to fire him, but knowing Michael he’d be too scared to confront the guy.

  2. My character’s name would be Larry, but he calls himself Strife. He thinks he’s a vampire hunter. So he gets the job as the night watchman. He carries a bible, holy water, and a cross with him at all times instead of a night stick, and a walkie-talkie. He’s had no success in hunting vampires, but he claims he’s seen a few. He just never got to them.

    Nobody in the office really knows him. But one day Larry (or Strife) wants to set up a seminar with the office on how to hunt vampires. Michael is a bit freaked out, but Dwight seems a little interested. So Dwight signs up to be Assistiant (to the) Vampire Hunter.

    Yeah, it’s a little wierd, but I just watched a vampire movie, so now I’m in the vampire mood.

  3. My new character would be Summer, a flower-child free spirit who wears somewhat inappropriate office attire in that it is too casual. She is a temp. She’s never had a permanent job because it doesn’t fit in with her lifestyle. She would irritate the hell out of Angela but would not be bothered by much herself, except for her long, flowing clothing and hair constantly getting caught in things, such as the evelator doors and the paper shredder.

  4. My character is named Susan. She loves to bake and brings in cookies and brownies to try to make friends with her co-workers which works by the way. She is older, but is cool because she listens to music the young kids listen to and watches recent movies. Some people wish she was their mom and calls her that. She works with accounts recievable.

  5. My character is John the janitor. He likes to pull pranks on people, which alternately pleases and angers Jim and Pam. He doesn’t interact with the other employees too often because he works evenings, but he sees them on occasion. Usually his presence is the pranks he leaves. The warehouse staff loves him.

  6. Character: Alex Hunter
    Position: a corporate “plant” masquerading as a sales assistant
    Personality/situation: Alex has been sent by corporate to “work” as a sales assistant in the Dunder-Mifflin branch. The branch is about to be downsized, which means Michael will lose his job, since there’s no room for his position when the branch merges with the Scranton branch. Corporate doesn’t want to pay Michael the generous severance package due to middle management, so they’re looking for a valid reason to fire him before the merger takes place, and they want Alex to catch a major gaffe so they can fire him. Alex as “sales associate” is hard-working, friendly and personable, but not too-good-to-be-true annoying, and everyone in the office likes him (even Stanley) – and they’ve all been let in on his “true” identity with the hopes that they can lead Michael into saying or doing something inappropriate and, perhaps, illegal. However, they find themselves torn between Alex’s winning personality and a surprisingly strong loyalty to Michael. Hilarity ensues, as good-looking Alex also provides an added dimension to the Jim-Pam-Roy saga, and Jan wonders about her own job security as more details about her tryst with Michael emerge.

  7. My character’s name is Kathy and she is a CPA. She works at corporate in NY and she’s in Scranton to audit (and keep tabs on) the accounting trio since all that money went missing. She works closely with Angela, but unlike Angela, she’s not tightly wound. She actually gets Angela to soften up her personality and they go out for a business lunch (not drinks) at Chili’s where Angela tells her about her secret romance with Dwight. Kathy gives her relationship advice, since she met her husband at work. She becomes like a mentor to Angela and the other office folks notice Angela is more pleasant. Dwight is taken aback by the change and he’s conflicted since he liked the uptight Angela better.

  8. I think you could use a personal secretary for Michael, like they did in the BBc version. He hires her, even though there are rumors of downsizing, because he feels the stress of his job is overwhelming. (Naturally, Jan would not be allowed to know about this hire.) She would obviously be too pretty, too young, and too bright but this does not dissuade Michael from hitting on her relentlessly. She may wind up interested in Ryan for a while, making for another office love triangle. Her name would be Lilly or Madeline, something very feminine.

  9. Character: Branson (last name unknown)
    Occupation: none

    Darryl forgot his wallet and comes back late at night to the warehouse, where he discovers Branson, sleeping in a big box in the corner. Branson is a homeless man to whom someone in the office gave a key to the warehouse so he could stay there. He is a little bit nutty, but seems harmless. A Vietnam vet who has a tendency to burst out the saying “Murder, She Wrote!” at odd times, which is never explained. Darryl reports Branson to Michael. Michael knows he can’t stay there and tries to tell him he has to leave, but his desire to be a “humanitarian” leads him to befriend Branson. He goes down to eat his lunch with him, which of course makes Dwight jealous. Hilarity ensues. That night after work, Michael decides to go downstairs with his sleeping bag and his PJs to have a sleepover with Branson to learn about the life of a homeless man. When he arrives, he discovers that Branson already has a roommate. Who? CREED!

  10. I know there is no way I can win this but I will still play along!!

    My new character will be named Jack and he’s is joining Creed on the quality assurance team. Jack is about 28, he’s smart, well dressed, and very easy on the eyes. He definitely replaces Jim in the “who would you do” contest for the office ladies…well most of the office ladies.

    Jack is eady going and funny….very funny…too funny. Michael sees how the employees respond to Jack’s jokes and he’s none too pleased. Dwight and Michael team up to run Jack out of the office. Hilarity ensues.

  11. My name is Lee. I’m the androgenous cleaning manager for the building. I’m a classic he-she. Noone’s exactly sure of my gender. I empty the waste baskets at the end of the day, restock the toilet paper and paper towels in the bathrooms, and empty the fridge the first Friday of every month among other duties. I don’t say much — just cast furtive glances. In fact, if you stay late working, you may not even notice that I’m standing right behind you. I’m definitely creepy with a very interesting back story.

  12. Character: Del
    Occupation: window cleaner

    Del would appear in only one episode. His job is of a window washer, those guys that repel down from the top of the building on a platform. He’s a good ol’ American blue-collar worker, not unlike Bob Vance. He keeps to himself, but is very polite and courteous when seen or spoken to. But Pam and Jim convince Dwight that Del is really a corporate spy, and Dwight takes it upon himself, as head of security at Dunder-Mifflin, to find out all he can and make sure that the Scranton branch is painted in a positive light on Del’s report back to HQ.

  13. Character: Zeke
    Occupation: This would be Toby’s HR supervisor from corporate.

    I think placing another supervisor from the corporate offices as a regularly occurring character could be hilarious. It’s obvious that Michael dislikes almost everyone from corporate (and it’s obvious that he “Loves” one from corporate) and seeing a bit more of his dislike will be amusing.

    Quite possibly they could even put another HR person in the office. Michael treats Toby as an outsider. How would that work having two outsiders now inside the office?

  14. Name: Jimmy Norton

    Occupation: Janitor

    Personality: Jimmy has a propensity to make the female employees of Dunder-Mifflin very uncomfortable. He stares a little too long and is a visual disaster: Weak chin, fat man boobs, very pale skin. Has been to bring hookers into the office after hours.

    Somebody’s gotta clean the toilets! Am I right???

  15. My character is Seth, a new salesman at Dunder-Mifflin. Corporate decided that they are overpaying their sakes staff and have gone in the direction of hiring salesmen straight out of college at significantly lower rates. Seth is the first of the “new Dunder-Mifflin”, or as the corporate memo states, the NDM.

    Seth is a big, nice looking fellow in his early twenties, a fresh-faced guy straight from Penn State. He’s a sweet, good-natured young man from upstate Pennsylvania who only wants to do well at his job, make some friends, maybe meet a nice girl and settle down. People describe him alternately as “over-eager” or “kiss-ass”, but in reality he is neither. He’s simply a young man with lots of new ideas and enthusiasm who hasn’t been beaten down and defeated by the thankless and monotonous environment that is Dunder-Mifflin.

    Seth is simply a good kid who wants to succeed. He asks lots of questions of all the other salesmen in an attempt to get better and work harder. He trys hard to help: he reorganized Pam’s desk to increase efficiency (which leads her to directly face Michael’s office instead of Jim’s desk) and offered to streamline the entire sales tracking process (which angered Dwight because he routinely pads his sales numbers with fictional companies like F.R. Odo Enterprises). He went to Michael with the idea that everyone should fit the word “accountability” into every call so the customers feel like the salesmen are accountable for every customer they come in contact with and Michael flipped for it. Jim flipped him off for it.

    The big problem is that no matter how hard Seth tries to do well and make friends with the staff, everyone knows that he is there to replace them. Therefore no one likes him and he just doesn’t understand why, so he just keeps trying harder. It’s a vicious cycle.

  16. An intern from a local community college business class named Lisa. She has to learn about the day to day operations of a small business and write her final paper on the experience. Michael puts Dwight in charge of overseeing her (because she’s not hot) and Dwight lets it go to his head, obviously. He takes her under his wing and basically gives her all sorts of wrong and crazy information. Pam and Jim try to decide whether or not to rescue her because she seems a bit too mousy and nervous to rescue herself, but it’s just too fun to watch the action. Lisa develops a crush on Michael and whenever he comes into the room you can tell…and she giggles quietly at his most absurd of jokes and is always trying to sneak a peek into his office. It takes awhile for Michael to catch on, but he doesn’t say anything, he just starts acting even more asinine to show off for her.

    Whee! This is fun!

  17. My new character would be named Rob. He would be Roy’s older, better looking, more successful brother. He could be on the show by being in town to see Roy. Rob could be a driving force that shows why Pam originally got with Roy in high school. She was attracted to Rob, but he was interested in the girls his age. She had to settle for Roy, then, and has ever since.

  18. I know I’m not eligable, but I want to play along!

    Name: Prudence
    Occupation: Accountant
    Personality: Pretty much a hardcore version of Angela. She’s incredibly strict, socially she keeps to herself, and is very good at her job, which makes her a perfect rival for Angela who previously thought she had some job security. She doesn’t approve of office parties, refuses to bring along anything for pot luck and she’s not afraid to be confrontational.

    Prudence would really just be a great plot device to bring out some more Angela centric episodes, she’s gotta be one of my favourite secondary characters. Plus I envision they’d have some wicked cool fights over really funny pointless stuff.

  19. Character: Greg
    Occupation: Head of purchasing for a large publishing company.

    Greg just happens to be Toby’s best friend from high school, and his new account saves the day when the Scranton branch is getting ready to go under. His office is located in town so he comes in to visit Toby frequently. Greg is very personable, has a great sense of humor, and gets along well with everyone in the office. This drive Michael crazy, but he is hesitant to say anything. Later in the season Greg develops a crush on Angela (which makes him come around more frequently) and this makes Dwight very upset.

