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This post lists news about ‘Parks and Recreation,’ the new TV show being helmed by The Office’s Greg Daniels and Mike Schur and starring Amy Poehler. The show also stars Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari, and Aubrey Plaza. The show is scheduled to premiere on NBC on April 9, 2009 at 8:30-9pm ET.

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  1. Imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery.
    I’ll wait for the announcement, and wonder if they will be pulling the show from a storyline via TO

  2. Yikes…this is a scary thought. I am trying to stay optimistic about this, but I don’t know. Seems like a mistake to me.

  3. I’m not sure why people are against an office spin-off. I thought it was reported that they would not be using any of the characters from the Dunder-Mifflin version. It could be another fun Thursday night show!

  4. Doesn’t look like they’re spinning off any existing characters, but introducing character(s) next season for the express purpose of launching the new show, so it’ll be in the Officeverse.

  5. I don’t think there will be a spin off…I believe Greg and the rest of the writers have integrity.

  6. This is stupid. First Law and Order, then CSI, now The Office?

    Why must we milk a premise to death?

  7. Interesting. Also interesting about “Thursday Night Live.” I’ll be interested to see what the spinoff is all about.

    One of those articles mentioned more hour-long episodes in September, which is sure to upset some people. The “special” Superbowl episode sounds good to me. I’m sure they have something good planned.

  8. I will remain optimistic about this spinoff – as long as our current Dunder Mifflinites aren’t separated and the amazing writing staff stay with our current show.

  9. They should just move Chuck in the spot of Scrubs. Office spin off is not a good idea.

  10. I will remain optimistic about this, as long as they don’t take any of our cast or writers away.

  11. As much as I love The Office, I don’t want a spin-off. Actually, I think NBC should just pick up Arrested Development and air that. My Name is Earl, 30 Rock, The Office, and Arrested Development?

    That would be the best.

  12. I can’t believe this happened. I’m kind of mad… I’m waiting for details though, too.

  13. I thought Daniels and Wilson confirmed this was fake? Ugh, why is this happening. It could only work if they did it with a different industry, it couldn’t be an office. It’d also have to be original, it couldn’t have a jim/pam like storyline. So yes, this has disaster written all over it.

  14. It might be cool if they only did a few episodes, maybe 6 or so, but a whole new series is a bad idea, it’ll only drain the writers focus from the main show and cause it to lose quality.

  15. Don’t we all remember what happened when grey’s anatomy attempted a spin off? it was painful to watch. The office helps me keep my sanity and to watch a spin off and cringe… well that just kinda makes me sad.

  16. I would hope that they would know and notice that no one will watch it. It might get a little bit of play in the beginning for how it would connect to the original but that will inevitably taper off. What ever happened to some level of originality in the arts these days?

  17. There were so many reasons that the show we all love could have been a failure. I just dont see it working twice…

  18. I believe the spin-off characters are going to be introduced in ‘Parking’. Oh, also…this could very well ruin everything. I’m always optimistic, but the show is losing integrity.

  19. I’m going to be optimistic. The Office is a great show and there aren’t enough great shows out there. I just don’t want them to poach anybody from Scranton.

    Or I will burn Utica to the ground.

  20. Will it have the same writing staff? Because I think that with a 30 episode season ahead of them, NBC should be encouraging The Office writers to bring the best possible quality to their own show, instead of making a new one.

    I just don’t understand why networks insist on turning every popular show into a multi-show franchise.

    And, quite frankly, after being somewhat disappointed with the quality of some of the early Season 4 episodes, I wish that NBC would just hone its craft instead of suddenly creating new characters for the purpose of a spinoff.

  21. Spin-offs always make me nervous. It depends heavily on the premise, the writers, and the cast. If they can get those three things to work seamlessly, it might be something great. If even one piece of the puzzle is out of place, it’ll be a total flop. I don’t want to see the integrity of The Office suffer if a spin-off fails.

    Spin-offs can be hugely successful if done well. The best example I can think of is Frasier. That show came from Cheers but it was original enough to stand alone.

  22. As long as the cast doesn’t change for the original, I don’t really care. I kind of hope it’s a Karen spinoff at the Uttica branch, though I doubt it, with Rashida on Unhitched.

  23. I completely agree with number 26. The Office and Arrest Development on the same night would be the greatest thing to ever happen to television.

  24. This idea mortifies me, but spinoffs sometimes do work. Frasier turned out OK. And then of course Joey, the Friends spinoff, which was wildly successful in its own right. All right, bad example.

  25. #24 | Joe … Obviously I do know this, everything is a copy of something at some time. Its when copies of a copy are thrown out, that it loses its shine.

    p.s. the magic was gone for me when J&P came out

  26. I really hope the spin-off is for Devon and that they call it “Homeless Dad”

  27. The concern is that it will divide the attention of Daniels and take some of the writers.

    If any of the cast move over to the new one, I’m hoping for Creed and Andy as they are already the two most sitcommy characters on The Office.

    Overall it seems like a bad idea that could only be redeemed by casting John Oliver or John Hodgeman in the lead.

  28. Though it is true (as people keep pointing out), that the American version of The Office is a spin-off itself of the BBC version, they did not do what they are planning to do here and show the spin-off back-to-back with the original. Can anyone imagine what the American version would have looked like if they had done that to introduce it??

    I say why don’t the networks try getting a little creative and make up some new shows instead of poaching them constantly from other countries or from 20 years ago. Is it really that hard?? (That’s what she said)

  29. The idea of a spin-off doesn’t excite me at all. But, I’ll wait to pass judgement on it after it airs.

  30. I’m wondering what the premise will be…the only person that’s really left has been Karen and Rashida Jones has moved onto another show.

  31. Spin-offs don’t have to be a bad thing. I agree, an Office clone would be bad news, but they can do a spin-off that doesn’t have much to do with the “parent” program. Mork & Mindy and Laverne & Shirley were both Happy Days spin-offs. The Jeffersons spun off of All in the Family. A Different world; The Cosby Show. etc, etc etc. So hopefully this will be in the same vein as those, and not an attempt at a copycat show.

  32. This is complete bull sh*t. I hope it sucks and NBC cancels it. I don’t want a spinoff. Concentrate on making The Office even better and think of something new. This is ridiculous. NBC is really pissing me off this year. Seriously, if it wasn’t for The Office, I would flip right on through their channel. AHHHH!! In case you can’t tell, I’m mad.

  33. cristin- I just want my kids back! THAT is a premise I would get behind.

    My first reaction is “Why?”, but I do know that if anyone can pull off an unappealing sounding idea, it’s these people. They are a talented bunch.

    But I am afraid that there is a limit to their genius and that Ben Silverman is getting a bit desperate to live up to his rock-star exec. image. Ben, it’s ok to take chance on shows that aren’t foreign imports, reality, spin-offs, or remakes of shows from 20 years ago.

  34. I would only even give it a chance if it involved Karen and her branch or maybe the corporate office… but I’m definitely not into the idea of something new and unrelated or of taking away any of the current cast members.

  35. I’m not that worried. If the spinoff sucks, then it sucks and we won’t watch it. It won’t effect our show any. Think of the Law & Order shows; they have nothing to do with each other.

  36. Now that I think about it, if the spinoff features the unique characters of DMI Racine, I might be on board with that. ;) Seriously, though, now that we have the official press release from NBC, I am really fearful that the new show will pull Greg Daniels in too many directions. Overall, I just would hope that Greg can ensure that it doesn’t affect The Office. I am a bit surprised that he agreed to this, but I can also understand it as well.

  37. My first thought: Is this a prank? I’m going to be so paranoid after yesterday.
    If they do this for realsies, it is a bad idea in my opinion. Why (potentially) ruin something that is so great in the first place?

  38. Not a good idea. Wait for The Office to end and THEN start a new series. Seriously are they expecting this new show to be more successful than the US original? Sigh, maybe it isn’t all that bad but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  39. I really don’t want a spin-off. It’ll never be as good as our Office. Will the writers be writing the spin-off as well?

  40. I had to check to make sure it still wasn’t April 1st after Tanster’s shenanigans, but alas, this is for real. I can’t believe it’s actually happening. Television must come in first for collectively having the brightest yet DUMBEST people within one industry: creative geniuses that come up with great programming and morons that screw with perfection in some way, shape, or form.

  41. Ben Silverman will not stop until he has squeezed every penny out of an already existing idea.

  42. NO. NO. NO. NO. Like 85% of the time spinoffs just bomb and take away from the original show. Especially if Greg Daniels does it. The show would have much more potential if he did, but that might mean that The Office gets left behind in the dust. Any chance this is a late April fools joke?

  43. 48 | cristin: I really hope the spin-off is for Devon and that they call it “Homeless Dad”

    Nice one. I would watch that. I loved Devon.

  44. Ummmm, no. This sounds like a bad idea. They should concentrate their attention on just one show.

  45. Love to see all the comments supporting the view that anything new is bad. We know next to nothing about this “spin-off” and already people come out of the wood work saying how bad this will be and how horrible it is for the Office. Take off the tinfoil hat and wait until we know more about it before you turn the TV off.

  46. Oh … my. Oh my. This is weird to me. I’m wary of this idea, but I can’t help but be a little curious. I just PRAY that they keep the original Office exactly the way it is (same cast, crew, writers, etc). Otherwise, I might lose my freakin’ mind!

  47. Is this another April Fool’s joke? These are really getting irritating, ya know?

  48. Oh…god.

    I really hope this doesn’t turn out bad, like it so easily could.

  49. You know this COULD end well for us here people…. we might have 2 shows that have the high quality humor that we enjoy already on the office. I’m all for more shows like this one. Plus one right after the other? It would be like hour long episodes…. but all the time.
    Plus I agree with #63 Andrew – I enjoy all the Law and Orders… but I do have my favorite. Hopefully it will be like that.

    Now if Greg WASN’T doing it I’d be worried….

    Oh and the world would only be so lucky if it were Racine based… ;)

  50. I can’t say I’m excited about the idea of an Office spin-off, but on the other hand, I was a devoted fan of Mork & Mindy… I mean who’d have thought a spin-off of Happy Days featuring an alien who sits on his head would work? For that matter, who’d have thought an American version of a beloved British sitcom about the boring lives of office workers would become my favourite show on television? So I’ll keep an open mind.

  51. Just please don’t take any of our writers or actors to this other shows. Please!

    Do you have any inside scoop on this, tanster?

  52. By the way… did anyone else get really excited when they read about hour long episodes throughout September? Cause I know I did….

    Title thoughts:

    It’s about teachers… they should just call it “The Office Spin-Off” and at the end of each episode they have a contest, or “spin-off”, on a merry go round. I just had a vision of a Dwight type science teacher screaming about going faster to beat out the social studies teachers……

  53. I still think this is a joke. Come on, they wouldn’t do that. And every website has “Leave your ideas for the show in the comments!” I don’t buy it.

  54. Well, one person being split between two shows doesn’t always have to end badly.

    Angel and Buffy, anyone?

  55. I remember hearing something about a spin-off at the beginning of the season and at the convention. From what I can remember, there was talk about making a show with characters from the 3rd floor of the Scranton Business Park. I heard something about incorporating 3rd floor characters in an episode of The Office and it looks like that has come to fruition (i.e. Parking). Original cast members would stay where they are, but the possiblity of crossing over in guest spots would be doable.

  56. Hmm, I don’t know about a spinoff. ‘Friends’ was great, but ‘Joey’? Not so much. They should take a ‘Private Practice’ esque approach on the show. Give Karen her own show. Call it “Sexy Utica Nights”. Love it.

  57. Hmm, the only spin off I ever cared for was Frasier. And even that waited until Cheers was off the air. I guess I’ll reserve judgement until it airs, and see if The Office suffers because of it.

    Initial reaction, though, is the Network is getting greedy. Too much of a good thing. Not cool.

  58. Tanster, do you have the information on how to contact NBC about such things. Like an e-mail address/customer service number/”ungrateful bee-yotch hotline” number/etc?

    Seriously, I feel the need to voice my opinion about this matter.

  59. I really really hope not but even if it was true I don’t think it’d last that long.

  60. I’ve gotta say I’m not happy about this at all. I mean the successful spinoffs like Cheers to Frasier & Grey’s Anatomy to Private Practice (barely) were after the shows had INCREDIBLE cult followings & amazing ratings. Even Friends’ spinoff tanked. The Office is JUST NOW becoming a show that is taken seriously by the public & the academy & I think Ben Silverman is just really getting ahead of himself with this one. Just leave well enough alone. This season has been disappointing enough.

