Amy Ryan returns to ‘The Office’

From Variety:

“The Wire” star Amy Ryan will get a chance to flex her comedic muscles a bit more next season as she joins “The Office” for multiple episodes.

Ryan is set to appear in at least five segs in the fall, reprising her role as human resources rep Holly Flax. Ryan’s character first showed up in “The Office’s” season finale as a potential love interest for Michael Scott (Steve Carell).

Link: ‘Office’ schedules Amy Ryan


  1. Yay! Amy Ryan is coming back! I was hoping that after the awesome chemistry she had with Steve and Brian that they would bring her back. Can’t wait for the new season!

  2. Oh my gosh, I had a brain fart for a second and I thought that the headline said, “Amy ADAMS returns to ‘The Office'”. This is still very exciting news though!

  3. Let me be a follower of everyone and just say SCORE. I knew she’d be back, though… there was no way you set up that JAM parallel with “not a bad day” and then just get rid of her ;)

  4. This is what Yoda had to say.
    Amy Ryan –> return to The Office, she will. :-P

  5. Fantastic! I loved the side of Michael that Holly brought out — before he agreed to play baby daddy to Jan.

  6. “Ryan’s character first showed up … as a potential love interest for Michael Scott (Steve Carell).”

    I mistook this as BJ Novak’s Ryan Howard, it cracked me up.

    [from tanster: LOL!]

  7. this is awesome. I hope they keep going with special Kevin. That was just too funny.

  8. I’m happy about this, but if she’s not going to stick around *permanently*, I wonder how they’ll deal with it when she eventually does leave? Won’t they have to just bring in yet another new HR person? Will they come up with some explanation for why the Scranton office no longer needs an HR rep?

  9. I suppose this is good news for Michael Scott, but I’m actually looking forward to more scenes with Holly and “the slow kid”. What’s his name? The one with the M&Ms and button money. :D

  10. That is awesome news! She was fantastic in “Goodbye, Toby”. I totally expect her to get an Emmy nomination for that. I can’t wait to see what they do with her character.

  11. After one episode, Holly was my second favorite character on the show! This is the best office news today!

  12. This is awesome! You can’t see it, but I’m doing a little “happy fist” dance. Now that we know she’ll be back, let the Holly/Michael speculations begin!

  13. Great news! I was so happy to hear this. She made a wonderful addition to the crazy Office family. Thanks for posting, Tanster!

  14. I hope they are just saying ‘for five episodes minimum’ to keep us in suspense about it and also because that’s how they do these contract thingys. Ed Helms wasn’t sure he was going to be a regular for a while, and that’s (hopefully) how this is for Amy, because she RULES. lol

  15. Underneath the story, the whole crew is listed as Michael Scott. He’s so versatile!
    Love that she’s coming back, congrats!

  16. HAHA, pc, you are not alone in that.

    Anyway, I could not be more happy to hear this news. I adore Holly!

  17. pc – i totally thought the same thing when i read that blurb and it cracked me up too!
    i am really excited about this, it eases the pain of losing toby. finally some spoilers!

  18. That is such great news! Holly and Michael seem like a match made in heaven — she really “gets” him and he is so mellow and cute around her. Amy Ryan will be a great addition to TO. I’m such a fan!!

  19. Love this news! I thought she was brilliant and can’t wait to see her interact more with Kevin and Michael. I also hope they ratchet up Meredith’s bizarre animosity towards her!

  20. I’m glad Holly is coming back and looking forward to seeing her interact with Michael again.

  21. This is great news! I loved Amy in the finale and I cannot wait to see her and Steve in more scenes together. As much as I love Melora and don’t want to see her go, I do love the possiblity of a Michael/Holly coupling!

  22. This is great news :) Amy Ryan is so funny, the Kevin Holly storyline is one of my favorites. I can’t wait to see more of it.

  23. Excellent news! She’s a great actress and I absolutely loved how her character interacted with Michael. They are perfect for each other and I can’t wait to see more scenes with them next season. I hope Amy Ryan is able to be in much more than just 5 episodes.

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