  20. Michael gets to say “You’re hired and you can work here as long as you want” to his cousin that’s fresh out of grad school, with a degree in english. Naturally, he needs a job, and there’s an opening since Stanley took a break to spend the summer with his wife and daughter. DJ Scott (a name which provides far too many early morning radio host jokes) is impressionable, but as nice as they come. He’s a bit naive, and has always been fond of Cousin Michael. And much to Ryan’s eternal joy and Dwight’s wrath, he quickly becomes Mike’s new favorite. But, as it turns out, DJ can’t sell anything to save his life. Will Michael get rid of his worst employee or keep his brand new sidekick?

  21. Character name: Molly
    Position: New sales assistant (provides general support to all the sales staff)
    She’s young, blond, and perky, the uber-employee of the year who kisses Michael’s butt like crazy and spends her time walking around offering to help out in any way she can. Jim generally brushes her off, but Dwight takes full advantage of her. In the talking head segments, we see that she is not the sweet young thing she pretends to be as she imagines doing bodily harm to those she’s so sweet and helpful to. Pam, of course, sees right through her and can’t stand her, but if she says anything negative about her, everyone jumps on her and tells her she’s jealous.

  22. Name: Samantha [Sam]
    Occupation: Sales assistant

    Jim trasnfers to Stamford only to have that branch downsized. He comes back to Scranton and Sam comes in from the Stamford branch as well. She’s just married and hopelessly romantic so tries to make her fairy tale life come true for Jim and Pam [she hates Roy after he makes a pass at her in the elevator on her first day before he realizes who she is]. With her desk in that little section by Dwight and Jim, she is the perfect “wing man” for Jim’s pranks. But she’s also a friend to everyone in the office and understands their quirky personalities — she’ll join Dwight in a debate about whether the original or new Star Wars series was better, will be sympathetic to Michael’s stupidity [“You just have to feel bad for someone that clueless, don’t you?”], and have the office Super Bowl party at her place. Plus, she’s organizer of the weekly Girls Only Happy Hours at Chili’s, which Meredith never skips.

  23. After Jim has transferred, Dwight is given the task of hiring a new sales representative. He interviews Eddie Kluger, who promises to “scrub the dirt and grime out of the office.” Dwight hires him on the spot for his authoritative initiative and believes that at some point, he can form an alliance with Eddie. However, Eddie means his statement literally, since he thought he was applying for the custodial position. Eddie accepts the sales position anyway because he could use the extra money for his llama farm. However, he does not realize that Dunder Mifflin is a paper company. This is unfortunate for Eddie, who suffers from papyrophobia, also known as the fear of paper.

    In his downtime, he watches his favorite television show “V.I.P.“, which he owns on DVD. He even named one of his llamas “Pam Anderson.” One day when he‘s alone in the break room with Pam Beesley, he tries to break the ice by saying, “I have a llama named Pam.” She becomes very uncomfortable since she is unaware of his affinity towards Pamela Anderson. Eddie often keeps to himself because whenever he does speak, people are generally creeped out. He gets along extremely well with Creed.

  24. My character would be named Devon. And, no, it wouldn’t be the Devon Michael fired, but itd be Devon. He would be a new sales rep. He would scare the living hell out of Michael just for being named Devon. He’d be a good natured office drone. He wouldn’t really pose a threat to anyone’s job, but he would join the ranks of Toby as someone Michael needlessly hates. He would join Jim and Pam as another valuable member to the think tank that does a stupendous job at making the office just a little more enjoyable. It would be them who tell him why Michael immediately hated him. Once he realizes this, he would truly join Toby in hating him back, and Jim, Pam, Toby, and Devon would pull off the ultimate anti-Michael prank, and trick Dwight into doing it for them.
    Devon wouldn’t pose a threat to Jam, or Ram for that matter. He, like Phyllis would realize what was going on between Jim and Pam, and just steer clear of that.
    He’d be perfect for Katy, and Jim would give him her number. They’d end up dating, which would lead up to an amusing episode involving Katy spending another day in the Dunder-Mifflin conference room. Of course, Devon would also spend a good portion of the day in the conference room.
    In short, he’d be nice, smart, and witty.

  25. Name: Tatum Hawthorne

    Occupation: Customer Relations/Support, working with Kelly

    Personality: Tatum (named after Tatum O’Neil, her mother’s favorite actress), is a cool rock chick who takes a job at Dunder-Mifflin to pay the bills while she pursues her real passion, music, with her band Virginia Sigh.

    She dresses in what she thinks passes for “boring white collar clothes” while at work and says little, but it’s fairly clear she’s not what she seems. She hates working in the office, is frequently hung-over or exhausted from the night before, despises working with Kelly who never stops talking about celebrities or Ryan, and generally doesn’t want to participate in anything. She’s just not a joiner. However, the office staff keeps trying to befriend her despite her having no interest in them whatsoever.

    She isn’t interested in the documentary aspect and is the type who tries to stay off-camera in fear of people finding out she has such a lame job, but may flirt with a cameraman to get him to film her band’s video on the cheap. Because she tells the rest of the office next to nothing about herself, they try and find out more about her and inadvertently, she becomes kind of popular.

  26. The name of the character is Tony. He is hired as a part-time salesman. Tony is shy and doesn’t deal with people that well. He is eager to please everyone, but also becomes a big brown-nose to Michael. Tony tells Michael about what is said behind his back in the office. While Pam and Jim try to become Tony’s friends, he tells Michael stuff behind their backs. Since he becomes brown-nosing like Dwight, they become friends. Tony finds out about both relationships, Dwight-Angela and the new Pam-Jim, but only tells Michael about Pam-Jim because of his friendship with Dwight. Michael eventually reveals that Jim and Pam have something going on. This sends the office into chaos. Michael does not reveal who told him and Tony keeps his job. Michael’s effort to become his co-workers friends have doubled since Tony has told him of the things said behind his back. Tony remains separate from the members of the office, but still hears information to tell Michael.

  27. Character Name: Connor Thomas
    Occupation: Sales Team Leader

    Personality: Connor is the new corporate appointed Sales Team Leader. Jan decided that she wants the sales force to have their own line level leader. They are careful not to use the term, “manager” because of Michael.

    Connor was a top salesperson at a branch in Virginia, and has a strong Southern accent. He stands for traditional values, and is subtle but transparent about his standards. When anyone makes a crude joke, Connor usually coughs or makes it known that he disapproves.

    Michael believes that he is actually a spy from corporate. However, Connor has never even met Jan. The first time they meet, they introduce each other and Michael thinks it is an act.

    Connor also seems to be liked by most of the office staff. He has a tremendous sense of humor, and unlike Jim, is not subtle about his jokes. The whole office loves his humor. This makes Jim feel a little less important, and he competes for Pam’s attention on occasion.

  28. As a new, occasionaly-seen character I propose Joe Mulligan.

    He tends bar at Poor Richard’s, which is not a classy place like Chili’s. He’s middle-aged and acts dis-interested, but every now and then comes through with a razor-sharp (sometimes sarcastic) comment for our Dunder Mifflin gang. We see him laughing with Jim and Pam at office pranks, commiserating with Ryan and watching sports with the warehouse guys.

    To anyone from Scranton: Is there an actual Poor Richard’s?…or is it “Pour” Richard’s?

  29. ok, once the office documentary starts airing, and a whole bunch of internet fansites spring up, the producers of that show create a contest where someone from one of the fansites gets to work at dunder-mifflin, which would of course make them a character on the this show. (its confusing, i know.) so, my new character would be, well, ferd farkel. (blush)

    yes, its me. i am, (sorry , my character is) a big poster on the fansite, which is alot cooler by the way, because the fans of the documentary are in love with actual pam and actual jim. they dont have that whole problem of it’s just a character played by an actor. (oops, is that considered a spoiler?).

    so, i win the contest, and by the way tanster and james, in this contest, the video i-pod was second prize, so suck it. anyway first day, i let pam know that she doesnt have to worry. i’m not like one of those jimfan wackjobs.

    so, season 3 begins and jim and pam have a thing, and the writers see me as the new jim (jims the new roy). i dont want to give anything away but in the season 3 finale, pam and i have our own “what are you doing?!?” scene.

  30. My character is Jessica. She is just out of college and looking for a job. Michael hires her as his personal assistant/secretary. Jessica gets along with everyone-even Angela likes her-and is quite smart, which makes the DM employees wonder why she would take such a job position. Because Michael wants her close to his office, he has her share Pam’s desk area. At first Pam doesn’t mind and is happy to have someone there with her to talk to. But as it turns out, Jessica is messy and unorganized which drives Pam nuts! We find out that Michael hired Jessica behind Jan’s back and so he tells Jan that Jessica is doing a non-paid internship. Jan later finds out the truth and tells Michael that he needs to fire her. Just as Michael calls Jessica into the office to fire her, he gets an email stating they’re looking for another person for customer service in Scranton. So he tells Jessica that he is promoting her to this new position and she moves to the empty desk by Kelly. But Michael still has her do personal secretary stuff when “she’s not busy”.

  31. Create a new office character. Name, occupation, and personality.

    Name: Evan
    Position: HR
    Personality: Evan is a few years older than Jim. He has hoped around job to job, not sure what he needs or wants. He has worked with computers, to people, to animals, and has also worked in a cubicle. He has seen it all, at least he thinks he has, until he reaches the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin. Evan is shy around the other staff, but Michael “tries” to help him feel at home, but of course that just makes Evan feel a little more intimidated. He was married for only a few years before his divorce to who he thought was the love of his life. He becomes friends with Pam and Jim, not partaking in their pranks, but enjoying them nonetheless. When he meets Pam’s fiance (Roy of course), he has a few tips for both Jim and Pam, based on his own experience.

  32. My character’s name is Ken. He is the chief cameraman of the documentary crew. He is the one that helped Pam with her Dwangela investigation in E-Mail Surveillance and also the one that caught the Jim-Pam kiss. Pam and Jim don’t know about the camera being there at the beginning of the third season. Ken has become a friend of both Pam and Jim, so they decide to introduce him to the viewers of the show. Also, in this episode the three team up in attempt to catch Dwight doing something embarassing on camera. Finally, at the end of the episode Ken makes a comment that insinuates he knows about the kiss. Jim and Pam can’t believe that it will air on television.

    Ken seems very nice and most of the workers like him. He has a mysterious side about him, though, because really all he is after is the best footage. He’ll say whatever he needs to say in order to gain the trust and friendship of the employees until they barely notice he’s around.

  33. Megan Dunder
    Sales rep

    Meghan is the granddaughter of a founding member of the company. As a recent college grad she has been sent to Scranton by her father to learn the paper business from the ground up. Megan is smart, witty, and attractive. The men at Dunder-Mifflin are smitten (especially Michael), and the women intimidated.