  61. In order to make a spin off, someone from the original will most likely depart to star in this new venture. The beauty of The Office is the importance of every member of the ensemble. The chemistry they have is remarkable. If you lose one person, you lose that chemical balance. Seeing spun off characters in another situation would be like watching a ghost of the original. Ben Silverman should be commended for bringing The Office to the USA, but that’s as far as I go.His lack of creativity is disappointing. He has a knack in cashing in on someone else’s idea, and then beating as many dollars out of it until it’s bone dry. Harvesting fresh new ideas and sitcoms isn’t his forte, proved by the rash of reality shows, and the resurrection of The Apprentice, that have come to pass since he took over NBC programming. So, I fear for this spin off, and for the quality of the original show we all love.

  62. It’s not still April Fool’s, is it? ‘Cause this is just not funny. There are already too many remakes/spin-offs in this world. Also, there’s going to be more episodes for the currently existing version anyways.

    I feel like we should all go Ricky Gervais/Stephen Merchant and cap shows at 1-2 years.

  63. I wonder what Ben Silverman meant when he said it’s likely we’ll see “cross-over” from current Office characters? I’m hoping it’s just Michael popping in during sweeps or something. I can’t imagine they’d break up such a great ensemble.

  64. They’ll still have episodes of the regular Office right? They’ll just have two shows… right?

  65. I’m pretty sure this is a bad idea. But if it is as half as funny as The Office,I’ll probably end up watching it.

  66. ummmmmm…april fools? good one? you got us?
    how about let’s not try and mess with a good thing and at least wait a little while longer until we go spinning things off. we are only in season 4 people, the show is just getting good. i’ll keep an open mind but spin-offs tend to have horrid futures. :/

  67. Oh that’s just great! Half the writers will be placed on the spin-off, Daniels’ll manage both, and instead of the best show on TV we’ll get two mediocre ones.

    I think I’m ready to quit TV.

  68. Wow….the New York Times article makes it sound even worse…everyone on the show involved, characters crossing over, all while doing hour long versions of the original. What really bothers me is that it ruins the whole ‘documentary’ aspect of the show. All the talk last week from Greg Daniels about when to show the characters the footage that was shot, how it would effect their lives when it airs (Like the UK Christmas special) it kind of cheapens the whole concept when every office on the eastern seaboard is being filmed for some reason.

  69. Um, I’m not really on board with the spin-off idea. Haven’t the networks shown enough of their greed this year? But I think Michele (26) had the best suggestion… Arrested Development all the way, baby! Add that one in and we’ve got a winning night, for sure.

  70. I thought back in the fall there were some rumours about casting a new white character for the warehouse for a possible warehouse guys spin-off. That wouldn’t bother me too much, but I think everyone has an excellent point when they say that this would take Daniel’s and the writers focus away from The Office.

  71. I’m trying not to pass too much judgment yet- but I will say I’m really disappointed with this news. I feel like it’s another really horrible April Fools joke

  72. I wish we knew more about this. The bare bones details don’t sound promising.

    What would be interesting to me?

    Basing the series on the camera crew that is filming this documentary. They’ve been there for over three years, right? They interact with all of these people but we never hear from them or see them played out on the show. Maybe a camera dude is dating Meredith. Let’s explore that angle more, Daniels!

    Maybe that’s just me. Spin-off just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  73. Oh no!!! Why can’t they leave well enough alone???

    I do not have a good feeling about this, but I will reserve judgment until more details are announced.

  74. From Ny Times Article:“We can’t even service some of these great actors and performers [on the original show], so it’s very likely you will see some of those actors on the spin-off,” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This is bad. And even worse….“The entire creative team of ‘The Office’ is behind this show,”

  75. Greg Daniels says it’s gonna take a “tremendous amount of time & effort”! Why not concentrate on bringing the original “Office” back to the way it was in the first 2 seasons or writing the first funny episode of the 4th season?

  76. I agree with (26) and (107). Picking up Arrested Development and putting that in instead of an Office spin off would just be the best thing ever. As, everyone else has stated, I think that a spin off will just lower the quality of the original Office and add another mediocre spin-off.

  77. The style (faux documentary) lends itself to this kind of spin off. Some office employees go to another branch and the documentary picks up there, and stars make guest appearences on each others show.

    However I just don’t think it will work, so few spin offs work. What if Jim heads up the new branch and the show fails will we lose Jim.

    I am so worried.

  78. Ugh, I really hope they re-think this. This cannot happen.

    I hope it bombs right away.

  79. Anything is better than having to endure the agony of Celebrity Apprentice again!

  80. Ugh. Cheers/Frasier was special…don’t test your luck (or what’s left of it) NBC.

  81. Let me guess…it’ll be “The Office: Major Case Squad” and the next spinoff will be “The Office: Special Victim’s Unit”. Oh, puhleeze, NBC. Stop the greed and stop it now.

  82. Coupling this with the Cubs getting trounced is putting me in a very bad mood.

  83. I’m scared. Maybe it is wishful thinking, but can you imagine if it was a KAREN spinoff? Rashida’s other show is BOMBING so hmm…

    If not, then…PLEASE SAY IT ISNT SO!

  84. That is such a horrible idea… why cant they just leave it the way it is and let everyone be happy??? A Spin off will not do well for the current show or on its own.

    End of story.

  85. This should’ve been the April Fools joke.

    If The Office turns into a CSI or Law & Order franchise, I’m going to be majorly pissed. If I have to utter “The Office: Utica,” my heart will weep. It’s too much. Just focus on continuing to make The Office better and better.

    Screw the spin-off, just add that half hour to The Office we already know and love. Make it an hour long show.

  86. I agree, Lame #136, the show should be an hour long. There’s so much great material that doesn’t get used, as seen on the deleted scenes.

    However, I will say a spin-off starring Creed would be interesting! I’d watch that.

  87. Wow. You guys aren’t even going to wait and see it before you judge it? Isn’t that what happen to the U.S. version when it first came out? Didn’t people just write it off as a stupid idea?

    Anyway, I think this will be more of an extension of The Office characters that we know. I don’t think they are doing another Office with another boss who is an idiot and a new Jim and Pam.

  88. The only way this is not a huge mistake is if Will Arnett is somehow involved. Maybe not even then, though.

  89. I’m also bummed by the show airing multiple hour-long episodes back-to-back-to-back again. Sixty minutes works best every once and a while. Who wants Christmas everyday?

    On a more positive note, I guess Ricky Gervais’ east wing will now have it’s own wait staff and not have to share with the south.

  90. The characters interact so well on The Office that I couldn’t imagine any of them leaving. How about a one hour Office instead of two 1/2 hour similiar shows?

  91. I don’t like this idea. I’m afraid The Office will suffer for it, and in my opinion season 4 has already been below the standards they set in the past.

  92. NBC should go for the triple play and call the show the name of a male minor character, and have the show be all about their life outside the office… “Toby”? Or “Kevin”? Maybe “Creed”… I think I would watch “Creed.”

    Very skeptical, but I’m not going to lie and say I won’t tune in after the Super Bowl to watch it, cause I definitely will. Only then will it get my judgement.

  93. 130 | phyllis*farm The Cubs game isn’t over yet!

    The only way I think this MIGHT work, emphasize on MIGHT is if there weren’t ANY characters going back and forth, and just a set of completely new characters, I’m still not convinced it’ll work that way.

  94. The only way I think this MIGHT work, emphasize on MIGHT is if there weren’t ANY characters going back and forth, and just a set of completely new characters, I’m still not convinced it’ll work that way.

  95. Wow, after reading Kristin’s column, this does not seem to be a smart move right now at all. They don’t even have an idea of what the new show will involve? Why did they bother announcing it when there isn’t even a real idea that the network approves of, especially when it seems that the majority of us here at OT (some of the biggest fans of the show) are very worried about the whole concept of it?

  96. How about The Bluth Company buys Dunder Mifflin?
    I’m salivating right now…

  97. What is the point of a spin-off? If you’re in this industry, you’re getting paid to be creative. So, be creative and think of a new show.

  98. The very mention of Will Arnett gives me hope, having him in it would bump up its cool factor.

  99. 148, cristin – It is now. :(

    Anybody recall Mackenzie Crook’s comments about having a dream about a Gareth spin-off show being so bad it retroactively stripped the original show of its BAFTAs?

  100. I’m honestly very worried if they do carry this spin-off out. You’d think they’d be working on making their ‘original’ Office the amazing show we all know it can be instead of putting time and energy into another show. I’m scared the spin-off will take away from the original and I’d be very upset if that happens. I think they should just keep it how it is and not add any new show to it. I hope this isn’t true!

  101. Day-After-April-Fools?! Please tell me this isn’t serious. Don’t ruin The Office for this. I’m sensing a repeat of “Cavemen” or some other ill-fated show, just because something was popular at one point doesn’t mean it should be made into a new show entirely?

  102. It’s amazing – NBC sees how big of a hit the Office is, so why not do as many things as possible to the show – such as, make a spin-off?? Logical, right? No. I hope this idea gets canned really quickly, because I’m worried that if this actually happens it’ll make fans have to chose which show to watch, ultimately ending in cancellation or something of the other. I think by doing this they’ll be damaging the show instead of helping it. DON’T DO THE SPINOFF!! BAD IDEA!

  103. Just thinking-would this possibly be about the Utica Branch with Karen?

    Anyway,I hope this is just another April fools joke. They need to focus on the Office that we love and improve it instead of throwing all their effort into a spinoff.

  104. [from tanster: 200-word limit. plus use correct punctuation and grammar. thanks!]

  105. @152 – Leelee

    Plenty of good, quality shows have been spin-offs (i.e. Frasier). Heck, The Office wasn’t even a spin-off, it was a remake!

    While the idea of a spin-off running concurrently with The Office does not sit too well with me, I have confidence that if anybody can achieve the impossible, it’s Greg Daniels and his writing staff.

  106. My initial reaction was horror: “No! Don’t take any of my Office cast!” but I was willing to be convinced if the concept was good, so I read through all those articles hoping to get some idea what it would be about, and by the time I got to the NY Times article with the “what should the title be?” question, I was wondering, how can we suggest titles if we have no idea what it is? It could be another branch, or it could be “Angela and her cats” for all we know. And that final Kristin column confirmed it. Are they really just doing an Office spin off for the sake of an Office spinoff? I could support it if Greg had a specific idea he wanted to take in another direction, but having no clue? Come on.

  107. Meh. Don’t mess around with a good thing and cheapen it. I’m totally with poster 116 (Grace’s) comment.

  108. as much as I have faith in the team, and want to give them the benefit of the doubt……. eesh.

    but maybe it’ll be good. we’ll…see.

  109. Will Arnett sparks my curiosity… but I’m still against it. Unless it is an ENTIRELY different show – different cast, different plot, different everything. The same “mockumentary” style could be used, but the two shows NEED to be kept separate… for the sake of The Office.

  110. Aw please say it ain’t so! If the main Office starts slipping because of this…I don’t know what i’ll do. With how excited I am that we have one week left until the Office comes back, it’d be very hard for me to stop watching it down the road if they turn it into a major suck-fest.

  111. After reading the second Watch with Kristin article, I’m not too worried about this whole thing. There’s still a great possibility that this spinoff won’t even happen-they don’t have a premise yet. And the schedule they announced is not fixed-it can be (and probably will be) changed. Silverman said that they don’t want to do anything that would hurt “The Office”, and the first step in that is leaving Greg Daniels in charge of the whole thing. Greg will certainly want to preserve The Office as well. Just relax, everybody. Allow the happiness of April 10th to rule right now.

  112. Here’s a suggestion, just use the time they would fill with this spin-off by making the Office an hour long. There, I fixed it!

  113. Just read Kristin’s article.

    If they’re targeting Will Arnett, then they should also go after Jason Bateman, Jeffrey Tambor, Michael Cera, Tony Hale, David Cross, Portia de Rossi, Jessica Walter, Alia Shawkat, and Ron Howard’s voice. They would form a wealthy yet dysfunctional family. Arnett could be the oldest son who feels walking is an inconvenience and rides a Segway everywhere. Cross could be a former analrapist (analyst and therapist, you dirty people) who dreams of becoming a part of the Blue Man Group. Bateman would be the only rational, level-headed member of the family who drives a staircase. I can already imagine the guest stars; Liza Minnelli, Charlize Theron, Harry Winkler, Scott Baio…

    I think I’ll pitch that myself.

  114. Wow.
    This is a joke right?
    This is another big late April Fool’s day prank, right?

  115. I still don’t believe it. At least not until this goes on for more than a few days. AGH! This is scaring me a bit .. this is indeed “bad idea jeans”.

