TCA Week Tally

This post lists Office-related items from this week’s TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour.

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  1. Funny stuff! The Access Hollywood girl didn’t know her Office though. I liked Creed’s interviews!

  2. i know! i knew the answers to all those questions. i have decided i would kick butt at that game!
    what was that from oscar about maybe amy adams would be back? was that a total joke or do we need to start wild speculations?

  3. Amy Adams might be back?!?! I know what you mean tuna, I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not about that…

  4. Well, Oscar and the rest of the crew pretty much said they had no idea what’s going on next season and that the scripts are just being written now or recently. I think he was just saying it was possible. I mean, technically, it is possible. Probable? No. Possible? yes.

  5. I love Phyllis! I can’t believe they start filming again in less than a week. What’s the latest on the actors’ strike?

  6. I knew every answer! I can’t wait to get my game- I am going to rock it! Creed is the best- he will be my choice piece to move around the board every time:-)

  7. I was wondering what the TCA press tour was until I realized that I know it better as the “Death March With Cocktails”.

  8. 6/Sticious
    The latest is that nothing much has changed and isn’t likely to for a while. SAG’s contract ran out June 30, but actors continue to work under their old contract. No date has been set for a strike. So, for now at least, The Office folks will be back to work in a week. Here’s an AP article about the latest:


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