    Megan is at that awkward stage in life when you party like a college student, but the rest of the world expects you to be responsible. She is pulled in both directions.

    Pam has broken up with Roy, but has not yet started a relationship with Jim. stating that she needs some time to get her life back together.

    Megan, the new girl in town, becomes friendly with Jim and over the course of a few weeks she becomes part of his social circle. Though not dating (Megan is attracted to Jim, but Jim is oblivious) they end up at a lot of the same parties, happy hours, etc.

  34. Stewart Guggenheim (prefers Spike)

    Spike is the 22-year-old son of Dunder-Mifflin’s CEO. Though he is only a recent college graduate with no work or office experience, his father gave him responsibilities as the “Principal Importer of Manufactured Pulp,” which only Spike refers to as P.I.M.P. He comes to work wearing jeans and a tie over a rock concert T-shirt. He listens to his iPod all day, without headphones. Spike is only working a 9 to 5 (well… a noon to 4:15) job to pay for a new guitar for his garage band “The Interstellar Stars.” He frequently drums on his desk with pencils, one of which usually flies up and hits Dwight’s glasses, prompting Dwight to rant about safety and how his cousin’s lung was once punctured that way on the beet farm. He was placed by his father at the small town Dunder-Mifflin branch to get special attention from Michael. Everyone is too afraid to give an honest opinion of Spike’s work habits, especially after he spiked the watercooler and hit on Pam. Michael quickly believes he has befriended the new cool kid. Dwight is jealous of the attention Michael pays on the newbie who is disrupting the Three Musketeers/Three Stooges. Angela is strangely attracted to this rebel, viewing him as a charity case whom she believes she can turn around. Kevin tries to recruit Spike for Scrantonicity, as the band’s current drummer recently underwent a bunion operation. Can you say nepotism?

  35. name: Sam
    occupation: efficiency manager

    Sam was hired by Jan to oversee the operations at Dunder Mifflin-Scranton to help boost the efficiency of the branch since it placed 7th out of 8 in the sales ranking. Jan, doesn’t want to see the branch go out of business, so instead she hires Sam to work out whatever kinks are preventing the branch from prospering. Michael immediately resents Sam, and treats him worse than he does Toby. Sam truly works for corporate! Sam is a real stickler and is always there to catch Michael doing everything except what he is supposed to be doing. Ultimately Sam becomes fed up with Michaels antics and submits a fake report to Jan just so he can get away from Michael.

  36. Herbert Holloman is the night time janitor. He pops in during the day from time to time to do a little extra “cleaning.” And by “cleaning” I mean he likes to check out Angela. He tends to be a little moody and likes to keep to himself. But that has nothing to do with the fact that his father was a coroner and he was raised in a funeral home (Kind of like My Girl, but a lot more creepy). He recently bought a TV, and he likes to watch the modern art channel. You know, the one that shows that beautiful black and white fuzzy painting?

    Some people might describe Herbert as “weird” or “smelly” or “future mass murderer”, but really he’s a normal guy with a soft spot for snakes and boiled pigs feet.

    Surprisingly (or maybe not), he gets along well with Dwight.

  37. Character: Veronica Spaisky
    Occupation: Corporate Director of Human Resources
    Personality: Slightly dark, full figured, sexy, in-charge, (dominatrix-behind-the-scenes) type that pushes the limits of The Office dress code and the buttons of all the female employees. Veronica is a reoccuring character that’s main purpose is to spice things up and interfere with all the office romances.
    How the characters react:
    Pam: Doesn’t like her only because they have conflicting personalities
    Jim: Not affected by her advances but she does go after him more because of this
    Michael: Infatuated and constantly showing off for her; (Veronica Spankme I MEAN…uhhm) this of course ticks Jan off
    Creed: not affected–he’s met too many of her type in his past
    Kevin: most likely to be found tied up by Veronica in the bathroom (or other random place) she could end up being Kevin’s new love interest
    Paul: in a constant state of shock that this is his new boss; she doesn’t mess with him
    Dwight: Intrigued by a woman that is more in charge than Angela
    Angela: completely intimidated by someone bitchier than she is
    Ryan: Slightly intrigued but mostly embarassed by Veronica’s advances. (careful of Kelly’s watchful eye)
    Kelly: thinks Veronica is a “total b*tch!” always asking Ryan “You don’t like her do you??”

  38. Character name: Mark Packer
    Occupation: Doesn’t work at Dunder-Mifflin. Manager of Scranton’s Chili’s.
    Personality: Todd Packer’s brother. Michael finds out about Packer’s brother working at Chili’s and automatically goes there to befriend him. Michael finds out that he is nothing like his brother. Extremely polite and hates any sort of gay jokes. Michael then realizes he might have made a bad decision and became best friends with the wrong Packer. Michael then accidentally gets Mark fired from Chili’s. Feeling extremely guilty, he gets Mark a job at the office as Assistant Regional Manager.

  39. Name: Renee Kremlin

    Occupation: Sales

    Personality: Renee is harsh, loud and all around overbearing. She competes relentlessly with the other sales people in the office and has made it clear she wants Michael’s job – then Jan’s. The only thing harsher than her personality is her make up. She thinks she is a strong, independent woman, but people in the office see through her as an insecure pain in the ass. Renee plans to dupe Michael by getting him to sleep with her, then claiming sexual harassment. As much as people in the office don’t like Michael, they hate Renee more. They know Michael is pathetic and lonely enough to fall for it so they decide to try and protect him.

  40. Hoping to keep Michael on track and in line while at the office, Jan decides to hire someone to be his personal assistant. She knows better than to send a woman to work side by side with Michael, so she decides to hire a man named Jack Feldberg, a twenty-nine-year-old whose father used to work in sales for a Dundler Mifflin branch. Hoping to be like his father, Jack originally wanted to go into sales at the Scranton branch, but when Jan offered him a job of being Michael’s personal assistant, he quickly accepted. He assumed that it would be better experience and help to train him to become a regional manager, or even a higher position, but little did he know, it would only be disastrous. It is Michael, after all.

    Jack is somewhat of a mix between Dwight and Ryan. He’s like Dwight in the sense that he’s a suck up and devoted to Michael because he hopes that Michael will promote him or give a good word about him to corporate. He’s like Ryan because Michael absolutely loves him and thinks of him as a younger version of himself, and also because he thinks that Michael is crazy. Because of the mixture, Dwight obviously dislikes him and feels as if Jack is invading his territory, but Ryan loves the guy. As for the others, everyone seems to like him because he’s humorous and outgoing. The only office members that don’t like him are Pam, because he’s always hitting on her, and Jim, because he’s always hitting on the love of his life. In fact, in one episode, Jim and Jack get in a fight over her. All in a days work in an office.

  41. Give Toby a girlfriend! Mary. Around his age, kind, soft-spoken, well-liked, just the kind of woman that would suit him without giving the office another intense love affair. Imagine all the possibilities of Michael dealing with the fact that his nemesis is having success in the one area that irks him the most.

    Oh, and if she must have a job in the office, vs. just appearing from time to time like Stacy or Mrs. Stanley, give her something smart yet inconsequential, that would not require her constant presence. An inter-office efficiency consultant, perhaps. Or to reach a little further, a position managing the business park, working with Billy in some capacity.

  42. Brenda – “Resource Manager”
    She’s a single mother around Meredith’s age. She’s an independent contractor brought on by Corporate to “get the Scranton branch into shape”, although her true purpose for being there is to ready Scranton for integration into the other branch. She is known as the Downsizing Queen.

    Brenda’s most noticeable personality trait is her personal style. While most of the others in the office are subdued, almost drab – Brenda makes her statement on the world with her big hair and tight revealing clothing that is not only inappropriate for work (or anywhere) but also generally two to three sizes too small. Kevin doesn’t see any problem with it, though.

    Brenda compounds her outlandish personal style with a scathing personality mostly caused by her partiality to a “liquid diet” that even Meredith seems to find impressive. No one in the office likes nor gets along with her – except for Meredith.

    Her presence is met with suspicion that causes at first turmoil and strife. After during a night out drinking with Meredith Brenda lets slip her true reason for coming to the Scranton branch. The office mates band together to shut her and send her packing.

  43. My guy is Bobby. Very very large, ex-high school football player that’s the “gentle giant” type. Not much mental wattage but enough to get by – barely. (think slightly above Randy on “Earl”) “My name’s Bobby – you can call me Bobby.” Quiet and good natured.

    He works for Dunder Mifflin because he is the nephew of a bigwig in Corporate. Despite routine screw ups he is not fired because of linage. He was transfered to Scranton with Jim when the Stamford office was downsized.

    Michael jokes at his expense – jokes which Bobby laughs at very loudly or stares at cluelessly. Dwight pull pranks on Bobby but the pranks are lame, Bobby doesn’t understand, or Jim and Pam thwart the attempts. Jim treats him like a “little” brother, the office women think he’s sweet (except Angela, who finds him very annoying), Kevin and Stanley are grateful that there is someone in the office that is larger than they are.

    Bobby likes small toys, small animals, and small candy – and routinely empties Pam’s and Kevin’s candy jars. He has a large appetite and brings large lunches. He also goes to the zoo a lot on weekends.

  44. My new character would be Rick Grant, a product buyer for Dunder-Mifflin, who works mostly on the road. He used to be affiliated with the Albany branch, but since it was downsized, Jan decided to transfer him to Scranton since he is an outstanding employee. Rick occasionally has to come into the office to file paperwork, and whenever he does, he is well liked among the staff. He bonds particularly with Jim. Rick loves being the centre of attention and the life of the party (having worked outside the office for years seems to have kept his spirit alive!), which drives Michael up the walls. Jokes Rick tells always make the rounds in the office, and Michael becomes convinced Rick is trying to overthrow his authority with the staff(!), and steal his job. Rick really isn’t; he is just trying to have fun while doing his job.

  45. Hmm…

    Name: Maggie Levinson (Jan’s Niece)

    Description: A young intern for Dunder-Mifflin who is about 18-20 years old. She’s a bit of a hot rocker chick. She’s very talkative and nice to everyone except Michael, who won’t fire her because he thinks that Jan will hate him if he does.

    Possible Storyline: Maggie could fall in love with Ryan, making Kelly jealous. Ryan also actually likes Maggie, making Kelly even more jealous. They end up starting a relationship, and Kelly becomes very hostile towards Maggie. Maggie doesn’t know what she’s done wrong, and just wants to be friends with Kelly.