  116. This seems more about money and how much they can milk the cow rather than what is good for the show. If this goes forward it will only mean over exposure, less focus on the original by the show runners and eventual cancellation for both shows. And I for one wasn’t too thrilled by the Will Arnett speculation,I can definitely see, based on his Gob character, turning him into “the poor man’s Michael Scott,” as it were.

    Just bad news all around, better for all involved to focus on The Office all the way through.

  117. And by the way, just a big thank you to Tanster for keeping us way up-to-date on all of this. We appreciate it, Tanster!

  118. This is an absolutely terrible idea in every circumstance except one, and that would be the involvement of the Bluths. Gob for regional manager!

  119. Wait! It’s April 2nd! Anyways, I can’t really think of any really creative slash innovative way to have something spin-off from the Office without it ‘Joey-ing.’ If I do get one, I’ll email NBC and hopefully have a summer job.

  120. If the Bluth Company bought Dunder Mifflin, that would quite possibly work! :-)

    Also. Is the show actually going to be called “The Office Spin-Off” because on the NBC website, it says that in italics, like thats the actual title of the show.

  121. I thought this was a joke. :(

    I’m just worried about our show. NBC’s trying to milk everything they can from The Office. Because, honestly, how much longer is the show going to go on? I say two seasons, tops. Two extremely high-quality seasons. I would hate for this show to keep continuing and the storylines to fall into the same old thing.

    I fear that the spin-off could involve Jim. He wanted out since the very beginning and I think this season, something needs to change. Eeep. Plus, from an NBC standpoint, John’s looking pretty good to headline a show. But s3 was painful enough. :'(

  122. I have faith in the writing staff…but I don’t really like the idea of a spin-off since The Office isn’t close to its expiration date.

    Maybe it could work out, but I think that if they can’t come up with anything magnificent, they’d turn the offer down.

    I just hate it when networks want to milk an idea to death. (Remember Who Wants to be a Millionaire 5x’s a week?)

  123. I read Kristin’s article, and perhaps I’ve been too harsh. If they can get someone like Will Arnett for this spinoff, then I’m on board with this. But it has to be good, and it cannot suck the living life out of the Office mothership.

  124. I find it funny how there is so much buzz about the series and apparently it is good enough to air after the SUper Bowl even though there is no plot.

    I would love if it was about Mose.
    Maybe it will be about Hunter and his band.
    Michael’s mom and Jeff?
    Garbage the Cat and his adventures with a resurrected Sprinkles?
    I would LOVE if something happened (Unhitched being cancelled) where Rashida Jones became available for this series. If she was in the new series it would have some great potential.

  125. I’ve read the articles and I’m sorry, but it sounds like the beginning of the end. The fourth season has not been up to par anyway, so what can they possibly be thinking?!?! this sucks.

  126. Jimmy (#151), you are a genius!
    I think Kelly and Lindsay Bluth would get along quite well! So would Meredith and Lucille Bluth!
    I think you’re on to something…

  127. The chemistry of the cast is what keeps me watching every week – they need to be VERY VERY careful with how they go about this. VERY. Also, it reeks of greed to me which is never a good way to launch a series…

  128. From the New York Times article, a quote from Ben Silverman
    “‘We can’t even service some of these great actors and performers…'”

    That’s what she said Mr. Silverman, that’s what she said.

  129. wow, so much for innocent until proven guilty. if there is a spin-off i think the main way it will negatively affect the original is if all of us “fans” hold the office accountable for any failures of the new show. i for one am going to wait and see. to be honest, there is something fishy about this whole office spin off thing. i think if it happens it is going to be surprisingly unlike what we are all assuming (ie. another version of the office with poached characters etc.) it might even be weirdly self-referential to all this hype and mystery and “suggest a title” stuff…

  130. I’m debating whether or not to watch this. I don’t want the images of a failed spin-off to taint my outlook on the office.

  131. I’m a little hesitant about any spinoff, but since it’s from The Office, I’m willing to give it a try.

  132. To quote our wonderful non-nbc/sheinhardt wig company owned Tanster – THERE ARE NO WORDS.

  133. I immediately checked the article’s timestamp to make sure it wasn’t April 1, but I’m guessing that with all of these legitimate articles (NY Times? Not bad), this is too well-planned to be fake.

    But if it is, congrats on being part of such an elaborate prank (smells like something Jim would pull on Dwight)

    Ok, but seriously: I’m nervous. You really want to give the coveted post-SB slot to a non-existent show? As much as I love and appreciate Greg Daniels, does he know what he’s getting himself into. It better be FREAKIN’ good if I’m staying up after the SB to watch it. And then it’ll have to follow the regular Office episodes? It’s even worse when it has to follow the original! Gaahh!!

  134. I think this is a terrible idea. The cast and crew are already committed to making 28 episodes of The Office for next season, so how can they create a new show from scratch in addition to that? I’d much rather that they focus on The Office. Too much of a good thing is bad! However, if this “spin-off” turns out to be a remade version of The IT Crowd, it could work. But as of now, this sounds like a bad idea indeed.

  135. Ok if this is real and for some reason any bigwig from NBC looks at this – DO NOT DO A SPINOFF, PLEASE! It will take away from the originality of the show and really just take away from the whole experience. It will just prove you’re selling out on a great thing, and if everyone behind The Office wants this, I don’t know how they can keep this great show going if they’re just concerned with being mainstream. With this season being much less impressive than previous seasons, and with this new sellout, I don’t know how much longer I can stay with this show. It’s a sad downfall to watch.

  136. I don’t like this idea. Especially if it takes anything away from my beloved show. Including the writers or any of the characters from the show. This whole situation stinks of corporate greed.

    I hereby declare this idea as poopy.

  137. I don’t think the spin off will be a good idea. I agree with post 118, focus on the current show. Make it whole again! Or we will end up with two sub-par shows.

  138. On paper, a show about another branch of Dunder Mifflin sounds good to me – they had 2 branches going at the beginning of S3 with 2 storylines and they were good episodes.

    In reality, it will be a daunting task to keep the quality of both shows up to the level we have come to expect of the Office when they have 2 shows running concurrently for an extended period of time.

    I hope adding another Office doesn’t come at the expense of the quality of our Office.

  139. I find it discouraging that response has been so overwhelmingly negative. Although the S-word is typically hard to swallow, the original team behind “The Office” is completely on board. Greg Daniels isn’t entrusting David Zucker or anything with the keys to his new kingdom and saying, “Go!” I’d expect to see the same smart comedy we’ve come to know quite well on Thursdays.

  140. Maybe Jim gets a promotion… or something like that.

    Either way, I think its going to suck. However, I will keep an open mind and an open heart.

  141. Yeesh… Tanster teases us about this site being taken oever by the ‘Mothership’, now the ‘Mothership’ wants to make a spinoff too? They do realize that April’s fools was yesterday, right?

    I’m not at all partial to the idea. I like that there is only one show like this on television. Two would take away the charm of what makes this show so magical.

    I think the only thing that would save this show is the brilliant minds of Greg Daniels and his crew. In the words of Michael Scott, “Follow them blindly!”

  142. I hate to say it but, this has the potential to kill the main show. This is an awful idea. I don’t know how a person like Ben Silverman, someone who has been involved with The Office from the beginning, can do this. This is one of the worst ideas that I have heard of in a long time.

  143. I definitely saw the title of the post and actually thought it was an April Fools’ joke until I saw that the nytimes had posted an article on it, so I figured it was true. I don’t really think its a good idea! We’ll see, though. Maybe it’ll just be another awesome show! As long as TO stays the same, I’ll be ok.

  144. oh and I completely agree with #10. I couldn’t think of what was missing but it’s so weird without scrubs.

  145. One of the articles mentioned Will Arnett. I always thought, even before he was mentioned, that he would make a great office character. If this spin-off happens, I hope it goes in a very different direction than the current show.

  146. I really think this is going to do great, maybe it will even be as successful as “Joey”. >:-( UGH, worst idea ever!! It’s going to totally ruin that special element to the show.

  147. I’ll admit that this doesn’t sound promising, especially since season four was kind of hit or miss. On the other hand, I was all set to despise the American version of The Office, and it ended up being one of my favorite things in the world. Maybe they’ll give us a delightful surprise again.

  148. With Will Arnett it would be awesome….without…I dunno….just make a Cooking with Kevin spinoff

  149. I hate this idea. Most of us love The Office because it’s different from most shows on TV, not because it’s a formulaic show like CSI or Law and Order. If most devoted Office fans aren’t happy to hear this news, who does NBC think will watch this new show? There definitely can be too much of a good thing.

  150. Is there any way this can be prevented? This sounds like one of the worst ideas ever. I would much rather have The Office go out while its still great rather than have it beaten until its dead…

  151. Wow, I really hope that the spinoff is not about just another branch of Dunder Mifflin. And Creed and Kevin better not be leaving The Office!

  152. I’m holding out until we hear more–it sounds like it’s not officially happening. But, I think it’s telling that the majority of comments I’ve read here and elsewhere are far from thrilled. We’re the core audience for something like this and we’re skittish about it. Any chance Mr. Silverman reads fan comments?

  153. Todd Packer + Andy Bernard = Comedy Gold

    While I am skeptical, I do remain guarded with my criticism until we learn more about the spinoff.

  154. I’m with Kim (#39) on this. I don’t want them to poach anybody from Scranton.

    Or I will help her burn Utica to the ground.

  155. I’m definitely mixed on this one. I fear the writers will spread themselves too thin with a spin off. I really don’t think it is a good idea. On the other hand, I would love to see someone like Lisa Kudrow or Samantha Bee as a female lead in the role of the boss if that is the way they decide to go. That could work well.

    The reaction overall seems mixed and unenthusiastic from Office fans, so I’m not sure NBC should really continue. I’ll stay tuned to see what happens.

  156. Who knows? Could be great. Could ruin everything. It’s in very capable hands, and who wouldn’t watch more from these great writers? They impress me as forgers of new frontiers, and their vision of a ‘spinoff’ could be completely different than anything ever done. Why not give it a whirl?

  157. I really wish they’d stick to making the original as good as possible. The fourth season felt like it was already slipping a little, and I really wouldn’t want a silly spin-off to spoil the original.

  158. I have to say that I feel like some are overreacting. Even if the spinoff is a godawful monstrosity, it won’t harm the original show at all because, well, it’s not the original show.

    Furthermore, it probably won’t be awful. It’ll have a creative team behind it who have spent the last 4 years proving that they’re of extraordinary talent. They’re smart enough to hire a talented cast. Running more than one show at once is hardly rare in the television industry. So long as you have a strong vision and an ability to delegate, it’s not all that daunting of a task to achieve.

    Here’s a thought to chew on: You know what most of us sound like right now? We sound like how fans of the British version reacted when they found out that it was undergoing a remake. They thought it was a crass moneymaking measure that would do nothing but harm the original’s legacy. How’d that turn out.

  159. Don’t break up the family, NBC! They’re just barely back to work and i’m worried now everyone will be vying for the new show. Those shows usually aren’t great anymore. They should do a new show with new people and just call it part of the franchise.

  160. I redact that last statement and wish to add that I’d be OK with a half hour of Jim and Pam doing everyday things and making out. They can call it the sex branch or something.

  161. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…… I pray NBC doesn’t end up ruining a good thing.

  162. Andrew (#229), while this does have the potential to turn out great because of the awesome creative team backing it, I don’t think it’s that much of an overreaction to worry about how this might affect the original show. We don’t know what this new show will involve – it might be a show all about Dwight. If Dwight left for a spin off, it definitely would affect and harm the original show. I seriously doubt they’d go in that direction, but since they haven’t given us any info to go on, it’s slightly worrying.

    And since they don’t seem to *have* any info to go on, that’s another reason to doubt it in a way that isn’t really comparable to original skepticism about The Office moving to the US – at least they had an idea of the concept/plot/characters before they announced that!

  163. #118 is 100% correct! Season 4 hasn’t been anywhere close to the previous 3, especially the first two…Fix The Office you already have before you ruin it!

  164. this is why you can’t give NBC nice things like our Office…in the end, they overreach, and things like spinoffs happen.

  165. Hated it at first, but now I’m pretty cool with it.

    A) An Office spin off means one less season of Celebrity Apprentice.

    B) It might be interesting to see Karen in a new light.

    C) And as far as spin offs being less successful, I have two words for you: COLBERT REPORT.

  166. My initial thoughts: Oh Dear God, No!!!!! I do hope that I am proved wrong and the spin-off turns out to be another great show and we can all have a good laugh about this later. But I am really worried that not only will the new show be a stinker, but it will sap away the creative energy behind the original. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good outcome…

  167. This is an awful idea. They absolutely should not take anyone else away from our beloved Scranton group for some crappy spinoff. Bummer.

