1. steve carell, ed helms, jon stewart, and stephen colbert need to do a daily show reunion and have a round table discussion or something. nancy walls and mr brown can come too

  2. thanks tanster.. i can’t wait to watch it! My TiVo will be ready

  3. I can’t even describe how excited I am to see Steve on the Daily Show. It’s like my two favorite shows colliding. :)

  4. Just watched the Today Show clip. Um. Meredith is an odd duck, isn’t she?

  5. Yeah, Meredith was a bit of a ding dong! It seemed like she took Steve too seriously. Sometimes interviewers just don’t know what to do with him, or they don’t have a sense of humor. Man, I hope this movie does well, for his sake. Making the most expensive comedy ever is A LOT of pressure!!!

  6. I love how Steve always sweats during his interviews. I don’t know why, but it makes him more loveable to me. Hmmm… that sounds weird.

  7. haha.. i loved how the whole episode (besides the first 5 minutes) was centered around steve’s appearance.

  8. After watching Steve on the Today Show, it’s good to finally see him in a place where people GET his humor.

  9. :) Steve was pretty damn funny on TDS. I kind of wish that the servant had been Ed Helms. I would have died. And I love that Jon called Jenna Pam.

  10. i loved stephen colbert’s little transition thing, i miss even steven (steve vs. stephen)! formidable opponent just isn’t the same, sorry stephen :(

  11. This is random, but I think it would be awesome if Jon played Michael’s brother or something on the show.

  12. TDS last night was awesome! Jon & Steve were hilarious together. You can tell how proud all of them are of Steve’s success! Except maybe Colbert! (kidding – but that ending was just hilarious! Those 2 were especially awesome together in the old daily show days!) LOVED IT!!!

  13. “its like my favorite shows colliding”

    …you know he was on their first right

  14. Ed Helms as Butler would have been awesome, #14. I really liked the segment, but I almost think Ron Riggle’s (aka Captain Jack) tirade on Steve’s success was funnier. The whole show was hilarious!
    Question: Am I the only one who got their hopes up when Colbert mentioned “Even Stephens” in the tag?

  15. The Daily Show was perfect, wow, they are incredibly funny and, wow, that chick on the Today really isn’t, just another reason to sleep late.

  16. I laughed my head off during the daily show. I like the way Jon kept turning to the audience to say, “When Steve was on the show…” It was like two best friends reliving their glory days, and the studio audience were there new friends who’d never heard their stories before.

    Awww… the only thing better would’ve been if Colbert had showed up.

    Oh, and what about when Jon was telling Rob Riggle during his Sh*ts and Riggles movie review that he could introduce him to Steve? I just kept thinking, “Riggle was the captain on the Booze Cruise! They already know each other!” :)

  17. Hey Nick1, this is from the MoviesOnline article:

    MoviesOnline: How do you think Michael Scott would handle the same task from god?

    Steve Carell: [Laughs] How would Michael Scott, like, become a modern day Noah? Wow, that’s an interesting [question]. Well, Michael — I have no idea. He would probably, well he would probably get Creed to come in and build the ark. So, he wouldn’t want to do it himself. And Jan would end up; Jan would convince him not to do it because she rides roughshod over him anyway. So, he probably wouldn’t end up doing it, because in his mind, Jan might be more powerful than God himself. [Laughs.]

  18. I admit to totally geeking out at Steve’s appearance on the Daily Show. My two favorite things colliding! It’s so sweet how Jon Stewart built the whole show around Steve’s movie with Rob Riggle’s thing and then Colbert’s tag, you can tell that they really want to support Steve. And is it just me or is Steve Carell looking incredibly handsome lately? It was adorable how everytime he looked at Jon he couldn’t stop smiling. Awwwww. This interview made my week! (It’s been a slow week.)

  19. What’d Steve say when he was asked how long they can keep the Jim and Pam thing going on? Did he say, “a season,” or “eight seasons?”

  20. Jake he said eight seasons.

    Rob Riggle is the best thing going on the Daily Show right now. Sh*ts and Riggles. That was funny.

    And the crowd was going nuts over Steve when he came out. I never have heard a reaction like that.

  21. I love how Rob Riggle declined Jon’s invitation to “meet steve” at the end of his segment… and he was captain Jack in the Booze Cruise episode!

  22. It was nice seeing Steve on the Daily Show, but when is he gonna face off against Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report? I want another epic edition of Even Stevphen?

  23. Oh my gosh, the daily show clips were amazing! I couldn’t stop laughing. The jealous of Steve bits were incredible. Thanks Tanster for posting all these videos.

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