The Office: Money, 4.07-08

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The Office

Writer: Paul Lieberstein, Director: Paul Lieberstein

Summary (NBC): As Jan renovates the condo, Michael confronts his growing debt every way he can. Pam and Jim spend a night out on Dwight’s family farm. One-hour episode.

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Michael: Steak! Where’s my steak!

Michael: Meryl Streep is the bad guy.

Pam: He’s watching Million Dollar Baby. He’s gonna try to kill me.

Jan: It costs what it costs.

Michael: At the end of my life, when I’m sitting on my yacht, am I gonna be thinking about how much money I have? No, I’m going to be thinking about how many friends I have, and my children, and my comedy albums. I mean, I have a yacht, so I obviously did pretty well money-wise.

Jan: Conniving little runt, put him through.

Dwight: Schrute Farms. Guttentag.

Dwight: We make our own mattresses that don’t conform to the traditional sizes. Closest would be twin.

Jim: Does the Department of Health know about this?
Dwight: I am not telling you anything. Permits are pending.

Jan: Why don’t you just pretend that you have a car?

Dwight: I was recently scrubbing my room of memories and I didn’t see it there.

Dwight: I don’t care. They’re your oats.

Michael: You wouldn’t understand. It’s a secret.
Jim: I wouldn’t understand, or it’s a secret?
Pam: You wouldn’t understand, Jim. It’s a secret.

Michael: It won’t be that fast, but it will be that easy.

Pam: The Beets Motel. The Embassy Beets. Radish Inn.

Michael: I took this second job kind of as a hobby.

Dwight: We have three rooms, each with a different theme.
Pam: What are the themes?
Dwight: America, irrigation, and night time.

Jim: We will be requiring a bedtime story.
Dwight: No.
Jim: Not even Harry Potter?

Dwight: As of this morning, we are completely wireless here at Schrute Farms. But as soon as I find out where Mose hid all the wires, we’ll get that power back on.

Michael: These meetings are useless.

Jim: Mmm, I’d say one in six.
Pam: What?
Jim: Oh, I thought you asked me what our chances were of being murdered here tonight.

Jim: I always imagined less manure. I mean, some manure. Just … less.

Michael: I wonder what I would’ve been back home.

Michael: Medical school must have cost like $40 or a donkey or something.

Michael: I would have been chief of surgery. Or a cowboy.

Pam: What century is this?

Dwight: I am better than you have ever been or ever will be.

Ryan: Hey guys! What’s happening? How’s my favorite branch doing?

Michael: Power point, power point, power point.

Michael: And up comes the tool bar. That’s what she said.

Michael: “Estimated time, 12 minutes.” So this should take about five or ten minutes.

Michael: What I do between 5:30pm and 1am is nobody’s business but mine and my other businesses.

Jim: Are you a cocktail waitress?

Kelly: Ryan used me as an object.

Michael: No one asked you anything ever, so whomever’s name is Toby, why don’t you take a letter opener and stick it in your skull.

Telemarketing boss: Come back anytime. Don’t forget to disinfect your headset.

Michael: The good thing about the American Dream is that you can just go to sleep, and try it all again the next night.

Andy: I have moonwalked past accounting, like, ten times.

Andy: Maybe you should look in the smart part of your brain.

Pam: Now that I think about it, Angela and Andy might actually make a good couple. But I couldn’t do that to Dwight. Or Angela. Or Andy.

Michael: Do you have any tips or ideas about sure things?

Michael: Do you know anybody in the mob?

Michael: Monkey problems. No, I’m not having monkey problems.

Michael: Maybe I am having an affair with Suzanne Somers.

Michael: I don’t talk to my girlfriend about money. It is rude and unsexual.

Darryl: You need to access your uncrazy side.

Kelly: I mean, who says exactly what they’re thinking. What kind of game is that.

Creed: Nobody just picks up “Get out of jail free” cards. Those things cost thousands.

Creed: Bankruptcy, Michael, is nature’s do-over.

Michael: I’ve always wanted to be in the witness protection program.

Michael: I’m a shipping merchant who raises fancy dogs. That’s the life.

Michael: I didn’t say it; I declared it.

Andy: I got game.

Michael: That is so cool how you have my name at the top.

Pam: “Table-making never seemed so possible.”

Oscar: Due to Michael’s clever financial maneuvering, he finds himself tremendously in debt.

Angela: Nothing fancy or foreign. No bars, no patios, no vegetables. And no seafood.

Jim: Did I ever tell you why I left Scranton? Yeah, I didn’t think I had. Well, it was all about Pam. Yeah, I mean, she was with Roy, and I just couldn’t take it. I mean, I lost it, Dwight. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. And then weird stuff, like, food had no taste. So my solution was to move away. It was awful. And it is something that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. And that includes you.

Pam: Jim’s just really passionate about Italian food.

Jim: Yep, I’m very passionate about Italian food. In fact, um, I’m in love with Italian food.

Michael: A guy on a train with no answers. I hope that can be enough for you.

Jan: You were there for me. By my side. Without even a thought.

Michael: Don’t sell your implants, please.

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  1. aww I hate to say I didn’t like it. A lot of the humor seemed very forced, especially that “whomever/whoever” bit in the conference room.
    I also feel like the camera crew is getting more and more intrusive. I never thought I’d see Jim and Pam cuddling in bed…and I kind of wish it stayed that way. It just seems really out of character for them to be so affectionate in front of both the camera AND dwight?!
    I’m really hopeful for the return of 1/2 hour, in-the-office Office next week!

  2. Creed saying that he transfers his debt to William Charles Schneider was priceless! That is Creed Bratton’s real name.

  3. Aww, good episode so far. Jim and Pam in bed, really cute.

    Michael taking the bus, and running after Jan blames him for being broke? Sad.

    I love Steve Carell. You always feel sorry for Michael.

  4. hahaha, Ryan used me as an object.

    Poor Dwight, and Michael. It’s so sad, the pathetic sad, not the sad sad.

    love this!!!!

  5. best episode ever…so far anyway. i seriously love mose, he is like the coolest thing ever. plus i really want to hit jan

  6. I loved seeing Jim and Pam snuggling together for the bedtime story. And the twin beds had been pushed together!

  7. Jim and pam. Made me cry.
    They are so cute.
    Jim is in love with italian food. Thats all he had to say.

    I can’t get over them. The kiss was so cute.
    I’m babbling.
    But that speech that Jim gave Dwight was the sweetest thing i’ve ever seen.

  8. Was that the guy who played Torgo in Manos the Hands of Fate (a horrible old movie that was spoofed on MST 3K) in the Money episode tonight???

  9. Dwight and Jim, followed by Jim and Pam, followed by Michael and Jan.

    AWESOME. The last 5 minutes.

    Was crying during the Dwight/Jim scene. totally awesome.

    Next week, thirty minutes, thank God, these episodes were a bit long.

  10. This was the most emotional episode of the Office. Yes, there were a lot of very funny parts, but it had a LOT of heart. This will always be one of my favorite episodes, and meant a lot to me personally…I was able to identify with MANY of the characters. Way to go, Office!

  11. Wonderful episode. Nothing overreaching….some very ncie moments and the instantly LEGENDARY “whomever-whoever” scene. Michael and Dwight have some great storylines going.


  12. I’m glad Jan and Michael worked things out, hopefully they can get their debt figured out. Also, how cute are Jim and Pam? So adorable! Can’t wait for next week!!!

  13. Very emotional episode, but i really liked it. I’m glad not even a half hour was spent on Dwight’s farm. Just the right amount was. And Jim talking to Dwight in the stairwell was really touching, especially when Dwight reached out to Jim and he just grabbed air. 9/10 for me, a really sweet episode.

  14. I was so scared of what Jim was going to do after he talked to Dwight. He had a very worried look on his face. But when he kissed Pam…wow. That was amazing!

    Mose was the star of this show!

  15. Pretty solid episode that got more wonderful as it wore on. Didn’t get the cold open at all, though. Probably should have watched “Prada” and “Baby”!!

  16. WOW!! All I have to say is that when I saw Michael running to the train, I thought they were going to do something absurd and totally broad. Like driving in to a lake. I was very pleased with they way they ended this episode. The first two, the last 10 minutes were kind of shrug shoulders, but this one was awesome. Oh yeah, I haven’t mentioned how awesome of a guy Jim is. Well done Jim. 9 out 10.

  17. I’m almost disappointed that the episodes are returning to half hours, because I felt like they finally perfected their pacing for the full hours tonight. Tonight had just the right balance of Michael, Dwight, JAM, and the supporters.

    It was almost spot on tonight. :)

  18. that was the most emotional office i’ve seen yet. but SO GOOD. this was definitely a turning point for the show.

  19. There are no words to describe how much I love this show.
    Also, is there anything Jim Halpert can’t do?

  20. WOW! This episode was amazing! The story was hilarious, Jim and Pam made me giddy, and yeah… just great! Poor Dwight though. I hope things pick up for him!

  21. Awwwwwww, Jam! I love it. They were so sweet to Dwight in this episode. And I love Jim. In all honesty, it makes me kind of sad though because Jim is a fictional character–he’s not real! :(

  22. Jan was amazing in the end and so was Jim’s pep talk to Dwight. I have come up with new names for our new couples, angy and delly. done deal.

  23. Wow, what a mix of emotions in one episode! Michael working two jobs and the whole situation with Dwight and Angela made me pretty sad. However, Jim professing his love for Pam just made my heart flutter!

  24. sheesh man the way they filmed this episode was awesome.
    i loved some of the shots they had.

    absolutely loved it

  25. That was the most amazing episode ever. I can’t believe that packed that much drama and content into one episode. The bed and breakfast, Ryan seeing Darryl making out with was just so much. Good times.

  26. OMG! Please don’t sell your implants! so funny! Anyway, Jim talking to Dwight in the stairwell was soo sweet, i was almost crying.

    Death to TV Junior.

  27. This episode was perfect, that’s all there is to it. Jam at Schrute Farms, Michael telling Toby to stab himself in the skull, Kelly and Darryl… I don’t think it gets better. I was just entirely impressed.

  28. That episode was so sad and depressing. I felt so sorry for Michael and Dwight.

  29. Not crazy about the episode as a whole and will be glad to see the return of the half hour episodes – however, that ending was television magic

    Michael and Jan working out their issues like an adult, mature, healthy couple

    Dwight returning to the Dwight we all know and love

    and Jim and Pam.

    I know they’re going to have rough patches sooner or later, but I’m SO enjoying the bliss after 3 years of angst and pain. I had tears in my eyes with the kiss, Pam’s blushing smile and Jim’s passion for Italian.

    Not the best show, but the ending made up for it.

  30. It was okay. Kind of sad, but I loved how relationship oriented it was, especially with the love of Italian food and the Destiny Kittens.

  31. That was possibly my favourite JAM moment ever. They’ve been cute together all season, but that was basically Jim fully coming to realize all that he’s been through and all he has now. So perfect.

    And the “return” of Dwight at the end was another note of perfection! Finally this season is starting to come together!

  32. Wow, this episode was wonderful! They’ve had two great ones in a row. I liked the emotion of this one. It wasn’t terribly angsty like season 3 because they managed to work in great humor during sad parts.

    Anyone else tear up when Jim walks in on Dwight crying (and holding Angela’s cherub?)

  33. This episode pretty much sums up WHY I love this show. This show has humor, but above all, this show has heart. Times like these, I really HATE that NBC took the Office off of iTunes. Great episode! best of the season, thus far.


  34. I have to admit, I didn’t think that episode was very good. It was way too depressing, and not in sync with the rest of the episodes. Why did Jim and Pam go to Dwight’s bed and breakfast? Why didn’t the writers even try to make it funny? That Kelly and Darryl plot was so unrealistic.

    I did love the “whomever” scene. I just wish the whole hour was like that. Back to 30 minutes next week!

  35. Story time at the Schrute farm…excuse me, BEETS Motel. That was too funny.

    It wasn’t my favorite episode but, I have to tell you…I need more Dwight/Jim serious moments. That did bring a tear to my eye.

    Oh, and I wish Jim was as passionate for…say…MY kind of food as he is for Italian. Sigh. That was awesome.

  36. Yeah NBC really needs to get rid of those TV junior bits they are horrible. But good episode poor Dwight

  37. I’m being purposefully vague since this episode hasn’t reached the Pacific time zone yet.

    The last ten minutes or so of this episode are outstanding. When they–Greg Daniels, the writers, the actors–are earnest and heartfelt within the narrative … wow. They do so much so very well already, and it really shows through in the “real” moments.

  38. I agree, the Mose thing was hilarious…and Jim kissing Pam like that…I melted into a puddle on the floor.

  39. Complete and utter awesome. Especially Jim’s tell-all with Dwight, and the follow-up kiss with Pam. YES! This is the Office. Michael and Jan were in fine form as well. Absolutely wonderful!

  40. This episode had a lot of sad moments. It was kind of dark although there were some funny parts. I loved the “who”/”whom” dialogue. There also were some great JAM moments.

  41. That was both pretty funny and pretty somber at the same time. I like how the visit to Schrute Farm, the discussion about who and whom and Jan treating Oscar like a valet countered nicely with Jim consoling Dwight in the stairwell, the bittersweetness of Michael’s second job and the heart to heart between Michael and Jan. Not the funniest, but definitely the strongest so far this season.

  42. I loved this; it was very heavy on the relationship side, but I thought it was a good balance. Definitely my favorite thus far, and as someone else said, it had a lot of heart.

  43. I wasn’t aware that The Office was now a drama. There were literally only a handful of moments that were supposed to make us laugh tonight. It was an ok episode, not one of my favorites by any means. THANK GOD we will be going to half hour episodes now!

  44. poor dwight, but jim’s love of Italian food nearly broke my heart. that may have been one of the sweetest lines and actions of all time. i literally almost cried. :)

  45. I definitely cried for Dwight in this episode, and PB&J were absolutely adorable.

    I’m going to miss the one-hour Office…

  46. Wow, that was an amazing episode. Jim and Dwight in the hallway followed by that amazing kiss definitely brought a tear to my eye. Michael and Jan finally have a sweet and touching moment and it was equally amazing. Biggest laughs for me were Kelly’s freak outs and Mose running. Probably my favorite of the season.

  47. this episode was not that good…i did like jim and pam helping out dwight. hopefully this show will return to form with the 30 minute episodes.

  48. This was a good episode. I loved the beet farm stuff, cousin Mose is always a treat. Plus Pam and Jim pushing the beds together Oh Yeah!
    There were a lot of LOL moments for me, and also moments were I really felt bad for Michael and Dwight.
    I was over the moon with all the Jim and Pam stuff. Jim telling Dwight why he left Scranton was the most touching moment ever. Followed by the Kiss was just the perfect cap.
    I have to say though i think they could have done this as two episodes. One focusing on Dwight and the Beet Farm, the other on Michael’s money issue.

  49. 33 garbage: no. there is nothing jim can’t do. he should run for president and make this world a lot more loving.

  50. The first four episodes of this season have all been like my favorite episodes of all times. But I think we have all been a bit spoiled by the 1 hour episodes.

    Pam and Jim together finally…..It’s like one of my dreams come true!

  51. I have never cried at an Office episode before or rather a comedy. This episode was very good. I was impressed with the acting. I really enjoyed this episode.