  168. This is going to suck. NBC wants too much of a good thing. I can hear the execs now…”first we’re not going to pay the writers, then once we get ’em back, we’re going to milk them for all we can! Let’s try and order 30 episodes of the original show and then order a half season of a spin off…that way we can really do 2 seasons in one year and make millions! Then next year we can cancel if we want!

  169. I’ll be honest; I’m not a big fan of change. NBC is being unrealistic. Remember that at one point in time, until viewers protested, they’d considered pulling The Office off the air…! They’re really going to be pushing their luck with us die-hard fans.

  170. The only way this couldn’t suck is if it has nothing to do with an office. If they have to split their writing ideas between two office based shows both will suffer.

    Sorry NBC, lightning sometimes strikes twice, but you can’t make it do so. Just ask CSI.

  171. If everybody loves this show and the people that have created it, then you should probably give them a chance. I know it sounds iffy at the moment, but let’s just see where this goes.

  172. I’m not going to write the show off sight unseen, and if anyone is up to making this good it’s Greg Daniels and Co. so I’ll definitely give it a chance. Hopefully it’ll be at Corporate and Karen gets a job there since she, Ryan and Wallace are characters the fans already know. I’ve always thought they were setting up something between Ryan and Karen too – they’ve both said the other e-mailed them wanting a date…

  173. I love The Office and would be open to this idea… just…later. I’m cautiously optimistic but I can’t help but think it’s much too soon.

    I already feel cheated out of half of what was in store for us this season. I’m not nearly done seeing the original premise play out. I’d hate to see the writers be distracted from that in the least little bit.

  174. I’d like to see the spin-off co-exist with The Office, where characters like Creed who don’t get a lot of screen time, be featuring in the spin-off but still be a part of the regular show.

  175. I think if I was making a spin-off of “The Office”, I’d make it about Roy and his brother Kenny. After he lost his job and his fiance Pam, he realizes how bad he’s been all his life and decides to make things right with all the people he has wronged. Roy and Kenny move into a hotel where they meet an attractive hispanic maid, and the three of them have weekly adventures trying to repair all the damage of Roy’s past. I’d call it “My Nametag says Roy.”

  176. I really don’t like the spin-off idea. Especially while the original is still on the air. It would be totally different if they did a spin-off after The Office ended, then it would be a better move, IMO.

  177. Goodness has been spun from greatness before:

    Rhoda (Spinoff of The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
    Maude (Spinoff of All in the Family)
    The Jeffersons (Spinoff of All in the Family)
    Benson (Spinoff of Soap)
    Mork and Mindy (Spinoff of Happy Days)
    Laverne & Shirley (Spinoff of Happy Days)
    The Facts of Life (Spinoff of Diff’rent Strokes)
    Daria (Spinoff of Beavis and Butthead)
    Melrose Place (Spinoff of 90210)
    Angel (Spinoff of Buffy)
    Law and Order:SVU (Spinoff of Law and Order)
    Frasier (Spinoff of Cheers)

    It can be done. (Sadly, Joey was a big disappointment. Still.) I wish them luck!

  178. I thought this was another April Fool’s Day joke. Are you kidding me? I think this is a bad, Bad, BAD idea. Episodes of The Office will now be written in such a way as to promote the new show. I remember the uproar over the product placement from Staples (remember the shredder that can shred a credit card?); now the entire show will be one big commercial for the “new” one. I can only hope that this gets nixed before our favorite show goes right down the toilet.

  179. That’s the proper choice of wording, Stacey (246). “Goodness”, not to be confused with “greatness”.

  180. 230- Karen can’t be in the spin-off unless she leaves Unhitched.

    244- David Denman is already in a pilot that (I think) is being produced (or something like that) by the guys from Scrubs.

    Don’t you think that the spin-off will star Andy Bernard? He seems like the logical choice to me. Ryan could maybe star in his own show about corporate, but then it would take him away from his producing/writing duties at The Office (and who would want to leave The Office?)

  181. I don’t understand why there is so much uproar about this.

    If it isn’t a good show it’ll be cancelled, if it’s good we’ll all watch and enjoy. It’s as plain and simple as that, no one’s life is going to be detrimentally effected. “The Office” isn’t going to change, have some faith.

  182. I will be very surprised if this actually comes to fruition. As of right now NBC has yet to even come up with a premise for the show. I can’t see how they are going to do it without taking characters away from the main show and ruining it. The only potential premises I can come up with is either a spin-off based on corporate or Ryan’s new management success leads to the formation of a new branch (which makes no sense in light of the fact that they just had to close a branch).

  183. It might be interesting if the show was about the Corporate office, or it could be very boring. Who knows? I would hate to see BJ not on The Office, though, so I’m not sure I’d really like that. As #250-Molliqua said – I had also thought that if they are going to bring some of the current chracters to the new show, I could see them maybe wanting to give Ed Helms a bigger role, but as much as I adore Ed, in all honesty I would rather the spinoff have only new charcters and if necessary have cameos now and then from the Office cast…. I just am still stuck on the fact that they did not agree to a specific concept for the show before they made this big announcement. I wonder how they got Greg to agree to all this.

  184. #118 – great ttss
    #244 – hilarious
    am i the only person who likes season 4 and is enjoying watching the characters grow and develop, and the writers challenge themselves and the audience, and is excited to see the show to change and grow? will there be a spin-off? who knows. will it suck? who knows. will it involve another branch? i don’t know but i don’t think so. a remake of the IT crowd sounds possible. lets get the show back on the air so we can stop speculating and freaking out and just enjoy this fabulous show.

  185. I understand that some spin-offs have worked, but most of the shows that have spin-offs were off the air before the spin-off aired! It seems kind of ridiculous to have pretty much 2 shows going at the same time. Why don’t you just make the one you have now twice as good? God knows it hasn’t been that great lately…

  186. Didn’t read all the comments but all I have to say is DARRYL DARRYL DARRYL! Warehouse spinoff

  187. Who says that the character in the spin-off can’t still be a part of the main show? How often are Darryl and Ryan in the show now, and both of those characters (and/or their working environments) have good potential for spin-offs… and if one of those is NBC’s plan, I don’t think it would detract from their main Office duties because they’re not in it that much right now.

    I would be all for “The Corporate Life” because I am in love with Andy Buckley. :)

  188. think i got it!!! I don’t know if anyone has heard of the british comedy the it crowd? (hilarious show) there had been rumors a american version was coming to nbc , well i think you could those guys in the office working on a it project for a few weeks and then spin it off. Just a thought

  189. I think a Vance Refrigeration spin off would be terrific! I’m sure they aren’t going to pull any of the main characters. And since it is a different type of company we could go on crazy service calls with Bob. Lot of options. I’m excited!

  190. All of you true Office fans out there know that a spinoff has the potential to ruin the show. If NBC forces the Office to have a spinoff then all of Greg Daniels’ attention will be on the new show and he won’t have time to devote as much time to the Office!! Even if one of the characters who we don’t care about leaves, it will still detract from our favorite show! We can’t let this happen! We need to email NBC or The Office or wherever we can think of. We need to fight back! Don’t let the greedy NBC people ruin our favorite show! Grey’s Anatomy anyone? As soon as Addison left to have her own spinoff with Private Practice, Greys just sucked! No one likes it anymore! It was once one of the top shows! So let’s show just how much we love The Office and start writing those letters!

  191. In response to #260, I don’t think that the office would have to suffer. They probably won’t film them at the same time because the press said it will be done by the same creative team. My guess is that they would film the spin off after the office wraps. Which would be great for the crew, especially after the strike had them out of work for so long.

  192. Vance Refrigeration all the way! I seriously wouldn’t miss an episode.

    I think it would be what The Jeffersons was to All In The Family or Frazier was to Cheers. Using Bobby Ray and the occasional cameo from Phyllis wouldn’t suck any blood from The Office either. I’m really hoping this is the route Daniels is going.

  193. Can we all agree that if the spin-off in any way has a negative affect on our beloved original, we all will ban together and throw our own strike. (Possible picket sign slogan: “Zucker’s a Sucker!”)

  194. This is stupid. Stupid beyond belief. Why is it necessary? The network should be happy with their success and look for original ideas for new programming. And for the record I am a British fan of the original show, and I don’t think this spin off is comparable with unoriginality of the show in the first place.

    I am rapidly losing faith in The Office, seasons 2 and 3 were some of the best television in recent years, but I think NBC have now realised this and are milking the cash cow. I’m disappointed that what was one of my favourite shows has now become a horrible parody of itself and a capitalisation on its earlier success.

    My boxsets of the first three seasons are still prize possessions though!

  195. Aw I’m gonna be so upset if it really is Andy who leaves like the column hints!! :-(

    But still, at least it paves the way for a Dwight and Angela reconciliation!!!

    And which one of those four is going to happen to Pam and Jim? I hope it’s not break up – I don’t want another Ross and Rachel. Yes, realistically couples have fights, but they don’t always break up in between when they start dating and get married. I hope it’s an engagement!

  196. I would actually watch an Ed Helms show. Does this mean that the ‘regular’ Jennna talked about who was leaving at the end of the season might be Ed then?

  197. Picture it. Ed Helms as Andy Bernard. Andy leaves Scranton in shame (something about Angela thinking he’s satan’s spawn and he punches another hold in the wall). He becomes Assistant Regional Manager at the Nashua Dunder Mifflin branch. Will Arnett plays his boss. The sparks fly. Ed Helms + Will Arnett = Comedy Gold.

  198. Noooooooo, don’t go Andy! I mean I would rather have Andy go than Dwight, but still. I would love to see the Andy-Dwight dynamic concerning Angela.
    I agree with Ausiello–they should hire Lauren Graham for the lead in The Office spin-off. I would love to see her as a series lead again!

  199. I still don’t like the idea of a spinoff. One word always come to mind, “Joey”

  200. I personally don’t want any of the characters from the original to leave. Sure, Ed Helms could totally pull off another series, but that would mean no more Andy in the Scranton branch. I was never too keen on them bringing in new characters in the first place, but now that he’s there it kind of seems right. So please NBC, whatever you do, do not mess with the original show. Look elsewhere for newer, more original characters. There is plenty of talent out there.

  201. If they take Andy away from me, I will cry! The Andy/Dwight interaction has become one of my favorite things about the past two seasons, and it wouldn’t be the same without it! I love Ed Helm’s acting so much, and it would be incredibly sad to see him leave. As much as Andy annoyed me at first, he has wormed a place in my heart!

  202. I agree that Andy should stay in Scranton – but I absolutely love the idea from the question to Ausiello that Lauren Graham should be approached for the spinoff – that would be absolutely brilliant! Then I would definitely love to see some crossovers with her on The Office!

  203. I really hate the idea of a spin-off in any form. NBC just milks everything, which just ends up hurting the show. Look at Deal or No Deal, Heroes, etc.

  204. I think Ed would be a fantastic choice to carry his own show. Of course I would miss him from Scranton, but I feel a whole lot better about the idea of a spin-off if he is the one headlining it. P.S. Gigi, what do you think of Jason Bateman and Ed Helms? I think they would be great adversaries!

  205. NOOOO!! I don’t want Andy to leave!! The Andy/Dwight, Andy/Jim, and Andy/Michael interactions are some of my favorite parts of The Office these days. I admit, I love the idea of an Ed Helms-headlined show, but not at the expense of this one! The possibility breaks my heart.

  206. Tobyfan…nice idea. Bateman would be a great straight man to Ed. Of course, any manager who hires andy would probably fire him shortly there after! So I guess we would need a boss with some issues too!

  207. yeah, a spin-off would just mess everything up. please please please dont do this nbc!! it’s gonna make everything lame!

  208. Also…just throwing this out there…the office already “lost” Ryan when he was promoted, but still pops up. Obviously, the office could lose another of the co-stars and the others can pick up the slack. Or they could bring on a new cast member. Ed Helms was a great pick up, and if he is moving to the new show, someone else could come on and fill the void.

  209. do NOT make a spinoff! the office is supposed to be a low key tv show with a special group of dedicated followers. just like “Number12” said, NBC is milking it wayyy too much and it is going to ruin it. Season 2, clearly the best season, focused on characters and the tension between jim and pam. Then they put the office on steroids with season 3 with the merger, jim and pam, extra long episodes, and what happened? season 3 sucked. pleeeeease dont ruin the office, dont create a spinoff, and keep the episodes 30 minutes long! and leave jim and pam alone!

  210. I agree with officefanatic. This is a terrible idea.
    If nbc wants another clever comedy they should just pick up arrested development again! that show was amazing and should not have been cancelled.

