Quickie Contest #1

The first person who correctly answers the two questions below wins any Office episode from the iTunes store!

  1. In which episode does the OfficeTally banner image first appear, and from which scene?
  2. What is the “error” in the image?

Sorry, U.S. players only — iTunes store rules. :(

Update: We have our winners, so this contest is now closed!


  1. 1.It is the top of the 5 gallon water jug on top of the water cooler near the door of the break room

    2.The picture has been reversed. You can see the size of containter text/text/warnings on the top of it are clearly reversed in a mirror image

  2. Ha i never really looked at it that hard, i thought it was the top of a stapler…

  3. 1. It’s the top of the water cooler jug on the left alright. Neat image.

    2. The water cooler jug is nowhere near the coat rack next to Pam’s desk, which is on the right side of the image.

  4. Okay, just when I thought I was being perfectly clear, you guys come along and prove me wrong. ;)

    The first question needs to be: which episode does this image first appear, and in which scene?

    I apologize for not being clearer. And I’m a tech writer. Sheesh.

  5. I’ll take a go at it.

    1. Assuming you’re not counting its appearance in the credits, the watercooler first appeared in the first-season episode The Alliance, when Dwight is jealously watching Jim, Toby and Oscar chat it up over some cool water.

    2. The picture has been reversed, like a mirror image. Everyone knows the coat rack is on the left!

  6. That is so cute that they put your website’s banner on the show. I have to look for it now!

  7. I think Jamie’s correct.

    Is it wrong that I just wasted 20 minutes skipping through the first 4 episodes?
    No, I’m not competitive.

  8. I was wathing the Pilot to begin the first of the many full-series rewatches I will do this summer, and Michael says he has been working there for 12 years, 4 as Regional Manager. Which means he did Jim’s job for 8 years. I think Jim will have killed himself by then.

    Or, at least, taken that job in Maryland.

  9. I am going to give both Jamie and Becky a prize! :)

    Becky had the answers I was looking for: 1) the image appears in the opening credits of every episode, so the first episode it appears in is the Pilot, and 2) the image is backwards.

    I’m giving a second prize to Jamie because she mentions the opening credits in her answer, even though it wasn’t the answer she was actually submitting. ;)

    I will send both of you emails this weekend. Congratulations!

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