  52. The only saving grace of this episode was Jim and Pam at the end, being there for Dwight, and then being passionate about italian food. I think this was the worst episode ever…and I actually really liked Ben Franklin last year, so I appreciate ‘weird’. It felt like they were going to the beet farm just to find an excuse to show how weird dwight is…and it failed. Though I admit the irrigation room was inspired.
    I liked the 1st 3 episodes of the season. Launch Party was the best so far. This one…did not leave me satisfied and smiling.
    But at least Jim and Pam did.

  53. Perfect, perfect, perfect. 200 words can’t describe how pure genius and just, well, perfect this episode was (you could just watch that kiss again; i think that would explain most of it).

  54. in my opinion a different type of episode, one that really allowed the characters sadness to come out, weird thing is i am torn if i really enjoyed it or not… do agree the camera crew has become to intrusive. Please leave something to the imagination…. that is aspect i hope they don’t lose

  55. Warm, sweet, and (sometimes) funny episode. But I do think the show is becoming more plot driven than previous seasons, which seems to make it less laugh-out-loud funny. There is more development in the past 4 episodes than we’ve seen the past 3 seasons.

    by the way, I love Jim!

  56. Tonight’s ep was a little too emotional for me! I almost cried like, 3 times. And when Jim had to recount all the Pam/Roy stuff… geez. Also, I don’t think there is any hope for Dwangela guys. I don’t really want there to be. I totally love Dwight, and am so angry at Angela. *SIGH*

  57. I think this episode will be very polarizing because it is not the typical Office comedy we are all used to. However, I think it shed a lot of light on the characters we love. So many relationships were explored Pam/Jim (made me tear up), Jim/Dwight, Angela/Andy/Dwight, Jan/Michael, Darryl/Kelly (awesome!) and though it felt a little disjointed between the first and second halves, I honestly loved it because it proved that the best comedy on TV can also be the best show on TV. Period.

  58. “Launch Party” and “Money” were, hands down, two of the best shows they have ever done. I honestly thought that they were going to drive the JAM storyline into the ground this season, but they’ve gone above and beyond what everyone expected. Tonight’s episode was perfect. Keep up the good work, see all of you next weekend!

  59. The whomever/whoever thing was great, I thought. Everyone got to chime in with their opinion, and Ryan treated Kelly like an object hehehe.

    Overall, I liked the episode, but this season is still so different than the past three, it seems.
    As soon as Jim and Pam get together, things fall apart for everyone else…Dwight/Angela, Kelly, Michael…PB&J are bad luck!

  60. Great episode, you knew they were going to have to kinda go after the heart strings eventually, and I think the writers put it together nicely.

  61. Well, I loved the parts that I did see. Just my luck, about fifteen minutes through the episode, my city got hit with a tornado. It was fun.

    However, when I came out of the bathroom, I found that we hadn’t lost power, and I watched the last ten minutes, just in time for the Jam kiss and the Michael/Jan conversation. For some reason, I just *loved* the shot of their feet dangling from the boxcar as they talked. The parts I saw weren’t so much funny as they were just plain ol’ good acting.

    Anyone else in Indiana have to miss the middle half? I wasn’t too happy.

  62. I will never look at my spaghetti the same way. I loved this. Jim and Pam are amazing. The most amazing people.

  63. There were some really nice isolated moments in this episode (the “whomever” discussion, Jim and Dwight interactions), but as a whole, it was a scattered episode without any flow or continuity.

    For example, the trip to Schrute Farm was a nice idea, but poorly executed. It seemed like just a vehicle to get Jim and Pam to feel sympathetic to Dwight. I’d probably call this the weakest episode so far, but it’s close with Fun Run.

    These hour long episodes have not had the taut, efficient comedy that we associate with the Office. I’m glad we’re back to 30 minutes next week, but they still have work to do to get this season humming.

  64. Worst one ever! This was a really disjointed, silly episode. I am glad the one hour long ones are over. Half this should have been deleted scenes.

  65. The return of Mose! His running is priceless.

    Hmm…Jam is getting a little saccharine for me. And, I knew this was gonna be a cringy episode after the michael promo. Still love it though.

  66. Love the JAM moments. Jim consoling Pam and confessing his love for Italian food was so good I rewound the DVR 3 times. And, you gotta love Harry Potter as a bedtime story.

  67. I about died when Michael brought Threat Level Midnight. What a great callback!

    Also, Jim and Pam…Best.Scene.Ever.

  68. Totally agree with Dorky Dancer. Not the best episode, but the last 15 minutes were excellent. Jim realizes the depth of his feelings; Jan and Michael’s relationship becomes a bit more realistic and Jim and Dwight are back to their normal relationship; comfy as a sleeping cardigan!

    Mose was priceless and Garbage’s return was an ironic twist.

  69. Wow. That was a great episode. I wish I could watch it again right now. It was so sweet and emotional but it was still hilarious. I think that will be a classic episode.

    And I loved the PB&J stuff. How cute was that? I also loved how Jim helped Dwight out. It just confirmed what many of us suspected; that Jim actually does respect Dwight to a point.

    That episode was a breath of fresh air after the craziness of the lake, turtles, and kidnapping.

  70. Loved it. Great character development… but these hour long episodes are too much. The half hour format gives more opportunities for surprise endings, allowing some anticipation for next week’s episode.

    But back to tonight… Dwight and the cherub in his room, broke my heart.
    Loved the “Irrigation Room”…

  71. Yikes…treading on thin ice, at least for me, especially with the documentary conceit. Was the crew really in Pam and Jim’s room for that cozy story hour? Hanging around the hall at night? Following Jim into Dwight’s bedroom? Oh how I hope the show doesn’t become another heartwarming dramedy with “very special episodes.” More beets, less sobbing, I say!

  72. I’m not sure how I feel about the episode as a whole, but thanks to the magic of TiVo I’ve rewatched the Dwight/Jim/Pam scene three times and I love it. So sweet and sad…but Jim’s “passion for Italian food” makes me so happy!

  73. – the re-emergence of GARBAGE! Yesssss! (I only wish we could have seen Angela’s facial expression when she opened the box)
    – The emergence of KARRYL! Will this last longer than the other Carol? I doubt it, but its still quite funny.
    – The Dundies lined up in Shrute Farms! yay!
    – I loved “I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY”….as a kid I totally thought that a person would literally just declare it.

    -ALSO, what was going on with Mose that Pam saw? I couldnt tell.

  74. Did anyone else catch the dundies on the mantle? The Office has amazing continuity along with story line.

  75. Although it was not my favorite, I thought it was a little weird that the whole first half was not only out of the office but really only included Jim, Pam, Dwight, and Michael, there was a lot of good stuff. Love Mose, love seeing Dwight read Harry Potter to Jim and Pam snuggled up in bed. I really loved the Jim and Dwight scene. I think it is something we have all been waiting to see. After Dwight showed that compassion to Pam last year, it was nice to see Jim returning the favor. Even though Dwight did not know why Pam was crying. It was still nice to see Jim relate to Dwight and in turn revealing a lot about himself and his feelings. Secondly I loved the scene with Michael and Jan at the end. It justified their relationship for me and showed me why these two are together. All in all I just felt like this was a little more somber rather than funny. The last 10 minutes really made up for the rest of the episode. Can not wait to see what happens with Andy and Angela.

  76. I had to give this show a 10/10 because I laughed so hard during this episode! The whomever/whoever debate, during all of the ridiculous Schrute Farm scenes, the Kelly/Darryl relationship… I also think that this episode advanced the characters in a positive way. Michael hit a new level without driving his car into a lake, Jim and Pam’s relationship definitely reached a new level (for the viewers at least…) Way to go Paul for writing an awesome episode!

  77. Does ‘Mose’ remind anyone else of ‘Jame’ from Silence of the Lambs? The missing “s” on the birth certificate…

    Stanley and his mysteries!

  78. I enjoyed this episode (it had a few laugh out loud parts), but this one could pretty easily get ‘voted off the island’ right away for next summers office survivor.

    Best part was Mose’s run.

  79. Best episode of the year so far hands down. It had the funny, the crazy, the angst, and the human connection. This was a perfect show to give us a bit of JAM but still have it be emotional and important but not over the top. Loved it.

  80. I personally thought this was a GREAT episode. I particularly enjoyed the debate on the correct use of “whomever”, and the reappearance of cousin Mose. It may have been a little heavy on the Jim/Pam, but I happen to be a tad sappy so I found it endearing and liked Jim’s confession to Dwight.
    … Hey guys, was that cat “Garbage” by any chance?

  81. I really loved this episode. I think we got a real insight into all the relationships (Michael/Jan, Jim/Pam, Jim/Dwight, Dwight/Mose, Andy/Angela potential). There were still a lot of very funny moments, as well. In my opinion, a great balance. Isn’t it ironic that the one time Michael is actually well-liked and one of the gang, he is too tired and depressed to enjoy it?

  82. Yea, it’s great to see JAM and Michael and Dwight and all, but I would love it if they developed the more minor characters more. Andy, Toby, Phyllis, Stanley and Meredith have almost become cameos in the show.

  83. Jim and Pam at Dwight’s beet farm was awkward but not in a good office awkward way. It just seemed out of place, and like it was a different show.

    I did like the negative tone of this episode overall though. I thought the part with Dwight being sad was really well done as was the part with Michael and Jan.

    I thought it was amusing when everyone at his other job thought he was cool.

    There is just too much forcing of things in these hour episodes. The only hour long episode I’ve loved is Benihana Christmas; the others just seem to drag.


    P.S. We need another Dundies!

  84. Money was pound for pound the most well balanced episode of The Office ever. It had elements of sadness and drama, but never took away from the comedy that we love. The supporting cast all had their moments but the relationship angles were the anchor of the episode. Overall, a perfect 10/10 for me.

  85. Hooray for the return of Mose and Garbage the cat! Loved this episode! True, there weren’t a lot of laugh-out-loud funny parts, but every once in a while, a comedy has to tug at your heart strings. :) I am glad to go back to half-hour episodes though…partly because I miss Scrubs!

  86. NBC kept freezing up here in Houston, but I did get to watch the best moment in The Office history. Yes, it was the JAM moment. The writers did such an excellent job of making this scene absolutely romantic and beautiful without making it sappy. I loved it. I can’t wait to watch it again on Thank you very much!

  87. They’ve made me cry before, but I can’t say I’ve ever teared up three times in a single episode before this one.

    I gotta say, I never would have thought in Season One that I’d ever feel so concerned for Dwight’s feelings. I just love all of them, with all of their flaws. What wonderful characters. Like Jan, I’ll be staying with Michael…and all the others.

  88. I’m happy that the whole time Michael was working with Oscar that he never once mentioned his gayness.

  89. I’m just glad Michael wasn’t yelling the whole time. I’ve complained about his yelling and craziness in the past few eps, and people have said it’s because “his life is falling apart.” I think this episode captured that crumbling perfectly (vanilla crisp powerbar and John McClaine chat, anyone?) without using outside voices. That was a treat.

  90. The only thing I didn’t really understand was Jim’s speech to Dwight. I mean the only thing i can figure is that he was saying to not leave. I don’t really know if he was saying to fight for Angela’s love or to move on and find someone else.

  91. wow, yeah I was really impressed with this episode. It had great humor and yet had some realistic emotional moments. I really liked Kelly and Darryl. It’ll be nice to see their dynamic in the future. Also, Go JIM! He was awesome in this episode. And of course Mose. Really, I think everyone shined this episode.

  92. 134 Smitty- I think he was just letting him know that he understands the pain and that he’s sorry that Dwight has to go through it

  93. maybe i am just over obessive. But did anyone notice that michael’s teenager friend who worked at the telemarketer place wore Jim’s basketball shirt from Season 1?

  94. I loved the whole “whomever” debate. It reminded me of the couple minutes of Casino Night when they discussed “Afganistani’s with AID’s”. I love The Office!! And Jim and Pam make me all happy and giggly. Season 4 is doing a good job of taking my mind of off graduate school. Yeah!

  95. This was one of my favorite episodes so far, and proof of why this is the best show on TV. When I can laugh out loud and tear up in the course of an hour, you know you’re being taken for a roller coaster ride that leaves you satisfied and smiling. (TWSS). Loved the farm, PB&J, Stanley on the phone with “Michael the Telemarketer” . . . everything!

  96. 132. Paul…..

    Is it possible that our little Mike, who has peed on himself in a wedding and dressed in 3 piece suits, finally maturing??

    Nah that can’t be it haha

  97. to 136: I thought Jim was just saying that he understands what Dwight was going through and he wasn’t alone. Sometimes all it takes is someone relating to you to help you feel better.

  98. while i love seeing more of mose and the beet farm, i agree that having the cameras there just seemed awkward–and not the typical “the office” awkward…i cannot say i loved it (although the harry potter bedtime story helped a bit). seeing michael at the telemarketing job seriously made me so sad…i think it also helps to explain why he has been so crazy lately.

    and last, but certainly not least, the jim/dwight talk made me tear up…followed by the kiss. italian food will never be the same.

  99. 127 — Yes, I thought the cat was definitely “Garbage.” It looked like the same cat, and Andy found it outside Vance Refrigeration, where it probably wandered after Dwight left it in the building.

    Great episode! I thought last week’s couldn’t be topped, but I find this one tied for my affections! Each plotline was wonderful — both the funny times and sentimental times.

    I liked seeing Dwight outside the office. I loved the time on the farm. And the moments with him and Jim were so touching!

  100. This episode was really sad! One thing I noticed was the shot of Michael and Jan in the train, and their feet swinging over the edge – it was a nice shot but it was out of place and completely took away from the whole documentary feel of the show, and made it look more and more like a drama. I think the producers might be moving away from the documentary style of the show into more of a sitcom style though, because I’ve been noticing more and more subtle cinematography changes in this season.

  101. Finally this season redeems itself!! I love cousin Mose…I love the beet farm …i just thought this was an amazing episode!!
    Question: What happened to Scrantonicity?

  102. not my favorite episode. Probably goes down as the one that seemed to drag on until the second half hour.
    However i did love : Mose (of course), Jim and pam’s kiss *remind anyone of casino night?*, the whole “whomever” conversation was hilarious. That was true office humor…i’ve been missing that.

    What i didn’t care for: My Andy is gone. Last week (and ever since he came back from anger management) he has been adorable and funny. The old Andy was back again tonight…it was kinda akward..i still love him..but it was weird.

  103. That last segment…from coming back from commercial ’til break for commercial…was AMAZING.

  104. I loved so much of this episode: the bankruptcy, the irrigation room, the grammar…
    And aren’t we all falling in love with Italian food a little bit at this point?


  105. Awww!!! 10/10! What a sweet, funny, and emotional episode. My faith is fully restored in this show again.
    PB&J were adorable.
    Kelly might actually grow a brain in there somewhere if she hangs out with Darryl. Darryl is an awesome guy for anyone. He is sweet, sane, and will always say what’s on his mind. Plus he actually got Kelly to shut up, so kudos.
    Jan and Michael…they’re acting like they’re already married. Sometimes sweet, like the scene on the train. Sometimes horribly wrong, like the money issues or the many arguments. Jan was my favourite character, Melora’s perfect as Jan! Then at the end of season three, when the downward, dying star stuff started happening, I was a little shaken, especially when she was lecturing him for the money issues, I wanted to slap her across the face. Then when they talked on the train, my faith was restored. Hopefully she’ll start acting more normal now and less like a four year old. She said she always wanted to have kids, so she needs to grow up and start managing her money right. I want more of that in future episodes, a “FancyNewJan”.
    I ran out of words…wahhh.