  211. Oh if Ed is spun off i hope it isn’t to another DM regional office

    It would be great if he somehow ended up in corporate in NYC.

  212. How can Jim and Pam consider breaking up “again” if this is the first time they’ve been together? Honestly, do these people even watch this show?

  213. If you go to the NBC store, there are Vance Refrigeration items for sale. If I were betting, I’d bet on VR as the spin-off.

  214. My amazing idea:

    Andy gets fired. He goes to work as a PERSONAL TRAINER, then resigns due to chronic nipple bleeding. He then takes Ryan’s job, who goes back to being a temp in Scranton after he gets fired for plotting to kill Jim to steal Pam.

    Brilliant. I know.

  215. Jason Bateman could star in his own show hoeing mulch in the garden supply section at Home Depot and I’d watch. I adore him. The only thing is, I wonder if he is a bit too famous for the spawn of The Office. I can imagine the spin-off will incorporate the everyman feel, which will affect how they cast it. Will Arnett himself is just beginning to emerge from under the radar, so he just makes it, but to me, Jason Bateman has been in the public eye since he was a kid,and may be a bit too known as a star. He’s the of kind actor the folks at Dunder Mifflin would know as a celeb in their reality. However, I think Ed Helms and Bateman would be awesome in anything together.

  216. I really hope that they don’t take off Ed Helms! He is a really good addition to the show. And it would be really great if they brought back Arrested Development.

  217. They are ABSOLUTELY NOT taking Ed Helms from Scranton. He’s perfect there!

  218. Lauren Graham on the spin-off would be perfection!

    Love Ed Helms in Scranton, but could definitely see him in a different place with a new cast!

    The hilarity between Andy and a Michael Scott inspired Lauren Graham has potential!

  219. Don’t hate me, Gilmore Girl fans. I don’t want Lauren Graham in this. I’d love to see a Samantha Bee (from the Daily Show), or Rachael Harris, or a character actor we may have seen somewhere, but hasn’t become well known from something else. Will Arnett is about as famous as I’ll go here.

  220. i LOVE lauren graham. she’s so talented. gilmore girls was actually my favorite show (along with Lost) before I saw The Office and I think considering her would be the least the producers should do, considering how well she would work with a show like this.

  221. I bet money that it’ll be Phyllis. I mean, if you look at her character – the only real time she got a minute in the spot light was at her wedding. And nothing much beyond that. Her character’s more of a filler I guess, even though she’ll occasionally have a line or two. I’d love to see her do something in a spin-off, her and Bob Vance. Fun stuff! I just hope they don’t take a ‘main’ character – which I’m sure they wouldn’t.

  222. My money is on Stanley being the character to star in the spin-off:

    Think about it, they’ve been setting it up:
    (1) he talked about going to the Uttica branch because he wants more money
    (2) he can’t stand Michael and it sounds like an upcoming episode will have him face off with Michael…
    Upon which he will get a job making more money somewhere else and quit Dunder Mifflin to go star in the spin-off.


  223. that would be odd if Lauren Graham did the spin-off. I think they would have new and up and coming actors to do the show. I can’t see Lauren Graham as a michael for some reason.

  224. Lauren Graham, Jason Bateman, Ed Helms and Will Arnett. Amazing! I love Ed Helms, he was the best thing to happen to Scranton. I think he could carry the new show with Jason Bateman as boss! Ahh. This is such a fine line. It could go either way. Really really great and funny or it could just suck! So I don’t know what to say. I love all the CSI spin-offs. Maybe this could work too?

  225. I always thought if there was a spin-off it would be so funny to have Todd Packer in it. His character is just so obnoxious and hilarious. When he and Michael get together it is a riot!

  226. As strongly against the spinoff as I am, i’m now guessing that it will be Melora Hardin and Ed Helms in Jan’s candle business (as andy became an investor in it, they might be in business together in the spinoff and it could actually have a chance of being slightly funny.)


  227. NO! Don’t leave, Mike!!! I hate that the writing team can’t stick together. If you look at it, they only had 2 full seasons, one strike-shortened season, and that teeny 6-episode first season. And now they’re disbanding. So sad (and pathetic.)

  228. PLEASE DROP THIS WHOLE SPIN-OFF IDEA!!! Hearing that Greg Daniels and Mike Schur will be in control of it makes it sound a little better, but I still have a bad feeling about this…

  229. Wait a minute…I shouldn’t be so negative. I still have a few worries, but the office writers have been good to us for this long…I should give them the benefit of a doubt.

    If they can pull this off, Emmys will be flying in left and right! ;-)

  230. I don’t want Andy to leave. Ed Helms is the best thing on the Office after the main four. He can’t go. Please NBC don’t take him away from Scranton.

  231. If Andy Bernard leaves The Office for a spin-off, I’m gonna lose my FREAKIN mind!!! He’s one of my favorite characters,and he fits in perfectly.

    NBC, if you’re listening (which you should be), DO NOT DO THIS. It will come back and bite you in the butt.

  232. Why are there so many people with “Office Fanatic” as their name on this page? I’m pretty sure I’m the original. lol. Been here since the day OT was born (or pretty close to it anyway).

  233. I really don’t want there to be a spin off. I don’t want to lose any of the great characters! Please don’t do this NBC!!!!

  234. I’m all kinds of confused. I don’t know how to feel. I hate that they are taking away some of the creative team behind our show but I know Mike will do a good job heading this other show. I just wish they could keep the creative team behind our show intact.

  235. Ugh… don’t take Ed! I love him, he’s my favorite character right now, he was the best addition to The Office by far! I’d be beyond sad. Just find a new cast.. or something, if you insist on this madness!

  236. I’m not completely against a spin-off.
    All I ask is that the writers keep most of their attention on the original show.
    We want The Office to stick around for a long time, and if the spin-off is going to interfere with that … no. Just, no.
    So I’ll watch the spin-off, and pray that it doesn’t start to overshadow the original.

  237. The only way I would watch The Office spin-off is if it was centered around KAREN or was about a whole new group of people we haven’t met.

  238. i’d still like to see a corporate or utica spin-off. i’d be all for will arnett or jason bateman… but not lauren graham. they should have snagged rachel dratch! i’ll also suggest a random hilarious favorite of mine – michael ian black.

  239. I’ve given this a lot of thought and the ONLY spin-off I I would watch would be The Darryl Show.

  240. My brain is going to explode! I don’t know what to think!
    If it was a Mose spin-off, I guess Michael Schur wouldn’t be writing for The Office anymore? I don’t think I like that.
    I still vote for Lauren Graham to star in the spin-off.

  241. At least they got the right people to run the spin-off. NBC was smart in that.

    Now about the stupid ideas….

  242. …Does that mean Mike’s not going to be writing for The Office anymore? Because…NOOOOOO!

    Really, it might not be so bad. The spin-off. But I think it would be much better if there wasn’t one at all and Greg and the rest of our favorite writing staff focused on The Office. A lot of people are already worried about the quality of s4, and I can’t imagine what would happen if the writers were less focused next season. :(

  243. I thought/hoped that the spin-off would revolve around Toby.

    I’m just as skeptical about the spin-off as anybody else, but Mike Schur knows what he’s doing. I’m excited to find out who the spin-off will be about.

  244. Also, I think people just have icky feelings associated with the word “spin-off”. Some spin-offs have gone on to be just as good as the original show. Look at Benson!

  245. A spin-off is gonna be hard to pull off. But, if we must go through with an idea as brilliant as snorkel shots, then…
    Darryl! Darryl! Darryl! Darryl!

  246. Actually, the only thing I was interested in is what Kristin said in the beginning, something “shiny”, maybe a shiny ring…on somebodys finger?

  247. Please, NBC, let’s focus on keeping The Office great! Who needs a spin-off? I think this season, mostly due to the strike, isn’t its strongest, and I’d like to see it rise up again.

  248. How was it confirmed on the 2nd that a spin-off will occur when Bj novak said they weren’t sure about it when he was on ryan seacrests radio show on the 10th?! You’d think he knew about it considering the fact that he’s one of the writers.

  249. Hmmm…why can’t they just leave The Office the way it is? After a few more seasons MAYBE then consider a spin-off…I think it’s way too soon to start something else, especially after the strike. Their concentration should be on building up the original show after 5 months of striking…not creating something brand new that could potentially ruin The Office. I am not very hopeful for spin-offs. Hmmmmm hmmm

  250. I really wish that they wouldn’t do a spin-off. I just don’t have good feelings about it. And the thought of them taking ANY of the Office members and putting them in another show just makes me cringe.

  251. An Ed Helms spinoff = more Ed Helms! Why do people who say they love Ed not want him to have a much bigger role in his own show?

  252. The only spoiler that came from that article was the title of the season finale episode which is displayed predominantly in the top left of the main page of this site! Not that I really care about the episode title because I’m fairly certain it’s just a trick to throw us off the trail of whoever’s really leaving.

  253. I have been against the spin-off from the beginning and I still am, especially hearing that those two wouldn’t just be focused on The Office anymore. It just seems that when shows spin off it adversely affects the original and I want to see the Office good and hilarious for a long time.

  254. Well….If it IS that Ed Helms will lead the spin-off, this could mean brighter things for the Dwight/Angela folks, no? Perhaps Angela and Andy call it quits and Andy just needs to get away from Scranton (I peg him as the emotional type when it comes to break-ups). This would leave room for Dwight to woo Angela back into his farms..ahem, arms.

  255. @#319– I totally had to go back and read it again…omg i am so excited/nervous!

  256. Announced April 2nd? Hmm…Maybe it’s just a huge April Fools Day joke…one day late. You know, to throw everyone off…? Here’s hoping.

  257. I hope they stick to the concept of designing the show around a town that real people live in. Too many shows these days take place in NY and LA. Part of The Office’s charm is that it takes place in a town that you or I can relate to.

  258. Come ON Kristin. You are useless!

    Mose spinoff would rock.

    Mose should hook up with Karen!

  259. My dream spin off would be to do a limited season (6 episodes+/-) of a behind the scenes of The Office. The show has an incredible fan base that is so into what the writers are writing, what the producers are producing, what the lighting people are lighting, that a real look at a behind the scenes would be awesome. Spend an episode with the writers and creators, following the process from start to finish, the next week with the director and camera man, the following week with the cast, a week with hair, make-up, costumes, extras, then one with lighting and set design, and finally one with Steve Carrell, because he could fill up 21:30 on his own. The site has the best relationship with the show’s writers, actors, and anyone involved that proves there is definitely an audience out there to want this sort of look at The Office.

    [from tanster: wow, that would be FANTASTIC!]

  260. Spinoff idea- Called Time for Toby! A fake reality show chasing Toby following his dreams around the globe. SLURP.

  261. #334, J to the D: You’re a genius. I’d pay good money to see that!

    As far as other, more likely spin-off scenarios … I MAY be able to live with it, as long as they don’t take anyone from the original Office. I have great faith in Daniels and Schur; they haven’t let me down yet. Just please, PLEASE leave this Office intact!

  262. what about a Karen spinoff? that would be possible, but she’s working on other stuff. Whoever gets Ryan’s job is the subject. I think it might be Dwight, even though that would suck, but because of the last scene in the finale, it probably won’t be. If they take away Jim and Pam to NYC, the show dies. But because of Toby’s departure, that might be it?
    We’ll see in September.

  263. [from tanster: please proofread grammar and spelling, then re-post. thanks!]

  264. No spin-off PLEASE!!!
    This will ruin The Office as we know it.
    I wish NBC and the writers would re-think this…

  265. -J to the D,

    Best spinoff idea I’ve heard of yet.

    As long as they keep the current cast intact, I’m open to anything.

  266. could it be pam? because she’s going to new york.. but it’s supposed to be for 3 months

  267. here’s a spin-off idea…only because i’m REALLY convinced that the spinoff can’t be about JAM in new york…since ryan got arrested, what if they offered TOBY ryan’s job right before he moved to costa rica? toby could work at corporate, and david wallace could be his boss…but the funny thing would be: david wallace is even MORE immature than michael…

    that’s a total jk. to be quite honest, i think they should do like a CSI, and focus on another branch. i think the buffalo branch might be funny…in launch party the manager seemed pretty clueless: “is this thing on? can i talk now?”

  268. Can we start a petition to get J to the D’s idea to become reality? Where do I sign?

  269. How about they use this as basically an opportunity to bring back “Arrested Development,” only Ryan plays the part of George Bluth, and starts to run DMI from his prison cell.

  270. He makes a good point. (In the May 23rd addition). As great as the characters of Jim, Pam, Michael, etc. The show is nothing without the writers, and no matter how great the actors/actresses may be, writing is such a critical part of that. And based off of what is written on this site’s message boards, people now believe that too.

