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The Office
The Office

Made it to the show last night, but missed the first half. It was unbelievably funny.

Watching Angela fly a plane with a bunch of coke on it, while she’s smoking, smacking her kid around, receiving faxes, taking phone calls, having Kate buzz the plane as a buzzard and then have Ed try and pull them over in the air, was priceless.

I went mostly to see the cast members from The Office, but everyone was truly amazing. I was almost disappointed that they weren’t performing as their characters from The Office, but knowing that’s not why they were there, I quickly remembered that that’s not why I was there (although I wouldn’t have minded seeing Ed punch a hole in the wall or buy Kate a shot of vodka).

I got to meet everyone after the show and they were the nicest people. They signed autographs for everyone and smiled for every picture. It was really nice getting a chance to just talk to them. After things began to die down I got another chance to talk to Kate and Oscar out front. Even though it was getting cold and the wind was blowing, they stayed and chatted.

The night made me miss The Office that much more, but it showed me other aspects of everyone, not just doing improv, but as every day people. It really showed me what special people they are.


  1. That was a great show! Angela was so hilarious with her baby bump and her accents and lisping. Kate knocked my beer over since I was not smart having it on the floor but I was honored.

  2. Thanks for the reports – I love hearing about the cast in different projects. They’re all so talented and funny even outside of The Office (though I do want them all back to work soon)!

  3. So happy that Angela was feeling good – with how far she is in her pregnancy, I was super surprised that she was going to do that! But it sounds like everyone had a good time being creative again!

  4. Great reports! The show sounded awesome, and it’s nice to hear the everyone had a great time. I still can’t get over how sweet the entire cast is! They’re always seem to make sure that they talk to their fans, take pics, etc.
    Seeing them together makes me really want our show back!

  5. I was there as well and got a chance to chat with Angela and Kate (and Kate’s boyfriend, Chris). They were all so sweet. And the show was a lot of fun! Lots of great accents/voices from the Office cast, as Kay mentioned. And it really was nice to be able to see them having fun together.

  6. I was fortunate enough to be in attendance at the Armando Show and Kate’s Lampshades show two days earlier. (I was very excited when I learned that both shows were taking place during pre-planned vacation time to California!) I really cannot say enough good things about the quality of the performances and the kindness of our Office friends. What an extraordinary group of people!

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