Our TechNow TV interview

I now present James’ (Northern Attack) and my little TechNow! TV interview, which aired yesterday morning. (It airs again tomorrow in the SF Bay Area.)

I apologize for the absolutely wretched quality of this video — I literally stood in front of my TV and aimed my little digital camera at the screen! We hope to have a much better clip of this next week …

And for the record, we don’t think that the supersizedoffice.com petition had the enormous influence that reporter Scott McGrew said it did. Although it was nice of him to say so. :)

Lastly, and most importantly, I did not realize I could squeal that high. Angela, if I caused you any permanent hearing loss, I am truly sorry.

Here are two versions of the interview:

1. The sucky quality one, which includes James’ reaction to the phone call and a little audio from Angela:

2. The better quality one, which has a better intro from James but no Angela:


  1. oh wow!! that is SO awesome, you guys are awesome! and very lucky!! congrats! and you reacted way calmer than i think i would of!! lol!


    Good for you guys – that must have been fun. I’m glad to see you getting some recognition for all the hard work you do in keeping my addiction fed.

  3. Thank you, everyone.

    And tanster’s reaction? Yeah, definitely the highlight of the interview. She denies it, but… whatever :).

  4. After watching that, I finally know where “tanster” comes from! Because I’m quick like that.

  5. ROFL!

    A girl in my college dorm took to adding “ster” after everybody’s last name. And that’s how tanster was born.

    So James would be Fanster, and you would be Plain White Jimster. ;)

  6. I would be Petersonster. That doesnt have the ring to it that the other names do…

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