  271. ~J to the D~
    I’ve been wanting exactly what you spelled out for 2 years now, but I was hoping for it on the DVD set. But I like your idea bunches.

    One thing I’d want to add, in the spirit of “realism”, it’d be fun to see a MOCK behind-the-scenes episode showing how the “camera crew” doing the documentary puts the show together.

  272. J to the D that is brilliant!! Even if that doesn’t happen on network television let’s see if we can convince The Office team to do it for a DVD extra!

  273. Hi. My own feeling is that Andy (Ed Helms) will be the star of the spinoff. I base this feeling on reports that I’ve read on other sites and on this site as well. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I feel that the introduction of the character changed much of “the office” dynamic. By that I mean, in season 3 when andy came aboard, dialog and situations that would have gone to other members of the cast (Meredith, Stanley, Oscar), were now given to Andy. On the other hand, Ed Helms is truly a talented actor and has managed to be credible in whatever guise he has been asked to do (in season 3, scheming Andy; season 4, naive, funny Andy).

    Actually, even with Andy aboard, the only way the spinoff could actually work would be to include TODD PACKER!…Packer is a sitcom star waiting to EXPLODE!

  274. It’s true. The man makes a very good point. We all say how great The Office is because of the cast, and especially Steve Carell. But truth is, none of it happens without Greg Daniels.

  275. Some have expressed their concern that the Office has decreased in quality a little this season. I think these changes were negligible, but if the showrunners of the Office are operating two shows at the same time next season, I’m scared that the quality of both shows could decrease even more. I’d love it if the amazing Office crew continued to put all of their energy into the original show to produce exceptional episodes.

  276. Is NBC going to do a spin off of all of its shows? My god The Office isn’t like Law and Order. They can’t do
    The Office: Human Resources or The Office: Albany Branch.

  277. J to the D:
    You are brilliant! That is the only spin-off I can envision myself loving.

    I have a title suggestion: “The Office of The Office.” haha

  278. Simple idea, The Office: Corporate. Simply promote Karen to Ryan’s old job, and have her as the star. One thing that I think would be cool is to see how they deal with all the stuff that happens at Scranton, plus all the results of all the stuff Ryan did during season 4. Plus there could be other things.

  279. Do we have to have a spin off? I feel it’s just going to water down the quality of the original and the spin off will just make me resent things. Spin offs have bad track records as far as I’m concerned. It’s too early on. Maybe after one more season? And I hate the idea of the characters splitting up. I like our cast as it is. I don’t want them in separate branches, or some here and some there. I just don’t like it.

  280. I too fear that the quality of the show could diminish greatly if one of the showrunners ends up splitting time between the two. I know that Grey’s Anatomy went spiraling downward around the same time their showrunner started their spinoff. Regardless, I have a lot of faith in Greg Daniels & Co. that they’ll figure it out.

    I really love J to the D’s idea and I also love Matt Collins’ suggestion of a behind the scenes of the “camera crew” putting the show together. It’d be nice to see things from their perspective too.

  281. It’s going to be based around Andy. Think about it. The finale set him up perfectly with a reason to leave the show, but he’s too awesome to get rid of completely. I think he’s the most likely candidate for a spin-off. They won’t take Jim and Pam away from the main series and Toby, as hysterical as he was, is not a strong enough character to build a whole series around.

    As for what exactly Andy’s spin-off will be I don’t know, but I’d bet money that he’s the main character. He’s so crazy that it could be just about anything…another company, anger management, traveling around the world, I dunno. He’s such a dynamic actor/character and would be funny in just about any situation. I’m a big Ed Helms fan, so I hope I’m right.

  282. I doubt the spin-off will be Jim and Pam in NYC. Keep in mind that Pam is going to New York over the summer. The spin-off doesn’t premiere until February! I don’t think we’ll know who the spin-off will be about for awhile because I’m sure the character that leaves will do so mid-season! If Jim were to get the corporate job, he would get it almost immediately, which doesn’t correlate with the February air-date.

  283. Has anyone heard of a show called IT crowd from BBC. In the UK version, a female runs the IT dept that has 2 IT guys. We arrive back to the show with Pam working with the website design in the IT department in the office. They ask her to run the IT department since she knows the rounds in the company and got her Graphic Design Degree. It makes perfect sense to have Pam Spin-off. I also see Jim and Pam not making it, and they separate due to Jim messing it up.

  284. That was an interesting article. I don’t think the quality would necessarily change, but they would probably have to bring a whole new slew of writers who would probably change the tone of the show.

    brianstuder, I love the IT Crowd! That would be interesting. Except didn’t they already produce a pilot for the US?

  285. Why, why, WHY? Yes NBC has produced some successful spin-offs, like Law and Order, however there have been some NOT so successful spin-offs like the Friends one, Joey. But this isn’t just any show, either. I just beg the writers of the spin-off show not to compromise the INTEGRITY of the original.
    P.S. I like the original L&O. Spin-offs=Overkill

  286. MOMJO-
    You are right..good work. I just looked it up on WIKI and found out in Feb07 they made a pilot. There goes my awesome idea. Now i have to crush my brain for another idea of a spinoff. Dang it!!

  287. i thought they might do a version of the it crowd (even though they already did a pilot for audiences, they might revisit the project) but i don’t think that pam would head it up. i could imagine them coming in to work with her on the website and then spinning off into their own show.
    the other idea that i have thought of is the mockumentary of the documentary makers. i feel like the show will be spun off in an unexpected way, not something simple like another branch or the jim and pam show. too cliche. and they wouldn’t disrupt the original that drastically.

  288. I have read some of the comments and it seems like most people don’t want a spin-off. I thought when there was a spin-off that it had to be someone from the cast of the show, but some of them on this site said no one would be taken from The Office. I guess I really don’t understand what is going to happen. But 1 thing I know for sure, I Love The Office!!

  289. 362, I’m totally excited about it, too. The world needs more good TV comedy in general, and let’s not forget, Frasier was a MUCH better show than Cheers.

  290. Ouch… the actors didn’t even know? That burns, NBC. That burns.

  291. Nice – another Office Tally shoutout! Loved Oscar’s line at the end. I would enjoy him changing clothes and running across stages, haha!

  292. First, I know I’m way too emotionally invested in this TV show, but having said that, I think it’s just sad, breaking this “family” up with a spin off and not letting the “kids” know what’s going on. I know I’m just one of the “crazy distant relatives” to this great family called The Office, but I sure hope in the end the “Parent company” does what’s best for our beloved family!

  293. someone should start an anti spin-off petition. i would, but i wouldn’t know where to begin. i’m seriously scared of this spin-off. why? because the office is great as is,and i’m personally not a big fan of spin-offs. bleh…

  294. I’m still kind of surprised that the actors didn’t even know. Talk about awkward.

  295. Yikes, I don’t know about Frasier being “MUCH better” than Cheers. I like Frasier, but I think Cheers is definitely a classic, and mooost definitely helped make NBC Thursday nights a big hit.

    I just don’t want this spinoff to be to the Office what Joey was to Friends.

  296. I love that Jenna mentions visiting everyone’s favorite site while filming in an I-go-there-everyday way.

    [from tanster: jenna rocks!]

  297. Hopefully it will be similar, but not the same. I don’t want any characters to leave!

  298. I think it’ll be Ryan, he’s a dynamic enough character and his arrest seems to open the door for him to go to a spin off.

  299. here’s what i think: everyone on the show is keeping this quiet, but since season 4 ended with pam wanting to go away from scranton for her art and graphic design stuff, i think it will focus on that. except it will suck and i hope that doesn’t happen. LONG LIVE THE OFFICE WITHOUT ANY TACKY SPINOFFS!

  300. Steve Carrell has said (on E! I think) that “as far as he knows” no characters will leave The Office for the spinoff. That is, it will be an entirely new cast.

    This crushes my hopes for more screen time for Andy.

    Still, with Greg Daniels behind it, I’m optimistic.

  301. Steve Carrell has said (on E! I think) that “as far as he knows” no characters will leave The Office for the spinoff. That is, it will be an entirely new cast.

    Doesn’t a true spin-off involve characters who at least appeared on the original show? Like “Laverne and Shirley” — those characters guest starred on “Happy Days” before getting their own show

    Otherwise it’s not really a spinoff, it’s just a show by the same producers.

  302. Please, oh, please let the spin-off be about the Amazon basketball team, managed by Troy. Seriously, why not reinvent the idea of a spin-off, allowing it to be based upon something entirely incidental that was within the original? I could live with that – no need for crossover appearances rising from the thinnest premises that ruin so many other shows.

  303. Wonderful! The cast has such a great dynamic and I would have been sad if someone was leaving. It’ll be interesting to see what they do now.

  304. If Steve’s right, and this spin-off won’t remove any present characters from Dunder Mifflin…then this could be excellent. I have faith that Greg & Co. will bring us another great show.

  305. thank god none of the original cast members are leaving…maybe. lol. now i DEFINITELY will watch the spin off…Dunder Mifflin-the NEW branch.


  306. #392, although the most common spin-offs occur with characters, there are also types that are based on ideas or scenarios. (i.e. CSIs and Law & Orders)

  307. That’s a relief. :) I would just hate to see this group of people with fantastic chemistry get split up.

  308. thank you, finally we have a cast member confirming what i was convinced of all along. and we can all calm down.

  309. Well, I am just happy that the “spin-off” is not taking any of the people we love and enjoy so very much!!

  310. The Office: Phoenix, starring Kiefer Sutherland as badass boss Jack Bauer-Scott-Something Else.

  311. If the spinoff is about Karen I will probably watch it, since I kind of miss her.

  312. Karen coming back? Do Want!

    Give me Will Arnett as the Asst Regional Manager and I will be extremely overjoyed!

  313. i am still rooting for karen as the new jan/ryan! maybe she will be though and the spin off will be the office corporate. it’s kind of hard to imagine how a show with someone as normal as karen at the helm will be funny but i am excited to find out!

  314. yuck. I did NOT like Karen. I don’t think she did anything for the show except give Jim and Pam something different to react to, if that makes since. If it is her, I will give it a chance… since she HOPEFULLY would not be standing between Jim and Pam this time. But, Steve Carell said he though it was an all new cast, and she’s not really new. I was actually hoping it would be an all new and different show, not in an office, so it would not wreck The Office. but… hummm. I think they should not make a spin off.

  315. Wow, Karen would be a great character in a spinoff. If not her how about this idea? They should do a spinoff with David Denman, as if the cameras had followed Roy after his DM firing and are now filming him in a different warehouse job. It would be a good way to get an “Office” style comedy show built around a more blue-collar setting. I love David Denman so I think it would be great. Anyway, since they’re probably past the “suggestions-from-blog-comments” stage I think a Karen show would be good too, a different take on the Office dynamic with the boss being the only sane one instead of the other way around with Michael.

  316. This doesn’t really thrill me. Rashida seems like a nice enough person, but the character of Karen is extremely dull. I don’t remember laughing once at her.

  317. #408, I would love if Will Arnett was on too! And Amy Poehler. haha. I wouldn’t mind a Karen spin-off. I do like Rashida Jones.

  318. I liked Karen (though for obvious reasons, I hated Jim/Karen), but one thing I liked about her was that she was normal. Her anchoring a spin-off would be even more boring than a JAM spin-off; you need some crazy at your epicenter.

  319. I liked Karen but I don’t think her character is interesting enough to star in the spin-off. And Karen would have to leave DM-Utica or even corporate otherwise it would be like watching a sequel to the The Office. I was under the impression that the spin-off would be an entirely new set of characters and plot and Karen is not a “new” character. JMHO.

  320. Frankly, I just can’t see Rashida carrying an Office spin-off. I really didn’t think her acting was up to par with the rest of the cast when she was on the show. So much is left unsaid due to the documentary conceit of the show. The audience needs to be able to read what the character is thinking from the actor’s expression. Rashida never really pulled that off very well, IMO.

  321. I’ll be really happy if this is true. I’ve missed Karen/Rashida so much this season. The only criticism I had of Karen during season 3 was that she never got a storyline of her own. I think her character has great potential and Rashida will do wonderfully if given a chance to lead her own series.

  322. The thing I like about a Rashida spinoff is that it won’t compromise the current show. For example, if someone like Jenna, John, Steve, or Rainn left, then that would really hurt The Office. Although I was never a fan of Karen (probably because I am on Team Pam) I think this would be a good chance for her to start something big. I’m still holding out for a warehouse spinoff though.