  46. Name: Danny
    Occupation: Sales rep
    Personality: likeable, but crazy

    Danny, the new sales rep, is a great guy. Everyone likes him. He laughs at Michael’s jokes, takes Dwight seriously, mentors Ryan and offers Jim advice about Pam. Michael even ponders grooming him to become the actual Assistant Regional Manager.

    Problem is, Danny is crazy. After he nails his fourth big sales call of the day, Jim notices his phone isn’t plugged in. He’s been entering sales orders into the system all day, but when Jim snoops around his computer, he finds pages of gibberish and paranoid fantasies about an impending alien invasion. But no one takes Jim seriously. Pam even begins to suspect Jim is jealous of Danny. She’s clearly smitten with the new guy, though naturally she doesn’t realize it.

    Confronted by Jim, Danny is one smooth mental case. He convinces Jim that he’s the one who’s crazy and could use some time off. But when Danny plots to take over Dwight’s beet farm and shamelessly flirts with Phyllis, the rest of the staff starts to catch on. And when he takes Roy’s forklift for a joyride around the parking lot, even Michael concedes that his protege may be a few sheets short of a ream.

  47. Name: Fräulein Frakalyne
    Occupation:Dunder-Mifflin Security
    Personality: Born and raised in Dresden, Germany. Upon the physical traits, she’s a whopping 6’3. Her light skin, blue eyes, and white-blond butch-cut hair give her a Terminator vibe. She’s got huge guns…as well as huge weapons. Her appearance and mannerisms make Michael and Jim nervous whenever she’s around (she does have a tendency to stare or… glare). But oddly enough she seems infatuated with Dwight. Don’t make her angry, because chances are that she’ll sputter off a series of German curse words at you. Her stern character and creepy personality help her get away with many things. Her eyes make you feel as though she’s staring…into your soul. Don’t screw with Fräulein Frakalyne.

  48. Name: Pete Barnes
    Occupation: Delivery Truck/Van Driver, Dunder Mifflin

    Personality: Pete was recently hired due to Dunder Mifflin’s business being on the upswing due to the local Staples store closing. Pete makes small deliveries around town, usually using a company van, and often comes up to the office to get boxes, invoices, etc.

    He is also in love with Angela. He is also very much like Dwight.

    Pete is nice on the surface, but very passivelt aggressively boastful and is always trying to impress Angela. He’s also determined to upstage Dwight at every turn.

    For example, he used to be an actual sheriff, and not a volunteer sheriff’s deputy…

    His parents own a local grocery chain, which buys beets from Dwight’s and Mose’s beet farm. Pete threatens to tell his folks to kill their contract with the beet farm unless Dwight dumps Angela.

    Pete also refers to himself as a “Purpose Driven Driver,” again taking a dig at Dwight’s frustration about always having to take Angela to church.

    In the saddest move of all, Dwight has to ask Jim for help with the situation. Michael also, somehow, develops feelings for Angela — mostly because he doesn’t want to feel left out.

  49. Name: Jeremy Pumpernickel
    Occupation: Dunder Mifflin’s corporate hypno-therapist

    A poet, philosopher, soul brother and all around-cool guy, Jeremy Pumpernickel was living the fast-life while working at Dunder Mifflin as a sales representative from 1997-2000. Along with Todd Packer and Michael Scott, he rose hell on the office with their “office raids” and also nailed every single chick in the office. True story.

    But one night, while at a bar with Todd Packer and Michael, he had a little too much to drink and woke up the next morning…with a man. Traumatized (and sore) from the experience, Jeremy re-located to the corporate offices with a mission. He vowed to never to sin again, and make life hell for Todd Packer and Michael Scott. He made life hell for Todd Packer by transferring him out of the Scranton Branch (by hypnotizing several bigwigs), and now he’s been assigned to Scranton by Jan Levinson.

    He was sent to help Toby deal with some personnel issues, but he only has one thing in mind: to destroy Michael Scott and all those who cross him.

  50. Name: Tom Chang
    Occupation: Stamford branch salesman (Stamford’s branch was shut down and most employees were laid off. Some however, have been moved to positions in other Dunder-Mifflin branches)
    Personality: Well, since the show is missing an Asian American character, he fills in the ethnic chasim. First off, Dwight tries to spar with him to try to establish dominance. However, Tom does not practice martial arts and Michael has to remove Dwight off of Tom. Michael then cracks some stereotypical jokes -unsuccessfully of course-. Lastly, he asks out Pam, in front of Jim of course. Shifty gazes and akward conversation ensues as well as heavy decision making by Pam concerning her relationships with Jim and Roy. Tom’s a likeable guy, he pulls off a few of his own practical jokes here or there (even against Jim). He’s also able to ignore Michael to the point where Tom can walk out on Michael during one of Michael’s “I cook fry rice for you” jokes.

  51. Dawn Nguyen – Corporate intern as part of her MBA.

    Dawn is down to earth and friendly, but she is extremely competitive and can be a loud talker. She’s an intense fan of reality television, having applied to 20 different reality programs (actually making it to the semi-final selection of Survivor: Thailand, only to lose out because they decided to cast another Asian girl and couldn’t have two), and always tries to engage EVERYONE in conversations about various shows, only to find herself in constant arguments with Dwight about the merits of the Amazing Race’s Yield or if Jeff Probst is really a douchebag, etc.

    Upon meeting her, Michael is confused at first.
    “Dawn Nnnn-ggguy-in?”
    “Nguyen” (pronounced ‘win’)
    “Just Nguyen”
    “Ah… yes… you do win! Win a conversation with me!”

    From then on, his “hi” joke to her is “Yankees… WIN!” or “Sixers… WIN!” etc.

    Even though her parents are from Seattle (Her grandparents were Vietnamese immigrants before the Vietnam War. Her dad – accountant. Her mom – a high school English teacher), Michael constantly asks her about the Vietnam War and if her dad was a VC, and how it’s okay as we’re friends now just like we are with the Nazis after World War II.

  52. The new employee would be me! I just got fired and I tell you what, I’m a hoot!

    Name: Rachel Melara
    Position: HR Assistant

    She’s mid 20’s and married, she’s a Mormon; however she’s also a Liberal so she’s conflicted, in more ways the one. She’s outgoing, charismatic, and bursts into song randomly which threatens Michael a bit because she often steals the spotlight. Although, this does help her fit right in with HR and the rest of the office employees. Except for Angela, they butt heads due to complete opposite personalities however, they both love animals and cats so they can’t completely hate each other. Animal lovers have to stick together. Rachel is also constantly sneaking Jenna’s candy because of her uncontrollable sweet tooth to Jim’s dismay but it all smoothes over because she asks Jim and Pam over for dinner with her and her husband for just a “get to know you BBQ” the same week Roy is out of town. She likes to give Jim a hand in giving Dwight a hard time as well. Oh and don’t think those warehouse folks can pull one over on this girl, she is full of wit and satire.

  53. Name:

    Works alongside Toby in HR

    Ruth would be in her late 30’s, early 40’s and new to the Scranton area. She would he Toby’s potential love interest. Ruth is (obviously) single and an all-around likable person. Michael doesn’t like that a girl can be interesting in Toby and not him so he does everything he can to woo her. Ruth would also get along very well with Phylis and they often laught and giggle in the office. Angela would try to act nice to make Ruth her friend.

  54. Wow, I’m stupid. I just realized my last post didn’t have enough words. Please ignore it and here is my updated version 
    Ruth Pickford
    Works alongside Toby in HR. Toby is training her on how to do everything HR related and she would eventually move to a different branch.
    Ruth would be in her late 30’s, early 40’s and new to the Scranton area. Toby would like her and would eventually ask her out on a date. Ruth is (obviously) single and an all-around likable person. I envision her as looking similar to Pam’s mom; not necessarily a “knock-out” but a person who has aged very well and always has a smile on her face.
    Ruth is basically the person everyone “fights” over. Toby vs. Michael and Phyllis vs. Angela. Michael doesn’t like the fact that a girl can be interesting in Toby and not him. Along the way Michael will enroll Ryan in his own “Michael Scott School of Charm” and try to prove he can get a girl to like him.
    Ruth would also get along very well with Phyllis and they often laugh and have “girl time” in the office. Angela is the type who likes to be everyone’s friend so when it’s apparent Ruth likes Phyllis more than Angela. She would try her hardest to be nice to her and she would be fakely kind to Phyllis.

  55. Name: Arthur Musselman
    Occupation: Assistant to the Assistant Regional manager

    In the midst of downsizing, Arthur is hired for mysterious reasons as Dwight’s assistant. Dwight’s ego becomes bigger than the udder of an unmilked cow and sends the rest of the office, including Jim into an frenzy that resembles a bomb scare. Jim’s hijinks against Dwight become bigger and better, but now with two heads working together and the genius practical joke abilty of Arthur, Dwight is able to retaliate against Jim, making the case stronger for his departure. In the meantime, Michael takes a liking to Arthur due to his similar off color humor and , more so than Dwight, with the possibilty of grooming him for the manager job. Dwight becomes angry with Artur and Michael and begs Michael to let him fire him, but Michael will not because Arthur is his only real friend. how will this situation play out?

  56. Imagine an office’s worst nightmare (excluding Dwight). Imagine a man who excels in the art of torture via ergonomics. Imagine Bob Harley. Corporate has decided, due to complaints at some of the other Dunder Mifflin branches about safety and ergonomics, that each branch must hire a safety supervisor, more specifically a HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) professional. Bob quickly grows on everyone’s nerves because he forces each office employee to complete one safety observation of another employee every month. This, of course, creates hilarious pranks and antics that cause Bob to become less than happy with his fellow employees. Thus, he begins to sympathize with Dwight and they become partners in crime…er, safety…and rules/regulations. Bob slowly drives his fellow employees nuts over his constant nagging of their lack of safety. He subjects everyone to mandatory safety meetings in which they must give safety suggestions (more hilarity may ensue here) and he often conducts tier inspections, searching for tripping hazards and other safety violations. Bob tends to be extremely uptight and cynical. He becomes friends with Dwight, which makes him another target for Jim and Pam. But deep down, he really is a sweet guy…now sit up straight!

