1. Won’t a certain Tanster be in NYC that night? I have absolutely no idea how hard it is to get tickets, but it would be really cool for you to be there!

    [from tanster: hee hee. that would be fun! i have no idea how SNL tickets work, though…]

  2. Oh. My. Goodness.

    Steve Carell = my favorite comedian.

    Usher = my favorite musician.


    “Good Day”

  3. I think if you don’t have tickets ahead of time, you can try standing on the standby line for either the first run-through or the live taping. You would probably have to get there pretty early though to get a good spot on line and have a good chance of getting in. You could probably google it and find out more. I might try to go, I think it’ll be hysterical!

  4. Tanster! You must go. I’m sure someone over at NBC can hook you up with either dress rehearsal or live show tickets. Either can be a blast.

    I’m thrilled Steve will close out the season as host. I want to hear wrap party stories. Krasinski’s in town and all bets are on that he’ll be there. (Maybe even on the show in a cameo?) Major coolness.

  5. I figured they would choose Steve for the finale given Get Smart comes out this summer. I hope they can have Rachel Dratch come on and do a new Debbie Downer bit as Steve was great when they did that last time he hosted.

    I’m still waiting to see Krasinski or Fischer host. Novak would be a good host too I think given his background in standup.

    Usher though? Is it 1998?

  6. I saw that in the TV Guide. What a way to close out the season!

  7. I was told I might have to sleep out front of the building Friday night if I wanted to have a chance at stand-by tickets. Unfortunately I don’t think I know anyone who would be willing to camp out with me for a whole night for a chance at Steve. Maybe if all the Tallyheads joined together, they’d just let us all in. Right? If I were Steve, I’d definitely want a crowd of Tallyheads…

  8. I knew he would be hosting the finale but was kind of hoping it would be the weekend of May 24th, when I would be in NYC. Oh well. I still can’t wait.

  9. I love SNL and when paired with Steve Carell, it is sure to have a great outcome!

  10. Getting SNL standby tickets is tough. You have to get there VERY early in the morning, bring a chair and some food, and then sit there on the sidewalk all day long. Literally. Hopefully Tanster you have some Office connections who will take pity and give you a free ticket!!!

  11. There will definitely be an Office parody on SNL with Steve hosting. This should be fun.

  12. Has Steve ever hosted before? I don’t think so. When Rainn hosted, there was no Office parody.

  13. Yes Steve has hosted before and yes there was an Office parody when Rainn hosted

  14. I heard he was supposed to host sometime soon! It will be fabulous fo sho!

  15. 18, Shunned Ryan-

    Wrong and wrong. ;) Steve hosted in October 2005.

    And Rainn Wilson’s monologue contained a nice Office sendup featuring Rashida Jones.

  16. If hotels in Manhattan weren’t so incredibly expensive, this would be a great opportunity for me to finally see NYC, camp out in front of Rockefeller Center, and catch you at Paley! Are people allowed to sleep in Central Park? ;)

    Very much looking forward to Steve’s hosting gig!

  17. That’s great news…and right after the finale too! Can we hope to see any Office co-stars? (Rashida was on when Rainn hosted!) One more thing to look forward to after our finale!!!

  18. Tanster, are you gonna try and get standby tickets to see Steve on SNL since you will be there?

  19. I would be willing to camp out with you all. I doubt any of my friends would be willing to, but I am game. They say you have to be in line BY 7:00 AM, but I figure you have to get there much earlier than that. I wonder if they scalp tickets, because I would much rather do that!

    Steve hosting last time was hilarious. I loved his Bob Bummer skit with Debbie Downer.

  20. Boo hoo (sound of me crying)! We don’t get SNL at all in the UK! Ridiculous isn’t it!

  21. I know suebeedoo70 we don’t either here in The Netherlands, thank god there is internet! (and Officetally)

  22. I really hope since upfronts were this week the whole cast stuck around to appear on the show tonight.

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