  106. Garbage the Cat returns! Andy capturing him in Vance Refrigeration’s warehouse space! These little continuity touches are so awesome (like all Dwight’s Dundies lined up at his house).

    I’ve got to watch this episode a second time to really pick up the subtleties but I was laughing out loud many times and loved the emotional moments!

  107. Oh my God, I identified so much with Jim’s little speech to Dwight. I can recall so many people I’ve worked with that were enemies to me like Dwight was to Jim. But at the end of the day I wouldn’t want them gone. Just like Jim doesn’t. It was such a great scene, especially when Dwight reaches for Jim when he had left already.

  108. Incredible. simply incredible. Words cannot even express my love of this show right now. This episode brought me back to the reasons I love this show. It had all the absurdity, and most of all the heart that makes this show one of my favorites. It had me laughing myself hoarse and near tears.

    …plus I finally got that close-up JAM kiss I was waiting for :)

  109. This episode was filled with comedic genius on the writers and actors parts, very random, which was enjoyable. But Dwight needs to cheer up, I don’t think he made fun of Jim the entire episode. Poor Dwight!

  110. Wow!

    It’s really just fun to watch characters I care about, rather than most of the other crap that’s on TV these days.

    Comedy or not I give this episode a 10!

  111. Angela’s not going to be a vegetarian anymore?? Oh wow. She’s capable of anything now. She could be the next office mattress!

  112. Amazing episode. I laughed, I cried, I squee’d so loud my cat started hissing at me. What more could anyone ask for?

  113. Great episode. I will miss the hour-long shows! I was most impressed with the blend of drama and humor. In the past, most of the emotional stuff has been reserved for Jim and Pam…tonight it spread to Michael and Dwight. Some very poignant moments mixed with the usual hilarious ones. Great writing and acting, as always.

    Particularly great episode for Pam, Dwight, Michael and Jim. I thought Pam had several really great segments. I love the new, confident Pam. And how many wardrobe changes in one episode?–that must be a record! Pam & Jim’s caretaking of Dwight was sweet. Michael’s plight was convincingly pitiful. I was genuinely sad for Dwight(!). Jim’s speech to Dwight was so cool (and then his seizing the moment by kissing Pam was perfect).

    Favorite lines:
    “Does the dept. of health know about this?” “Permits are pending,” “…one sleep apnea mask…” the “Irrigation Room,” “I mean, some manure, just…less.” “Maybe you should look in the smart part of your brain,” “You need to access your uncrazy side,” “Don’t sell your implants please.”

    Finally, Mose running and Andy going down into a split-stretch in front of Pam’s death were both funny enough for the whole hour…

  114. I loved this episode!
    #104—I pointed out to my husband and son right away Jan’s and Michael’s feet dangling from the train. That was a great shot!

    I felt sad that no one went to cheer for Kevin’s Scrantonicity II against Scrantonicity. It hearkened back to Pam’s art show and how almost no one from the office attended to support her.

    I loved Darryl taming wild child Kelly.

    And the creme de la creme, the passionate Italian food kiss!

  115. This episode was brilliant. Who would have thought you could laugh and cry and have something feel just so incredibly real all in one episode. It was different, but in a great and special way!

    Loved it, and Paul L. I love you. :)

  116. I really liked this episode as well. I think this is probably the favorite for me of the season so far. :) I loved the Jam & pretty much everything else. I’m also glad that Michael wasn’t so annoying this episode. He was more sad than annoying. I’m just surprised he didn’t say anything to Jan that SHE was the one spending the money, but maybe he will.
    Am I the only one who thought it was interesting that the people Michael worked with at his other job actually liked Michael? Like, they actually asked him if he wanted to go to the bars w/ him & stuff. I thought that was cool.
    Anyway, it was GREAT. I can’t wait to watch it again.

  117. Superb episode! That’s the office I know and love!

    Perhaps Darryl will be the one to teach Kelly how to have a *normal* relationship.

    Michael was perfect tonight. I prefer him real and vulnerable, not over-the-top.

    How cute are Jim and Pam? I also loved the conference room scene, Cousin Mose with the manure, Oscar’s concern for Michael’s finances…

    I’m looking forward to Andy and Angela. I hope she’s not just using him to get back at Dwight.

  118. I really loved this episode. I love the mix of old and new in this season. Little jokes that date back to Season 1 and 2 ( i.e. Dwight knocking Jim’s things off his desk with a ruler), and the new depth and directions each character continues to take.

  119. Okay, anybody else a little annoyed with Angela for accepting Garbage when Andy tries to give it to her?

  120. WOW!! I loved this episode.

    I felt for Darryl. I really felt he was being used and he’s a great, down to earth guy.

    Jim being there for Dwight in the stairwell was surprising. Because of Pam, he’s probably the only one that knows what he’s going through.

    I really do hope that Dwight and Angela get back together. OMG… are they going to occupy my days and nights now???

  121. The Dwim scene has got to be one of the most heartfelt Office scenes ever. It’s right up there for me next to Michael giving halloween candy to the children in Halloween. It will live as another moment totally unexpected which sheds a whole new light on a character. Dwight’s pain this episode was so real it broke my heart. The fact that we finally hear Jim talking about the pain he went through in season 3 was just as emotional too. Kudos to John and Rain. They owned the episode.

  122. I was really impressed with this episode…loved the balance of character development, humorous subtleties, callbacks to previous eps, as well as the ridiculousness that we’ve come to love from this show! This episode is why this is truly the best show on tv.

    …And wow…didn’t think i could love JAM more, but I do! Still same ‘ol JAM, but in love :)

  123. What a great episode! So many great scenes. Mose – never saying a word and looking like a deranged, hyperactive kindergardner. I laughed til I cried watching him run alongside Jim’s car. He didn’t have to say one word – it was perfect. The JAM moments were sweeet, funny and not boring. And poor Dwight watching Angela and Andy…who’d have thought a love triangle was going to play out between those weirdos.

  124. This episode was great. I used to work for a telemarketing agency and they nailed it spot on. I was glad to see Jan being supportive of Michael for once.

  125. This was the best episode of season 4 so far! I really enjoyed it…to Dwight’s real emotion, that touching Jim/Dwight moment, Dwight’s B+B, Michael’s secret… this episode gets a *10* from me :)

  126. I cannot believe how much I disliked that episode. My least favorite by far.
    Most episodes make me feel so happy and fulfilled afterwards. Right now I feel sad and empty. I felt a lot of sympathy towards Michael, which made the episode much more dramatic. Lines that I easily could have laughed at just made me sad because of the previous events in the episode. My point is too much Office drama for me.
    There were some great moments in the episode though. Like the cold open (in my top 10 cold opens), the tag, and the return of Mose (hilarious).
    I think that there was a little foreshadowing for JAM. The first thing I thought when Jim said, “I’m in love with Italian food.” was ‘Omigod! JAM Wedding!!’ I’m probably overreaching though :)

  127. This was a great episode. Finding Michael at work at the telemarketing agency felt a little David Brent-ish (good thing). The whole tone…the mix of drama and comedy just really felt like the last half of the British series. The exchange in the conference room about “whomever” felt like the Afghan/Afghani/Afghanistanani exchange from Casino Night, which is one of my favorite scenes from season 2. I’ve been pretty impressed the past couple of weeks. Good job, guys.

  128. Re: LH 167–That’s another classic example of NBC not watching episodes before writing descriptions. They do it a lot (just look at what they wrote for “The Return”).

  129. Sheer brilliance! The JAM kiss was just so utterly satisfying. I am in love with Italian food too…

    I can’t resist…is it just me or perhaps wishful thinking but the JAM chemistry is awfully believable…I’m just saying…

  130. #171 i completely agree! I really do love the character of Angela but I thought it was a low blow that she would not take the cat from Dwight but would from Andy…. but then again…. it is Angela. As Phyllis said “she’s worse than usual”

  131. Some may say this episode was too dramatic to which I have only two words: Booze Cruise.

  132. I love tonight’s episode. It was heaven. Thank God for my DVR, I will watch this over and over again. Everything about Jam was awesome and Jim making that speech was so surreal to me. Angela w/ Garbage, naturally it’s a sweet cat once it’s taken away from Dwight! And Darryl/Kelly! I have been pulling for them for a while now, I’m so glad they’re … whatever they are. haha. And the shot of Michael/Jan’s feet was great. This episode was definitely a 10/10 to me.

  133. After actually really liking last weeks episode the final hour long episode fell with a thud. It was a very disjointed all over the place episode and was very slow in it’s pacing. There were a couple good moments, Jim opening up to Dwight in the stairwell and then his kiss to Pam and Mose running by the car but overall was just for lack of a better word: meh. I know they have had a lot of story elements to go through and it seems like this episode was to push the final ones through for when they go back to the regular format next week. Good acting and lots of story but very light on laughs.

  134. I wonder what Jim’s pep talk to Dwight did exactly.. did it convince Dwight that there’s still a chance Angela will have a change of heart OR did he simply not want to be as pathetic as Jim once felt?

    Regardless.. the last 10 minutes of the episode were great.. LOVED Jim’s passion for Italian food and it was also nice to see that Jan can be there for Michael too. I am also loving the development of Andy-Angela.

  135. May I take this moment to coin a new pairing? We have Jam, Dwangela, but what about Karryl? (Kelly/Darryl)

    From now in, I shall refer to them as Karryl.

  136. Best episode since Casino Night.

    Hands down better than anything in Season 3. I loved a few episodes in Season 3, but nothing was so full of hilarity and emotion as this one.

    Also– the best hour-long of the show. ABC and The Job were good, but I enjoyed every second of this one.

    Plus, this may have been noted already, but did everyone else notice the parallel between the kiss here and the kiss from Casino Night?

  137. I absolutely Loved this episode. Mose is hilarious! Dwight is back (and clean shaven). I truly feel for him and what he is going through. Personally I always felt that Jim and Dwight had an unspoken bond that was finally shown tonight. Jims attempt to make him feel better was amazing. The only thing is that Michael is out of control! I feel so bad for him! Hopefully things get better for Michael next week. EXCELLENT episode.

  138. I thought it was weird. The whole time, I was thinking, “What am I watching? Where is The Office??”. I did not like all the telemarketing parts and I think going to Dwight’s B&B was very much out of place.

    Still, there were many great parts like the Kelly/Darryl bit and the whomever debate. I also enjoyed the sentimental parts with Michael/Jan & Jim/Dwight. Mose was amazing!!

    I hope that when the episodes get reduced to 30 mins, they drop a lot of the Jam scenes. I feel like there is still too much focus on them. They are finally together and happy- great- now lets move on to the more interesting couples please!

  139. 185– I agree. My favorite of all time is Booze Cruise, so I’m definitely a fan of the drama/comedy combo. Maybe it’s not best to try every week, but the show’s never better than when the emotion is really packed together with the comedy.

  140. Hey #189 | jam fan–I think, more so than “convincing” or giving advice, Jim was simply letting Dwight know that he wasn’t alone with his feelings. That Jim had been there and understood.

  141. I thought the “bridge” between Jim and Dwight was a nice touch to the episode showing the real mutual respect each character has for each other. I still believe this show was at it’s best in earlier episodes. I think the love drama “fat” needs to be cut a little and more comedy needs to be brought into it’s mix.

  142. BEST EPISODE SO FAR! There were several laugh-out-loud moments (especially in the first half) and some great storyline developments… but nothing was too extreme. Loved it!

  143. Not only was it the usual spot-on writing, but I really like that Paul took a chance with some really great new camera angles. I did love the feet-dangling on the train, and the whizzing around the irrigation room.

    I think Whoever/Whomever is my favorite exchange ever.

  144. this episode was gooood! but it was a bit leaning towards drama. but i still laughed. i have been feeling sorry for Dwight this season so far!! And Michael. Can’t wait for next weeks! back to normal episodes and karen! hehe.

  145. The disadvantage of living in Arizona, the episode just ended. Wow, this was a great episode, writing and acting wise.

    As an emotioanl guy this might sound strange but for the first time since Casino Night, I cried while watching The Office. They were not tears of sadness, but of joy. It’s funny to me that even though this is a fictional show, I can relate to it on so many different levels.

    Great job writing and acting guys. I will cherish this episode for awhile.

    Now I need to go find a box of tissues.

  146. This episode was surely different. But it was still amazing. The only thing bad is that next week they are going back to 1/2 hour :( I really loved the tender Jim/Pam kiss. Also, Jim saying the comforting words to Dwight. I almost want Angela and him to get back together, and I think that it is going to happen. I am really feeling sad for what Dwight is going through. I also liked the way Jan stood up for Michael and them walking away holding hands. Great show!!!

  147. Unfortunately, my fiance and her friend were talking through the Jim/Dwight stairwell scene. I guess I’ll have to wait for the stream to watch it again.

    Also, was it actually confirmed that the cat was Garbage?

  148. Question: how exactly did Jim make Dwight feel better after that talk?

    I’m okay that he didn’t, cause really – what can you say to somebody in that situation? And it’s probably more realistic that he didn’t find the perfect words.

    But, from Jim’s perspective – did he come away from that thinking he’d helped Dwight?

  149. i was laughing so hard after mose running i could not even breathe. that was amazing.

    i’m such a dork for all the JAM things. makes my heart flutter :o)

  150. Poor, poor Kev! I wonder if we will ever know what happened with Scrantonicity (the original)? May be a Behind the Music special? A great, bittersweet episode!

  151. PS: What happened to the promo scene with Jim and Pam staring at a plate full of bacon at Dwight’s farm? I’m hoping that makes it into a deleted scene…

  152. Jim’s speech to Dwight was heartbreaking, great emotional scene. And when Jim goes up to kiss Pam, wow, the way he just walks up to her and kisses her reminded me of Casino Night (that scene gets me every time) but this time Pam is definitely his. =)

    I am really disliking Angela now, I just thought it was really mean of her to tell Andy he can take her out in front of Dwight.

    And oh Michael, you are so great-can make me laugh and cry at the same time. Steve Carell has to be the greatest man ever, he is an impeccable actor. One more thing: CREED IS NUTS!!

  153. This episode was lovely. It explained the characters’ motivation so well. We got to see why Michael and Jan put up with each other. Jim and Pam’s stuff was amazing, I think it was so well written and sweet, it reminded me of season 2 with the touch of melancholy, and Jim realizing how lucky he is now. I almost had a tear in my eye at Michael’s predicament, and Dwight’s pain. Paul did such a great job with this episode, it was funny for sure (Dwight playing bon-jovi on the recorder “you give love a bad name” was so subtle, and so hilarious). It made these characters real people, not just slap-stick comedians. 10/10.

  154. Thank God for the magic of DVR!! I only caught this the second time, but did you notice PB&J’s room at the Beets Motel? When they were talking about their web review, they flashed back to scenes, and when they mentioned not wanting to leave their room you could see a little inside the door past Pam. Looks like they moved those twin beds next to each other, so cute!!!

  155. I cannot help but think that Angela didn’t even notice the cat was Garbage. When Dwight was holding the cat, she was pretty distraught over Sprinkles and she didn’t seem to know that Dwight released him in the Vance offices. Now when Andy was holding Garbage, the cat was all cleaned up and looking like a house cat. That’s just my opinion though.