  57. My character would be named Alison and she would start out working in the wherehouse. Michael, visiting the “whorehouse” as he calls it, notices Alison and tries to work some of his charm on her, but to no avail. Michael becomes convinced that the wherehouse is an unsafe environment for a woman (imagine ridiculous scenes of Alison trying to load trucks, move boxes, etc., Michael insisting on helping and failing miserably) and he decides to move her up to the office (while in true Michael fashion, dutifully ignoring the fact that Madge is a woman working in the wherehouse).There isn’t much for Alison to do up in the office, so she pretty much just hangs out and tries to avoid becoming Michael’s personal assistant. Michael’s true intentions for Alison come up when he divulges to us via a talking heads segment that he brought her up to the office not only because she wasn’t fit for the wherehouse but also because “a little eye candy never hurt morale. And it’s been unfair of me to let that responsibility fall entirely on Pam’s shoulders.”

  58. NAME: Michael Roberts

    OCCUPATION: Receptionist at Vance Refrigeration (it’s in the same building as Dunder Mifflin).

    PERSONALITY: Bright and bubbly.

    Michael is obviously gay, but will always deny it. He often makes visits to the Dunder Mifflin office to “drop off cookies left over from the Vance Refrigeration luncheon”, but his ulterior motive is to flirt with Oscar. He is very likeable by the women, as he loves to give out fashion advice and gossip, but he makes the men (excluding Oscar) uncomfortable as he loves giving back rubs.

    Michael Scott dislikes him the most because when the office women talk about how much they love Michael Roberts, Michael Scott mistakes them for talking about himself, as they share the same first name. By the time he realizes his mistake, he has already made enough conceited compliments about himself. Because of this, he is constantly trying to banish Michael Roberts out of Dunder Mifflin, but Michael Roberts always wins him over by complimenting Michael Scott’s “sexy” jeans.

  59. Name: Natalie Thompson

    Occupation: Time-study Engineer

    Personality: Sent in by Jan due to the performance of the Scranton branch in order to increase efficiency. Strong willed and officious, she makes everyone uncomfortable as she jokes about firing them daily. She generally makes ridiculous “improvements” such as reorganizing the Post-its by color instead of size, replacing everyone’s individual trash can with one large one, and assigning everyone cleaning tasks, eliminating the need for housekeeping. As arguments ensue about whose turn it is to do the toilets, Natalie suggests that there really isn’t a need for an assistant to the regional manager and demotes Dwight to lowly sales rep under Jim, the new sales manager.

    As Michael becomes increasingly frustrated by his dwindling authority, he tries to tell even more jokes to ensure his loyal employees still find him hilarious. When asked why he has spent the last half hour joking about the Special Olympics, Michael explains to Natalie that he’s a friend first, a boss second, and an entertainer third, emphasis on the entertainer. A slight look of recognition crosses Natalie’s face as she realizes that she’s heard that before. Oh right, when she answered Michael’s online personal ad.

  60. Name: “Wolfgang Washington” (real name: Brian Edstrom)
    Occupation: “Sales”

    Story/Personality: A rival paper company manager who Michael has had a longtime beef with calls Michael up out of the blue to bury the hatchet and have lunch at Chili’s (of course!). At lunch, the rival manager explains how one of his top salesmen, “Wolfgang,” is moving and the commute to his current job would be too much from his new location. He convinces an unassuming Michael to hire him. Of course, “Wolfgang” didn’t move; he’s a horrible salesperson but so ruthless the rival manager was afraid to fire him–instead, he gave him a new identity and his ruthlessness comes in handy as a spy at Dunder Mifflin–Brian returns weekly to his old job to inform his boss of Dunder Mifflin happenings.

    At Dunder Mifflin, “Wolfgang” is quiet because he still has allegiances to his old company and doesn’t socialize with any DM employees. Unfortunately for him, he chooses to completely change his sales approach and ends up being a top salesperson at DM. As always, Michael is the only one not suspicious about “Wolfgang.” Dwight sets out to prove that “Wolfgang” isn’t all he’s cracked up to be.

  61. Hi, my name is Sam Chang,
    I work for IT at Dunder Mifflin. To be honest it’s really not that bad of a job, until I have to go to the Scranton branch. I’m pretty sure the manager, Michael Scott, has never met an Asian person before I started working. He relies on all of the old Asian stereotypes to strike up conversation with me. For example, a bad driver: “Hey Sam I see you made it to work in one piece, did you take the bus?” But what’s actually funny to me is how he acts around his other minority employees when I’m working, like he’s trying way too hard to show that he’s “colorblind” or something, it gets really ridiculous. Out of the 8 times I had to work there he gave both Stanley and Oscar a raise on two different occasions, right in front of me. He also said that, if he could, he would give me a raise too, somehow I believe him.

  62. My name is Eric Anderson. I’m 24 and was just hired by Dunder Mifflin as a productivity consultant. Well, they hired my consulting firm (Brent, Keenan & Canterbury) and the firm sent me out to all the branches to see how we can stream-line things, cut costs and basically save as much money as possible. I just got out of college and I think I can do a good job, but I keep getting frustrated by how oblivious some of the long-tenured managers can be about how important it is not to blow through the company’s money. I’m usually pretty keen about my job, but I’m finding my enjoyment of things drains the longer I have to battle with these people. My fiance and I are getting married in a few months, and she’s pretty protective of me.

  63. Character Name: Annette Duffy
    Occupation: Sales

    Michael has decided that the sales department needs a dose of “estrogenics”, so he hires Annette, a fresh-from-college go-to gal who’s ready to take the bull by the horns. She has a lot of spirit, but finds herself insecure when it comes to actually doing her job. Her problem is her delivery. A sample sales call may start, “Hi there. I’m Annette from Dunder Mifflin. We’re a paper company. Do you need paper? Are you sure?”

    She’s not aggressive and often asks for help because she’s never prepared for the right questions. Example: “Um… Dwight? Do we carry the letter-sized paper in heavyweight stock?” “Um… Jim, do we ship our paper on weekends?” She has the potential to be someone that annoys both Jim and Dwight! Angela could also feel threatened that she might capture Dwight’s heart. Her ineptitude also makes Michael look all that more professional, but even she gets to him eventually.

  64. Name: Harold Canabey (can-a-bee) Date: 6/20/2006
    Employer: Self-Employed
    Position: Owner and Operator of Pest Off! Pest Control. “Don’t get mad, get Pest Off!”
    Brief Biography: I started Pest Off! Pest Control when I realized just what a pain in the s-ass-afras those cockroaches are. I grew up in Texas, so I know cockroaches, and believe me, the last thing you want in a little house or office room is a swarm of them cockroaches headed your way. I take my business seriously, I mean I’m making a living off of what people pay me to kill little critters, which I’d do anyway but I might as well have them pay me, right?
    About a week ago I started working for this Dunder Mifflin company, and I’ll tell you they have it bad. That’s why I’m here, I’ve gotta get all the little cockroaches and all of the other little critters out of their building. The only part of this I don’t like is that guy Michael, I think he’s the manager. He keeps making fun of my personality and all, calling me a Redneck and all of that. He says I’m like some Larry Cable Guy, I don’t know who that is but I hope he’s a real good guy. I just keep my cool and go about my business, and just let him do what ever tom-foolery he wants. I’m not an angry person, and I don’t wanna start something bad.

  65. Evann Alexander
    Graphic Designer, Dunder-Mifflin

    A struggling graphic designer a few years out of college, Evann sacrifices all dignity by taking a job at Dunder-Mifflin. A slim-but-not-athletic man from Seattle with an urban style, Evann constantly deals with culture clashes. As if getting stuck making advertisements for cardboard boxes of white paper wasn’t enough, in the midst of all the company’s downsizing, Evann gets sent wherever a desk is available – in this case, right beside an intrigued Kelly in Scranton. Since there is very little actual work for Evann at his actual job, he ends up forced into random jobs and duties, including helping in the warehouse and making sales calls. He soon develops a rapport with Pam, as he heavily encourages her pursuing her dream of design. He also finds Toby to be a mentor, and his presence emboldens Toby to take on Michael much more than he normally more often. Behind the scenes, it appears that he and Ryan might be planning to launch their own company, but they try to keep it a secret as long as possible. He interacts very little with the older workers, likely due to a sense of superiority.

  66. Name: Brian Crawford
    Occupation: Sales

    Brian knows paper inside and out. He loves paper details and believes his paper knowledge gives him an edge in his paper sales. He generally gets along with everyone in the office. Even though he does well at his job, he HATES Dunder Mifflin. He constantly checks the Dunder Mifflin stock ticker and every downtick results in a rant from him about mismanagement by Michael, Jan, or the new CFO. He, of course, knows he could run things better. Outside of work, he gambles. A lot. If he’s in a good mood on Monday, that means he came out ahead. If he’s unapproachable on Monday, it means he has no money because he lost it all over the weekend. He loves big sporting events because he gets to gamble on them.

  67. Name-Shawn Meyer
    Personality- Shawn is a very loveable guy, too loveable.everyone in The Office likes him, even Jan and Toby at Corporate love him. This makes Michael nervous and he can’t not like this guy cause he is afraid of looking bad. so if Michael is nervous so is his guardian Dwight. The problem is even if Michael tries to keep a secret, he always end up leaking out to everybody. meaning Shawn knows and Shawn starts showing his real side to Michael and even gets Dwight to switch sides. If Michael is threatening will anyone believe him.

  68. May Ibee-Blunt

    Sales Rep

    Hired to fill a hole left in Sales by a recent transfer, May is a 31-year old from Chicago with 10 years of experience in sales. Formerly a rep for Newcity Chicago magazine, May uses a mix of charm and bulldog tenacity to close deals. She has big-city style and is more fashion-forward than her Scranton officemates. May hits it off immediately with Pam, who admires her sharp wit and self-confidence. Pam finds herself confiding aspects of her complicated love life to May. Not known for holding her tongue, the recently divorced Ms. Ibee-Blunt freely shares her thoughts with and about her new colleagues. Michael is at once attracted to and deathly afraid of his new outspoken employee. His attempts at charming her fail miserably. Angela views May with disapproval (“the new one’s a brazen hussy”), Kelly is awestruck (“she has the cutest shoes!”) and Phyllis observes with detached amusement. Toby delights in May’s sparring matches with Michael, Kevin lusts from afar, Oscar enjoys the new dynamic May brings to the office, Ryan wonders why she left her old job and Creed has not yet noticed that the former salesman has left.

  69. Name: Lindsey Adams
    Position: Jim’s new assistant at the Stamford branch.

    Description: She is cute, very cute. Not in the warm, caring way that Pam is cute, but in a fun, spunky, keep you on your toes way. She is just as quick witted as Jim, and often surprises him by beating him to the punchline. She always has what he needs before he asks, and she is seriously distracting his broken heart from memories of Pam. When Pam finally gets up the nerve to call Jim, she is caught off gaurd when a perky, laughing voice answers his phone. Pam is even more upset when she hears Jim’s voice in the background laughing and joking back with the receptionist. Will Pam be the one who has to watch from a distance now? Could Jim ever truly open his heart to another?