  323. I agree with the word Yuck being used to describe Karen, but it’s good that one of the main people that we actually care about are not leaving. Karen’s not that bad though if you think about Rachel from the Double O (Original Office) as it’s called around my condo.

  324. Aziz from HUMAN GIANT has been confirmed as a cast member by Variety. I have new faith in the show. Hopefully they set it in a new setting, not an office.

  325. Karen is totally overated. She is boring and couldn’t carry a show by herself. This whole spin off thing just seems strange.

  326. Karen? Hopefully she won’t be the headliner, though. She has a good character, but not “big” enough to fill her own show. And Aziz should be funny! Looking forward to the Superbowl!

  327. i skimmed this and found paul fieg is joining the staff? OMG i love Freaks and Geeks!! yay! :)

  328. I like Karen and can see her being the normal center surrounded by more offbeat, colorful characters.

  329. this is great news!! i love amy and can’t see what her role is going to be!

    and i agree, let’s hope for arnett as well!!

  330. Again, I must say the casting on this show is absolutely genius! I never thought in a million years that I would be so excited for this show to premiere. Aziz and Amy will not disappoint.

    And yes to Arnett!! COME ON!

  331. If the Variety article is correct and this show, “…would not be an extension of the original but a whole new series,” then I am breathing a little sigh of relief.

    And any reason for having more Amy Poehler in my weekly tv viewing has got to be a very good thing.

  332. Holy cow. Amy Poehler and Aziz… Let’s confirm Will Arnett for the WIN please!!

  333. Please for all that is good in this world bring Will Arnett on to this. Heck bring him on as GOB Bluth for all I care

  334. =D There is hope! But aww wouldn’t that mean no more SNL. =( She’s one of the few reasons I still watch it.

  335. This is GREAT news. I love Amy Poehler. Now if they could just find some way to cast her husband as the boss and the show might actually be better than our favorite… *gasp* :D

  336. Oh my goodness! You have no idea how wide open my mouth is! I love Amy this is the best news ever!

  337. I think Amy is an excellent candidate to play the “new Michael.” She is hilarious and I think she can pull of the same kind of comedy that Steve Carell brings to the original. I think I am going to watch this spin-off! Thank you for posting!

  338. Amy Poehler can be so hit and miss. That’s kind of scary for me.

    As far as Will Arnett, he’s really grown tired for me. A lot of the stuff he’s done lately seems like a poor attempt to recapture the magic of GOB (pun intended).

    I’m hoping instead of relying on a lot of names, they build another solid core of actors who deserve a shot and we don’t associate with a bunch of other projects.

    I know there is no Stanley Tree, but there has to be some other untapped acting talent out there.

  339. Poehler is my favorite female comic! I hope she plays the boss in the new Office.

  340. And all you people hated the idea of an Office spinoff back when it was first announced. Shame on you. I knew Greg Daniels and company could be trusted.

  341. I used to think I didn’t want a spin-off, but with Amy Poehler how can it go wrong? **Crossing fingers for Will Arnett!!**P.S. does anyone know if she delivered her baby yet? I guess she IS
    office-related news now…

  342. I’m liking that this new show is just brought to us from the people who made The Office, rather than an awkward spin-off.

    I got to say though, I’ve only seen Amy Poehler do one type of character: loud/shrill. It can be funny at times, but gets tiring really fast on SNL where no one else is really that funny.

  343. I heart Amy Poehler, so this is pretty awesome news.

    Also – is it just me or does the Variety ad make it sound like this show has nothing to do with The Office at all? Hmmm.

  344. Maybe now, I’ll actually watch the spinoff if Amy is on board. I don’t think she’d sign on unless it was promising.

    I agree with #439 (Adam). For the love of God, get Will Arnett a co-starring/recurring/guest spot on the spinoff. And give him enough time to continue guest starring on 30 Rock ;)

  345. Ahhh, Amy in the spin-off?!?! Dare I say it…I may be excited for the spin-off! Although SNL won’t be the same w/o Amy.

  346. Wow! I really hope Amy is on. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Mindy Kaling one time bring up Amy Poehler becoming Scranton’s new boss if Steve was to ever leave?

  347. I think Will Arnett would make a great “Todd Packer/Chris Finch” type character. Speaking of Packer, let’s see more of him!

  348. I love Amy! I think she is hilarious!
    As for Will Arnett, I don’t think he’ll be joining the spinoff since he is on 30 Rock…

  349. Please no Poehler! I don’t think she funny at all. Although her husband, Will Arnett, is hilarious – I’d much prefer to see him joining the cast instead.

  350. Amy Poehler? Unfortunately I may not watch it now. Her comedy is way too silly and I’m not sure how it fits in with The Office style. But the spinoff might not be anything like the original show.

  351. With each bit of news that is released about this new show, I get more and more excited – and relieved. I’m SO glad it’s going to be a separate series and not a spin-off. And what a list of names to be involved: Poehler, Ansari, Daniels, and Schur. Sounds like it’s going to be just dawesome!

  352. hohum. I’m not sure how I feel. I actually quite enjoy Amy– but I’ve found that a lot of people who watch SNL hate her. So I’m worried people will be turned off by her. Or that I’ll begin to agree with them and dislike the show because of her..

    but I agree with 445, Shrutastic. Big names are NOT the way to go.. I think part of the charm of the office is the normalcy associated with it. Even Mindy said that there weren’t any glamorous hollywood types. Not that Amy is glamorous, but I don’t know.. hmm.

    I suppose we shall just have to wait and see.

  353. I have so much love for Amy Poehler. Now that it’s not an official Office spinoff – but a whole new series – I’m a bit relieved. Aziz + Amy = Dawesome-ness. I can’t wait to see this.

  354. This is great news!!! So much better than the rumors about Karen … let’s hope she’s gone for good.

  355. if they have Will Arnett, Aziz and Amy I just might be more excited for this than the actual office. Which is a scary thought.

  356. Burgernoodle…Fraiser was a spin-off of Cheers and went on to be one of the greatest comedies on television. Give it a chance.

  357. 445/Shrutastic – A Stanley Tree, if only!

    I am certain there will be some “great unknowns” hired for the new show – this is the team that hired Phyllis and Creed and all those other amazing folks we love. And I think Amy Poehler will be fantastic – she has the ability to play a lot of different characters well, so as long as the writing is strong, I’m sure she’s up to the task.

  358. I think the only way for any Office fan to truly end up LIKING the spinoff, or giving it a chance, is to just go in saying “this is a new show on TV” and not “this is an Office spinoff”. I’m not sure many shows up there can live up to the standards of Office, so perhaps we should shift our thinking into seeing it as just a new show, rather than another Office.

  359. 464 – I think the only reason people didn’t like her is because she was in most of the sketches, and a lot of the other female castmembers (Kristen Wiig, Rachel Dratch, etc.) didn’t get enough screentime. :)

  360. 472/Grace-

    I agree with you full hearted, this is exactly the argument i use when people compare the BBC Office and the NBC Office, apples and oranges

  361. Yay for it being a new, new show and not a spin-off! Now I’m not all gloom and doom about the situation!

  362. If anyone is interested I found Mindy’s quote when she mentioned the idea of having Amy Poehler taking over for Steve if he were to ever leave the show.


    Its at the bottom of the page. Now my mind is at ease. I guess I wasn’t imagining things after all. :)

  363. I really hope it doesn’t get delayed for her pregnancy, though. I mean, they hid Angela’s just fine! If they postpone it, I’ll be mad. They already got me excited!

  364. I adore Amy! I hope this is true. And her being on the show could increase the chances of Will Arnett guesting on it. An episode of the Office with Gob and Wife of Gob would be amazing!!

  365. it’d be a real kick in the pants if that hilarious husband (will arnett) joined her in the show. now THAT is a f*cking awesome television show, spinoff or not.

  366. “Sources confirm that NBC’s plan to expand Dunder Mifflin via an Office spin-off has essentially been shredded. In its place, Office exec producer Greg Daniels is said to be creating an entirely different series (possibly a workplace comedy) built around Saturday Night Live’s Amy Poehler.”

  367. ha! i am sorry but i have been saying since DAY 1 that spin-off would be a whole new show and not some other branch of dunder mifflin or a show centered around one of the characters like andy or jim/pam. (takes a bow)

    the ausiello article was ridiculous. he tried to pass off all of his unfounded earlier speculation as the original plan claiming that has been scrapped and this non “office 2.0 show” is new news but i have read all the articles and greg daniels and co NEVER claimed that the spin-off would be another version of the office. in fact i drew the conclusion, based on what’s been said, that the show would be totally different. he should have been listening to me all along :)

  368. I love Amy, but I don’t think she’s suited for The Office. I don’t know, I just don’t think that’s her style… but then again, it’s a new show, so it could be different.

  369. Okay – not a spin-off AND Amy Poehler?! I might actually watch this!!

  370. This is good news. As long as The Office doesn’t suffer, I say let Daniels and Schur have at it. And, with no fear of diluting the Dunderverse, it’ll make it easier to watch.

  371. I’m glad they’re not spinning off a character from The Office. *sigh of relief*

    If the new show has the same humor as The Office, then I’ll definitely watch it!!

  372. 484 – tfunk

    Haha, that’s awesome.

    I agree that Will Arnett would be awesome as a recurring character in the show.

  373. Just read that Amy Poehler confirmed to the AP that she’ll be a part of the spinoff.

    “I can kind of confirm that I will be working in some capacity on that show,” said Poehler. “I don’t really have any other details yet.”

    “It’s been quite a week,” said Poehler of the negotiations. “I’m very excited about all the good stuff that’s coming down the pike.”

    I’m pumped.

  374. Boy, what the heck is going on with this new show? See, NBC, should have thought this thing through first.

  375. i am going to continue to do what i have been doing all along with regards to this spin-off – ignoring all the rumors and speculation (cause there is a lot and all of these people are putting it forth like it is fact when it is not) and just pick out the confirmed information and draw conclusions from that.

  376. If that is true that NBC wants a spin-off but Greg Daniels wants to just create another original show, I really hope he’s as stubborn as that “source” said. Otherwise, welcome to corporate crapfest!

  377. Am I the only one who is kind of excited for the spinoff? Guess so. I would never like it more than the original, but I’ll try it. And I happen to like Amy Poehler.

  378. Well, it certainly sounds like this will be a brand new show instead of a spin-off, which is probably good news.

    The bad news is it looks like NBC needs to get their crap together, they want to launch a new series in Feb. 09 and don’t appear to know what it’s even going to be about yet!

  379. I personally think it would be cool if the “spin-off” was about a company who buys paper from Dunder-Mifflin. Just my opinion

  380. Whew… glad that’s over. Thank you Greg for saving The Office. Otherwise it would have landed in the hands of NBC. That thought alone sends shivers up my spine. Not that I don’t trust NBC, but anyone remember the last forced spin-off “Joey”? I rest my case.

  381. Heh heh. That reporter didn’t even like The Office? Ah well. Greg won! xD

  382. I agree with the reporter that if NBC wants Steve in the first episode of the new show (and I do understand why they would – he’s as bankable as anyone on the planet right now) there are lots of ways to do this outside of re-creating a new office situation. Go Greg!!

  383. Yay! Ok, so maybe I will start getting a little excited about this show…

  384. eh, i don’t buy it. what that morning she heard “reports” of this argument between greg and nbc and by 5pm it was all settled and greg won? i call that exaggerating old rumors and passing it off as breaking a news story. whatever, this isn’t new news as far as i am concerned but it is still good news.

  385. SPINOFF: Takes a character and gives them their own show.

    THE OFFICE WILL BE DOING: Something else that involves The Office, such as introducing a new DM branch?

  386. good for Greg. it sure seems he knows what he’s doing.

    and yay for Amy Poehler, but I will miss her on SNL. It had to happen sometime, though.

  387. Greg is completely right to keep NBC from making another cheap spin-off. If Greg has his way and this turns into a similar feeling but unrelated (not to mention Amy Poehler-starring!) show, it could be VERY good.

  388. According to that Silverman interview there will be both a spinoff and Amy’s show. Wow. I hope Greg and Mike won’t be overwhelmed by all that work and for that matter it raises the question of whether they will be working on both new projects and if not who will be handling the spinoff?

  389. I read the entire interview and it came out to me sounding like, yes they are doing an Office-style show with Amy, but they are also pursuing a spin-off.
    GAH! So confused.

  390. To recap: this show is not a spinoff, but “[they’re] also going to be pursuing an Office spinoff as well.” We’ll see.

  391. at least we know it’s officially official that amy’s going to be on it! even though the rest did seem kind of confusing.