  156. The Office is now about romantic entanglements. So many couples having relationship drama! Along with Jim/Pam, Michael/Jan, Ryan/Kelly, Kelly/Daryl, Andy/Angela, and Angela/Dwight, even Kevin apparently just had a break-up with Scrantonicity 1.

  157. May I take this moment to announce “Andela.” Andy&Angela.
    I wish this was an actual documentary and my name was Pam Beesley

  158. Jim and Pam are so freaking adorable. I think we needed to see Jim revisiting his feelings (since we didn’t hear a whole lot about them in season 3) before he and Pam can move forward through this season. May be dramatic, but hello, Booze Cruise? Casino Night? We have had our fair share of drama before. I love seeing the heart this show has.

    Glad that Dwight is back to his old self. I am so curious to see where they are going to take these new pairings! Andy and Angela in particular… It was also nice to see Michael and Jan act like adults. Good show, everyone.

  159. This episode rocked. Great writing. Great acting. Great everything.

    I especially like the Darryl/Kelly plotline. Kelly needs a guy like Darryl.

  160. “I am…VERY passionate about Italian food.”

    No joke, I had to pause the episode on my tivo when that scene happened so I could take a moment to just SCREAM! Best JAM scene/talking head ever. It was so cute i thought I’d have to kill myself!!!

  161. I believe Jim’s speech was – ”
    Did I ever tell you why I left Scranton? Well, it was all about Pam. Yeah, well she was with Roy, and I just couldn’t take it. I mean, I lost it, Dwight. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. And then weird stuff like food had no taste. So my solution was to move away. It was awful. I mean it was something that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, and that includes you.”

  162. Loved the episode.
    Love this show.
    The “whomever” discussion was one of the smartest, funniest bits ever written on this show. Ever.

  163. While I still prefer last week’s ep over this one, tonight’s show was enjoyable. It was very emotional, and slow at times, but in the right way. You could tell there was an emotional climax that was going to be reached, and Michael is certainly on the edge of insanity. I think Melora Hardin gave not only the best performance of the episode, but possibly of the entire run of the US series!

  164. Lots of tender moments tonight, characters coming through for each other in unexpected ways. Good job Paul!!

    Jim’s “I’m in love with Italian food”…totally made me tear up. I’m such a sap!

    Also, Jan need to get a job! What’s up with that?

    LOVE Kelly and Darryl-did not expect that! She finally found a man that can handle her, and I mean that in a nice way.

    This might be my favorite episode so far this season, but I am ready for the return of the half-hour.

  165. I loved this episode. I loved Jim/Pam having to act as parents to Dwight and that Jim/Dwight scene at the end,always knew they were good friends. I liked that Michael was a low grade version of Jim at his phone job. Ryan keeps getting slimier every week.

  166. Haha. That’s cute Band Geek. Would Karryl be pronounced Carol or Carl?

    John Krasinski owned my heart with that speech to Dwight and kiss for Pam. Bravo!

    Favorite Quote Suggestion: “Yep. I’m very passionate about Italian food. In fact, um, I’m in love with Italian food.”

  167. You know what made this episode for me? All the Dunder Mifflin-dysfunctional family aspects of it.

    Everyone concerned about Michael. Oscar helping him out. Oh, Michael. It was just perfect. And I loved the Jan/Michael scene at the end.

    Jim/Pam/Dwight storyline absolutely killed me. That stairwell scene just…killed me. I mean, when they give us little moments like that…I don’t know about anyone else, but show, I am yours.

    And then Jim’s face as he walked back into the office and cut Pam off and…I had some major ‘Casino Night’ flashbacks. But without the heartbreak and I was just so happy. “I’m in love with Italian food.” :) Oh, and Dwight using the ruler at the end? :D

    I thought it was an amazing episode, just for what it did with all the characters.

  168. #202- I think Jim was letting Dwight know that he knows how it feels to have your heart broken. And he let him know through his experience.

    I know it works because I had a friend who was having a real hard time fitting in at school, and the only way I could make him feel better was telling him my own personal experience.

  169. We need a new scoring system that goes below 1 worse score for tonight’s show. Unfunny . . .

  170. It was heartbreaking for me to watch Angela accept “Garbage” from Andy, when she wouldn’t accept him from Dwight. Their love story is truly heartbreaking to watch. I am glad that Jim went to talk to Dwight. I wonder what Jim would have done if he had stuck around for Dwight’s pat on the shoulder? I loved Jim’s “passion with Italian food” I am happy for Jim. The best was Oscar though! His part was awesome! Oh and when Michael called Stanley! Perfect!

  171. 200 and 201…..

    Yes it was garbage, because Andy said he found it outside of Vance Refrigeration where Dwight originally left it

  172. I’m pretty sure that Dwight was playing “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi – can anyone else confirm?

  173. This was the best episode of the season so far! It was laugh out loud funny more than usual, and I felt so sorry for Michael!! Also, the JAM action made me want to die of happiness!! He’s in love, he’s in love!! YAY! haha. I can’t wait to see how the Andy/Angela thing is going next week.

  174. Once again… pure genius.
    My friend and I were discussing that missing element we hadn’t seen in season 4 yet. We couldn’t figure out what it was…and then bam!

    The audience hasn’t had a reason to love Jim like we usually have a reason to love Jim. But then he goes into his sappy speech (one of the many reasons we love Jim Halpert) and actually realizes that he is with Pam!

    The talking head where Jim lights up… so nice to see again.
    Jim has been so stoic these past few episodes… Iwanted him to be more excited that he was dating Pam but it seems he didn’t realize it until now. And that is such a real feeling… props to the writers for keeping it real.
    I’m anxious to see what lies ahead!

    And the cold opens alone deserve their own emmy.

  175. I’ve never been more in love with JaMichael than in this episode. That last scene with them on the train and then walking hand in hand was just priceless.

  176. This will probably going to be a polarizing episode for some, but I loved it! Darker and sadder than the usual episodes, but I feel this episode showed the other sides and depth of the characters and is a confirmation of how great the writers/directors/actors are. I really enjoyed seeing all the characters especially the return of Mose and Garbage!!!!! I also enjoyed some of the nods to great moments from seasons past, and that the road is open to where they will take us. Great episode to finish the hour longs for me!

  177. Some episodes seem to just be about being funny, and some episodes seem to be about moving the story along. And rare episodes strike a balance between them. I think this was more of a story episode, which is fine.

    Any episode that includes more of Mose running will definitely make me laugh.

  178. “…you need to access your uncrazy side.” Classic. My husband, remembering a crazy girlfriend, loved this line!

  179. Towards the end I just kept thinking about what a valentine from the writers to JAM lovers this episode was – thank you! thank you!

  180. I loved the interaction with Jim/Pam, Jim/Dwight and Michael/Jan. Wonderful!

    Mose running like a lunatic had me in stitches. I really loved this episode and enjoyed seeing other sides of the characters.

    I hated seeing Angela break Dwight’s heart and hopefully he’ll find his own woman version of Andy……loved Jim’s talk with him; so wonderful! I’m used to the hour longs so it will be hard to go back to half hour but I’m sure they’ll be great too! I love this show!

  181. This episode really did have some beautiful heart to it. I feel so bad for Dwight, and it was really nice to see explicitly why Jan likes Michael. Steve Carell was absolutely brilliant in this episode. Everything from the frustration at his sad job to his shouting “bankrupt” to the boxcar, he nailed it by showing off his diversity. I greatly enjoy the drama they add to the show; it turns a show that’s fun to watch when you happen to see it on into a show that you can’t bear to miss.

    And I’m willing to bet that the who(m)ever scene came about from the writers debating the exact same question. Just wait until the commentary folks!

  182. To whom it may concern (okay I just wanted to find a way to include “whom” in this post)…
    I love this show!
    There are like 900 million comments I want to make about just this one episode, but I think I’ll just say one for now:
    Is it just me or have we seen Pam smile (and I mean really smile) 100x more in the last four episodes than we’ve seen in all the previous seasons combined?
    Loving it! So many shows ruin it when the audience gets to see unrequited love come to fruition, but The Office (like with everything else) does it perfectly.
    And they’ve even balanced the funny (and at times heartbreaking) storylines of the other characters with the commercial draw of pb&j (btw just how great is Kevin?). Okay, so that was more than just one comment. It was more like one giant run-on thought.

  183. I honestly enjoyed this episode better than the previous three from this season. Also, I really liked seeing Michael portrayed this way. It was a nice touch to see how he would function as just a “regular” employee and not the boss.

  184. Who else caught and loved the part where in the conference room whomever/whoever scene where Oscar says “I never know how to use it” and Michael looks at the camera and says “Not a Native speaker”?

  185. I haven’t seen this episode yet D: I had to watch Grey’s Anatomy, which is also a great show, but I LOVE Office. I can’t wait till I can watch it online. My computer sucks, so I have to use my parents’.

  186. I love love love this show! This episode was so dark and I loved it! It might not have been the funniest episode but it had a lot of heart and a ton of subtle jokes. I always love Paul’s episodes.

  187. Anyone else notice that Mose’s beard looked totally fake? They never really showed his face up close, but when I look back at “The Initiation” it looks a lot different. I remember reading somewhere that since B.J. wrote “The Initiation” episode, he wrote Mose (Michael Schur) as having a full beard, and as retribution Michael wrote the “new” Ryan as having a beard.

    Clearly Mose has since shaved, but they still wanted to show the character bearded, hence the fake one. Or at least that’s my guess.

  188. #205 – Dwight was definitely playing Bon Jovi on the recorder.

    That was the highlight of the show for me. Other than that I didn’t laugh, nor was I touched. I was depressed, and left feeling empty after waiting all week and expecting another laugh-out-loud show like last’s week’s episode. I’m surprised but glad that most of you really liked it. I think I need to re-watch it.

    Angela should not have accepted Garbage, that was wrong. Please give us more of last week’s Andy, and please please less of sappy Jim/Pam. And happy Dwight.

  189. this was the best episode of the season, no question, and i actually liked the first three. this brought it to a whole new level; new depth and emotion. the scene with jan and michael actually made me cry. i loved the jim and pam kiss, totally referencing the kiss on casino night: interrupting her, taking her face, she puts her hand on his… amazing. i actually watched casino night right after and the two episodes really relate. this is one of the all time great episodes. keep watching, this show only gets better. i agree that the show is different and more plot driven. it’s evolving. that’s a good thing.

  190. This is the one I’ve been waiting for. Just the right mix of the bizarre and the real. This show is great when it can pull you in so many directions in such a short time.

    I like that we got to see a human side of Jan. She is a smart lady and I can’t wait to see her help Michael even up with Ryan.

    Folks, don’t be too hard on Angela. She’s going to have weather some rough emotional seas as she chooses between her two beaus.

    Is it my imagination or has Pam toned down the makeup and glamour look since Ep 4.1? I’m a fan of Plain Pam.

  191. “I’m in love with Italian food” Yeah! Great JAM episode.
    Dwight almost made me cry & Michael the Rookie never making a sale at his night job cracked me up. So did the whoever/whomever debate in the conference room.
    I wonder what beet wine tastes like…

  192. Ugh. I will continue to watch The Office, but that episode was just not good at all. Combined with the second half of the last two, and I’m concerned that the show is in a downward spiral.

    Perhaps it will get better when they go back to half-hour episodes. I hope so.

  193. I am going to have to force myself to stop rewatching the scene where Jim kisses Pam. I loved Pam’s talking head right after (“Jim’s just really passionate about Italian food”) – how she’s trying to keep her usual deadpan workplace demeanor, but she’s so giddy about Jim’s PDA that she’s kind of wiggling in her seat. Awesome. Great job by Jenna Fischer.
    Also I think Jim’s speech to Dwight was meant to show how Jim handled things the wrong way by moving away, and how awful it was for Jim. It let Dwight know he’s not alone and that he needs to move forward with his life.

  194. Touching, funny, smart, genuine. This was simply an amazing episode from beginning to end. Great way to move into the half hour episodes.

  195. Mose skipping and bounding along side both sides of the car like farm dogs do had me nearly crying. He even ran up to the porch.

    Besides that, Darryl continues to be the only truly sane person in the office. “What kind of person just says what they think? What’s that game?”

  196. thank you the office for being the only watchable and funny show on tv. period. best episode of the season so far. loved the creepy beet farm and the return of Mose. and i love how the writers are progressing JAM.

  197. I really enjoyed the Oscar and Michael moments in this episode. Best since “Gay Witch Hunt’. By the way, no one mentioned Creed! William Charles Schindler! Great stuff!

    Best line: You can’t pick up ‘Get out of jail free’ cards. They cost thousands!

  198. I know the JAM/PB&J fans are still going crazy, but I really loved Kelly in this episode. I loved when she said “Ryan treated me like an object.” Of course that was all she had to the conversation!

  199. Hey, I have a question. In the scene were Jim and Pam were reading their review for Dwight’s B&B, the part where Jim says: “You will never want to leave your room.”

    Is Jim and Pam’s bed pushed together, or is that just me?

  200. This episode really revealed how deep the characters are and how much they are developing. Jim’s realization was so PERFECT. Dwight’s pain was so heartbreaking, but this show has been an example of how good things take time to come.

    Mose is hilarious. I wish I knew a Mose.

  201. Yeah, Dwight was playing “You Give Love a Bad Name”. heh heh heh.

    AWESOME episode. I loved it.

  202. I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as the others from this season, but I’m sick and I can’t trust my judgment. I’ll have to re-watch when I’m feeling better. The emotional aspects (Dwight crying, Jim re-living his Pam-pain, Michael’s moonlighting and declaration! of bankruptcy) were sweet and depressing and exhausting, just as they should be, but I don’t remember laughing more than once or twice. Mose running alongside the car probably got the biggest laugh.

  203. The debate between “whoever” and “whomever” might be one of my favorite clips The Office has ever put together. So many perfect little one-liners between “Ryan used me as an object” and Michael’s response to Toby. Sheer brilliance.

  204. wow i loved this episode. one of the best Office episodes for me. Dwight and Michael broke my heart. Jim and Pam were adorable.

    and I loved Michael’s call-centre moonlighting bit. GREAT episode!

  205. The first three episodes I loved the first half and hated the second. This time I hated the first half and loved the second.

  206. the most touching episode of the office. Jim comforting Dwight and then the kiss between Jim and Pam and the whole “I’m in love with Italian food” thing and then Michael and Jan’s scenes…all so touching. favorite one this season so far.

  207. AWESOME episode!!!! This show focused on the unity of the office and how supportive they are of one another. Whether they like it or not, they are a dysfunctional family and they rely on one another for support. From the small stuff (Kevin being upset no one came to see his band and Kelly being put in her place by Darryl) to the serious (Michael being rescued by Jan and Jim giving Dwight a pep talk) to the sugary sweet (Jim kissing Pam)-these moments made up my favorite episode so far. When it was over, I just wanted to give every character a hug and say thank you for giving me an all around happy feeling last night.

  208. As mentioned in #271, it was melancholy. And I liked it. I found it refreshing after a few episodes of sitcom-y lake driving and kidnapping. I love how they are crumbling Michael’s world around him, and I use that to rationalize and get over his over-the-top behavior in the previous episodes.

    I do like the office environment scenes better than the out-of-the-office scenes, although the beet farm B&B was certainly not overdone. Ryan, PowerPoint, Oscar, Jim/Dwight talk – all great. And I loved the demarcation ruler of Dwight at the end. For the first time this season, the hour seemed too short.