  70. I’ve often thought that bringing an intern into the mix would create some awkward (and hilarious) situations, so here goes:

    Name: Megan Williams
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Student at Penn State University; home for the summer in Scranton interning at Dunder-Mifflin

    Megan is brilliant and driven, a trait which clashes quite frequently with the atmosphere at DM. Michael wants to take her under his wing and teach her his ways of business (a la Ryan the Temp – which, lucky for him, takes Michael’s attention away from him a bit). Megan is appalled by Michael’s antics, unlike the rest of the office which is immune or even amused by them. She consistently tries to go above & beyond her job duties, to much Jim & Pam’s amusement. However, since she has just turned 21, she has a bit of a party streak in her, and convinces the youngsters of the office (Ryan, Kelly, Pam, Jim) to start weekly happy hours – hilarity of course ensues, followed by some very hungover mornings.

  71. Name: Mike Scott

    Occupation: Deputy Regional Manager, Scranton Branch

    Mike Scott is the 23-year-old nephew of Michael Scott. (The name causes immense confusion in the office, despite the Mike/Michael divide). He has arrived from Wisconsin as a graduate of DeVry University in Waukesha (Certificate in Entrepreneurship). Mike is secretly scheming his way into ownership of Dunder-Mifflin, hoping to take the reigns upon his uncle’s retirement, twenty years away (Mike doesn’t understand that the Scranton Branch is not an independently owned entity). He reveals his secret goal to the documentary crew, who don’t inform him of the errors of his ways. Predictably, Mike finds an immediate nemesis in Dwight, who is furious that the position of “Deputy Regional Manager” didn’t exist until now. Dwight, threatened by Mike’s family connection and his post-secondary education, reluctantly holds off on putting Mike in his place; nonetheless the tension between the two is palpable. Michael however, is thrilled to have his mini-me around (Ryan who?) and takes every opportunity to impart his (limited) wisdom to Mike, who wants nothing more than to follow in Michael’s path to “success”. Despite Michael’s glee and Dwight’s rage, the rest of the staff regard Mike with overwhelming apathy.

  72. Sarah Rogers – Advertising Specialist. Sarah is 28 years old and single. She grew up in Minnesota and went to college at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. Since graduating college she has worked at several different jobs around the Northeast. Sarah is hired at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin to help them reach a more diverse customer base. She has a somewhat quiet presence in the office as she is focused on her work, but outside of the office she is quite energetic and extroverted, especially around friends. She quickly becomes friends with several people in the office including Pam, Jim, and perhaps surprisingly, Creed.

    Jim is disappointed that Pam decided to stay with Roy after he finally told her how he felt, although the postponement of their June wedding date has left things unresolved. Eventually he decides he needs to try and move on and asks Sarah out on a date, which she accepts. Between Jim’s enduring feelings for Pam and Sarah’s tendency to move often the relationship is kept from getting too serious, although they both enjoy each other’s company. Pam is glad to see her friend happy but wonders if she made the right decision.

  73. Name: Hector Rodriguez

    Occupation: Shipping/Receiving (Warehouse)

    Hector used to be quite the daredevil. He used to love to take risks. He loved to bungee-jump, practice parkour with his friends around the neighbourhood and drive at a 88 miles per hour.

    But all that changed after a trip with his family to Brazil in 2001. He was on a boat trip with his family, and without warning, the trip turned into a nightmare. They were surrounded by man-eating hippos, and soon it turned into a real-life game of hungry hungry hippos. Sadly, nobody survived (except Hector).

    Ever since that day, Hector has become afraid to take risks and has settled into being shipper/receiver at Dunder Mifflin (a job that his uncle Oscar recommended to him).

  74. From:
    Subject: Re: Re: New Hire

    Yes, Toby, Samantha IS qualified to fill the Sales position. She came with outstanding references from her boss at the mall jewelry kiosk. If she can sell jewelry to teens, she can sell paper to businesses. She chose us over college, I think she deserves a lot of credit for that.

    I do not appreciate you implying (inferring?) that I hired her because of her awesome rack. If you reread her resumé, you’ll find that she’s a hard worker, has taken care of her sick mother for years, and has excellent people skills. She is equipped to handle the tough sales because she’s hot – and we all know that hot girls make excellent salesmen.

    Michael Scott
    Regional Manager Dunder Mifflin, Scranton Branch


    Subject: Re: Re: New Hire

    Michael, Samantha is 19 and has a lot on her plate – I don’t know if she can make selling paper her top priority, and we all know that we need someone to come in and hit record sales. I hope you’re making the right decision – nobody wants our branch to get downsized.


  75. Name: David McCracken
    Occupation: Sales?

    David “Davey” McCracken is better than you. Did you sell 500 reams of neon pink cardstock? Davey sold 650. Did you get a few mosquito bites on your camping trip over the weekend? Davey got 126. And lived. Slightly allergic to Splenda-enhanced products? Davey: Anaphylactic shock.

    Having shown up at Dunder Mifflin without warning from corporate, no one’s really sure what his deal is. Jan says he’s there to help beef up the branch’s sales. Dwight knows he’s a spy working for corporate.

    Davey, a loud and entirely too-frequent talker, has the distinction of annoying absolutely everyone at DM. Everyone. Even Creed knows this guy’s name, he’s so annoying. Despite Michael’s complaints to Jan, Davey stays.

  76. Dunder-Mifflin, meet Jackson Cunningham. He’s 38, dresses attractively, carries a BlackBerry, and drives a black Audi TT coupe. He’s professional and has intimidating good looks.
    Jackson does not fit in here in Scranton, partly because he’s not from Scranton. Jackson is from New York. He works for corporate, and was newly hired on as the new Director of Human Resources after the former HR Director left. One of Jackson’s first responsibilities is to become acquainted with the different branches of D-M, since he will be helping to make the decision on which branch will be downsized. He will be spending a week at each branch, looking for productive, quality employees. Angela is definitely out to impress him, as is Dwight. Everyone else thinks he is a little too pretentious for his own good. Especially Michael.
    Jackson is working quite closely with Jan, as is his job, but Michael is jealous of this to no end, and is out to prove that Jan and Jackson are having a secret affair (which they’re not). Michael will do anything to “break up” Jan and Jackson, and in the meantime, trying to save his own job.

  77. Name: Alex Wong
    Occupation: IT Specialist

    Alex Wong is a 33 year old IT Specialist whose hard-working, polite, and respectful of her peers. Rumors have spread among the employees of Dunder Mifflin, Inc. that Alex may not be fully female but that she’s had a sex change operation.

    Pam and Jim try to get to the bottom of this rumor by setting up Alex in various situations to uncover his/her real gender. Michael on the other hand who can’t keep anything a secret, ruins Pam and Jim’s plans of discovery.

  78. I really hope I haven’t taken anyone’s idea, I didn’t have time to scroll through all the comments.

    Name: Edmund Smoot

    Occupation: Men’s Room Attendant

    Personality: Gives great advice. Easy-going(Well, you have to be in his line of work with what he has seen, or heard). Kindest man you’ll ever meet, UNLESS you stare or say something about his eye. (A freak air sanitizing accident, we don’t talk about it.) Kevin and Edmund hit it off considering how much time Kevin is in the bathroom. Michael is surprisingly considerate and doesn’t comment on the eye. He does visit Edmund a lot though, for his fantastic advice. Dwight is oblivious to Edmund’s discomfort and asks an abundance of questions about his eye. Edmund then plots devious ways to get back at Dwight. Finally, Ryan never goes to the bathroom anymore.

  79. Wilma George has been a secretary at corporate for 34 years. Due to what Jan describes as ‘an episode,’ Wilma has transferred to the ‘less stressful’ Scranton branch (under corporate payroll) to work until retiring in a couple years.
    Wilma works in customer service, yet constantly makes suggestions to Pam on how to be a better receptionist. Wilma envies Pam’s style, as Pam shamefully realizes herself and Wilma dress very similarly – old.
    Wilma has a crush on Toby (‘a younger Gary Busey’) and Oscar (he’s mucho caliente) and frequently tries to incite fights between them, over her, failing horribly.
    Dwight doesn’t approve of this ‘pity hire,’ and tries to boot her out by making abusive phone calls, tormenting the old woman. The only one who knows Dwight does this is Angela, but she doesn’t mind (Wilma hates cats).
    Michael can’t resist making old people jokes in her presence: “Remember folks, the early bird catches the worm… or in Wilma’s case, a cheaper meal at Dennys.” He comments on her jewelry: “Where’d you find this? Did you steal it from Rose on the Titanic? Wilma, are you Rose?” Wilma soon becomes increasingly paranoid working in Scranton, prompting another possible ‘episode’.

  80. Crystal Convington
    Sales at the Stamford branch

    A bit of a tomboy and freelance photographer of local high school sporting events, Crystal is an aggressive and successful saleswoman at DM/Stamford. Single and in her mid-20s DM likes her job because she like talking to people and it pays decently. The Office is not her life, so she goes with the flow. She has a close bond with the warehouse guys as they have a hardcore foosball rivalry during lunch.

  81. Lance Pedersen

    Lance is what you call a terrible person. Always the one to eat the last donut in the break room, borrowing things without returning them, even altering his personal file. He swears, has a terrible temper, and dresses idiotically. However, the only thing keeping him in his measly position is the fact that he once saved the boss’ life in a boating accident. To repay Lance, the boss offered him a job for life.

  82. Sandy Jones
    Recruiter, Dunder-Mifflin
    (HR Department)

    Sandy Jones is currently the Head Recruiter for the company, spending most of his time at Corporate and overseeing the east coast branches, including Scranton and Stamford. Alas, there’s not much to do at the moment, because of the hiring freeze in effect. His co-workers tell stories about how Sandy never “talks” to anyone, he “sings” to them as if he were in a real-life musical. It’s too bad that he can’t sing and so he’s always off-key!

  83. Melissa Ramsey: Oscar goes on an extended vacation and Corporate seizes the opportunity to send a spy to the Scranton office as an accounting temp.

    Melissa is 32, moderately pretty, and very flirty when trying to investigate the males in the office/warehouse, which causes some jealousy from the female workers even though none of the men are interested. Angela is even more annoyed with the new temp because in addition to flirting with Dwight, she also seems to do more wandering around the office than actual work. She is also seems to be quite flirty with the female staff and causes a lot of male gawking when she is interacting with the uncomfortable office girls.

