1. I saw it by accident. Me and my husband were flipping between Letterman and Leno, and we caught Letterman introducing Steve Carell. He was really funny. He talked about what a bad job he does on the Office. He talked about how sarcastic his five year old is and Letterman said he might not think that is so funny when she’s 15. I can’t wait to see Dan in Real Life.

  2. Looks like I forgot too!! That was a good interview. His daughter sounds like my 8 year old.. “Whatever”. I’m glad he’s dealing with that too, I’m not the only one!!

  3. Steve was in perfect form last night. I love when he talks about his kids, “We play.”, he’s so down to earth.

    I’m looking forward to seeing his movie, Dan in Real Life.

  4. I love Steve, his attitude and demeanor are so humble and he comes across as so real. When I heard that “one” comedian might run for president, I immediately thought of Steve, and was like…heck, I would vote for HIM!

  5. Thanks, Denise! I was actually just getting a chance to watch the episode while this was on.

  6. Steve is always so funny in his interviews and seems like such a down to earth person–I love him!

  7. this was his FIRST time on letterman?? that is crazy… i mean, angela has been on twice already. is this true? b/c i’m sure at one point dave says, “it’s nice to meet you” –and they covered really basic information about his family that letterman usually does with first-time guests.

  8. I totally forgot about it too, even though I had it on my calendar. lol :) Oh well, thanks Denise! (I think we were all wrapped up in the episode!)

  9. Hilarious as usual. Wait… was this the first time he was on Letterman? Gosh Letterman get with the program. lol.

  10. I totally forgot! Bless you, Denise! lol. Great interview. Steve’s are always awesome.

  11. The thing I love about when Steve does interviews is that he’s always very fresh and sincere, yet still hysterical. A lot of comedians will tell the same stories on every talk show they go on, almost word for word. Steve always mixes it up, no matter how many appearances he’s doing. A true class act.

  12. many thanks to denise! was that “i want candy” that the band played as steve’s walk on music? lol.

  13. I was there in the audience! It was so neat getting to see see him in person, it was like surreal. I didn’t get to meet him, but I did get to meet and shake Paul Schaeffers hand and sit in Dave Lettermans chair =)

  14. I met Steve after Letterman. He was wonderful and so nice – I wrote an entry about it in the Office LJ group, with pictures.


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