    I saw this episode as a transitional one; a connection point. No, it did not explode with comedic grandeur, but it admirably continued storylines. The writers do not appear to be rushing to the next plot twist; rather, patiently building towards plausibility and drawing us in deeper. I appreciate that. Melancholy invokes a feeling, a caring. And caring for the characters keeps me watching.

  209. Good but not great. More sublime jokes this week. It was very touching however, especially the scene between Jim and Dwight in the stairwell. I love how the Office is so much more than a comedy and this weeks episode proved it.

  210. #270- Michelle,

    Yes, I believe their beds are pushed together. I’ve just watched over that part about five times, and that is what it looks like. Nice spot.

  211. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I am to remain a die-hard Office fan, I’ve got to be able to adapt. This is not at all the same show it was a couple years ago. It’s still good, but it’s just not the same.

    I did enjoy “Money”; there were some absolutely hilarious parts…I lol every time I think about Mose running alongside the car, and Michael unwittingly calling Stanley, and the “who(m)ever” discussion.

    But where is the SUBTLETY that used to dominate the humor of The Office? The jokes are getting broader and broader, and the stories are getting crazier…

    Alas, I want to love it, so I must continually adapt to the “New” Office.

  212. #270, I just checked and yes, their beds were pushed together. Kinda cute, huh? Made me go ‘awww’ anyway. But then again, everything Jim and Pam do make me do that. ;)

  213. “No one asked you anything ever, so whomever’s name is Toby, why don’t you take a letter opener and stick it in your skull.” Classic unprovoked Michael-Toby hatred! Loved it.

    Also Mose in the outhouse with the door flapping in the wind was priceless.

    I almost felt like this episode went a little too far in hitting on real life issues, at least for Michael. I think one of the things that has always made the show so great has been its balance of some of the characters – mainly Jim and Pam – dealing with more realistic struggles, while Michael’s problems are completely bogus and usually self-inflicted, like the George Foreman grill incident and driving into a lake. I don’t know, somehow the money issue got a little to real for me and was very sad and less funny than Michael’s usual stuff. But I do have to say that the writers never cease to amaze me with how they can jumble up relationships with such a limited number of people to work with in the office. I’m excited for all the relationship drama this season, and glad it’s not Jim & Pam for once.

  214. I loved this episode! The B&B part was so fun. Kelly and Darryl. Crazy Jan. Mose! Great episode!

  215. 141| Anne – I totally noticed that the kid was wearing Jim’s shirt from “Basketball.”

    Dwight has been my favorite character since the beginning and to see him in so much pain makes me sad. It’s refreshing to know he’s human, but it makes me hate Angela for destroying his spirit. Loved the stairwell moment with him and Jim…wish Jim hadn’t left when Dwight went to put his arm around him. I’ve always loved their dynamic.

    I also would have rather seen Kevin and Scrantonicity 2 in the Battle of the Bands over Jim and Pam cuddling in bed together (way too voyeuristic).

  216. I absolutely loved this episode, and of all the hour longs, it felt the most cohesive. I love the way the writers are progressing Jim & Pam, and I love the way they care for Dwight even though they torment him all the time. Jim and Dwight truly have an almost brotherly relationship. They annoy each other endlessly, but Jim can’t stand to see Dwight actually hurt. All that and several moments that made me burst out in hysterical laughter – Michael singing “Runaway Train”, Mose running after the car, You Give Love a Bad Name, “You need to access the uncrazy side”, and “I declare Bankruptcy!” Good episode – perfect mix of silly and poignant.

  217. It was so subtle, but the pee-your-pants-funny moment of the episode for me was when Michael’s other boss announces for everyone to come into the conference room and Michael just whispers “These meetings are useless.”

    I don’t know why, but when I watch it back, I keep giggling.

  218. Such a fabulous episode! Darryl was outstanding. My favorite part had to be Dwight telling the bedtime story.

  219. Ok, Andy doing the ‘splits’ in front of Pam’s desk had me in stitches. That was priceless. Mose has always creeped me out….but his running next to the car last night was HI-larious! The JAM factor couldn’t be better—-still hoping to see some of those ‘first dinner date’ scenes sometime down the road……

  220. I thought this episode was amazing. I laughed so hard at random things [Mose, honestly] and cried at the end. It was so beautiful. And, as much as I loved the kiss and Italian food, the best part for me was Dwight with the ruler. And normally he drives me crazy. But I truly felt for him!

    This show may not have been hilarious [although as a former English major, whomever vs. whoever was kinda a dream come true… I kept waiting for the right answer cuz I knew it!] but it was completely real, specifically the second half. And Michael, who also annoys me often, was absolutely heartbreaking. I’m a total JAM fan, but Dwight and Michael were perfect last night. I loved them more. Perfect JAM ep, but even better for those two.

    Also, Kelly and Darryl may be the best TV couple ever! And it was Oscar’s feature ep last night! It seems like all the support is getting one episode to shine lately [Kevin and Meredith, Creed, Phyllis… now Oscar].

    You need to access your uncrazy side! :-)

  221. Great episode! Well, the severe thunder storms and tornado warnings knocked out a good 25% of it. I mean, do they really need to interrupt the show every five minutes to tell us that basically nothing has changed?
    Anyway, I loved every bit of Mose in this episode. And Dwights crying very well may haunt my dreams from now on … great episode!

  222. The reasons other folks loved this ep are the same reasons why I didn’t. Endless sappy, sentimental “bonding” moments between Jim and Pam, Michael and Jan, and even Jim and Dwight (!), and the absence of humor. Please. Touching, “very special” moments are NOT why I watch The Office. Or should I say watched The Office.

    On the up side, at least Michael refrained from committing any felonies.

  223. This show is absolutely hysterical. I look forward to Thursday!!!

    The casting is perfect. No one else could play those characters.

  224. Best episode of season 4 so far! I think what the writers have done so cleverly is just replace the Pam/Jim/Karen triangle with the Dwight/Angela/Andy triangle… like Karen, Andy’s a viable alternative that has some fan support, but for the most part, Dwangela is where our hearts lie. What it’s done is given viewers the “longing for fate to happen” kinda feeling that we don’t have anymore now that PB&J are (so fabulously) together — as were Dwight and Angela last year. Sigh, sweet love. I’m such a sap.

  225. Loved the whole netflix segment of the show, Pam was stinking hilarious! Also loved how she came up with all those names for Dwight’s B&B.

  226. Best episode of season 4 and it’s up there for one of the best episodes ever in my opinion. Great subtle humor and a lot of heart. I loved it. I can’t wait to watch it again!

  227. Wow, one of the most unfunny episodes since Phyllis’ Wedding. Not bad, just unfunny. Too bad, last week’s was so good.

  228. I agree with #288 (Callan) – the episode was very subtle tonight which is different for The Office, but I liked it. There were some very emotional scenes – it seemed that the episode was focused on all the couples, but I think they moved the stories of the different relationships along well.

    Loved all the JAM scenes, especially the big kiss! Of course the Jim/Dwight scene in the stairwell was fantastic – both emotional and funny with Dwight’s crying. I’m glad that Dwight is back to his old salesman self but I’m sure he’s not going to be completely over Angela. I did hate that she accepted Garbage when Andy gave him to her, but I wonder if she realized it was the same cat? I’m definitely Team Dwangela, but I think Andy’s attempts to romance Angela will not only be funny but also might help bring Dwangela back together, eventually.

  229. Honestly, I thought this was one of the most broad humor episodes ever. I did not enjoy the Dwight’s B&B plot at all, is wasn’t funny (except when they entered the “Irrigation room”, i almost died laughing) and I preferred the second half much better. The show has always excelled when it sticks to its dark, subtle humor INSIDE the office. Not to say that I didnt like the episode as a whole, it just wasn’t enough of the humor I watch The Office for.

  230. I’m probably in the minority here. This was my least favorite episode ever. But I so adore the show and the Jim/Dwight moment was so sweet.

  231. Right on, -mg714-

    I agree whole-heartedly. I don’t think Angela realized it was Garbage b/c Andy only told the camera people where he got the cat. She didn’t hear that part, which was really the tragic part of it all; Andy giving an unaware Angela the very cat that she refused from Dwight. Very sad.

    I loved this episode all the way around. It was subtle, but poignant and had so many touching moments from everyone. Jim was very sweet in this one and POOR DWIGHT and his moaning. Hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. Awesome episode.

  232. One of the worst episodes of all times as far as I’m concerned. Was not funny. It was a one hour love story/soap opera…it was not The Office.

  233. I thought that this episode was good, but there were some moments that were kind of contradictory.

    How can Michael trade in a company car, when it’s not his so he wouldn’t get any money for it? (And the Sebring is like its own character now, so how can they lose that?)

    If Michael is watching Million Dollar Baby, won’t he discover that Pam’s “Grief Counseling” story about her aunt was a lie?

    Lastly, doesn’t Jan have a bunch of money herself? I mean she got paid a lot more than Michael, was probably smarter with her money (i.e. savings and investments), may have received money from Gould in the divorce settlement, and she was ‘overly litigious’ with her family (which either cost her a lot if she lost her cases or gained her money through settlements).

    Good job though by Paul Lieberstein with his first time directing an episode of The Office.

  234. My favorite funny part of this episode was Mose running beside the car like a dog. Absolutely hilarious! Who comes up with this stuff?

    My favorite sentimental moment was Jim and Dwight in the stairwell. It was a beautiful scene. Also loved how Dwight thanked Jim when he returned back to the office, very funny stuff.

    I love this show although I do wish they would’ve broken up the hour longs throughout the season.

  235. I thought it was brilliant.

    Question! How the hell do you film Mose running up along the side of the car like that AND keep a straight face?

    I am sorry but that is impossible – has to be special effects ;)

    lol – loved it :)

  236. I have to say that I just love the writing on this show. Thank God that there are so many opinions on this episode- at least they’re not writing to the least common denominator. If everyone were happy we’d be in LCD land. We’ve got to remember this is not your typical comedy- it’s DIFFERENT, and just because we’re not laughing every second doesn’t mean our wee show has transformed into a drama. It’s different, so we get more from the characters- primary, secondary and tertiary.

    I have to say that I was relieved that we didn’t have a shot of Michael melodramatically draped over the railroad tracks. I totally thought that was coming, especially after the lake incident.

  237. I loved this episode. Michael wasn’t over the top at all, he was just freaking out as any normal person would with debt.

    And I loved seeing a different side of Dwight. Its refreshing to see a new dimension to his character rather than rehashing the same old geeky dictator.

  238. I actually think that this hour long was spot on. It didn’t really seem to drag like the others did. I’m happy to see Garbage again, but poor Dwight and hearing that Jim loves italian food was just the best thing I ever heard!!!! It made my heart go all a flutter and I’m ok with that!

  239. This episode may not have been the “funniest” episode ever, but it was one of the most heartfelt! I loved how much depth the characters got this week! Even Darryl got to show his soft side (did anyone else catch that?)I loved the Jim and Dwight staircase scene as well! Jan was awesome when she threw her keys and ran. This episode gave the cast a chance to really show off their skills in acting! Well done Paul Leiberstein! :)

    Oh, and what was up with Angela taking “Garbage” from Andy?!

  240. My favourite moments of this episode though were:

    -Pam’s names for Dwight’s Beet Farm and then jim’s response, “Who are you doing this?”

    -The “whomever” bit

    -Michael’s role-reversal, he can’t make a sale and is liked by/interesting to everyone he works with at the telemarketing job. Plus he makes quips to his boss kind of like Jim does to him.

    -The ‘irrigation room’ which consisted of a bunch of pipes hanging from the ceiling and on the walls.

    -The return of “Garbage”

    -And, Mose on the can with the outhouse door flapping back and forth.

  241. I thought this episode was one of the best ever. I’m still smiling today. I thought it was a perfect balance of everything – comedy, storyline, character development. And, Kelley, I loved the “whoever vs. whomever” debate too – but then one day I spent an hour arguing with people at my office over whether Ms. has a period at the end or not! (It does.)

    Way to go, Paul Lieberstein! Instant classic for me.

  242. Loved loved loved the episode. Best of the season and one of my favorites ever. Not as many hearty laughs as your normal episode but I can’t recall watching one (especially an hour-long) in which I had a smile on my face the entire time. And the ending? Wow. Just…wow.

    Jim’s stunned excitement at the revelation of Dwight’s B&B mirrored almost exactly his expression and subsequent hanging up of the telephone from The Fight.

    This episode very well could have been entitled “Relationships.” I think we all can identify in some way or another with the feelings every character was going through.

    I’d be willing to bet the whomever/whoever bit stemmed for a late night writer’s room conversation.

    Interesting side note, upon second viewing I noticed the last commercial before the final act (not the tag) was for a local search engine in which the user was looking up Italian restaurants. No kidding.

    I love this episode. I love this show. All is right.

  243. Excellent episode. The Office is at its best at 60 minute time slots. The acting, the camera work and the dialogue were all perfect.

  244. I loved this episode! The “whomever” scene had me in stitches, as did everything Mose did.

  245. I loved this episode!

    I loved it when Pam says, “Your turn,” to Jim about going to check on Dwight. How funny.

    And is it just me, or do we see Pam’s pink coffee mug all the time now? (Don’t know why I noticed that.)

  246. 323|Kristin:

    Even better was the fact that Michael only seemed to know one stanza of Runaway Train.

    I can’t count how many awesome things were in this episode. From the Dwight/Jim interaction, to the adorableness (yes, I’m making up words) of Jim/Pam, to the fact that the Jan we used to know and love is shining though, to the return of Mose and Garbage, Bon Jovi via recorder, and to the sheer awesomeness that is Darryl.

    While this isn’t the same show I originally fell in love with back in Season 2, I adore it all the same. Mad kudos to Paul in his first directorial effort. More, please!

  247. I watched without knowing that the episode was written and directed by Paul/Toby, but after going back to check the credits, I just had to laugh at how perfect that is. This episode *was* Toby: quiet, a little melancholy but not really sad, and ultimately loveable. You felt a little bit sorry for pretty much everyone (even Jim). The moment with Michael’s and Jan’s feet dangling was also Tobyesque.

    If he could watch it, Michael would hate this episode.

  248. is anyone else having difficulties watching it on the NBC website? the free-episode thing has not been working for me all week and i really want to watch last night’s episode again.

  249. Did anyone else notice how messy the bed was in JAM’s room in the morning? Hey now…
    (boom chicka waa waa)

  250. Claudia (Post 302), I COMPLETELY agree! I kept wondering how are they keeping it together not just watching Mose run like that next to the car, but also watching that look on his face as he ran like that next to the car. Priceless!

    Oh and I also agree with all the Darryl comments. He seems to be geniunely interested in having something with Kelly, but completely unwilling to put up with the crazy. It’s going to be really fun to watch this play out! I like Darryl more and more each week.

  251. I wondered if anyone else was going to comment on Mose’ being in the outhouse when Pam looked out the window. Thanks, Pavlov’s Altoid.

  252. I just want to follow up to some of the comments about the (wonderful) feet dangling shot and how some people thought it wasn’t a very documentary style shot. Well my cousin is a camera man and he’s worked with actual documentaries, and when there’s an amazing shot, you take it. That was a great camera shot, it had a subtle powerful look to it and any cameraman doing any type of work would go for that. And who said this documentary can’t have a little drama and meaning to it either? They still brilliantly had almost every scene dripping with funny, you just sometimes have to look for it.