    She develops a serious infatuation with Creed and is even a little turned on by his hairy, four-toed foot. But she becomes torn when she finds out he is stealing from the office. She decides to frame a different co-worker for Creed’s pilfering, but she gets caught and her whole cover is blown, which causes a huge fight between Jan and Michael.

  84. Name: Duncan Schrute
    Occupation: Lawyer

    Duncan Schrute is Dwight’s brother (no glasses, better style, very funny and social, nice like Concussion Dwight). Duncan comes to town for a family member’s funeral and since Dwight refuses to miss a day of work even for the funeral, Duncan decides to hang around Dunder-Mifflin for the day, annoying Dwight, who has never really liked his “smooth” twin brother. Everyone is astonished that Dwight’s brother could be so cool and accomplished. Jim eventually milks him for information to be used in future Dwight pranks, which Duncan gladly does as long as he can be included in a Dwight prank. Everyone is instantly attracted to Duncan and starts asking him for legal advice about their various problems (opening the door for funniness from Creed, Kevin, and Kelly).

  85. While there is still some fear of downsizing in the Scranton office, an employee has been added to be a messenger and all-around general gofer. His name is Pete Story, and he is particularly helpful on that one Friday a year that is The Perfect Storm by staying late and taking the packages to Federal Express. Pete also runs various errands for Michael and cleans up after the many parties planned by the Party Planning Committee.

    Pete is 19 years old and not quite sure what he wants to do with his future. Making minimum wage is okay with him right now, being as he still lives at home and all. Pete thinks Jim is the coolest and is always the first to laugh at Jim’s jokes (assuming he gets them).

  86. Name: Dung Lu Kwon
    Occupation: IT technician

    Facing constant complaints from the frustrated employees, Michael convinces “corporate” to transfer an IT tech to their branch. Dung Lu is an average height, slight of build, 24-year-old Korean who has been in the United States for only 4 years.

    Michael has fun with his name and his struggles with the English language. Dung Lu is somewhat meek, but opinionated, and sees Dwight as a knowledgeable source for learning American culture. Dwight often shows Dung Lu his broad spectrum of martial arts moves. Jim and Pam often feed Dung Lu information they know will irritate Dwight – such as telling him Dwight loves for people to violently shake his Bobbleheads.

    Dung Lu is attracted to American women and although there’s a big age difference, he has a watchful eye towards Meredith. She has no clue of his affection.

    After hearing Michael say “Un-freakin-believable” once, every time Dung Lu encounters a problem with the DM “system”, you hear him say “unfrickinbelibibull” in an angry Korean accent. Sometimes during a scene in which he’s not shown, you hear him say this phrase in the background.

  87. Name: Lorissa Halpert
    Occupation: Jim’s Mom

    Though she was mentioned in one episode (assumedley the person Jim named as his emergency contact), she is far from a character yet.

    Her key feature would be her discomfort with Jim’s seeming lack of direction in life, disapproving of his decision to remain with a job his detests. Her appearance should be written in as visiting Jim in his new job at the Stamford branch, glad that he is getting some time away from Pam.

    Though she shares some of the features of the steriotypical mom, she is also clearly the source of Jim’s wit.

  88. Charlie Grace would be a new addition to the sales department after the merger. In her late twenties, Charlie is attractive, with dark, wavy hair. The other females, especially Pam, are a little awed by Charlie’s beauty and seem alternately relieved and annoyed that she’s happily married and expecting her first child. Michael frequently refers to the baby as “Charlie’s angel,” amidst eye rolls from the other employees. Creed ogles her for several months before he even realizes that she’s pregnant, since he mainly sees her sitting down.

    Charlie secretly aspires to be an actress, a fact which initially escapes her co-workers. However, the cameramen find out that she was once in a Kodak commercial and is now very excited to be a part of this documentary…Soon Jim and Pam start to notice that every conversation with her is very dramatic, and she schemes to get certain scenes reshot if she’s not pleased with the outcome, which Dwight thinks is ridiculous. Dwight even thinks that she may be wearing a prosthetic belly to get more attention. A few times Dwight and Jim actually agree on how annoying she is, which is extremely unnerving to both of them.

  89. Lee Jackson
    Occupation: Graphic Designer/Speaker
    Dunder Mifflin Inc.

    Lee is a local gridiron hero, first at Lackawanna College then Penn State. Drafted by the Eagles in 2000. He was injured in a freak accident that ended his career after the 2001 season. Jobless, Lee became a motivational speaker and wrote a book, titled “2 Seasons: … and he taketh away.”

    Tiring of the touring schedule and armed with a Graphic Arts degree, Lee accepted a job with in the Advertising Department. The department is now closed and Lee’s job is to be a liaison between corporate and the advertising agencies that now handle their work. He occasionally gives speeches at company events. Recently widowed, corporate lets Lee use the Scranton office as a base of operations to be closer to his family.

    Lee is fun and witty, but doesn’t suffer fools gladly. With no actual ties to the daily ongoings in the office, he is able to stay in the background. Always available to give advice on life or fantasy football, Lee and his secretary Robert are welcomed additions. Michael’s Bo Jackson jokes are endless. Lee is rumored to have made Todd Packer cry, but no one knows how.

  90. When a new sales rep position opens up, Ryan is offered the job and refuses, out of fear that it would tie him to D-M for years to come.

    In comes Casey Jones, just out of college, not completely sure what he wants, but it’s more than what he can get now. He takes the sales position with the sole purpose of using it as work experience before he goes after his MBA.

    Casey is enthusiastic when on the phones, but it’s all just a facade, since he really doesn’t care. He shocks Michael with his relative apathy, and Michael tries to be the good boss by getting Casey to try to enjoy his job as more than just a stopgap.

    More than anything, Casey serves as an awakening for Ryan, who surprisingly misses Michael’s attention and comes to regret not accepting the position. Ryan views Casey as a rival and gets increasingly frustrated when Casey shrugs him off as “just a temp.”

  91. Character: Jackie Cross, age 53, single mother to adult daughter, Holly, a lesbian who works in the warehouse.
    Occupation: HR assistant to Toby.
    Personality: Caucasian, skinny with short, poofy dyed red hair and a birdlike face. Thinks she is hip but her style is stuck in the 90’s. Gossip is her forte and she is always interested in other people’s business especially what they are eating. People scatter when she comes into the lunchroom because along with her irritating food interrogation habit, she also has to butt into every conversation and make it about her. She is friends with Kelly as they both love to talk and (because of a wrongly overheard rumor) she mistakenly thinks Kelly is gay and wants to hook her up with her daughter.
    She annoys Dwight, he finds her obnoxious and inappropriate and Michael hates her because he is convinced she is spying on him for Toby. Also her constant craving for attention makes him subconsciously detest his worst traits that he sees in her. She pines after Michael but flirts with Creed because she likes the attention and he thinks she’s hot. Dwight and Michael’s distain for her amuses Jim and Pam.

  92. Garth Schott – Sales

    Dwight’s friend and fellow paintball teammate, Garth, moves in to fill the vacated sales position at Dunder-Mifflin.

    They both delight in spending their lunch breaks and free time planning strategic paintball maneuvers on Dwight’s enormous dry-erase board. Their favorite operation is the “Schrute Schott”: a honed sneak attack where Dwight pretends to be hit, luring the opponent near Garth’s hidden position in a tree.

    Garth claims to have been raised “military style”, although no one in his immediate or even extended family has any ties to the armed services. He tries to rally the D-M troops with rousing Army sound-offs, shouting “DUNDER!”, to which only Dwight replies, “MIFFLIN!”. All of the others merely exchange spiteful glances.

    The rest of the staff avoids all contact with Garth in fear of being wrangled into a conversation about Garth’s other hobby, movies. Or more specifically, ruining the end of them. Phyllis holds a secret grudge against Garth after he spoiled the ending of “The Lake House”, a film which Phyllis was really looking forward to seeing.

    Even though Garth is viciously annoying, he is a respectable salesman, and the Scranton branch has finally started to see some increasing profits.

  93. Name: Norman Sprague
    Occupation: IRS auditor

    The IRS caught wind of the $3000 dollars that came up missing from the ledger books. Because of Enron and other corporate scandals, the IRS wants to nip this in the bud. Enter Norman Sprague, the most tightly wound person to walk through the doors of Dunder-Mifflin/Scranton to date. He comes from a strict, Midwestern upbringing. He’s short, wears glasses that would fit in perfectly in the 60’s, knots his tie just a little too tight and rarely smiles. This, of course, catches the attention of one Angela Martin. But Norman, who’s pushing 40, has never had time for women. A painful-to-watch love triangle unfolds among Angela, Norman and the ever-vigilant Dwight Schrute. Norman waves off Angela’s stiff, yet intriguing, advances while Dwight pushes her to tell him what’s going on, all the while watching Sprague like a hawk, just waiting for him to make a mistake. Will Norman stay focused or fall for Angela? Will Angela really pursue Norman or realize Dwight is the one for her? Will Dwight use his expert interrogation skills to uncover even the slightest piece of dirt on Norman? What happens next is anyone’s guess.

  94. Heather McDaniels grew up down river from Scranton in Bedford, PA. As the middle child and only daughter, she fought for attention. Her parents, just steps over the Amish fence, ran a dairy farm and she had her choice of farm hands through school. She settled down with her high school steady, Jason, the all-state center, a year after graduation. She attened community college to get her degree during their seven year marriage. He left her for the county fair queen.

    Heather will be splitting time between Stamford and Scranton’s offices as a salesperson, due to downsizing. She is very competetive and loves all things typically male…football, beer, ribs, guns, etc. She stands medium height with long brunette locks, framing her very attractive face. Friends describe her as klutzy, cluttered and down to earth. She thrives on male attention, often dressing provocatively. She can make any man feel as if he is the center of her world, and usually does to get her way. The men of the office will lavish attention on her, much to the dismay of the women. She will be hard to dislike, with her sympathetic ear and killer brownies.

  95. Name: Jessica Caren (AKA JC)
    Position: Comes in as a new sales rep for D-M
    Very good at what she does she gives the boys a run for their money. They soon come to respect her as a saleswomen and she bonds with both Jim and Dwight. They add a desk so the three can sit together. She brings a new dynamic to Jim and Pam as well as Dwight and Angela. She finds it hard to bond with the girls, but is not sure why.

