Office cast in ‘License to Wed’

Check out some new video clips of License to Wed, starring Robin Williams, John Krasinski, and Mandy Moore. Angela Kinsey and Brian Baumgartner also make some funny appearances!

P.S. The main page also mentions Mindy Kaling, but I watched all the clips and didn’t see her. Which clip is she in?

Links: Potato Skins Down! | That’s a P | Main page: more clips and photos


  1. well now that I’ve seen 20 minutes of the movie…
    July 3rd is entirely too far away.

  2. I hate to revert to being thirteen years old, but how adorable is John Krasinski here? It’s almost unbearable. Now I HAVE to see this movie.

  3. Dear God.. Cayce80, i’m a 14 year old girl, and you have no idea how in love with JKras I am… you’re right, he is COMPLETELY adorable.. this movie is a must see for me…

    I also loved when Brian yelled ” Potato Skins Down! ” … classic.

  4. AHHHH So many Jim Halpert faces in there!!!!!! I now know that if I bring my non-Office liking friends ( I know, they’re completely crazy), they will obviously want to see the show just to see more of that adorable John Krasinski!!! YAY!

    Can’t wait

  5. “Potato Skins Down!” I love it.

    Did anyone else notice that Kevin’s character name is Jim?

  6. I love when John brings the robot baby to the bathroom upside down then drops it. HAHA

    Oh and yeah, Brian is Jim…

  7. Did anyone else notice where JKras looks into the camera like he does in “The Office”?? If not, it was in clip #2! :)(From the regular list.)

  8. I saw the part when John looked into the camera! I about died. He’s so freaking cute…I’m definitely seeing this movie.

  9. Susan, I haven’t seen the clips yet but in and Entertainment Weekly article, Ken Kwapis said that there is a part in the movie where John looks into the camera for like a millisecond. Maybe, that’s the clip.

  10. Robin Williams was on The Tonight Show and they showed that clip where John looks into the camera. I think that’s a great nod to Office fans!

  11. I’m not sure why I watched all of those. Irresistable!!! I hope I haven’t spoiled the movie for myself, but I’ll still BE THERE with bells on!

  12. Mindy plays john krasinski’s friend’s wife, shelley. it was on the HBO first look clip

  13. yeah she plays his friends wife. and she acts just like kelly!! it was hilarious to see the office cast!

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