  253. I had no idea that Dwight lived over 30 miles from Scranton, that’s a pretty long drive to do daily. I complain about my drive and its only 15 miles each way!

  254. Does anyone have the transcript of the entire whomever/whoever conversation? I work in a newsroom, and I want to share this priceless grammatical conversation with my colleagues.

  255. Ditto to what #281 (Sun Princess) said–my thoughts exactly! Loved it!

  256. I really like how they’ve been handling JAM this season. I was nervous about that going into S4. They’ve done very well balancing the partners-in-crime aspect with the romantic aspect. They could have been playing JAM up more, but kudos to them for being able to mix in scenes that make Jammers squeal in glee and scenes that non-Jammers can enjoy, too (the basic friendship).

    I agree with other posters that it seemed like Jim had been holding back, almost as if protecting himself from feeling too much from Pam since it hurt so much the first time. Then, seeing the torture Dwight is suffering reminded Jim that he has what he’s always wanted, so don’t waste a moment or emotion. So, #217, Jim’s declaration isn’t a revelation, but a reminder to him, I think, and a signal to us he won’t be holding back now.

  257. Okay, this episode has made into my favorites of all time for the office. Sweet, Funny, Sad… Bears, Beets, Battle Star Galactica. Sorry, had to put that in, anyway, I have to agree with the person who said that this episode was Toby personified. Now that we are back to half hour format, I think we can expect much better episodes (not that I think that these were bad, but the hour long format should only be used on special occasions).

  258. 332, officeisms1978-

    Well said. Remember, in a real documentary anything and everything can be edited together. The entire Jan/Michael conversation could have been a good half hour long with the feet dangling occuring anytime. The in-universe doc crew saw the shot and decided to juxtapose it over Jan talking. It’s beautiful and adds a layer of realism to the mockumentary.

  259. This was by far the best episode yet! I love me some Jim and Pam and can’t get enough of how sweet and adorable they are. They are what true love is, but let’s not forget what it took for them to get there! They deserve this, I’m so glad they are happy!! Pam’s smile after the kiss was priceless and Jim saying he was in love with Italian food had me in tears! This show is one of a kind and I’m so happy to have been introduced to it!!

  260. i loved and hated the ep last night.. i just don’t like it when the office switches directions and goes the drama route by giving half its airtime on the couples… dwight crying in the hallway is sad, but it didn’t seem like dwight’s character to react like that… i think the hour time slot is just ruining the whole office bit of the office and what it is about.. altho it had many laughs.. esp michael trying to use the powerpoint haha reminded me of my dad.. i thought the second half ruined the whole comedy bit of the office. it was the best ep of this season thus far however.

  261. 312: After Michael drove his Sebring into the lake, there’s no way that he would admit that corporate took the car privilege away from him. Isn’t it Michael-esque to say he traded his submerged corporate lease car in? I don’t think it was a contradiction, I think it was a joke.

    Also, Michael was asked about Jan having money, and he said that he wouldn’t talk about money with her. She might very well have money to bail them out. If you watch the deleted scene, she says that she has some ideas to get him out of debt…

    GREAT episode. :)

  262. It really struck me last night as I watched a show before the Office and a show after the Office. The Office is a truly unique show that is so clever, innovative, and it has lot of heart.

    Last night’s episode was very unusual for an Office episode, but it was really wonderful. I loved the JAM moments, Michael and Jan moments, and Darryl was awesome last night. It’s nice seeing someone trying to help Kelly be less crazy.

  263. I really liked this episode and how it dealt with all the different relationships in the office. It was well written (and directed-good job Paul!)

    Sorry if this has been already asked, but who played Michael’s telemarketing boss? And what was Dwight holding when Jim went in his room to investigate the moaning?

  264. Could Angela have actually recognized Garbage and accepted a dinner date with Andy just to reiterate that is is over between her and Dwight? After all, Andy did moonwalk three times near her desk without any response from her…

  265. I really liked the interplay between Pam and Jim this episode. I think Jim has been a bit reticent about showing his emotions so much publicly because he is still a bit afraid of getting hurt again. Even though we know Jim is in love with Pam, I would bet they haven’t yet said it to each other, and I doubt he is going to initiate since he is still a little gun shy. Pam will have to say I love you first in this relationship.

  266. I’m pretty sure Dwight was holding the missing Cherub figurine Angela mentioned when they were giving back their personal items in the parking lot.

  267. I’m not sure if Paul Lieberstein has directed any Office episodes in the past, but he did an amazing job on this episode. The scene with Jan and Michael’s feet dangling from the train was brilliant! I hope he directs more shows in the future.

  268. “No one asked you anything ever, so whomever’s name is Toby, why don’t you take a letter opener and stick it in your skull”.

    Haha I need at least one of those references to Toby every episode, I never get sick of them.

  269. I have a question regarding the scene when Pam gets Jim to ask Michael if he was free for dinner that night. Were they asking to be nice and genuinely wanted to go out to dinner with him, or were they trying to get information out of him as to his whereabouts that evening? At this point, did Pam know about his second job?

  270. I seriously wanted to cry when I heard Dwight crying at the farm. When he is holding the cherub, and looking at Jim, my heart went out to him.

    I love seeing a different side of Dwight, and knowing that he is human.

    I loved the way Dwight thanked Jim by shoving his stuff off his desk with a ruler. Very reminiscent of season 1 and 2. :)

    I also loved Kelly and Daryl. I think Daryl can tame crazy Kelly.

  271. About Michael’s car(s): the car that he drove into the lake was a rental if I am not mistaken. The seabring was in the shop getting repaired after the accident with Meredith. It was another reason I felt the lake incident was more believable.

  272. 341 melissa in nc:
    i think dwight was holding the figurine that angela was asking him for earlier in the show.

  273. Michael had asked Pam and Jim to dinner, and I think they knew that Michael was busy that night and so they brought it up because they didn’t want to go in the first place, but wanted to make the effort to make it sound like they wanted to socialize.

  274. So far, season 4 is pretty uneven…but I think “Money” will be remembered as a milestone episode. Not because it was funny (just a few chuckles, really) but because of the character development. We got real insight into Michael/Jan, Jim/Pam and Dwight — great moments, stellar writing, awesome acting. It beats over-the-top attempts at comedy every time. Can’t wait for next week!

  275. Melissa, Dwight was holding Angela’s cherub that he claimed she had taken back earlier in the episode. I thought it was Creepy/Sweet that poor Dwight had swiped it for himself as a momento. You know, I didn’t really hear anything on the net about Dwight telling Angela he loved her a few episodes back. I thought that was a kinda big thing for him to admit. Poor Dwight. Poor crazy, psycho, creepy Dwight.

  276. I have watched that Jim and Dwight scene like 10 times now, and it’s just amazing. Such good camera shots and directing. The way Jim looked when he was talking about how food had no taste and “it was awful”..just broke my heart.

  277. Did anyone notice when Jim and Pam were reading their review of the beet farm they put online, and it simultaneously showed flashback scenes–there was a blink-and-you-missed-it moment when Pam is standing in the doorway of their room, and Jim comes over and shows her a stuffed bird, and then she suddenly looks kind of shy, and turns to look over her shoulder–where it shows the twin beds pushed together and the bedding is all messed up. Yay!

  278. 342: I am thinking that Angela definitely recognized Garbage. I think Andy even told her that he found the cat outside in his note about destiny. Is this her way of accepting Dwight’s gift inadvertently while still punishing him, or does she really want their relationship to be over? Hmmm.

  279. Thanks y’all for answering my question about what Dwight was holding. I missed the first 15 minutes of the episode-had to get my 2 kids in bed. Thank goodness my mom TiVo’d it.

  280. This was a pretty awful episode. The pacing was off, the humor nonexistent, and the energy level was dreadfully low.

    This is the second time we’ve been to Schrute Farm, and I’m just as disappointed with the overall episode as I was with Initiation. I was surprised how quickly we were back to the office. I could have spent a lot more time with Dwight’s Table-Making lesson.

    Point being, this show is losing steam, comedically. Let’s hope the return to the half hour format picks it up a few notches.

    As of now, the funniest episode of the season for me has been Launch Party.

  281. 339 – Noizyfish

    You bring up a good point about maybe Michael hiding that corporate took his car away, but he drove his rental car, a Ford Taurus, into the lake not the Sebring. They may have taken his car away for hitting a fellow employee, Meredith, with it though. Even so, to afford that Porsche Boxter they would have had to trade in both cars and still pay some extra to afford it. Of course Michael could have just been put in more debt by just covering the difference between the cost of the Boxster and Jan’s traded-in Volvo S60.

    On your other point, I have to wonder though why Jan wouldn’t be buying all this stuff with her own money instead of using Michael’s since these home improvements are her plans. I did see that deleted scene and I agree that her ideas to get Michael out of debt may be to use her own funds.

  282. So many great moments, but I never thought that the sentence “In fact, um, I’m in love with Italian food” could make me feel giddy the whole next day…

  283. I really loved this episode. I think that the writing was the best so far this season. Can’t wait til next week!

  284. This episode was brilliant! Paul did an amazing job, and the acting was absolutely superb. It is so incredibly rare that a television sitcom can make its audience feel such a broad range of emotions within a short period of time. It is truly a testament to the uniqueness of this show that an entire audience can find happiness and satisfaction within their own lives by witnessing the happiness of the characters that they have grown to love over these past few years…I know I have!!

  285. Once I was reading a book of humorous essays by David Sedaris. And in one chapter he talked about relationships and it wasn’t funny at all. But it was good. Sometimes The Office is serious. I could have lived without the Kelly+Darryl part and most of the Beet Farm, but I liked this episode.

    Re: Jim’s speech–To be honest I wasn’t sure, when he walked to reception, if he was going to kiss her or kill her.

  286. I finally finished watching this episode. As someone who has seen each and every episode multiple times, I can say that, without question, this is the greatest episode they’ve ever done…and it’s not even close.

    Cousin Mose = priceless.

  287. @Pamcasso- I agree with you 100%. I think it was the first time Jim realized just how much he loves Pam, because he knew what is was like without her. So sweet!!

  288. What I enjoyed the most was the conference scene! It gave us such a great interaction between all the characters and the discussion between “Who” and “Whom” is so typical and the reason why this whole ensamble works great.

  289. 363 – Pavlov

    You’re right, it was a rental he crashed in the lake. But yeah, I think corporate took his car away. Hitting a coworker would be a good reason.

    I don’t think they ever showed evidence that Michael’s debt was due to Jan – it was just implied. When Oscar listed off all the ridiculous purchases, they were all Michael’s, and mostly things that “nobody ever needs to buy.” Pair that with Michael’s insistence on not talking to Jan about money, and I think Michael turns out to be the primary culprit.

    Did they ever show that Jan was using Michael’s money for the remodel, or was Michael just implying that? I don’t remember. Either way, this is funny stuff. Keep it coming!

  290. I don’t have time to read all the great posts here, so I don’t know if anybody else took notice, but I think the writers did the Jim consoling Dwight scene kind of as a nod to a previous scene in another episode when Dwight consoles Pam when she was heartsick over Jim and Karen (and he commented about her PMS’ing lol). I LOVED this episode!

  291. 9/10!!!!

    Im going to miss the hour long episodes, Paul did such a good job with this one!!

    Mose’s run was killer and my favorite line was definitely…

    “I took this second job, kind of as a hobby. Some people have golf, or relaxing.”

  292. Yet another brilliant episode! I loved it…it was heartbreaking, and funny, and touching! So great! We had the return of Garbage and my fave (& yours) Mose! Loving the Kelly and Darryl combo, poor Michael and Dwight…I just wanted to give them hugs! Jim’s comforting Dwight was so sweet and how he came back in and kissed Pam…LOVED IT!! :D And thanks to Michael Scott “Runaway Train” will be stuck in my head for days…hehe!

  293. #371: That’s exactly what that scene reminded me of!

    I loved everyone in this episode, except Kelly.

  294. This episode was a nice mix of laugh out loud and touching moments. Kudos to the cast and crew!

  295. Great episode! I was *so* happy to see Mose again, too (is that weird? lol). The writers, cast and crew demonstrated 110-fold why this is such a great show to watch. The humour, all the different relationships, and growth of the characters . . . awesome!

  296. 370, noizyfish-

    I took that as the punchline to the episode-long joke. You see Jan planning all these home renovations and Michael’s second job coupled with his complaints of Jan’s spending of his money and you take it as she’s going through his cash all willy nilly like. When Oscar sits down and takes inventory of his recent purchases and it’s all stuff Michael has bought (multiple magic sets?!) we, the viewers, realize he’s gotten himself into this mess. I thought it was very clever.

  297. Anyone else notice Dwight playing “Shot Through the Heart” on the recorder by the dumpster? Awesome.

  298. Is it just me or did you see Ryan sort of stand in the way of Darryl as he was walking to the door? He had a half-scared look on his face (Ryan that is)! lol

  299. Thanks to the quotes above, I just got the following joke: Angela is a vegetarian, but doesn’t eat green vegetables, only starch (cauliflower and noodles with a potato on the side, anyone?). Perhaps that’s why Dwight built the outhouse…

  300. Just catching up with all the comments, but about Jan’s money, my sense is she probably spent it all on her shopping addiction (sort of implied in The Coup and stated outright by David Wallace when he fired her).

    P.S. I loved the Kelly/Darryl scenes myself – the point being Darryl would be so much better for her than Ryan, but I don’t know if she will ever realize it.

  301. I loved this episode.
    I loved Michael. Dwight and Jim. Jim and Pam. Mose!!!!
    What I loved the most was Jim’s smile after withdrawing from the kiss…it was so nonchalant.

  302. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but I kind of wish Jim had stayed and cuddle with Dwight for like…a second. Although of course it was funnier the way they kept it.

  303. My new favorite TV moment ever is Jim and Pam cuddled up while Dwight reads Harry Potter to them. So weird. Mose staring at them creepily kept it from being too sappy – just like Michael telling Jan not to sell her implants added some humor at the end of their serious conversation.

    I was glad that the employees of the telemarketing place liked Michael. But I wish he was better at the sales; I was hoping he would beat Vikram one night.

    I had to re-watch the episode last night, because I missed the Dundies on the mantel. That was priceless. I love all the little details on this show!

    I am excited for Michael to learn how to use powerpoint. I can just imagine his first presentation, filled with sound effects, animation, goofy slide transition, and some crazy backgrounds. Definitely in rainbow colors.

    In regards to a previous comment about Jim having already told Pam he was in love with her, that was a long time ago, and he dated someone in the interim. So I thought it was still exciting.

  304. Best moments-
    Michael & Jan, swinging feet; perfect.
    Jim’s talking head about his first night away w/Pam; funny & sweet.
    Dwight crying in his room; sad & touching.
    BEST moment: Jim and Dwight in the stairwell; brilliant & heartbreaking! (kudos to Krasinski)
    Jim’s kiss for Pam; total happiness.
    Dwight’s “thank you” to Jim, tossing his things off his desk, while making a sale, of course; all’s well w/the world!

  305. The conference room scene was brilliant. I loved how they brought some Office dramedy back into the mix, especially after the crazy antics of the past few episodes. That mix is what builds a terrific season as a whole.

    I love Mose as well as most of you. They displayed his, uh, special needs side tonight which was hysterical.

    And another HOT tv kiss…can’t really beat that.