  96. Name: Audrey Pinkwater
    Occupation: Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager
    Personality: Audrey wears loose, button up shirts with long skirts. She wears glasses and has dirty blond hair that is always held up in a loose ponytail. She is of average size and is in her early 30’s. She loves movies and has an unhealthy obsession with movie stars. Her desk space has a collection of photos that include George Clooney and Johnny Depp. She talks to her pictures, as if they were her friends. She and Dwight argue over movie related topics, such as whether “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” is better. Dwight begins to fall for Audrey and Angela gets jealous. Audrey is unaware of this, blinded by her love of Mel Gibson, but Angela believes that they have already gone on a date. She lashes out on Audrey one day, leading to much tension between the three. Audrey, like Dwight, is gullible and Pam and Jim like to take advantage of this. Jim enjoys calling her and pretending that he is a celebrity. Audrey is always ecstatic after these calls, telling everyone that ‘Jude Law’ just ordered paper from her!!

  97. Scott Cheney
    Vending Machine Stockperson

    This very obnoxious employee comes in every once in a while, but when he comes in to stock the “Cold Drinks” machine he tries to be friends with Stanley. Stanley can’t stand Scott Cheney, because he always follows him around, and sings him Dolly Parton’s ealryworks. Scott always lies and brags that he has a million dollars. Everyone knows it’s a lie, because he wears the same leather jacket and Homer Simpson T-shirt everyday.

  98. Greetings.
    My name is Cassandra Ann Mackey. I graduated from the prestigious University of Scranton in 2004 with a dual degree in Communication and Liberal Studies. I have worked for several reputable organizations for which I managed interpersonal relations and worked extensively with people.

    I am an experienced communication specialist and I know I have what it takes to be a vital member of the Dunder Mifflin family. I will work hard to maintain a high level of accountability and I will always complete tasks on time. I would like to apply for a position in the communication, public relations, or human resources department.

    I am a team player and also an activist aware of what is going on in the world. I know I will enjoy working for the company because I love trees and the environment. After all, paper does come from trees!

    I am a vegan and choose only organic foods. I get along well with human and animal beings and will not be a burden on any living thing. I have a strong work ethic and practice three types of yoga.

    Thank you very much.
    Cassandra A Mackey

  99. Izzy Mullens
    Public Relations

    Izzy is a 60 year-old spirited tell-it-like it is sister. Her turbans and bright and orange print dresses that cover her sturdy form can be spotted all the way across the office. Izzy’s shout of “I’m praying for ya’ boss man” echoes through the office at Michael’s crude humor and references to her as a “culture shock”. It is rumored that she has referred to Creed as “hotcakes” and “ol’ foxy” on numerous occasions. She takes the role as kind of a mother hen for the entire office and she is never afraid to voice her opinion. She slaps her hips joyfully at every word serious or funny that comes from Dwight’s mouth and tells Kevin her fears about the state of his heathen soul. She looks at Jan’s love life as a project and when rumors spread of her relationship with Michael-“Hallelujah” Izzy shouted. “It’s about time that skinny white woman got another man, sane or otherwise.”

  100. My name is Russell (Rusty) Winters. I am a 32 year old corporate motivational speaker. I have been married for 13 years and have five well-behaved children – 4 girls and 1 boy.

    I have recently been hired by corporate Dunder-Mifflin to hold a workshop on leadership development. We will be covering an assortment of topics including motivating others to succeed in a competitive environment, coming out of your comfort shell of mediocrity and leading a winning team by being a “S.T.A.R. example”.
    (S.T.A.R. – Show Them A Real-winner)

    The Scranton branch is the first of the five branches I will be visiting. Michael Scott, Regional Manager of that branch, has already shown initiative by conveying his interest in helping with these workshops. I love his enthusiasm and cannot wait for him to let me help him help his coworkers help Dunder-Mifflin to help their customer base.

  101. Email from Meredith Palmer:


    Great News!! There is a new guy here at work. He has been here for two weeks; he is my age and single! His name is Larry West. He is a consultant that was sent to DM to complete an efficiency study on all of the branches. The Scranton branch is his last branch to evaluate. His findings could determine if downsizing is going to take place or if we just need to improve our processes.
    He is really smart and has a Master’s Degree with a concentration in Business Process Management. I can tell that he really enjoys his job because he gets excited when he starts talking about business processes and workflows and ways to improve. With the exception of Dwight and Angela, the others cannot seem to fathom enjoying a job. I think they may be a little envious.
    He uses a lot of acronyms that I don’t know, but me not knowing them doesn’t seem to bother him. He seems to like me for me. Before meeting Larry, I couldn’t imagine anyone liking me just for me, but now I know that there is hope.

    Wish me luck!!

    – Meredith

  102. Name: Deena Williams

    Occupation: Toby’s new HR assistant

    In Michael’s eyes, Deena can do no wrong. After he finds out she had worked at Chili’s, he listens to her every word and expects everybody else to do the same. After Deena says the magic words “that’s what she said” to something Dwight says, her word is law in the office. Deena is stylish, attractive, smart, and quickly realizes Michael is trying to impress her and decides to use it to her advantage. She’s heard alot of stories about Michael from the other people in the office, and witnesses it on her own with his many lame attempts to ask her out on a date. What Michael doesn’t know is even though Deena says she is single, she is secretly dating somebody but keeping it low key because of her position. It seems she and Toby spent alot of time together discussing how to get Michael under control and are now seeing each other. She feels a little guilty about leading Michael on, but since everybody seems happier, she keeps it up so she has job security in case things go wrong with Toby. She is well liked by everybody but Dwight, who accuses her of “changing” Michael Scott.

  103. Name: Janet Young
    Occupation: Human Resources Assistant
    Personality: Janet Young is a single, intelligent, attractive, outspoken, forty-year-old woman. She has an educational background in the field of psychology and tends to turn every conversation into a therapy session. She takes pride in quoting Skinner, Jung, Freud, and Erikson, much to the chagrin of the majority of Dunder Mifflin’s employees.
    Along with the many psychology themed items on her desk, Janet carrys, and often references, her DSM-IV (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Volume 4). She reports directly to Toby and develops an immediate crush on him. Her drive to help ‘fix’ Toby’s personal problems, is very attractive to her. The pair quickly become friends and openly begin a relationship, which is a bit awkward due to the fact that, as Toby has stated, “Office relationships are never a good idea.”

  104. Dunder Mifflin is a functional company as is: competent accounting staff, friendly salesmen, quality HR staff, and a well rounded, morale boosting boss. However, this seemingly ideal business model of a company is missing one vital element: a cafeteria chef.

    Each day, Jim dreads the moment when he has to eat his same old ham & cheese sandwich in the break room. Now, due to the downsizing of the seventh branch (least successful – Dunder Mifflin ranked 5/7, top 80%), Jan has agreed to hire a gourmet chef for the employees of Dunder Mifflin and Vance Refrigeration.

    Chef Yen Soshutsu is a top Japanese cook who ecently moved to Scranton in hopes to live the American dream, like Oscar. Each day, the employees confide their deepest secrets in the Chef, only for him to mistakenly spill the beans and cause more commotion than is already present at Dunder Mifflin.

    With his crazy antics, lack of English speaking abilities, and boisterous personality, Chef Soshutsu becomes an integral part of the office family, unifying all aspects of office life and blending a unique drama and comedy for all office staff. Even the warehouse staff begins to form relationships with others in the office.

  105. “WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?!!!” Enter Michael carrying a boom box on his shoulder as the new mascot of Dunder Mifflin – Scranton trails behind him. Sir Charles is a chocolate Cocker Spaniel Michael found in the Arby’s parking lot. Michael keeps him to fill some space of his lonely condo, one big problem being Sir Charles destroys everything… so Michael brings him to work.
    Michael insists that Sir Charles is a great judge of character and the dog immediately runs to Toby and starts licking his face.
    Michael attempts to keep Sir Charles’ bed in his office, along with a doggy door into the main office he makes the warehouse guys install. After a number of flatulent episodes, however, Michael throws the bed outside his door and Sir Charles is free to roam the office.
    Sir Charles doesn’t appreciate Roy in the office and barks when he nears Pam – much to Jim’s delight. He proceeds to urinate on her desk, marking his territory, providing Michael with a new nickname for his receptionist: Ms. Pees-ly.
    Sir Charles seems to hate only Roy and Angela. Dwight surprisingly enjoys the dog, causing some tension in his relationship with the cat lover.

  106. “Why did I change my name to Ashton? Umm, have you seen The Butterfly Effect?”

    Ashton Park (real name Terrance Park) is 26, Korean, clean cut, wears pastel short sleeved shirts with colorful, bright ties. He is a flaming homosexual.
    Ashton innocently flirts with Michael in front of the others, unbeknownst to Michael. Michael’s opinion of Ashton? “He’s like an Orient-… sorry, American-Oriental version of Ty Pennington on Extreme Home Makeover… and he’s popular with the ladies. He’s always telling stories about his girlfriends.”
    Ashton sits next to Kelly and they gab ALL DAY, much to Toby’s dismay. Ashton loves his workspace – ‘it always smells like cookies.’
    When Ashton meets Oscar his award winning gaydar (no really, he has a trophy) goes off, and Ashton ponders what it would be like to raise biracial children with him, “adopted of course, just like Brangelina.”
    Ashton is the new head of the party committee (Michael’s doing – hoping for a male input in the team), but his foible is becoming irrationally obsessed with projects. When things don’t go his way – watch out.
    He jokes, “People sometimes suggest I have OCD, I tell them I’m OAD, Obsessive And Disorderly.”

  107. Jason Wiggins is an extremely outgoing 24 year old salesman brought into the branch from Buffalo in an attempt to increase sales and bring Scranton into the top 60%. Although he introduces himself by his nickname “Jesus” (earned during college thanks to his thick shaggy hair, mustache, and goatee even though he is an atheist; “Sacrilege,” observes Angela disapprovingly), Jason soon becomes friendly with almost everyone in the office because of his compassion, good listening skills, and all-around niceness. Jason is not without his quirks: he wears a shark-tooth necklace at all times (something about “communion with nature”) and has professed his wish to die by shark attack (as Dwight notes: “Impossible. Sharks are easily subdued by a quick ‘tsuki’ to the nose.”). Although he left behind a girlfriend of three years, Jason is quite the flirt, and Kelly thinks “it’s like, so romantic, his favorite song to make love to is ‘Possession’ by Sarah McLachlan!” He evens keeps his acoustic guitar in his Prius at all times. Of course, Michael is sure Jason is gay (“You know, uh, happy to be here…”), but the coworker whom Jason has the greatest effect on might be Jim…

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