  392. So Amy is in the non-spinoff, and the kind-of-spinoff is in the works?

  393. Yes, it seems like they haven’t given up on the idea of another Dunder-Mifflin branch office or whatever, but they have a non-Office idea they like for Amy. I guess Mike Schur was the driving forced behind that–worked with Amy P on SNL and with Mr. Amy P on Arrested Development, so he’s a big fan.

  394. All of this corporate back-and-forth is getting ridiculous. They are succeeding only in confusing and irritating the viewership, and to what gain? Get together with Greg and co., make the decisions, make an announcement.

  395. Why is NBC so intent on an Office spinoff? Why can’t they just be satisfied with a new show from Greg Daniels & Co. even if it’s not a spinoff? It worries me more now that they’re talking about 2 new shows, since it probably means even more of staff taken away from the original Office (US). NBC is spreading Greg too thinly, I’m afraid. Hopefully he’ll at least be able to convince the network not to put just anything on the air and to make sure both shows are exactly what he wants them to be.

  396. do they honestly think that they can develop ANOTHER show between now and february? that just sounds ridiculous. i feel like ben silverman just doesn’t want to rule out the spin-off but the idea that they would do more episodes than usual this season, create a new show and then create ANOTHER new show seems outrageous.
    plus, why would greg and mike hire aziz ansari for a show that might not even exist when they have a show that they are actually developing and that needs to be cast? that doesn’t make any sense. i am going to assume he will be on the amy poehler show and ignore kristen.
    and i will state yet again – karen is the new ryan.

  397. Noooooo! Don’t do an acutal Office spin-off!

    I absolutely agree with mg714 (#528).

  398. This is getting more and more confusing. I’m going to refrain from having an opinion until something REAL happens… but two shows!? WHAT!?

  399. This entire thing seems so stupid, and the whole “it’s a spinoff! no, it’s not, but we’re making a spinoff! and a separate show! and the original show!! WHEEEE!!!” isn’t helping. Then again a remake of the original British Office seemed stupid and bound to be awful originally, too. We’ll see.

  400. So two shows that are The Office (one spinoff, one not), and one that’s just a style of The Office?

    That’s a little too much of The Office, even for me. Hopefully they just stick with the original plan and keep The Office, and then have the Amy Poehler show. No Spinoffs involved. I can see this whole thing backfiring in a really bad way.

  401. So now I’m angry. Having Amy Poehler in the fore-front of a show that is similar in tone to The Office sounded brilliant. Now to hear that a separate “true” spin-off is in the works as well is just dumb. I’m officially no longer a believer in this project (ahem.. these projects.)

  402. Blah. I wish they would just focus on making The Office the best show it can be. Not a fan of GD splitting his time between one or two other shows.

  403. Whew, this is a confusing story to follow! No offense to The Office (it is my very most favorite show, after all) but it isn’t the most mainstream, accessible comedy to reproduce, and it really doesn’t have the stellar CSI or Law and Order type ratings to warrant a spin-off show about another DM branch. I loved the idea about a separate non-spin off show. I guess Greg Daniels may not have won after all…

  404. So a new show sounds good, but which one is Aziz Ansari in? The spin-off or the new show?

  405. I agree with everyone in saying that I’m utterly confused and kind of saddened by NBC’s greed. I was happy when they said that it was going to be a brand new show and now that they are going to try to do both a new show AND a spin off I am just taken aback. I dunno, I just don’t get it. I just hope they don’t ruin the office name by making a crap show just to make a spin off.

  406. So there is still a spin-off in the works? Lame. And Karen might be back? Double lame. *sigh* Just let sleeping Karens lie, Greg & co.

  407. I continue to hold out hope that the spinoff will die before it ever reaches the air. Go ahead with the Poehler show, put Aziz on there, and give Rashida Jones a new character in that universe. Leave The Office alone!

  408. Please NBC don’t turn The Office into CSI or Law and Order. I really don’t want to see The Office: Altoona or The Office Wilkes Barre or The Office: Human Resources Department.

  409. i agree — NBC just needs to let it go. if they keep pushing, i feel like it’ll just lead to the downfall of the office we know and love. i do get the sense that GD and co are not fans of the corporate pressure and my hope is that they can ultimately prevail. i’m very intrigued by a separate amy p. project but no spin off! please!

  410. The whole idea of 3 shows by the same people scares me. I don’t think I would be alone in saying that Season 4 was pretty shaky (regardless of the strike), so I would much rather the writers/producers hone in on keeping the original office funny and fresh.

    It seems as if they’re having trouble keeping the show focused on office related topics already (gradually moving out of the office and into personal lives of the characters). How are they supposed to keep good storylines for two separate shows?

  411. in the interview that ausiello has with phyllis and leslie, they seemed to be pretty emphatic that there was no spin off and there was just the new show with amy poehler. i think that ben silvermann and the bloggers/entertainment news people are just trying to keep the rumor alive for the sake of hype and attention.

  412. Hey 544,

    I see what you’re saying, seeing as how the show is called “The Office”. But I gotta disagree. I think it is a good move to leave the office more, as it allows us to see the characters in a different setting, it opens up new situations, and the show has to expand its pallet. Keep in mind that I’m not completely happy with Season 4 either (although I think the strike actually had a lot to do with it).

  413. I loved season 4. It was hilarious.

    I really think they need to do an office-style show about a chain restaurant. NOT fast food. I’m talking a place like, oh, I don’t know…the Olive Garden. Some place corporate-owned that has a vise-like grip on its workers. Seriously. My day-to-day life as a waitress paying her way through school constantly has me thinking, ‘I wish people could see this…’ It’s GOOD material.

  414. I know I’m commenting on old news, but I think it’s awesome that Rachel Axler was hired as a writer for the Office spin-off. She’s not just a great writer, but a funny actress too with a bundle of energy. I performed in a show called “Half the Sky” with Rachel and her comedic performance as a “running weight loss infomercial” was hilarious. I hope we will get to see her wear 2 hats for the series.

  415. Set the new show at a Chilis, with the same improvisational style. that’ll be perfect for a tie-in with “The Office” since it’s Michael Scott’s favorite restaurant..

  416. I thought they cancelled the plans for the spin-off? Though it sounds more like the only way it’s gonna be like The Office is the camera style.

  417. I had really hoped that the spin-off would take place in another business in Scranton Business Park. It would have tied in so nicely. Maybe a show about Vance Refrigeration, I think it would have been great.

  418. A nurse? So is the show set in a hospital? If only we knew someone who could ask Mike Schur that question. ;)

  419. l read in the Washington Post the TV columnist saying the project wasn’t going anywhere so it would never happen.
    l got really pessimistic and sad because Amy poehler is a comedy genius (Steve Carell level talent)and she could carry a show all by herself.

    l feel better if casting process is going on but not totally confident.

  420. I guess I am happy about this news, because if Rashida is playing a different character, then this is definitely a different world from “The Office,” so they can’t steal away any of the current cast!

    That said, I’m not a Rashida fan, so it’s kinda a bummer she’s a part of the new show. Not sure if I’ll watch.

  421. Being the forever Jim/Pam-lover and thus Karen-hater that I am, it will be nice to see Rashida in a different role! She was brilliant as Karen, and that’s probably what made me hate her! And as a nurse? I wonder if we will soon see a Dr. Poehler emerge… Interesting developments… : )

  422. Tanster, did an plug! They put up an article regarding Rashida Jones’ being signed on to the spin-off. Kudos!

    [from tanster: how cool is that? thanks! :) ]

  423. How can some of you guys hate on Rashida? Sure, you may not like Karen, but seriously, what else has Rashida been in that makes you dislike her?

    [from tanster: i agree, nate. it’s quite puzzling.]

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see Aziz Ansari on tv. That dude is hilarious.

  424. OMG Yay! Rashida on my TV every week!!!

    Thanks, Tanster, for making my day with your scoop!

  425. Rashida! It’ll be so nice to see her back on TV and in something by the Office guys. Much better than that Fox sitcom, she totally deserves better roles than that.

  426. The new show cannot possibly be set in a hospital/rehab center/what have you. It’s too obvious. Michael Schur or someone made it clear months ago that they would try to keep the premise a secret for as long as they can…possibly up until its April premiere. Schur is just messing with us to make us think it’s a hospital.

  427. Great quote from that Variety article:
    “”She (Rashida) is perfect for this new show, which — just to remind everyone — is not a spinoff of ‘The Office,’ ” he said. “It is a spinoff of ‘MASH’ called ‘Seinfeld II.’ “

  428. This is great news! First of all, Rashida Jones is awesome, and second of all, if her character’s name is Ann, then the Office world and this show’s world cannot overlap in any way. I’m excited to see this.

  429. Another addition to the cast!!!

    Aubrey Plaza. She’s Tina Tate in the Jeanie Tate web series, and she’s going to be in the upcoming Judd Apatow movie, Funny People.

  430. Only 2 months turnover time for the pilot? Wow, it took The Office pilot about a year to hit the airwaves. Shows that Schur and Daniels have pull in the industry now and can get their product on the air without going through the normal channels.

  431. The show keeps sounding better and better with every update. I noticed Aubrey Plaza in the cast list for Judd Apatow’s next movie “Funny People” too. It’s likely that The Office’s casting director, Allison Jones, is casting the non-spinoff, and she usually casts Judd Apatow films too. Kind of cool how she remembers people from small parts years down the line. (Jenna was on the Allison Jones-cast, Judd Apatow created show “Undeclared” in a bit role. Years later she’s a lead on a show and gets a leading role in one of Apatows movies. Not bad.)

  432. Aziz Ansari, like Aubrey, is also in the spinoff and Funny People, which happens to be my most anticipated movie of the summer.

  433. I’m a little apprehensive about it being about another office… I think if it’s not a spin-off, then it shouldn’t be about an office. There will always only be one office for my heart.

  434. For some reason I’m still feeling apprehensive about this non-spin-off show. It just sounds like The Office with different people, in a different work setting, and I don’t want to see a re-hashing of the wonderful original (and yes, I know the UK Office was THE original, but I’m just talking in US terms, here). I’m definitely going to give the new show a try. I’d love for there to be another show that I love as much as TO, but I hope they make it sufficiently different so I don’t feel like I’ve seen it all before.

  435. Is there room for another mockumentary on TV? Absolutely.

    Is there room for another office-centered comedy? Definitely.

    But another office-centered mockumentary? I dunno…

  436. it sounds like it is going to focus on the idea of amy’s character being self important and thinking that she is involved in “politics” which is different. although the david brent character was, michael scott is not arrogant. having worked in a small city’s parks and rec department i am actually looking forward to the show. and i have no problem with it being similar to the office – if it’s funny then who cares?

  437. Remember in 2005 when Steve Carell appeared in the first few episodes of the series in the Spring and the show was on the verge of not making it until Carell appeared in an Apatow-directed movie over the summer? It’s almost happening all over again, except the two people in the non-spinoff and the Apatow movie are not the leads in either.

    A little off topic, in regards to #576’s comments about Jenna Fischer, I would like to see her in another Apatow picture, maybe even headline one if Apatow allows a female lead. And on a more personal note, I’d like to see her alongside the top dog star of Funny People, Adam Sandler, especially if she’s playing the kind of role Drew Barrymore had in her movies with Sandler.

  438. I think I could really dig this. Hey, NBC is not really coming up with fresh scripted television and comedies lately. It’s all Howie Mandel, Reality shows and Jay Leno at 10pm each night. This is the only prominent sitcom in development that is getting buzz. Besides, it sounds funny to me. I’ll take what I can get. Another workplace comedy is cool. And the added bonus is Amy, Rashida and Aziz getting scripts written by Michael Schur. You can’t go wrong. I’m staying positive.

  439. Did anybody go to “A Night of Funny People” where Apatow shot Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen for a scene in the movie? Aziz Ansari did an act. He was absolutely hysterical.

  440. As a Hoosier working in small town city government, I think this is great! Anyone have a contact number for me to call to get on as a paid “consultant”!!!

  441. I actually interned at NBC Universal this fall and came across a copy of the pilot script, which I read immediately of course… I was surprisingly unimpressed.

    It did feel a lot different than the Office… maybe more 30 Rock in style. But kind of boring. Amy’s character is kind of fun, but nobody else jumped out of the script. Hopefully it will come across better in live action.

  442. I have high hopes for this show now that we know the title. Parks and Recreation, what a fresh idea!

  443. Ok, so there is a new promo up on and I laughed far more than I did not! Yay! “I thought the slide was too fast, so I put in speed bumps.” lol!

  444. Haha “I thought the slide was too fast so I put in speed bumps.” hahah I’m liking this new show more and more.

  445. Wow it actually looks like a documentary, wish the office would have stuck with that docu-look.

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