  306. Just wanted to add myself to the list of people who loved it! My husband and I laughed a lot; yes, it was a little melancholy, but to those who have reminded us of Booze Cruise–bravo! That’s exactly what this episode was like, only it felt even better at the end. And for me, it wasn’t too sappy–it was too real to be sappy. Good job, Jan!

    I agree that Angela didn’t recognize Garbage; also, I think that Jim and Pam would’ve been okay with the camera crew setting up a sleeping bag in the hall–to stand guard, if nothing else… Dwight couldn’t just walk in if the camera crew was there. :) And the “cuddling” scene–Dwight and Mose were both there, so it wasn’t weird for the camera crew to film, IMO. And kudos to #332 about camera angles–documentaries do use amazing shots; this show always uses two camera angles, so one cameraman just had to crouch down.

    Great job, Paul!

  307. I just know that Dwight was standing in line at midnight to get the seventh Harry Potter book! That was the highlight in the episode for me when he was reading it.

  308. I, for one, ADORED this episode!

    It was the perfect blend of comedy and character building.

    My favorite moments: Stanley telling Michael never to call him when he’s at home, in his sweats, drinking red wine, and watching mystery stories… PRICELESS! & All of the JAM moments were just perfect.. I could watch those two all day! & Oscar trying to help Michael with the powerpoint, was just sad and funny at the same time.

    I did, however think that all of the footage at Michael’s second job was a bit of a waste.. I just hope that there are more ” Inner Office ” scenes in upcoming episodes.

  309. Arg one more thing! It was heartbreaking and admirable to watch Michael try to make ends meet. If it were me I’d tell Jan to take a hike or get a job. Or I would stop spending so much money on magic tricks. Michael is not organized enough to work 2 jobs, but he was trying, and that’s what counts. He really has a good heart, and it was the right time for the writers to remind us of that.

  310. hi! I likewise loved the episode!

    Trip Advisor has an entry for Schrute Farms and it’s pretty funny. Just search for it. You can see Jim and Pam’s comment, as well as a rather angry one from the user “Sprinkles’ Mom.” Also, the candid traveler photos are pretty funny.

    Oh, and long live PB&J! :)

  311. Ok, observant Tallyheads….I’ve got a question for you. What’s the deal with Michael’s Sebring? On last night’s show he said he & Jan traded both of their cars in for one Porsche (which was really funny btw)…but I thought the Sebring was a corporate lease (this was mentioned in another episode)…?

  312. Did anyone else notice the shelf in Dwight’s house with all the Dundies lined up on it? I love how this show brings back things like that – the yogurt lid, the Big picture, etc – it makes it more realistic.

    I also caught the little shout out to Mose’s real life father in law – Regis Philbin.

    I liked the episode and will watch it again and again, but I agree that it was more soapy and less hysterical than other episodes. And, although I really like Kelly and Darryl together, I hope he doesn’t rein in her craziness too much – that’s what makes her so funny.

  313. Argh. Had to ask this —

    Does anyone have any ideas on what Pam’s little eyebrow glance to Jim was about before the scene where Oscar & Michael are discussing powerpoint graphs?

    I would love if someone commented about this!

  314. Paul Lieberstein, you are brilliant. The show has finally returned to form for me this season. It was a delight from beginning to end. Masterful work crafting the bizarro world of Michael’s second job. So good to see you again, Mose!

  315. She looked at him because of Andy giving Angela the cat. It was because Dwight looked really depressed.

  316. I just thought of something. Didn’t Michael use powerpoint for his presentation on famous Indians in “Diwali?”

  317. There’s a hilarious post by Creed on tripadvisor. Apparently he visited Schrute Farms for the wine.

    Traveler Rating: 2.0
    Honesdale: Schrute Farms “Very Itchy”
    Creed_Bratton, Woodstock, NY
    The outhouse wasn’t exactly the most sanitary, especially since it never seemed to have toilet paper – at least nothing that I could recognize as toilet paper. This whole place reminded me of one of those old run-down farmhouses that somehow seems as if it’s haunted. The blankets were itchy, the rooms smelled musty, and the foundation of the farm, while solid, seemed like it was going to collapse in on itself any minute. My only comfort was knowing that if I needed a hard hit of beet wine I was in the perfect place.

    This TripAdvisor Member:
    Liked: The beet wine.
    Disliked: I couldn’t find the bra. Oh wait, it said SPA? Sorry. My bad.

  318. I don’t know if I am alone in feeling this way, but I felt so sad that Michael could not, as far as he knew, have dinner with Jim and Pam, because he had to go to his second job. So sad. I don’t think they would have played that trick on him if they knew. (Sorry for the run on sentance)

  319. This was an awesome episode!! Congratulations to the writers — Emmys and Dundies go to you. You really showed your talents this time. I think it’s one of my favorite episodes ever. And I think that you brought Jim back to Scranton in the most amazing way! Bravo!!

  320. Janet –

    I also caught the little shout out to Mose’s real life father in law – Regis Philbin.

    Where did you see this? I watched it twice and completely missed it! I’m watching it again as soon as I get home from work!

  321. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I am to remain a die-hard Office fan, I’ve got to be able to adapt. This is not at all the same show it was a couple years ago. It’s still good, but it’s just not the same.


    To quote Michael Scott’s Rules of Business

    “Adapt. React. Re-Adapt. Apt”

    I agree that the vibe of Money was new to the Office. It really worked for me.

  322. This episode really shows how Jim and Pam are like the mom and dad of the office, especially to Dwight and Michael. The look they gave each other when trying to decide who would go see about Dwight was a classic “parentism.”

  323. 392 – Just because it was a corporate car doesn’t mean Michael didn’t sell it. Creed sold most of his office equipment. No one needs to know.

  324. okay my favorite parts:
    1. stanley’s speakerphone talking head. ingenious.
    2. andy doing the splits while talking to pam at her desk. he has become one of the funniest characters on the show.
    3. mose running. we all loved it. why? because it was beyond funny.
    4. jan’s talk with michael. that just erased all of the disbelief about her being with him. it was really moving to see that she cares for him for all the right reasons.
    5. jam. doy.
    6. jan throwing keys to oscar like he was a valet
    i also love that this episode was called “money” but it was about love. i don’t think that was an accident.

  325. That whole scene with Dwight reading Harry Potter to Jim and Pam AND Mose…it couldn’t get any better for me. And I was a little embarassed that I IMMEDIATELY knew what book it was from as soon as he started reading, but not really that embarassed. I hope we see more Mose this season, Michael Schur is hysterical!

  326. 392 – you have won a tiny dundie

    My theory (after bouncing it off of a few tallyheads) is now that corporate took the car away when Michael hit Meredith and he didn’t want to admit it. Either that, or he is about to get into HUGE trouble for trading in a corporate lease.

  327. I can top that 404; I wasn’t looking at the screen at the moment that scene started (I know, I should be shunned), but as soon as he started reading, I knew WHICH Potter book it was! LOL

  328. Mexicanity – Kelly was talking to Darryl when he came back to the annex and said Darryl Philbin.

  329. I thought that episode was a very interesting change of pace for “The Office.” I really, really hope that Paul directs more episodes (that shot of Michael and Jan’s feet? For some reason it still sticks with me). Did anyone else feel extra horrible for Michael when he had to quit because he had to choose between his job at Dunder Mifflin that he loves, but where the people don’t like him, and his job at the diet pill company where he wasn’t good at his job but the people absolutely adored him? I mean, it’s not like Michael understands that the people don’t like him at Dunder Mifflin, but I really felt sorry for him.

  330. 400 – I believe the Regis Philbin shout-out that Janet is referring to is that Darryl’s last name is Philbin.

  331. You know what I found hilarious? When Angela was laying down the law for her date with Andy and said “no vegetables.” She’s a vegetarian! What the hell are they going to eat at that dinner?

  332. WOW, i am so surprised to see all the comments about how people are excited for only half-hour shows again. i LOVE the one-hour episodes- it gets to the half hour mark and i just instinctively feel sad like it is almost over…but then NO, there is a WHOLE 30 MINUTES more!!!! You can’t beat more office time! I am really sad to have to go back to only a half hour…

    this episode was definitely different but SO fun – the irrigation room? No vegetables? moonwalking past accounting like 10 times… GREAT job! Thursday nights are a major highlight of my week!

  333. I lovvved this episode. If I had to name three things I love most in entertainment, it would be Harry Potter, Regis and Kelly and The Office. Last nights episode had a shout out to Regis Philbin, a Harry Potter line and loads of JAM. What more could I ask for?

  334. ok that KISS…i melted. Exactly like Casino Night..Jim comes up to an unsuspecting Pam, no words, nothing but the kiss. Only this time Pam responds and is sooo happy

    yes, a not laugh-out-loud all the time episode, but still fantastic
    great writing, great acting, great directing

  335. Cute Jam-ness to re-watch for:
    In the montage when Jim and Pam are reading their Trip Adviser review you see Jim holding up a stuffed duck and the camera backs up for just a quick second to see that the twin beds have been pushed together. Followed by a shy Pam smile.

    I’m not sure if anyone else noticed…it took me 3 times in slow-mo to really appreciate it. Ha.

  336. I really liked this episode, especially Jim’s confession to Dwight. He showed the same sense of longing toward Pam that he had shown in the first two seasons that he thought would never be realized. It is as if he is still pinching himself that he is able to be with her because he can’t believe it. It does make it seem more “real” to show the deeper feelings beneath their cute interactions.

  337. 416 – Me too, I wish it would stay an hour each week even if it meant a few less shows per year. These 4 one hour episodes have been fantastic. It will be hard to get used to 1/2 hour again.

  338. 419-bea,
    I totally agree with you. Watching the last five minutes of the show was like watching the last five minutes of Casino Night. Breath-taking! When I watch any episode again it makes me appreciate the writers even more. Money was a little different with the scenes shot at other locations and focusing on relationships, but in reality there are relationships outside and inside an office. We got to see some of that and it was nice. They don’t show that in every episode.
    Some of my favorites are:
    Dwight sobbing/greiving holding Angela’s cherub
    Michael on the train sing Runaway Train
    Oscar and Michael together in the conference room
    Michael liking his name on the powerpoint
    JAM looking out for a hurt Dwight
    Did anyone notice Terry’s Diner flyer in the background in a few scenes?
    I love this show! I can’t get enough of it.

  339. to tiny dundie’s question- remember how Dwight was looking for a different car when he thought he was going to be boss in the coup? My guess is the managers are allowed to trade in the cars when they want as long as they do it through corporate. So I bet that Jan just sold her car and then got Michael to trade in his car for one that she liked.

  340. So many priceless moments in this episode, where would you begin!? I was so excited to see the B&B. And that er, Italian food…

  341. I think this will be one of those episodes that gets better and better the second, third, fourth time you watch it.

  342. The episode seemed disjointed, probably because the storylines didn’t really mesh with each other (except Dwight-Angela/Jim-Pam). I personally like the eps where they stay in the office and make fun of the little office-ey things (e.g. who(m)ever).

    Also, I’m kinda confused by the documentary aspect of it. How would the cameras go to Dwight’s farm/Michael’s second job/etc? And how many cameras are there? Seems like 6+ given all the shots they do. I know you’re supposed to suspend belief, but this ep felt less documentary b/c they were out of the office so much.

  343. Jan’s Implants, 427, I totally agree with like everything you said. I wondered why Michael would let the crew come to his job, and why Jim and Pam would let them come into their room at night. Didn’t seem realistic. Even if you’re supposed to stretch it a little, that is too much. Also, it is best when they stay in the office and the whomever thing was an outstanding scene. That type of stuff is why I watch. Great comedy in the office, not forced, and involving many characters with many great lines. You start laughing, then more jokes pile on and you can’t stop. It was as good as Season 2.
    The rest of the episode was pedestrian. There were too many relationship problems. While it is good to have some plot once in a while, and don’t get me wrong I love Jam, this was too much.
    At least Michael didn’t really scream. And it was a pretty funny episode the second time.
    Letter opener, PowerPoint, wireless…GENIUS!

  344. Tanster, are we ever going to do a Survivor for each season, not each episode in a season? I know Season 2 would win, I just want to see by how much. Or maybe a survey would be better because you could see the percent of people who consider it the best season. Just a thought.

  345. ok, so i know this is going to sound a little lame, but this episode actually made me cry (in a good way!) while i agree that it was a little disjointed, i honestly loved all the story lines, and i think we see some of the best acting we have seen yet! michael, jan, dwight, and jim were all absolutely outstanding in this episode, and i can’t wait to watch it over and over again.

  346. #409 Yes! I was wondering if anyone else saw the double (reverse) meaning of the the episode title “Money”.

    The episode themes are superficially all about money, yet in the end it is the human relationships that are so important, even in a disjointed non-personal place like an office.

    Some of the less obvious but touching relationships that were woven into the story:

    Dwight’s care of his disturbed relative Mose,

    Kevin’s disappointment at the lack of support for his band competition (just like Pam’s art show),

    Pam’s advice for lovelorn Andy,

    Michael’s ability to captivate the other workers at the telemarketing company,

    Oscar’s genuine concern for Michael.

  347. the first time i watched this episode i wasn’t all that impressed. probably because i missed a lot details and also ’cause i’m not someone who can watch one hour long shows (i can’t absorb everything all at once).

    however, after several viewings of it, i fell in love with it. as another poster said earlier (can’t remember your name, sorry) it was great to see michael as just one of the employees instead of being the boss.

    i loved how michael is seen as an idiot to some, and a cool person to others. shows the different sides of michael scott as well as the different dynamic of both offices.

    i haven’t read many of the posts yet so i don’t know if this has been mentioned or not, but did anyone else just break into tears at the sight of Dwight holding Angela’s figurine?

    it’s funny how before the season started i was totally against these hour long episodes, but i guess the writers have proved me wrong. these four episodes have all been amazing in their own way. and i’m really going to miss it. *sigh* farewell.

  348. 404, I completely agree with you. I think what makes the Office special is that the writers are able to create these characters with such sophistication and sincerity. I’m impressed with how they’ve developed Michael, Dwight and Angela and, now, Jim.

    But, I got the impression that they intentionally asked Michael on a busy night to get “credit” for wanting to have dinner with him. Kind of mean but nonetheless funny.

  349. Yeah, I am still not catching where exactly there was a Regis Philbin shout out. Haven’t we always known Daryl’s last name to be Philbin. When Michael first introduced Ryan to Daryl (which I believe was the basketball episode, could be wrong) Daryl mentioned all of the nicknames that Mike has given him like Reg, Mr. Rogers, etc…..but I am not seeing it from last night’s episode

  350. One visual detail I noticed when watching the ep again. When Dwight is reading Goblet of Fire to Jim, Pam and Mose, Mose has a Jurassic Park shirt on. For some reason, I love that little detail, along with the little garden nome next to the samurai sword set and the row of Dundies and the stuffed wolf’s head.

  351. OMG! I just realised that in Jim’s TH about Pam and his first night out, you can hear Dwight telling Pam in the background “You need to spread it…this is Beet food”.
    I have no words to describe how funny that is!

  352. after watching the hallway scene for the 20th time, have to say that Dwight’s Chewbackacca (sp?) style cry/moan kills me.

  353. IS there anyone out there besides me who remembers that this is supposed to be a documentary? Why would the cameras be at Dwight’s farm in the middle of the night shooting footage? Why would they follow Michael to his other job? I think the first half of this episode strayed too far from the documentarian style, and it made the show unrealistic. The second half was more like a classic episode, and I enjoyed it much more than the first.

