1. Every time I watch Steve in interviews, I just respect him more and more. He is just insanely genuine and gracious, and it’s a breath of fresh air to see a celebrity who is not self-obsessed and fake. I love it when he talks about his family, too. Steve is just a great guy, and I love him!

  2. Yeah, in the Central time zone (Texas) Dateline started late because of golf. Steve’s interview was during the last part of the second hour, but it got cut off at 9E/8C to begin Last Comic Standing. The interview wasn’t finished, but the part that I saw was excellent. Maybe it will be on MSNBC’s website. *sigh*

  3. I saw it all here in the east even though Dateline started a good 40 minutes late. Loved the pictures of young-ish Steve… basically the same but with a furry ‘stache.

  4. Purple Belt-I’m also in the central time zone, but it didn’t get cut off for me. Maybe here in Nebraska they either didn’t show golf or they cut the golf short for Dateline.

  5. Thanks guys!! I’m just glad that MSNBC/NBC is good at posting videos for all of their shows. I was briefly devastated, but it went away fast. ;) By the way, I ADORE Stone Phillips, anyone else?

  6. Yeah, I’m in the central time zone and I watched the entire golf coverage which ran late, yet Dateline finished on time at 8PM and I got to see the whole Steve Carell interview. Maybe they cut one of the other stories they were going to run to trim the show to around an hour and a half instead of two hours. Weird.

  7. That picture with the mustache was from the Denison University yearbook. I was a freshman when Steve was a senior and he was a Student Advisor in our dorm, Huffman Hall. He lived just down the hall from me. Question though, they mentioned in the piece that he is 43. Is that acurate? I’m 42 and he was three years ahead of me in college.

  8. great interview! i also really liked the skit from second city. steve as a serial killer. too funny for words.

  9. Is anybody else having a problem with the audio on the videos on the NBC site? The video will play, but there’s no sound. Hmmmm…

  10. Here is a direct link to the serial killer Second City sketch. You can see early signs of some of Steve’s mannerisms that make him so funny. They even have a wanted poster of him like Pam drew of Dwight in Women’s Appreciation. (without the pervy moustache though)

  11. You’re welcome Jennie!

    That clip shows how naturally gifted Steve is since it was from 1993 and he had only been with Second City since 1991. I’ve seen many Second City shows here in Toronto with people who have been in the cast for 3-4 years and none of them could come close to Steve, with the exception of Mike Myers.

    I wonder where NBC dug that clip out from, I’d love to see more early Carrell skits.

  12. Loved this interview with Steve! Hilarious and adorable as usual especially during his 3rd grade secret admirer story. Stone Phillips was also pretty charming himself.

  13. Oh my god this cost $170 million?!?!?!?!?
    That is a lot of pressure. No wonder NBC is going crazy promoting this movie. Steve needs us people!!!

  14. That was actually a really great interview, despite the host being such a tool and Carell pointing that out a couple times, in a really sweet way. (Noah and the mailmen? lol) Every appearance Steve makes I start liking him more, which I didn’t think was possible. I truly hope “Evan Almighty” is a success, just for the sake of Steve Carell. He seems like a geniunely nice, humble guy.

    “It is the best motion picture history in the world. And I don’t think I’m overstating that.” Bwahahahaha.

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