  354. Did Michael actually ask anyone for a loan? I read this in the preview summary but didn’t notice it in the episode. Did I miss something?

  355. Notice that Jim’s kissing Pam was exactly how he kissed her at the end of Casino Night. With a very different outcome.


  356. did you see kelly and darryl talking in the background as jan entered the parking lot? he he he…looks like she did access her uncrazy side…this will be interesting.

  357. Damian – You are so right – Dundie to you! I guess I haven’t watched Basketball since I read here that Mike Schur’s father-in-law is Regis, so Money was the first time I personally made that connection.

  358. 427, Jan’s Implants-

    The camera crew wasn’t necessarily following JAM and Michael the same night. We know Jim and Pam stayed at the farm on a work night as evidenced by their incessant yawning the next day. They arrived at the farm during the day so we can assume it was a Sunday. Michael was probably followed to work Friday night because he couldn’t accept Jim’s offer for dinner. Michael’s yawning could be explained as a) he works so much he was working Sunday night as well or b) the Rule of Yawning caused him to yawn.

  359. 445-Good thinking. Also, I watched the episode again and I caught something: As Michael leaves his telemarketing job that night, he tells his co-workers that he has to work in the morning. That means he wasn’t followed on Friday. Maybe we’re just overthinking this; the writers/producers probably didn’t give it a second of thought what night these things took place.

  360. About the camera following Michael and JAM.
    I think firstly, the camera crew got curious and the followed Michael, who was shocked to see them (as evidenced by his pause), and then he just invited them to go along. The man is “a producer at heart”, remember.

    And with the farm footage, you have to remember that the crew travelled the journey in Jim’s car. So, Jim and Pam invited them along for protection, I’m guessing. Why is the camera man outside? Cinematography is still important in documentaries.

  361. Poor Pam and Jim:). I bet they can’t really show them kiss passionately because it might hurt Jenna’s back.

  362. Jim and Pam pushed their beds together, Pam looked embarrassed when the camera showed the bed, and their review said “you will NEVER want to leave you room” when that scene happened….So anyone think they are sleeping together?

  363. I’ve watched the Jim and Pam kiss about 15 times. Oh man…

    Loved the episode. Loved it.

  364. @428
    The camera crew is a little confusing to me too, as they are always going places that normally would not allow a film crew without special permission (hospitals, schools, restaurants, etc.) But I try not to let it bother me too much, realizing it’s just a tv show.
    Also, I am waiting for an episode that explains what exactly they are shooting the documentary for. I know this has been discussed before, but do the characters on the show know what the camera crew is doing with all their footage?

  365. I loved the scene in the breakroom, where Michael walks in on everyone talking about his money troubles. He says, “I know what you’re talking about . . . are Jim and Pam having sex? What does it look like?” LOL

    I loved this episode for so many reasons.

  366. I rewatched the episode and noticed something new. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned before because I’m too lazy to scroll through like 500 comments, so I’ll just mention it again if it has. In the scene where Jim checks on Dwight at the beet farm, Dwight is holding the little cherub that Angela mentioned in the beginning of the episode. Dwight said Angela took it with her, but I guess he was holding on to it. I can’t believe I missed that the first time around.

  367. This episode was great, especially the feet-dangling scene. When I saw that, I realized again why I love this show so much!

  368. Well I finally got to watch this week’s episode today because sadly I had a power outage during the actual time it was played on tv. But I have to say that this week’s episode was amazing!

  369. This was by far the saddest episode of The office, until the end. I almost cried when Michael left the office and started running, I knew Jan would come to his rescue. I absolutely love them together, they are my favorite couple.

    Also, it was so sad to see Dwight really depressed, I dont want him crying. However, very glad that Jim came to the rescue and tried to cheer him up.

    I love how the show has some really interesting story lines now.

    Stay strong Michael!!!

  370. Does anyone have a theory as to how Ryan got the job over Karen? Come on–in “Boys and girls” (I think that’s the title) Jan mentions that corporate is always looking for women to promote to management. I just don’t see how Karen didn’t get the job–and especially over Ryan?!! I’m guessing this will be explained in a future episode. I really miss Karen, actually.

    Jim’s pensive mood was very sweet and brought me back to the days before he and Pam became a couple.

    I also think it’s cute how Pam recognizes “Million Dollar Baby” since she used that movie to fool Michael before (“Grief Counseling?”).

  371. I have not read through all the comments, so this might have already been said, did anyone notice that Pam and Jim had their beds together at Dwights???

  372. David Wallace told Jim that they wanted someone who was going to be committed for the long haul, and asked Jim where he saw himself in ten years. Implicitly, he asked the same question of Karen. In one of the shots from her interview, she is finishing her answer, saying something like, “… and that’s where I see myself in FIVE years. After that, I don’t know.” (emphasis added) She gave a bad answer, indicating she wasn’t ready to commit to Dunder-Mifflin for the long haul. At least, that’s the way I saw it.

  373. Re: the favorite quotes above, I think it was actually “Radishon” as in “Radisson” — not the “Radish Inn.”

  374. 456.Jackie……

    Awesome pickup on the Pam/Million Dollar Baby thing. I totally forgot about that. Awesome

  375. Great episode…

    I just have one question.
    Does anyone understand the hand signs that Kelly makes after Darryl calls her “cold”?

  376. 461-The “W” was for “Whatever” and the “L” was for “Loser”

    I love that they have the guts to let the characters express real feelings. Dwight’s anguish, Michael’s desperation, Jim and Pam’s newness; it is all so great.

    I loved Michael singing “Runaway Train” at the end–he only knew one line!!

  377. 461 Radiostatic: I interpreted Kelly’s hand signs to mean Whatever. Loser. We’re done. Anyone else?

  378. Okay, a thought that’s been gnawing at me: how did Angela not realize that Andy’s cat pretty much was Garbage, Dwight’s feral barn cat? Or does she not care?

    Not that Andy’s presentation was better at all, but Dwight’s was pretty poor. If the presentation was it, she should have given Dwight a pass as she knows he’s always awkward when trying to be endearing.

    I like how the cat is clearly climbing all over Angela as she’s doing the scene. After the cut, it’s in a really different position. Heh…

  379. To #461 Radiostatic – I didn’t know either, but I read somewhere this weekend that Kelly meant: “Whatever. Loser. You’re dead.” (or you’re done)

  380. Ryan, yes, I noticed that! I actually paused it at that part cause it I thought it looked like they had.

  381. Does anyone know why Mose was running along the side of the car when Jim and Pam arrived at Shrute Farms, it seemed very random?!

  382. As for why was Mose running along side the car,
    well, first guess, he’s Mose, second, when ever you enter a farm’s driveway the dogs usually run up to the car, bark and follow you all the way to the house. A security system if you will, Mose is just Schrute Farm’s dog, I mean security system.

    On second viewing I found one of my all time favorite
    scenes, Jim agrees to being place on hold but he
    overhears Dwight saying the beds don’t come in traditional sizes and he just can’t resist hearing more so he dramatically hangs up, watch it again,
    it’s hysterical!

  383. Sarah – Mose was running by the Jim and Pam’s car as they drove onto the farm property, much as a dog would – running, barking, tongue waggling. The only difference is that Mose is more composed – in a frenetic sort of way. Happy little Mose – his is a simple life.

  384. I think that Mose running alongside the car was a callout to the movie “Witness,” in which Harrison Ford hides out with the Amish. A little Amish boy did the same thing in the movie – hilarious!

  385. This was a beautifully written episode. The greater insight into the characters of Jim and Jan were like a little gift to the fans and I say “thank you”

  386. The shot of Michael and Jan’s feet hanging off the train was a great unconventional kind of shot for the show, not to mention really cute as well. I loved it.

    The Jim/Dwight scene in the stairwell followed by Jim’s kiss was one of the best moments on the show yet.

    “In fact, I am in love….with Italian food.”

    GREAT GREAT GREAT episode.

  387. potato, yes! my brother and I said at the same time: “he waxes his eyebrows!” i was just so distracted by them.

    some manure, thank you! i kept thinking “kingpin? no…why is this familiar?”

  388. That was, quite possibly, the greatest episode of the Office. It’s episodes like this that are why I love The Office so much. It was serious and sensitive and caring with the touches of humour that we all come to expect from the Scrantonites. I could go on and on about what I love, but after 400+ comments, I’m sure someone else has already said what I’m thinking!

    Question though. Did Mose have a beard and then later NOT have a beard or was that my imagination?

  389. #459…Ryan got the job after Jim pulled himself from consideration. Ryan got the job over Karen because he has an MBA.

  390. The episode was priceless. More subtle and introspective(though I love them all). Loved the detail of the VanHalen poster in Dwight’s room(what would expect considering his ride.) Andy trying to get the cat in the box. . . beautiful.

  391. I think Ryan’s newly shorn eyebrows probably go with the character,wanting to be a corporate mover and shaker, when it’s clear he’s not.

  392. This was not my favorite episode, but was filled of some of my favorite moments in the entire series:

    1. Dwight lying about Angela’s figurine
    2. Dwight crying at night to said figurine
    3. Every second Mose was onscreen.
    4. Andy standing spread eagled in front of Pam at the reception desk
    5. America, Irrigation and Nighttime
    6. I…declare…BANKRUPTCY!!!
    7. Ryan wiping the essence of Darryl (or something) off his suit
    8. “But I couldn’t do that to Dwight. Or Angela. Or Andy.”
    9. Dwight reaching out for Jim and finding only air.
    10. Dwight using his ruler to evict Jim’s files from his desk as a throwback to the Pilot.

    What bothered me: How could Jan not know she was running up Michael’s debt? Michael said she poses, but is she really that clueless? Aside from that, Michael’s hiding his debt from her is both admirable and reckless.

    Note to writers: Please give Mose at least one line this season. Please!

  393. A good episode, it was great to see Mose and the farm again. What did Andy have on his desk? Was it a fish tank? Loved the callback to demarcation, our Dwight is back!

  394. I can’t believe that no one has mentioned that Dwight’s farmhouse certainly does NOT look like it has 9 bedrooms (remember when Michael was buying the condo and offered to let Dwight live there, then D’s talking head about why he wouldn’t want to anyway?) And why would Mose be in the outhouse if they had “only the one bathroom . . . of course, it’s under the porch.”

  395. In response to all of the concern about this being a documentary and why would the camera crew go here or there: What if the “purpose” of the documentary is exactly what we are seeing? What is this documentary is in fact a documentary television show that airs an episode every week and supposed to be an entertaining glimpse into a quirky paper company? Would it be so hard to believe that the makers of this documentary started out filming and then realized they were onto something amazing and turned it into a television program? Then it is not that hard to believe that they would want to follow these characters around everywhere and capture other elements of their lives. I mean, if you found out one of the people you were filming for your documentary owned a beet farm and ran it as a B&B, wouldn’t you get out there and film it ASAP?!

  396. They HAD one bathroom. Not anymore. I think another poster put forth the idea that if Angela was staying with D she was definitely not doing her business under the porch. So he built her an outhouse. Out of love.

    Maybe the Mose-scaring storm Dwight mentions took out part of the farmhouse. Or the nine bedrooms are divided among several free-standing buildings and we only see the money house.

  397. Thank you for pointing that out Shannon (421)! I also noticed the beds pushed together and I thought that it was one of the most subtle but adorable touches to this episode. It sort of gives us an idea just how serious Jim and Pam are. And then it made me laugh that much harder during the breakroom scene where Michael starts inappropriately pondering what it looks like when they “do it” Gold!!

  398. “…this is beet food – Mose, What are you doing? No Mose, put the.. put the manure down! Put it down! Do NOT throw it!! Do not…. Ow!”

    – Dwight

  399. I would like to comment how cute the conversation was between Jan and Michael about her selling her breast implants. It was such a superficial topic, but the way Michael kept saying “They’re cute though..”, it just made me love him even more!

  400. #270, I did not notice the beds put together, and I never noticed Ryan’s eyebrows. Wish I could have recorded it and watched it again. I feel like I missed quite a bit, don’t know why, I watched every second!!

  401. emstevens-
    Regarding Michael’s debt…I actually don’t think Jan is the one who ran up Michael’s credit cards. If you’ll notice, when Oscar was going over Michael’s expenses, they were all ridiculous things that Michael had bought…like the Muppet Babies DVDs. I think at the beginning when Jan said “It costs what it costs.” she was saying that because she was paying for it. I think Michael is that clueless as to running up his own debt and was just blaming it on Jan. I think this has been coming for awhile. How much has he spent at joke shops in the last couple seasons??
    That’s just my theory. Any other thoughts?

  402. I love how it was Pam and Toby who pointed out the correct usage of whomever/whoever in the conference room scene…gives hope to Pam/Toby fans out there. Nothing says “love” quite like a common knowledge of sentence structure. And you can bet their wedding vows will be grammatically correct :)

  403. AWESOME episode! def one of the best so far this season! omg it was soooo funny! i loved seeing pam and jim at dwight’s farm! omg mose running beside the car was hilarious! hahahaha

    this one and fun run are the best this season so far!

  404. How can you not love a show that manages to make you actually feel for both Dwight and Michael in one episode? Such endearing moments. Lots of funny ones.

    Although I’m still wishing there was more awkwardness between Pam and Jim. I mean, they spent years avoiding the truth about liking each other. Even though they’ve been friends, they just seem a bit too comfortable now. Where are the awkward moments everyone has when they start dating?

  405. Anyone else wishing that (maybe) on an episode this season Jim finally gives Pam that Christmas card that he took back when he gave her the teapot? I want to know what it said!

  406. 498- i was thinking about that christmas card too! i also want pam to reveal the question she was going to ask after the dundies.
    497- remember, they have already been dating for over 3 months. a lot of that initial awkwardness would be over by now.

  407. “You are not going to Paris.”
    I’ve decided this is my favorite line of the episode. So great!

  408. “I am so much better than you!”-Michael

    The way that Michael cracks himself up cracks me up beyond belief!

  409. 499 – I agree. That initial awkwardness would be over. But for the purpose of television, why not show that on TV? Why skip ahead so much time without us?

    On another note, I totally would love to know what that Christmas card said.

  410. Did anyone else notice that the twin beds were pushed together during Jim and Pam reading of the TripAdvisor review…While Jim was saying “You’ll never want to leave your room” VERY CUTE

  411. I thought I was just seeing things! Good to know I was right about those beds. Also, in the 3rd deleted scene, did you notice how Pam didn’t want the camera crew looking in their room?

  412. Also, I COULD NOT STOP saying “You are not going to Paris” all day. Annoyed the heck out of my friends.

  413. To #507:
    Michael says: “you are not going to Paris” in the cold open, when he’s behaving like Meryl Streep’s character from the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”.

    It’s part of the whole “Get me Armani. Where is Armani? He’s on the Phone. Too slow. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PARIS! I’m so much better than you”. (I think that’s how it went, basically.) Oh my, I can’t stop laughing and I’m sitting in the library on campus! People are looking at me!

  414. 506 –

    same with me! i couldn’t stop using “you’re not going to paris” in every single sentence i said all day last friday.

    the office has taken over my life.

  415. The cold open of this (Devil Wears Prada routine) Is the most hysterical funny scene in the office and I think the best scene out of the whole series.

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